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The Real Macaron Company, Berkshire

Cooking Classes for your Child? By Andrew Campbell

or many adults, cooking can feel like a mundane chore but, for children, it is anything but. Most children love to be let loose in the kitchen, and enrolling your child in cookery classes or a cooking club will not only be great fun for them but also help them acquire important developmental skills. Most importantly, either now or at some point in the future, you may get a break from cooking as your children take to the kitchen themselves!

Maths skills Cooking involves measurement such as cups, teaspoons and tablespoons and the need to understand fractions, addition and subtraction.

“Children love baking and are capable of amazing results with just a little guidance and lots of encouragement,” says Gaye Perry, who owns the Real Macaron Company in Newbury, which runs parties and workshops for children. “Gathered around a kitchen table baking delicious macarons with friends allows them to chat and giggle at the same time as developing confidence with baking techniques and equipment, channelling their inner creativity, sharing and supporting each other and learning super life skills.”

Scientific concepts Cooking involves plenty of science. Children learn what happens when certain ingredients are mixed together as well as what happens when the measurements are incorrect.


If you need any further persuading, check out the important skills cooking classes will teach your child: Fine motor skills Mixing the ingredients, rolling the dough and using cooking implements are great ways to enhance fine motor strength and control.

Comprehension Reading and understanding step-by-step directions, adding ingredients in sequence, and techniques like folding and blending, all test your child’s comprehension skills.

Focus and attention When cooking, children need to stay focused and pay attention to detail or the recipe will not be completed correctly. Children learn quickly that they have to pay attention if they want to eat that brownie or biscuit at the end! Adventurous healthy eaters Learning to cook introduces children to new tastes and textures that they haven’t tried before which means they will be more likely to experiment with eating new foods. They also learn which foods are healthy and which are not.

Self esteem When a child is able to successfully complete a recipe and make something edible, they feel a sense of pride and confidence. As they become more experienced cooks, they become more independent, which boosts their selfconfidence even further. Life skills Cooking is a skill that is essential for adulthood. Children can learn from an early age how to make their own sandwiches, pour milk or heat something in the microwave. As they do this, they learn not to touch a hot stove and how to use a knife correctly. Older children can learn to cook meals for themselves and the family. This sets them on the road to being responsible, independent individuals. The Real Macaron Company, Macaron House, 41a Newtown Road, Newbury, RG14 7BS. Tel 07887 870274, email

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ast year, we conducted a survey across the UK asking readers to tell us what they find useful about our magazine and how likely they would be to respond to advertising in it. We were delighted to receive almost 500 responses, and here were some highlights: • More than 70% of our readers were highly likely to respond to advertising in our magazine or had already done so • A whopping 79% told us that they use the magazine to research ideas for local family activities or classes and clubs for children • Many of you also told us that you find easier to plan family activities and entertainment using a physical magazine than ‘endless trawling’ on the internet

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