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Education Feature

What makes a great School? Dr. Rosemary Taylor shares some valuable advice for parents looking to choose a school for their child.

Huddl parent Talks A fantastic programme of parenting advice events coming to Ipswich this Autumn.

Clubs & Classes Some great ideas for local clubs & classes for your children to join tis term. Issue 43: September / October 2018 Families Suffolk: Issue 43 1

Welcome & Contents


In This Issue...

Welcome to our Autumn Edition. As I sit and write my welcome note for this issue, I am very mindful of all the new parents that may be receiving a copy of this magazine for the very first time this September, as your children start school or nursery for the first time and would like to extend a very warm welcome to you all. So now you may have a little more time on your hands, I hope you can take a moment to enjoy a cup of tea and have a read through our latest issue. This Autumn edition of Families Suffolk Magazine is packed full of great articles, from local clubs and classes to our new ‘Education Feature’ which includes some helpful advice from Dr. Rosemary Taylor for parents that may be looking at new schools for their children. I would also like to thank William & Lilian from Old Buckingham Hall for the cover image. We are also proud to be supporting the Huddl Parent Talks that will be taking place again this Autumn at Trinity Park in Ipswich. To find out more about the very informative programme of events this year see pages 18 - 19. With Best Wishes


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Families Suffolk: Issue 43

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Clubs & Classes

Top Tips for Choosing Classes, Activities & Clubs for Your Child By Elisabeth Dolton

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the range and volume of activities, classes and clubs available for your child to join?

Featured Clubs & Classes: Inspire Suffolk Free Turn Up and Play Sessions Inspire Suffolk has lots of clubs for your child (5-16 yrs) to take part in across Suffolk including FREE Turn Up & Play games sessions, Weekly Sports Training and fun-packed Holiday Clubs from just £12 in the school holidays.

Aside from the important issue of logistics, in other words, how are these activities going to fit into your schedule, how do you go about deciding what to choose?

Here are my top tips: Talk to your children, explain how many activities you think there is time for and find out what they are interested in. Let them choose at least one class, activity or club themselves. Help them choose activities that reflect who they are and what they want to learn and don’t impose your own preferences. If you have a reluctant child, explain that it’s important and fun to try new things, but don’t insist. Remember that moving from one activity to another is normal amongst children. Always consider the benefits of an activity. For instance, there’s great value in discipline-based activities that create a quality product over a period of time and teach value skills such as leadership and team work eg putting on a play. Don’t assume that high cost equals high quality. Ensure staff members are professionals with relevant skills and experience.

Take a look at their weekly football training in Ipswich, Kesgrave and Bury St Edmunds, Girls’ Football in Woodbridge, NetGames in Ipswich, and Free Games Sessions in Ipswich including Football, Handball, Badminton and Boxing, split into age groups at different times. To find out more visit:

iSwim New Classes this September iSwim offer fun swimming lessons at great pools in the Woodbridge and Ipswich area, with their newest pools at Eyke primary school and an amazing brand new pool in Sudbourne - Chillesford Lodge. They have also been carrying out extensive rennovation work to their flagship pool in Drabbs Lane, Clopton over the summer.

Consider the mix of activities. The benefits of exercise are huge, so try to include a sport.

iSwim are able to accommodate children and adults of all ages and abilities. All their teachers are Swim England Level 1 or 2 qualified and all are DBS checked and have full IOS insurance.

Good Luck!

To find out more visit:

JOIN AN INSPIRE SUFFOLK CLUB IN 2018 A range of sports and holiday clubs for your child!

New Classes Starting September 2018 SUDBORNE, CHILLESFORD LODGE (IP12 2AL) Call today to enroll: 01473 277085

Find out more at Registered Charity Number: 1101519

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Clubs & CLasses

PUDDLE DUCKS swimming CLASSES ARE GROWING! New Pools for 2018 Puddle Ducks lessons are suitable for babies from a few week old to 4 years. Their teachers adapt every activity to suit each child. Their child-led swimming approach ensures that your child’s needs are expertly fulfilled - never forcing development, but rather nurturing it to ensure a positive experience and love of swimming.

From September, Puddle Ducks will be teaching from 4 lovely venues...



Find your


own pace

re the only swim we a s ch o and tailors actvites to ol that grow with

...tha t’s the



hing Teacming ifndepend en r swicmhild is diferent aom birth..t . nd ry Eve ns to swim at

Join us at any point!

your child.

. nce Puddle Ducks difere

local class at

t: 01473 824582

Stratton Hall, Levington: Lessons are available here 7 days a week. It’s beautifully warm and perfect for your little ones. It is ideally located for customers from Ipswich, Felixstowe and Woodbridge. Chillesford Lodge Estate, Sudbourne: This pool is brand new and very modern. Puddle Ducks teach here on Wednesday’s. It is a great location for customers from Woodbridge, Wickham Market and Aldeburgh. Birch Farm, Hintlesham: Puddle Ducks are delighted to be returning to Birch Farm which has been renovated over the summer. They will be teaching here 6 days of the week. There is a café at the venue so great to grab a cuppa after lessons. Great location for Ipswich, Hadleigh and surrounding villages. Hillside School, Sudbury: This is a lovely warm hydrotherapy pool. They teach here Tuesday afternoons and is ideal for those who live in and around Sudbury. To find out more visit:


For any full paying parent/toddler attending the Tuesday sessions (1 - 2pm) during Sep and Oct 2018 you can bring one parent/toddler friend to the same session for free, no need to book just turn up. *** Please present a copy of this advert at reception to receive the offer ***

01473 433676 • •

BABYSIGNING taught by experts ~ delivered with love

tinies|toddlers|talkers SUFFOLK CLASSES NOW BOOKING! more information and booking:

Alison on 07720 349 424 has definitely saved us a few tantrums “ –Babysigning I can’t thank you enough!


Gymnastics in Ipswich Home of Pipers Vale Gymnastics Club Located on the southeast side of Ipswich, Gymnastics in Ipswich organise structured courses for all ages and abilities from Pre-School to Junior Advanced Recreational, casual Youth Activities on Monday and Friday as well as daily activity sessions for Parent & Toddler. They don’t just cater for children and junior’s either... Tuesday and Thursday nights is Adult Night, a fun informal chance to train or simply “have a go”. To find out more visit:

Little Signers Club, Ipswich Babysigning classes delivered with love Little Signers Club classes harness visual and verbal learning to create an exciting, accessible and dynamic experience for small people and their grown ups alike. Classes are a gentle mix of signs, songs, rhymes, stories and communication tips. Underpinned by over a decade of research, the classes include activities that are fun but that have a serious communication support goal and everything you learn in a class can be easily transferred to use at home. To find out more visit:

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Clubs & Classes

A guide to

Stagecoach By Sarah Corbett & Andy Durham

Enrol your child this autumn for a trial at Stagecoach and let us teach them how to channel their creativity, how to use their imagination and how to perform better in life. In our Early Stages and Main schools, the term motto for autumn is #This is Me. All groups will deliver a short performance in December, with some of the Main schools also getting involved in a circus themed workshop, or a stunt/puppetry workshop. Further Stages will be taking the centenary of the end of WWI as their inspiration and have had a performance commissioned in Ipswich in November. All three main schools are currently waiting to hear whether their performances of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr helped smash the world record for simultaneous performances of the same show.

Book a Trial and find out more Stagecoach has been teaching performing arts for thirty years now, and has given many thousands of children a helping hand on their path to adulthood. We are accepting new students in our schools in Ipswich, Martlesham and Woodbridge and the autumn term is a great time to try out as it’s our skills term which sets them up for the year.

We recommend a two-week trial to fully immerse your child in the Stagecoach experience and will be delighted to chat to you beforehand to get an idea of what you want Stagecoach to do for your child. You can get more information by calling 01728 688627, by visiting our websites, by finding us on Facebook or by emailing us.

We have Early Stages classes for the 4-6s; Main school for the 6-18s and Further Stages advanced training for the 15-18s.

In our Early Stages schools you can expect reports issued twice annually; three performance per year for parents in the regular venue or in theatres; an annual film project and a special Stagecoach passport to collect stickers/stamps as rewards for progress. In our main schools, parents can expect the above, plus the opportunity for their children to take performing arts exams, to undertake specialist workshops in makeup, film stunts, puppetry or musical theatre and to audition for the dance troupe and for larger national events. At Stagecoach the policy is that every child can shine, so shows do not always contain the same students in the leading roles and students can expect parity in casting sessions with their peers of a similar age over time.

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Clubs & CLasses

babyballet By Miss Abigail Franklin At babyballet® we know better than most how busy life can be for parents and their little ones. But we also know how important it is for our babyballet parents to spend time with their little ones and taking part in a shared activity like our classes really does bring its own rewards. When we asked our parents why they chose our babyballet classes the majority said it was because it’s an activity that they can do together as a family. In an age of social media and constant demands on our time, we can lose sight of what it means to just focus on our little ones. We all want quality time with our children and sharing in an activity and actually being in the room with your little one as they learn new skills, make friends and have fun – well, at babyballet we believe this is priceless. And babyballet isn’t just for mummy’s and daughter’s. We have many daddies that bring their children to our classes. Daddy and daughter or daddy and son time is just as important and, by being in a babyballet class together, can bring little ones and their daddies even closer.

Encouraging Girls & Boys to dance Don’t forget it’s not just little girls that love babyballet. At babyballet we encourage boys and girls to dance and have fun together. So there’s plenty of opportunity for mummy and son time or daddy and son time. At babyballet, we really do want to share the magic of dance, music and storytelling with everyone.

James’ babyballet Experience... We spoke to James who takes his daughter to the Tots class in Ipswich about his experience of babyballet: “I am 35 years old (nearly 36), I’m a big burly man (currently sporting a ridiculous beard, much to the chagrin of my wife) and I have been taking my daughter, Orelia, to babyballet since she was 7 months old. We love it. Not just her, me too! Every week I get the opportunity to dress her up in a very cute tutu and spend 40 minutes with her and a host of other boys and girls and Mums and Dads being rockets and fish, stretching our arms and legs and pointing our good toes. It’s quality time, pure and simple. You may wonder what on earth a 7 month old baby can do in a babyballet class, the answer is, not a lot, but then I don’t think it’s ever been the aim to have them twirling and leaping and dancing on their tip toes straight away, the classes are so much more than that. It’s a social experience for Orelia and for me. It’s a chance to let the movements and music wash into her mind and for her to enjoy observing her ungainly Father trying his best to bounce her on his knee, as a camel, without falling over or skipping round in a circle with her, do I look silly? Yes, absolutely. Does Orelia love that? Of course she does, which child wouldn’t want that fun with their Dad? When we started babyballet classes, Orelia couldn’t walk or even crawl and now she can run and jump and even point her toes on command. She knows different parts of her body and thanks to a very catchy tidy up song she also knows when to pack away her toys. Yes, she would have learnt those skills eventually, but I truly believe that the classes have fast tracked that journey. I have heard some people say that the classes are only for little girls and their Mums and I feel that this is a very sad way to think. First, quality time spent with your child is important, whether you are the mother, father or guardian, when I think back on my childhood, it was the games and time spent with my parents that keeps in my memory. Second, the skills that the children learn are universal, just because a child does ballet doesn’t mean that they are going to become a ballerina, but good balance, a strong core and an ability to play nicely with others is enormously important in any field or stage. I have a daughter, but I would happily still attend even if she were a boy”.

Join a babyballet class today! If you would like to find out more about babyballet classes near you, visit: where you can book a three week trial for £15 to experience the magic of our classes for yourself. We can’t wait to meet you and your Little Star!


Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Suffolk Fire and Rescue

Suffolk Fire and Rescue


organising firework events With Bonfire Night looming, we have some great advice to ensure you and your family have a fun and safe night.

FIREWORK CODE Top 10 Safety Tips... 1. Plan your firework display to make it safe and enjoyable.

2. Keep fireworks in a closed box and use them one at a time.

Despite annual safety warnings, firework celebrations still end in painful injuries for too many people, including very young children. Yet fireworks can be great fun for families, not just around November 5, but also Diwali, New Year’s Eve and Chinese New Year.

3. Read and follow the instructions on each firework using a torch if necessary.

Injury figures support the advice that the safest place to enjoy fireworks is at a large public display - far fewer people are injured here than at smaller family or private parties.

cigarettes, away from fireworks.

But if you’ll be having a firework party at home, you can make the occasion fun and safe for everyone by following the Firework Code.

“Sparklers in particular are still thought of as fairly harmless although they account for the largest number of injuries each year”. FIREWORK CODE:

4. Light the firework at arm’s length with a taper and stand well back.

5. Keep naked flames, including 6. Never return to a firework once it has been lit. 7. Don’t put fireworks in pockets and never throw them.

8. Never use paraffin or petrol on a bonfire. 9. Direct any rocket fireworks well away from spectators.

10. Make sure that the fire is out and surroundings are made safe before leaving.

Only adults should deal with setting up firework displays, the lighting of fireworks and the safe disposal of fireworks once they have been used. Children and young people should watch and enjoy fireworks at a safe distance.

For more Fire Safety Advice visit:

Could you be an on-Call Firefighter? Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service are recruiting On-Call Firefighters.

Need More?

Applications are now being taken until Friday 5th October for the following stations: ∞ Holbrook

∞ Needham Market

∞ Framlingham

∞ Stowmarket

∞ Felixstowe

∞ Nayland

∞ Orford

∞ Long Melford

∞ Wrentham

∞ Clare

∞ Reydon/Southwold

∞ Haverhill

∞ Halesworth

∞ Wickhambrook

∞ Bungay

∞ Ixworth

∞ Stradbroke

∞ Mildenhall

∞ Eye

∞ Newmarket

∞ Debenham

The need for more On-Call Firefighters is not exclusive to Suffolk, and a campaign has just been launched to help raise more national awareness. If you would like to find out more simply visit: To speak to the Suffolk On-Call Liaison Office call: 07776 475069

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Public Health

Know your Pregnancy Know your Numbers OneLife Suffolk and Suffolk County Council have launched a new campaign to encourage expecting parents to ‘Know your numbers’. The campaign is focusing on 3 key areas: Blood Pressure, Diet and Exercise and Smoking. When you are pregnant there so many new things to find out about that it can become overwhelming. Your midwife may record your blood pressure, body mass index or carbon monoxide readings at appointments, but what do they all mean? Suffolk County Council and OneLife Suffolk have launched the ‘Know Your Pregnancy’ campaign to help people understand “their numbers” and help them to have a healthy pregnancy.

Know Your Blood Pressure Around 1 in every 20 women will develop high blood pressure during their pregnancy. Whilst this usually returns to its normal level after the baby is born, blood pressure levels can also rise sharply following the delivery of a baby, and this can continue for a few weeks. It is important to continue to monitor your blood pressure closely after you have given birth. High blood pressure during pregnancy can lead to complications such as pre-eclampsia. An ideal blood pressure reading during pregnancy is 140/90 or less.

Know your Body Mass Index (BMI) An Ideal body mass index before pregnancy is between 18.5 – 25. If it is 30 or more before pregnancy this could increase the risk of complications during pregnancy. Contrary to popular belief, energy needs do not change in the first six months of pregnancy and increase only slightly in the last three months (and then only by around 200 calories per day – this is the equivalent of two slices of wholegrain toast and margarine). Make sure you are eating for you, not for two.

Know your Carbon Monoxide levels (CO) CO, otherwise known as Carbon Monoxide is produced when tobacco products are burnt. It is found in inhaled, exhaled and passive smoke. CO can also be produced by exhaust fumes or emitted from malfunctioning or poorly ventilated fossil or wood fuelled heating and cooking appliances. An ideal carbon monoxide reading during pregnancy is between 1- 3 parts per million(ppm) – this is the level of a non-smoker.

Change your numbers OneLife Suffolk have issued advice on how to ‘Change your numbers’ if needed, and more information is available at:


Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Family Health & Wellbeing

What if you could give your child the gift of unconditional love? With SleepTalk 4 Children you can! We speak to Ipswich based accredited SleepTalk Consultant Fiona Simpson to find out more...

What is Sleeptalk SleepTalk is for parents who are looking for a simple, nonintrusive self-esteem and behaviour change process for their children. The process is easy to learn and quick - a 2 minute a night gift for your child/children. SleepTalk is this wonderful gift. It negates the barrage of negativity that children (and indeed adults too) face every day. It bolsters self-esteem, improves self-confidence, assists with anxiety issues and helps with mental conditions and physical body ailments; including eating issues and bed wetting.

The Process Parents are initially taught the SleepTalk process by their SleepTalk Consultant and then they deliver it during sleep to their children with the on-going support of their consultant. It is designed for children up to the age of 13 years old. It works via the Top Hat theory; which you will learn about as part of the process, by re-programming the sub conscious mind by instilling unconditional love.

Phone: 07704 195969

Website: E-mail: Give your child the gift of unconditional love. Parents are taught the SleepTalk process to then use with their children at night. The process is simple, and non-intrusive SleepTalk assists with many physical, emotional and behavioural issues faced by children.

Parent Testimonials “Family life is so much calmer since we have been doing the process. The temper tantrums are now occasional rather than several times a week and we no longer feel we are walking on eggshells”. “Our duaghter is much better with dogs since doing the process and is doing much better at school too”. “We are really pleased that our eldest is now happy at school and our children have stopped fighting at home. Not only have these great changes occurred, but as parents we have really enjoyed going through the process with our children too”.

Find out more For more information visit: or call Fiona today on 07704 195969.



‘Part of loving your child is making time for yourself’

| Pregnancy and Postnatal Massages | Aromatherapy | Reflexology including fertility and induction of labour reflexology | Pregnancy and Postnatal Mummy MOT® Consultations | Diastasis, Core and Pelvic Floor Workshops | Caesarean Scar movement, mobilisation and massage workshops | The Popular and Successful Research Based Get My Bodacious Back Course for Postnatal Mamas | Pelvic Floor and Diastasis Friendly Fitness Classes | Aqua Exercise for Pregnant Ladies and Non-Pregnant Women

Plus Much More!

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Family Law


False Economy?

With the withdrawal of Legal Aid from most divorce cases, more and more separating couples are looking to websites which offer to sell the tools to enable them to conduct their own divorce.

Carol Robinson, Family Law Solicitor at Barker Gotelee tells us more... The websites make the process look easy, but is it a false economy, given that the parties are receiving no advice in relation to the separation and divorce process, any children of the marriage, or any financial resolution?

fees and payment arrangements which may work out less costly than was originally thought. Here at Barker Gotelee, we offer, in some circumstances, a free half hour consultation to discuss your situation, and can outline our wide range of fixed fee services in relation to further appointments, divorce, both for the petitioner and the respondent, drafting of agreements and consent orders, and more. We also offer a pay as you go service for those who only need to “dip in and out” of our services if they encounter a problem during their court process. For further information contact us on 01473 611211 or email:

Family law solicitors undergo years of training to enable them to accurately negotiate divorce settlements, draft legal documents correctly to submit to the court, to understand the rights of parents and children, and to understand the sometimes complicated processes that these issues can attract. The forms alone can be complicated, confusing and lengthy. Any mistake made in completing the forms can lead to the court rejecting your papers leaving you unsure of what to do next, as the court office will often state that they are not able to offer legal advice, although what they construe to be legal advice differs from one divorce court to the next. Ultimately, proceedings become protracted, which can lead to the parties potentially being disadvantaged financially in the absence of a financial agreement being reached in a timely fashion, notwithstanding children arrangements failing to be agreed. Adding to the frustration is the fact that the DIY forms do not address the potential procedural problems that may occur during the court process or any court delays that can be expected. Would the individual know what to do if their obstructive ex-partner refused to acknowledge receipt of the court papers? It is doubtful. Therefore, the petitioning party will not know how to move forward. What if the judge is not persuaded that the marriage needs to be brought to an end by the way the petitioning party has worded the petition, and the petition is rejected? Again, little or no advice would be given by the court as to the next move. Conversely, solicitors are well versed with the process, the potential pitfalls and how to work round them, the legal drafting, the negotiations in relation to arrangements for the children and the finances, which ultimately leads to a speedier conclusion. In many cases, firms can offer a range of fixed


Life | Land | Business

We offer you a range of family law services We all need help from time to time. Our friendly and approachable solicitors are on hand to advise you on a host of family law matters. · Family breakdown - helping to achieve financial security for you

· Children - support and expert advice on arrangements for children · Mediation - discussing the issues that matter to you

Ask us about our fixed fees and free 01473 611211 consultations on selected services. 41 Barrack Sq, Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3RF Free parking

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Education Feature

Choosing a school for your child What makes a great school? By Dr Rosemary Taylor

Well, if your local school is proudly displaying an “Outstanding” banner on its perimeter fence be aware that in all likelihood the grading has been awarded for results in maths and literacy and may not necessarily take into account the many other contributing factors to delivering an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum which is, after all, what really makes a great school. So, here are a few pointers from Dr Rosemary Taylor, Huddl Advisor, and Editor of the Good School’s Guide to help making this important decision. ∞ League tables are a useful starting point but no more than that. Essentially children study the same curriculum wherever they go but it’s the people and the optional extras that help to set schools apart from one another. ∞ Don’t be swayed by glitzy facilities – many good schools choose to spend their money on extra teachers rather than flashy IT provision or a swimming pool. ∞ Insist on a tour. In some cases it will be pupils showing you around or it may be the Head. If it is the Head, what kind of rapport does he or she have with the children? ∞ Do the children (let alone the teachers) make eye contact? Are they confident, welcoming and visibly proud of their school? ∞ Most reception classes are fabulously attractive but are

the classrooms for the nine year olds still awe-inspiring? Would you be happy for your child to spend the day there? ∞ If your child loves football or singing is there ample provision? Even if your offspring aren’t particularly sporty or musical would staff be happy to give them a go anyway?

It’s the people and the optional extras that help to set schools apart from one another.

∞ Is anything interesting happening at break and/or lunchtime? It doesn’t have to be Extreme Frisbee or Mandarin for Beginners but hopefully the school is using the space in the school day to enrich what may otherwise be a very ordinary curriculum.

∞ How do they handle incidents of bullying? If they tell you it doesn’t happen they’re either naive or dishonest – it happens everywhere. ∞ Don’t be put off if you witness bad behaviour but do notice how it’s dealt with, the reality is that children sometimes misbehave but expect it to be dealt with quickly, firmly and fairly. ∞ Ask about communication with parents – what, who, when? ∞ Good manners are important, keep your eyes and ears open around school with both children and staff. Are doors held open for people and does a thank you follow – whether from a child or a busy teacher? ∞ Does the place look cared for? Is there litter? Are displays attractive and up-to-date? If they’re still advertising the

Christmas Fair in June you may want to ask why. ∞ Ask about class sizes – not just in early years but throughout the school; in most maintained schools numbers are creeping up so check staffing levels – how many support staff are there? ∞ The induction process is an important time for children – how will they get to know their new school? Is there any flexibility with regard to starting days and/or hours? How, where and when will they meet their teacher? It matters to you and your child that this goes well and it should matter to the school too. The Good Schools Guide says “a good school is a school that’s right for your child – where they will be happy and enthused about learning”. Now you just need to find it. Good luck!

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


CUTTING YOUR OWN PATH The Royal Hospital School is a leading co-educational boarding and day school, focusing on the individual, whichever path they choose. The School provides a full and broad education fit for the modern world where every child is nurtured, guided and supported, creating foundations for lifelong happiness and successful futures. Pastoral care is at the heart of the community and the School’s strong house system evokes a sense of pride and belonging. With traditional boarding ethos and flexible options available, discover life at the Royal Hospital School today.





Families Suffolk: Issue 43

education Feature

Royal Hospital School

Old Buckenham Hall Pre-Prep

Navigating Success

A Perfect Balance The Pre-Prep at Old Buckenham Hall is a very special place. There is a perfect balance between academic subjects, the wider curriculum and the ‘OBH extras’ such as time in the outdoor classrooms and being able to pop into the outdoor pool on hot days. They have the same annual events as most other schools: Harvest Festival, The Nativity, a Macmillan Afternoon tea, exciting school trips, Easter Afternoon Tea for the whole family and an informal concert with a coffee - where all the children who learn individual instruments have the opportunity to perform. But alongside those are the events which make Old Buckenham Hall Pre-Prep stand out.

Set in 200 acres of Suffolk countryside overlooking the Stour Estuary, Royal Hospital School is a leading co-educational boarding and day school for 11 to 18 year olds providing a full and broad education fit for the modern world. Royal Hospital School inspire their pupils to have the courage to be ambitious for their futures. Whichever path they choose, they encourage them to do so with commitment, integrity and belief in themselves. Everyone has the potential to achieve the most exceptional things but we are all different. That is why they focus on the individual looking for their strengths and nurturing their motivations. The staff at Royal Hospital School believe that it is their role to help navigate young people through their critical and formative years, ensuring that their education becomes the foundation for lifelong happiness and success.

• Come rain or shine, the children are welly-booted up and bug hunting, den building or doing some natural art in the outdoor classroom. • ‘ARK’ week, when all the children (and staff) perform Acts of Random Kindness to one another. • ‘Growth Mindset’ week, when they encouraged the children that instead of worrying about finding things difficult, they could think about what they are capable of if they put their mind to it. • ‘WE ARE SUPER’ day, which reminded the children that we are all super in different ways and that is what makes us us! Old Buckenham Hall was rated ‘excellent’ in all areas by ISI, following a full inspection of the school in May 2018. They welcome visits from prospective families and can arrange for an individual tour of the school.

Visit us

Visit us Royal Hospital School will be hosting two open mornings this Autumn from 9am on Sat 6th October and Sat 10th November. To book or to arrange a private visit please contact the Registrar on 01473 326 136 email: admissions@ or visit:

The next open morning at Old Buckingham Hall is on Saturday 6th October 2018 and they have a Pre-Prep ‘drop-in’ on Friday 12th October. For more information visit or call 01449 740252.

Open Day Events

Saturday 6th October

Saturday 6th October

Friday 12th October

Saturday 10th November

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Saturday 15th September

Saturday 15th September


Education Feature


Rated EXCELLENT by ISI May 2018

OPEN MORNING Saturday, 6th October 2018 10.00am - 12.30pm


Drama & imaginative play for children from 6mths - 3yrs Wednesday mornings term time Contact or visit

OLD BUCKENHAM HALL An Independent Day & Boarding School for Girls & Boys 3 - 13 years

01449 740252

Take advantage of a




Free Trial at your local Kumon Study Centre The Kumon Ipswich Central Study Centre is offering a two-week Free Trial for new students enrolling between 1 Sept - 31 Oct 2018. Take advantage of this opportunity and find out what your child can achieve through the Kumon Maths and English Programmes.

Open Day - Saturday 15th September

1 SEPTEMBER - 31 OCTOBER Find out how Kumon study can help your child to shine. Book a consultation with your local study centre to start your child’s two-week Free Trial.

Ipswich Central Study Centre 01473 614665 Come along to our assessment event on Saturday 15 September at The Key, 15 St Margaret’s Plain, Ipswich IP4 2BB from 2.30pm-5.30pm. Call now to book your place. Developing ability for 60 years Terms and conditions apply. Fees vary. Participating study centres only. Please refer to your local study centre. Subject to availability.


To celebrate this offer, the study centre is holding an event on 15 September 2018 at The Key, 15 St Margaret's Plain, Ipswich IP4 2BB. Local families are invited to come along between 2.30pm and 5.30pm to learn more about the Kumon Maths and English Programme and the Free Trial. You will also get the opportunity to meet the Instructor. Kumon offers individualised worksheet-based maths and English study programmes which are tailored to all ages and abilities. Established for 60 years, the Kumon programmes enable children to develop their study skills and confidently tackle advanced work. For more information, contact Instructor Sangeeta Kumar on 01473 614 665 or email

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Education Feature

Developing a life-long love of learning in a magical setting

Orwell Park, established in 1867, is a co-educational prep school for day pupils and boarders from 2½ to 13. An Inspiring Experience

Find out more

The outstanding beauty of the grounds and the historic 18th century buildings contribute to an inspiring experience which combines the legacy and the traditions of the past with the dynamism and energy of the present and future. Outstanding facilities include a working Victorian observatory, a walled garden with outdoor pool, a nine-hole golf course, floodlit sports facilities, a library in the mansion house.

For more information contact the Registrar: 01473 653224, email Park School, Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk IP10 0ER

New Pre-Prep Building

Tel: 01473 659225 |

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Becoming the best we can be…

Our new Pre-Prep building catering for pupils from Nursery through to Year 2, opened in 2013, boasts state of the art facilities and site in a woodland setting, presenting ample opportunity for classes to take advantage of our Forest School. In addition we have a Mother and Toddler group in the Pre-Prep every Wednesday. Boys and girls are given every opportunity to be the best they can be, both in and outside the classroom. High expectations, and learning strategies tailored to the individual child, lead to high levels of attainment.

Comprehensive activity programme Orwell Park pupils are also involved in a comprehensive activity programme, including: orchestra and various ensembles, chess, community service, skiing, equestrianism, climbing, OPS Challenge (a mini D of E course), camping and campfire fun in the school’s woodlands, Art and DT clubs, Brownies and Blueys (boys’ club), as well as numerous large scale theatrical productions. Boarding is extremely popular at Orwell Park and takes the form of flexible, weekly and full boarding. Pupils choose to board, driven by a desire to enjoy the company of friends once the normal school day is over.

Open Morning

OPEN MORNING: 3 February 20182018 Open Morning: 15 September Applications are invited for Year 4 Scholarships (Year 5 entry 2018) Full details on the website.

Leading Independent Prep School Co-educational Boarding and Day 2½ to 13 t: 01473 659225 Orwell Park, Nacton, Ipswich, Suffolk IP10 0ER

Open Morning Saturday 15 September, 10am - 12 noon.

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Education Feature

Settling into Nursery By Zoe Savage

For children starting nursery for the first time this September the experience can be as daunting for Parents as it is for the child. Luckily local childcare expert, Zoe Savage, manager of the independent Moreton Hall Prepcare Day Nursery is on hand to offer her top ten tips on making the transition as smooth as possible. It simply needs a bit of thought and some traditional TLC. the first ‘settling in’ session and more if needed.

With over 19 years’ experience settling young children into nursery and with 1 child of her own she knows just how important it is to help your precious young with this big first step. Whichever nursery you’re starting, the principles are the same, so hopefully the advice will be helpful for all.

Here are Zoe’s top ten tips for settling your child in quickly and easily: 1. Settling in sessions - At Moreton Hall Prepcare Day Nursery we love our tailored settling in sessions – they’re fun, easy and means both parents and child know exactly what to expect when the first day arrives. Depending on the child, parents usually stay for


2. Create a photo book Getting familiar with the nursery staff really helps. Why not create photo books of both you as a family and of the nursery and key staff and go through them several times before the big day? 3. Check out the buddy system! - It’s really important that the nursery feels friendly. Our key person and buddy system means your child will feel secure and welcome from day one! 4. Comforters and toys from home – does your child have a special toy that he or she could bring to share their first few days together? 5. Electronic learning journeys - sharing videos and photos from nursery and home helps to share the experience, so Mum and Dad can not only see what sort of things their

little one has been doing, but the child can enjoy telling them too! 6. Be positive, keep smiling! However apprehensive you are (it’s only normal!) about the new experience for your child, don’t let it show! Your child will pick up on your emotions and it’ll make them nervous too. 7. Embrace the experience – At Moreton Hall Prepcare Nursery we see the nursery as one big family – and for many it’s the first stepping stone to school and independence. Welcome the experiences the nursery will give your child, from learning strategies, to friendships, to independence. 8. Say goodbye when leaving – it’s all about trust, they need to know when you leave otherwise they might feel abandoned! 9. Talk about nursery the staff and their new friends at

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

home. Why not invite new friends over for tea or a play? 10. All about me - give the nursery plenty of details about your child and home life. It helps the staff really know and understand the child from the outset which helps enormously! Starting nursery can be a lovely experience – it’s all about finding the right environment for your child. Moreton Hall Prepcare Nursery is based in Bury St Edmunds and looks after children from 6 weeks to 5 years 52 weeks of the year. All staff are highly trained, friendly and simply love looking after young children. What more could you ask for?

to find out more To arrange a visit please call Zoe Savage on 01284 725259 or visit: www. prepcaredaynurseries.

Education Feature

Outdoor Forest Nursery to open in Landseer Park, Ipswich this autumn


Nursery for Ipswich Opening Late Autumn 2018

Run by a Qualified Forest schools Practitioner Open Mon—Fri 9am—3pm for 3—5 year olds (Term Time)

Call 01473 240304 E: 01473 725454


Nursery on Bramford Lane, IP1

Open Mon—Fri 8am—6pm, all year round for 2—5 year olds.

Call 01473 240304 E:

Forest Learners is an Outdoors Nursery in Ipswich, where children aged 3 and 4 years will spend the majority of their day play and learning outside regardless of the weather. Run by a qualified Forest Schools Practitioner, the children will be engaged in Forest school Learning and play activities. Like any nursery, it will follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum and work towards getting the children school ready but in an amazing and changing outdoor learning environment utilising the many natural teaching resources available. Forest Learners is part of the Bows and Arrows Nursery Group which owns 6 Nurseries across Ipswich (4 of which are OUTSTANDING in all areas by Ofsted). The Group has always been passionate about the benefits of outdoor learning and every Nursery partakes in weekly forest school sessions. This latest addition to the group, enables the children to be outdoors experiencing Forest school sessions every day. Forest Learners will be managed and located within Little Learners Nursery, Hogarth Road, Ipswich, IP3 0EY. However day to day it will be separate to the Nursery, with its own entrance/exit, new purpose built indoor base, garden area and children will spend the majority of the day in Landseer Park. Little Learners will continue to operate as usual providing OUTSTANDING Care for 0 – 5 year olds. Forest Learners will open Late Autumn Term 2018 and have space for 16 children per session. Bookings are being taken now. For more details visit: or call Little Learners Nursery to find out more: 01473 725454.

01473 806656 Prepcare - Moreton Hall Quarter Page.qxp_Layout 1 26/

Moreton Hall Prepcare Nursery Moreton Hall Prep School, Mount Road, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7BJ

O Day nursery at Moreton Hall Prep School. O Open to all. O Quality day care for children from a few weeks to five years old all day and all year round. O Benefits from Moreton Hall’s extensive grounds and facilities. O Highly qualified staff. O Awarded National Day Nurseries Association level 3 “Exemplary and Outstanding”. Winner of the Employer of Choice award O Employer of choice award winner.

01284 725259


Families Suffolk: Issue 43


huddl Parent Talks Huddl Parent Talks in association with David Lloyd Clubs are back this Autumn – 3 current topics, 6 fantastic speakers and lots of additional resources to support parents & carers to help their children flourish.

About Huddl Huddl, a social business, run by Suffolk mother of 3 Katie Lawson has expanded its offering after the success of the 2018 Huddl Parent Talks. Katie told us “With so many scary statistics around children’s mental health I think parents increasingly want to learn the facts from professionals in order to feel they are best equipped to deal with problems should they arise – Huddl gives them a platform to do this”. Huddl Parent Talks are taking place in Cambridge as well as Ipswich this year and Huddl Ups with Suffolk Mind ran successfully in Suffolk earlier this year and will expand into Cambridgeshire with CPSL Mind in 2019. Huddl differs from other “parenting” platforms as all the advice / talks are fact and research based rather than gossip or opinion. By offering up-to-date professional advice to parents & carers on topics of concern Huddl is a form of early intervention,

Family Wellbeing & Nutrition 7pm – 9.50pm. Trinity Park, Ipswich – Tue 18th September Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre, Cambridge – Tue 25th September

Katie explains “bad mental health is just as life threatening as bad physical health but parents don’t always know what signs to look out for or how to best help their children with the pressures of growing up in this new digital age. We are the first generation of parents dealing with some of these problems so why wouldn’t we all take a few hours out to learn a bit more in order to be better equipped to help our children flourish?”

About Huddl Parent Talks Huddl Parent Talks are designed to be: • Informative – At every event you will hear 2 hours of talks from inspirational experts • Supportive – You’ll be equipped with new tools and have our support resources at your fingertips • Accessible – An evening event to fit in with your busy schedules • Relaxed – Listen, learn and join our supportive Huddl

At this Huddl Parent talk you will gain tools from the PERMA+ model for wellbeing and learn about the latest neuroscience findings and why these matter for us as parents. You will be given a deeper understanding of how nutrition impacts our children’s minds and bodies, some easy ideas for health and wellbeing, as well as great tips to nourish young brains. There is so much we can learn from these two professionals on this very current topic.

Speakers: Dr Hazel Harrison Dr Hazel, a Huddl Advisor, is a Clinical Psychologist with more than 10 years’ professional experience in both the National Health Service (NHS) and private sector. Hazel is founder of Think Avellana which offers a range of services designed to help individuals, families, schools and businesses to thrive using the science of psychology as the foundation. Lucinda Miller MGNI MRNI MH A Naturopath, Iridologist, Herbalist & Functional Medicine Practitioner with over 20 years experience, Lucinda takes a scientific and holistic approach to identifying health problems, using laboratory testing and gentle, natural interventions to provide solutions. She is founder of and auther of The Good Stuff. She is also a fully qualified NLP coach and mentor for kids with ADHD and Autism and a mother of three children, aged 8 to 16.


Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Friendship Groups & Bullying 7pm – 9.50pm. Trinity Park, Ipswich – Tue 9th October Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre, Cambridge – Tue 30th October

With 1 million young people affected by bullying every week (Young Minds) it is a common experience; whether being bullied or bullying someone else. It takes many forms and can have a lasting impact on the emotional wellbeing of those involved. As parents or carers how can we best help our children over hurdles such as peer pressure, the need to fit in, fall outs with friends? At this Huddl Parent Talk you will learn what the latest evidence suggests and gain practical tools from Huddl professionals.

Speakers: Dr Rosemary Taylor A Huddl Advisor, a consultant for the Council for British International Schools and a senior partner at Key Issues. Rosemary has a passion for Behavioural Psychology and has been an advisor to the UN. Early in her carer she rose to become one of the youngest headteachers in the country. She has an impressive knowledge base and lots of practical tools to equip you with. Dr Ruth MacConville Ruth is a Huddl Advisor and has 30 years experience as a practicing educator working with children and families both as a teacher and as head of the Special Educational Needs Service in the London Borough of Ealing. Ruth has an MA degree from Cambridge University and is a prolific author, inspired by the ever-growing field of positive psychology.

Social Media & Internet Safety 7pm – 9.50pm. Trinity Park, Ipswich – Tue 13th November Peter Hall Performing Arts Centre, Cambridge – Mon 12th November

How do we manage the best balance? How do we ensure our children and young people can safely operate and have the strength to talk when they are in distress? A recent study by ChildLine showed that the internet had an ever-growing influence on young people’s lives. Many said constant comparisons to others on social media made them feel inferior, ugly and unpopular. Join this Huddl event to learn more to help your children and young people navigate the internet and social media in a positive way.

Speakers: Jonathan Taylor After 10 years in the Met as the Lead Covert Internet investigator within the UK Jonathan now advisers law enforcement and academics on the dangers of online grooming. Caroline Hurst – Director of Education at Childnet International Caroline joined Childnet in 2011 and leads on The Childnet Digital Leaders Programme. She works alongside the Education Team, managing the delivery of their Activity Days in schools to young people, parents, carers and staff.

You can book your tickets now via the Huddl website: £17.50 for a ticket to 1 Huddl Parent Talk or £42.50 for a ticket to all 3 Huddl Parent Talks At each event you will receive tea, coffee & biscuits, an event booklet & additional resources.

Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Private Client Law

Inheritance tax: Eliminate your liability As Benjamin Franklin said “the only things certain in life are death and taxes” and inheritance tax touches on both. Inheritance tax can cost your loved ones hundreds of thousands of pounds after your death, yet it is possible to legally reduce your liability or possibly pay none at all. Lindsey Sharples, a Solicitor at Barker Gotelee, explains more.

Life | Land | Business

Peace of mind for your family across the generations Whether you have a young family or are enjoying spending time with your grandchildren, at Barker Gotelee Solicitors, we’re here to help you plan a happy and secure future for you and your loved ones. Our friendly, approachable and experienced team can offer a wide range of services, including advice about:

· Wills containing guardianship provisions · Setting up trusts for young children/grandchildren · Wills following a divorce or separation

· · · ·

Tax efficient gift giving Inheritance Tax planning Powers of Attorney Estate planning and asset protection

For your life, land and business, we’re here to help. Call 01473 611211 or visit 41 Barrack Sq, Martlesham, Ipswich IP5 3RF Free parking



Questions & Answ

What is inheritance tax and how does it work? Inheritance tax is the tax paid on your assets (after the deduction of allowances) when you die. When you die your assets are valued and then your debts deducted to give the value of your estate. Your assets include bank accounts, investments, property, business, household contents, vehicles, etc. Your estate will pay tax at 40% on anything above the £325,000 Nil Rate Band (or 36% if you leave at least 10% of your estate to charity).

Will I pay inheritance tax if my Husband/Wife dies? There is no inheritance tax to pay when your spouse or civil partner dies and leaves their entire estate to you as their surviving spouse however this ‘spouse exemption’ does not apply to anyone other than a spouse i.e. long term partners do not count. In 2007 the government made the Nil Rate Band transferrable between spouses and civil partners which means that if you leave your entire estate to your spouse or civil partner, on their death, they will have a Nil Rate Band of £650,000 to use against their estate.

What is the Residence Nil Rate Band? From April 2017, the government has introduced an additional Nil Rate Band known as the Residence Nil Rate Band (RNRB) which can be used where a parent passes their home to their children/grandchildren etc. This RNRB is being introduced gradually however it will eventually give parents an extra allowance of £175,000 each. Added to the ordinary Nil Rate Band, this will give a total tax free amount of £500,000 per person or £1million for a married couple by tax year 2020/21. However, the RNRB is a very complex area of the law and it is important for you to take specific advice if you think this may be applicable to your circumstances.

How can I reduce my liability to inheritance tax? One option is to make gifts during your lifetime to reduce the value of your taxable estate. Some gifts are immediately exempt from inheritance tax such as gifts of up to £3000 per tax year, small gifts of £250, regular gifts out of excess income and gifts on the marriage of a child or grandchild. If a gift is not immediately exempt, it may be potentially exempt i.e. if the person making the gift survives the gift for 7 years, no inheritance tax will be payable on the value of the gift. The key to making a successful gift is that the donor must not retain any benefit in the cash or asset given away. Finally a well-structured Will goes a long way to ensuring that your estate can benefit from all the inheritance tax exemptions available to you. A badly drafted Will on the other hand can mean more inheritance tax is payable; it is important to take professional advice.

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Suffolk Museums

Bawdsey Radar MUseum This October half term, families can learn about one of the inventions that changed the world in a new exhibition at Bawdsey Radar Museum. On 24th September 1937, RAF Bawdsey became the first fully operational Radar station in the world. In top secret conditions, men and women raced to develop the technology that enabled aircraft to be in the air ready to intercept enemy aircraft.

New Exhibition The story of how radar was developed at Bawdsey is fascinating and families can get right to the heart of the action in the newly refurbished exhibition. Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, this unique display includes interactive exhibits, films and first-hand accounts from the women and men who worked in top secret to bring about technology that helped win the Battle of Britain. It reveals how scientists, engineers and technicians worked together at Bawdsey, in total secrecy, to prove that radio waves could locate aeroplanes, ships and other targets. The new exhibition enables visitors to see the original and modern applications of radar technology side by side – visitors can view meteor detection in action, whilst also testing their skill and co-ordination as a World War II radar operator.

Fun for families The museum is a welcoming spot for technology enthusiasts and family visitors alike. Alongside the new interactive exhibition, there is a Boffin Trail for budding young scientists. Children can dress up as a ‘Boffin’ in a scientist coat and glasses and explore the hands on displays to discover the secrets of radar for themselves. There are also activities and games to play, including Morse Code and Semaphore flags, along with picnic tables if you’d like to bring your own lunch and plenty of parking. The museum is open on Thursdays and Sundays, 11am to 4pm, until end of October and you can find out more information at:

October Half Term Visit Bawdsey Radar Museum this October Half Term and learn about life in Suffolk in World War II. Meet a Home Guard soldier, learn to march, do foot drill exercises and handle real weapons and artefacts from the period. All activities are free along with admission to the museum

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What’s On

What’s on:

September / October

Sat 27th & Sun 28th October 2018 East Anglian Railway Museum Chappel, Near Colchester, CO6 2DS


Family floral Fun Day

Madagascar the Musical

Venues, Dates and Times Trinity Park, Ipswich Saturday 15th September 2018 11am - 4pm Cost: £4.00 for a family ticket

Venues, Dates and Times Ipswich Regent Tue 16th Oct - Sat 20th Oct 2018 Various Times Cost: Tickets from £15.00

Hey Diddle Diddle

Stick Man

A hilarious adventure filled with live music and puppetry, for ages 3+ Venues, Dates and Times New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich Saturday 22nd September 2018 11am and 1.30pm Cost: Tickets from £5.00

Families Suffolk: Issue 43

Venues, Dates and Times Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds Sun 30th Sept - Tue 2nd Oct 2018 2pm - 3pm Cost: Tickets from £10.50

What’s On

2018 08 Families Mag congo swim eat.qxp_85mm h x 87mm w 10/08/2

Wands & Witches at Easton Farm Park

Spooky Days out with Thomas


Adventurers Day Out

It’s another fun filled week with lots of slightly spooky and magical activities at Eston Farm Park. Try your hand at making wands and broomsticks, learn some magic tricks and visit their spooky maze as well as lots more seasonal fun on the farm. Venues, Dates and Times Easton Farm Park Sat 20th Oct - Sun 28th Oct 2018 10.30am - 5.30pm Cost: HALF PRICE ENTRY

Halloween Harry Potter Workshop

Thomas the Tank Engine with a spooky twist, the perfect Halloween treat! Calling all little engineers! Join Thomas, the number one blue engine, as he visits the East Anglian Railway Museum for a day of spooky family fun. The Fat Controller will also be on hand to make sure that Thomas is being a really useful engine whilst Rusty and Dusty, Sodor’s Station Sweepers, will be causing mischief.

at Ufford Park Woodbridge

A great day out with the children. Enjoy a round on Congo Rapids, a main meal from the children’s menu & a swim. ONLY

£15 per child

(4 - 12 years old)

Family packages available

£45* (1 adult, 2 children )

* Terms & conditions apply. Food is not included for an adult. Parents must accompany under 12’s at all times.

t 01394 382836 w Yarmouth Road | Woodbridge | Suffolk | IP12 1QW

Venues, Dates and Times East Anglian Railway Museum Sat 27th Oct - Sun 28th Oct 2018 10.00am - 4.30pm Cost: Tickets from £10.00

Congo Rapids Adventure Golf, Swim and Lunch Offer Come along for this Halloween special Harry Potter workshop where you will create and encounter some of the spookier elements of this much loved tale. Creating your very own dementors to suspend at your own festivities will be the main feature of this workshop along with your very own floating candle to take home, a themed photograph and enjoy some butterbeer to boot! This workshop is aimed at ages 8+ Venues, Dates and Times Duck in Boots, Sudbury Monday 29th October 4pm - 6pm Cost: £22.50

The Congo Rapids Adventure Golf course is a wonderland of challenges and fun and a great way to keep you all entertained for a morning or afternoon. For just £15.00 per child aged 4 to 12 years old, you get a game of adventure golf, a swim in their indoor pool and a main meal from the children’s menu.


Venues, Dates and Times Ufford Park, Woodbridge Cost: £15.00 each or £45 for 1 adult and 2 children

Hosting your own Halloween party? If you are hosting a Halloween Party this October and looking for something a bit different to help entertain the children then contact Wanda the Witch. Children’s Entertainer Michelle Attrill from Attrill Productions, provides entertainment for children at parties and events. Bespoke parties available as well as parties for children with sensory impairments and those with additional needs. Parties can be adapted to suit the host child and guests who are British Sign Language users, visually impaired or have other access issues.


7 - 31 DEC


Families Suffolk: Issue 43


Whatever place you’re into

“ Learning new tricks.” Give them a skill for life with swimming lessons! For more information or to get started give us a call! Deben LC 01394 388991 Felixstowe LC 01394 694600

Visit website for full terms and conditions.


Places for People Leisure Ltd. working in partnership with Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Profile for Families Magazine

Families Suffolk Magazine: Issue 43 - September / October 2018  

Families Suffolk Magazine - Issue 43

Families Suffolk Magazine: Issue 43 - September / October 2018  

Families Suffolk Magazine - Issue 43

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