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Education, Family Health and Wellbeing, Children’s Parties, Easter Holiday Camps, What’s On and more… Plus WIN A party with Captain Fantastic See page 10

Issue 135 March/April 2019

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North London


Education, Family Health and Wellbeing, Children’s Parties, Easter Holiday Camps, What’s On and more… Plus WIN A party with Captain Fantastic See page 10

Issue 135 March/April 2019


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Families News Summer Babies Never Catch Up

Mindful Minis is Coming to Islington!

Summer-borns still struggle in year 3 and 6, according to new research.

If you would like to find out more about mindfulness for children, why not come to The Mindful Living Show on 15–16 March at the Business Design Centre, Islington, and visit the newest feature ‘Mindful Minis’. It will offer families the opportunity to explore mindfulness for the young, bringing parents and children together in practical sessions where benefits can be explored, and different approaches examined and tested. Take a guided mindful walk around the exhibition with your children, practice mindful creative activities together and learn techniques designed to support young minds.

Analysis of the test results of more than 1.5 million primary school pupils across England by School Dash, an education data analytics company, confirmed the disadvantage faced by summer-born children. The research found that pupils born between April and August performed on average 7.5% behind others in reception maths tests. By year 6, summer-born pupils are on average 3.6% behind. Children usually start school in the September after they turn 4 years, but parents of children born between 1 April 1 and 31 August can now ask to delay entry to Reception for a year. The government has published guidance about delayed school admissions for summer born pupils which can be found at More info:

Mums Working Close to Home Fuels Gender Pay Gap Women in every part of the UK are more likely than men to live within a 15 minute commute to their place of work, according to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). 43% of women get to work in no more than 15 minutes, whereas 61% of commuters who travel for more than an hour are men. This ‘gender commuting gap’ starts to widen after the birth of the first child in the family and continues to grow for around 10 years after that, according to analysis of the statistics by the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS). Economists think this constraint on commuting longer distances may be one of the factors contributing to the ‘gender pay gap,’ as mothers, in particular, are limited by distance in their choice of work, needing to work closer to home and childcare facilities. More info:

Adult tickets from £15, which gives access to the exhibition and Mindful Minis feature, Children’s tickets are from £7.20. Get a 10% discount by using code MLS191068 at the checkout! For expert tips on how to develop happiness and resilience in your children, provided by Contributors to the Mindful Living Show, see page 9.

Join All Stars Cricket Today! All Stars Cricket is a programme aimed at children aged 5–8 years old to give them a great first experience in cricket. Sessions are accredited by the England & Wales Cricket Board and delivered nationwide at over 2,000 centres. All Stars Cricket will help your child develop key skills in a fun and safe environment where parents can join in too and help create #BigMoments you’ll both treasure! Following successful registration, All Stars Cricketers will receive a brand-new kit bag full of goodies to help them get their summer of cricket started and fully look the part when they attend their 8 weekly sessions. This year we have a brandnew Cricket World Cup themed activity book that is full of top tips, games and, it’s a great place to keep those weekly stickers to celebrate your All Star’s achievements. Plus, it’s all delivered straight to your door. To find out more about how to get involved this summer, simply visit and get your place booked as sessions begin May 2019.

Spring Time Excitement with Anna Fiorentini Does your child put on all-singing, all-dancing performances at home? Would you like them to hone their performance skills and boost their confidence, all whilst making new friends? The award winning Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film Saturday School has catapulted a number of former pupils into film, TV and West End leading roles—including CBBC’s Hank Zipzer, British feature films Song for Marion and Swallows & Amazons, Oliver!, Matilda and The Lion King. However, it is just as interested in its students that simply wish to increase in their confidence, self-esteem and life skills! 7–18 year olds follow a time-table of drama, singing, dance and film all taught by leading industry professionals. And for 4–6 year olds there is Fiorentini Weenies. This spring is an exciting time for the Camden branch as students shall be performing in their very own Variety Performance at the Arts Depot Theatre in Finchley. Taking place on Sunday 12th May, this is a wonderful opportunity for prospective families to see what can be achieved at the school. Obligation-free taster sessions to join the Fiorentini family shall also be taking place the following week on Saturday 18th May. Creative Director Mark Short, says “the children have had their own input into this show and this will be a particularly impressive performance.” For more details about the show or to book your free taster please visit or phone 020 7682 1403 4 Families North London


Starting School

As their first day at ‘big school’ approaches it is only natural that both you and your child will be experiencing a whole range of emotions. As a parent your excitement at this ‘rite of passage’ may also be coupled with nerves and possibly even sadness at the end of an era and, as with all changes, children will respond in different ways—some will be delighted and excited, whilst others may be a little more apprehensive. As Head of Early Years at Hendon Prep one of the questions I am asked most often by parents is ‘What can I do to help prepare my child for Reception?’ The short answer to this question is BE POSITIVE! A child’s confidence will be strengthened when they feel safe and supported and your positive attitude towards this change will be picked up by your child. There are also a number of practical things which you can do with your child in the run up to their big day: • Attend transition days: Most schools will organise days during the summer term for the children to meet their new teachers and classmates, try to attend these important days. • Encourage independence: Children will be asked to do many things at school for themselves. Encouraging your child to dress themselves, go to the toilet and help to tidy up will help them settle into school routines. • Practice the school run: Walk or drive past the school during the summer holidays and talk to your child about what to expect. • Read together: There are many great stories for children about starting school, from the excitement of a first day, to making new friendships, and feeling bashful about meeting new people. Reading about school before they start can help your child feel more confident about their first day. • Try on their uniform: Get your child used to the idea of wearing what may be unfamiliar clothes. If your child’s school doesn’t have a specific uninform get them to try on their special ‘school clothes’. Make sure you also label their clothes and show your child where the labels are and what they look like. My final piece of advice is simply, try not to worry—your chosen school will be used to welcoming children and parents, including those who may feel a bit overwhelmed at first. Anne-Marie Giffts-Walker, Head of Early Years at Hendon Prep School.

Fun Study Camp at Leaders are Readers Summer School! Leaders are Readers Summer Schools, for children aged 3 to 11, have been running for over 10 years. Their summer school is designed to be challenging yet fun, where children develop strategies and skills in critical thinking, comprehension reading, creative writing, language and vocabulary, mathematical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Children make educational strides while enjoying fun break times and creating friendships too! Ninety-five percent of parents say, “My child gained self-confidence at the Leaders are Readers summer school,” “My child learnt how to read in a short period.” The aim at summer school is to cover a year’s essential work in 3 weeks, fill in learning gaps, reverse the trend of summer learning loss and prepare children on advanced topics to enable them to zoom ahead when they return to school in September. The experience of success during summer school can provide a long-term boost to children’s self-esteem and confidence. To save up to 23% on summer school fees book by 31 March! Call to book a trial day and free assessment at our setting in Southgate, St Andrews CE Primary School, N14. Tel: 01992 651 300 Web:

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Education New 11+ Mock Tests In Enfield Grammar School Leading 11+ mock test provider, 11+ Mock Test Masters will be hosting a series of mock tests at The Latymer School in Enfield for pupils interested in sitting the 11+ exams for entry into the school in 2020. These tests will incorporate the new subjects Maths, Verbal Reasoning, English Comprehension and Writing. Pupils will be tested on the Key stage 2 syllabus.  A great way to practice for the competitive 11plus exams. Please note that these mock tests are being held independently by Mock Test Masters, so do not contact The Latymer School directly. To book or for more information please visit or call 020 8064 1011. 

Supporting Your Child with Exam Stress By Vicky Bellman We have come to the time of year when many children are preparing to face exams or tests at school. These exams or tests vary in their significance for your child’s future. For some, they will be the stepping stone to the next part of their educational journey, for others an assessment of their progress this academic year. Regardless of which category the exams or tests fall into, exam time is likely to be a pressured and overwhelming time for most children and their parents. Stress and anxiety in young children is particularly heightened at this time of year as they deal with performance-related concerns related to their educational tests. These tests can often feel like tests of who they are. Their behaviour may suffer during a stress peak and it’s important to do what you can to respond from a place of calm. Invite them to join you in feeling calm, rather than you joining them in emotional chaos. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you support your child at this time:

Keep it in Perspective

Yes, of course exams are important. But everyone involved needs to remember it’s not the end of the world if there’s a hiccup and things don’t go as well as expected. There is almost always another chance.

Help Manage Expectations

Working longer than is advisable for their age, or expecting grades significantly higher than their capabilities could well be detrimental to your child’s emotional and mental well-being. It’s important you guide your children appropriately in this area.

Encourage Good Work Habits

Primary school children may find it hard to sustain concentration for longer than 30 minutes without a break. It’s important not to schedule too many study sessions in one day – one or two would be the appropriate maximum for this age group on a weekend or school holiday day, but less if they are also managing homework. Otherwise your child will become stressed and it’s much harder for them to learn under pressure.

Remember the Building Blocks

Again, when it comes to the real basics, we can easily forget the building blocks for emotional wellbeing. Make sure that your child is getting enough good food, water and sleep!

Free time is Vital

It’s a difficult balancing act, but it’s important to remember that primary school age children need plenty of free time - structured studying has to be balanced with plenty of unstructured free time. Relaxation and fun are vital. Getting outside to play and spending time relaxing with family and friends are super-important at this time. A useful analogy to share with your children is that human beings are basically machines. We need fuel, and we also need to switch our engine off every now and again. Otherwise, we risk overheating! On any long-term journey in a machine, comfort breaks and fuel fill ups would be an accepted and necessary part of the journey. Humans are no different.

Make Time for You

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Your children need more from you when preparing for and going through exams or tests. To be able to give more you need to be able to have more fuel in the tank.

Connection is Important

Make sure you have family down time; perhaps, watching a movie one night with popcorn, or going for a family walk, or day out. Don’t just save the treats for the exam results, as this reinforces to children that they have more value when they achieve more. Let them know that their wellbeing and enjoyment of life is as vital when they’re striving for success, as well as when they’re achieving it. Vicky Bellman is a counsellor at Fegans, a Christian charity which counsels children and provides support for parents. For more parenting advice on stress and mental health, visit 6 Families North London

We are a two form entry primary school, with limited in year spaces currently available. Weekly Tours – every Wednesday at 2.30pm. Stay and Play - Fridays 9-10am until the end of term “The school’s approach to developing smart brains along with caring hearts and broadened minds is impressive and commendable.”—Parent Telephone: 0207 504 0547 Web: Email: T: @KilburnGrangeSc F: Kilburn Grange School, Priory Park Road, London NW6 7UJ

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Family Health & Wellbeing Healthy, Captivating Smiles for You and Your Child

Beat Head Lice!

We all want the best start in life for our children, but have you thought about the best start you can give to the health of their teeth? Origin Orthodontics can help you establish an effective oral hygiene routine that will ensure your children can look forward to straight, healthy teeth in the future. Origin Orthodontics are a private orthodontic Dr Usman Qureshi BDS Msc MFDS practice located in M.Orth RCS(Eng) Southgate, North London and Central London, providing orthodontic care for over 20 years. Specialist orthodontist, Dr Usman Qureshi and his team are focused on achieving a straight and healthy smile whilst ensuring correct alignment of the jaw. Origin Orthodontics is able to offer a range of adult orthodontic treatment types also, including Invisalign and Incognito lingual braces, as well as the conventional fixed braces. The aim of Dr Usman Qureshi and his team is to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve a beautiful smile, with orthodontic treatment that will fit in with your hectic lifestyle. Adult and Teen Invisalign treatment is made easy with dental monitoring, a smartphone app which enables you to send selfies of your teeth through so that the progress of your treatment can be tracked, reducing the number of clinic check-ups, meaning fewer appointments in your already busy diary!

If your children have had head lice before, then you may have been put off using expensive neuro-toxic pesticides on their heads. Bug Busting is a head louse detection and eradication method, which works by combining specially designed beveledged combs with your own family shampoo and conditioner. The Bug Busting method detects & clears lice completely without special treatments, removes lice systematically, breaking the life-cycle in four sessions spaced over two weeks and eliminates unsightly eggshells comfortably. The Bug Buster Kit is NHS approved and safe for babies, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and those with allergies. It costs £6.40 plus P&P but is reusable —only one kit is required per family. To order a kit or for further information and advice, visit Community Hygiene Concern (CHC) at or call 01908 561 928.

Can Mindfulness Help your Child Thrive at School? It is a sad and somewhat worrying fact that more and more children are feeling the stress and pressure of modern life, including that of school life. With a push to succeed academically, to make friends or even anxieties related to changing or starting new schools, these pressures are simply no good for our children. Place2Be released new research for Children’s Mental Health Week, which found that more than half (56%) of children and young people say they worry “all the time” about at least one thing to do with their school life, home life or themselves, and once they start worrying, they cannot stop. With this in mind it is no surprise that teachers, carers and parents are looking towards proven methods of mindfulness to protect and nurture their youngsters’ mental and general wellbeing. Many practitioners are encouraging schools and parents to practise mindfulness with their children due to the plethora of proven benefits to all. For instance, Susan Kaiser Greenland has published a study named “Mindful Revolution in Education”. This informative piece goes into more detail on the ways in which mindfulness programs for children can help create a more compassionate, calmer youngster with good practices. At Broomfield we want our pupils to excel in all of the many dimensions that make up education in its fullest sense. Firstly, 8 Families North London

and centrally, we aim for our pupils to reach their full potential, to excel academically, vocationally and culturally, but also physically and in sports, as well as in their social, spiritual and moral lives. For this reason we value the benefits of encouraging pupils to keep mentally healthy, including practicing mindfulness. All of our pupils partake in our Thought for the Day programme, and we run mindfulness sessions as part of our examination preparation for pupils.

Family Health & Wellbeing Developing Happiness & Resilience in Children




It’s every parent’s or guardian’s wish that our children are healthy and happy, that they enjoy their childhood and that we help them to create lasting memories for the rest of their lives.

Ensuring your child gets a dose of the three A’s each day, as well as daily relaxation, will set them up for a happier more resilient life. Sarah Adams, Relax Kids Ltd

In today’s busy and changing world how can we instill happiness in our children and help them be more resilient to the challenges they may face? Giving our children sanity and strength is one key - and introducing the concept of mindfulness can be one way to do this. In fact, in 2015, Willem Kuyken, a professor of clinical psychology at Oxford University, was quoted as saying ‘the spread of mindfulness among children could do for Britain’s mental health what fluoride did for its teeth’.

3. Encourage them to try new things…

Many young children already live ‘in the moment’ naturally, but they can often benefit from being shown how to be aware of their feelings and emotions and how to regulate their reactions to them. So, how can we introduce some simple mindfulness? Here we provide advice from a range of experts who are appearing in the Mindful Minis feature at The Mindful Living Show.

1. Basic self-care and quiet time together…

We can help our children develop strategies to navigate stressful situations and nourish their personal resilience through basic self-care and mindfulness practices. Remembering to have enough sleep, a healthy diet and some quiet time together as well as building in daily activities such as a mindful minute, a gratitude jar and a creative project such as colouring, jigsaws or baking. Christiane Kerr, Calm For Kids

2. Give children the 3 A’s…

Children need three things every day - Attention, Affection and Affirmation.



We are all students and all teachers. We can build resilience in children and young people by empowering them to lead their own learning, encouraging and giving them permission to try new things and to experiment. We can create opportunities for them to master the skills and activities that align to their strengths and interests. Kate Andrews Founder, SketchBetter & Positive Psychology Life Coach

4. Let them express themselves…

Children instinctively know how to be happy and will be, on the whole, given the time and space to explore and express themselves in their own way without dictation from adults. Certainly we can lightheartedly join them in play and creativity if they want us to, and guide them with appropriate boundaries when they need us to, but this should always be in response to who they are in each moment, not who we think they should be. Sarah Salmon, Brilliant Beings


Children love the process of making and creating, so encourage them to do just that, and when they make mistakes (or mess), don’t take over or fix it - calmly demonstrate how to do something and get them to join in with you. Kate Andrews Founder, SketchBetter & Positive Psychology Life Coach Sarah Salmon founder of Brilliant Beings (mindful movement and relaxation) summarises nicely—it’s pretty simple, really. How to build happiness? “…Have fun and play, be kind, give hugs and hold hands…Children feel the benefit of our attention, particularly when it is playful, light hearted and warm; not rocket science, but definitely something we need to remember in a hectic world where attainment and doing may be out of balance with being and enjoying.’” The Mindful Living Show is at the Business Design Centre, Islington, on 15-16 March, and will include the new feature ‘Mindful Minis’. Adult tickets from £15, which gives access to the exhibition and Mindful Minis feature, Children’s tickets are from £7.20. Get a 10% discount by using code MLS191068 at the checkout!

5. Encourage experimentation…

The visual arts are great for encouraging mistake making and experiments. They intentionally encourage you to see things differently and to be comfortable with both mistakes and intentional mess :)

Specialist Orthodontic Practice We are here to help you and your children get the healthy, happy, beautiful smiles you deserve.

■ Free clinical assessments with award winning specialists.

■ Bespoke private orthodontic treatment. ■ No lengthy waiting lists. ■ Interest free payment plans to suit your budget.

Contact a member of our friendly team today at Southgate on 020 8364 8038 or at out Central London clinic in Wimpole St. W1 on 020 7580 2786 to arrange your free consultation.

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Party Planning Tips from the Professionals at Captain Fantastic

Here are some top party planning tips–.

3) Choosing an entertainer

1) Choosing a venue

Here are some important things to consider – What is the capacity of the venue? How flexible and child friendly is the layout? Are there lots of steps which might be an issue? Is it easy to keep all the children in the designated party area? What’s included in the hire price—Tables and chairs, Catering facilities? Can you hang decorations?

2) Choosing a theme

Themed Superhero, Princess, Pirate and Science parties are best suited to 3–7s; whereas classic and UV discos are better suited to the 7–11 year age group—disco parties are a favourite amongst girls and boys alike! Princess Parties bring to life every little girl’s dream of being the Princess on her special day, whereas the Superhero theme is less gender-biased.


Before considering a company for your child’s party, it’s important to ensure that the following basic but essential criteria are met—Are they CBR/DBS certified? Do they hold public liability insurance? Is their equipment PAT tested? Also, how much space do you need, what back up do you have if your entertainer is unwell?

4) Plan ahead

Blow up balloons, make up the party bags, wrap the pass-theparcel the day before. The more you can prepare before the party, the better, as it means you get to mingle and enjoy the party with your child. Don’t forget to arrive in plenty of time before guests arrive! Captain Fantastic offer a wide range of parties for all ages. Visit for more information and bookings.

WIN a Classic Party Package worth £250 from Captain Fantastic! Suitable for up to 35 children, the Classic Party Package can be Magic or Disco based. Including lots of games, laughter and fun! They will fully entertain the children whilst allowing you to completely relax and enjoy the party yourself. Choose your perfect theme suitable for all ages from superhero, princess, pirate, science, disco and glow disco. To win, simply count how many birthday cakes there are in the magazine, and enter the answer at CaptainFantasticFamNL The prize is one Classic Party Package worth £250, for up to 35 children. The winner can select a date of their choice, subject to availability of entertainers, but before April 2020. The winner will be selected by random draw of all entries with email addresses, full names and addresses. Entries from the UK only. Entries will not be accepted after the closing date of April 30, 2019. The winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the giveaway ending. The decision will be final.

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Adam Ants offers high energy parties. Adam Ants and his talented team make sure their parties are non-stop fun. With something for all ages: magic, balloon modelling, puppets, music, dancing, games and face painting. They also offer amazing disco/sports parties or the ever popular Build a Bear party. You can hire tables and chairs/bouncy castles/soft play and ball ponds. New for 2018/2019: Fantastic Lego Parties.  020 8959 1045 / 07969 121 094 Captain Fantastic is proud to be voted the UK’s number 1 children’s entertainment company by trusted review site FreeIndex. Trusted by brands such as Pokémon, Nickelodeon, The BBC, LinkedIn & GOSH. Captain Fantastic offer a wide range of parties for all ages, from classic magic shows and discos, to themed parties fit for a princess—or pirate, superhero parties and science parties.  Microsport (NW1, NW3 & NW8) Take the effort out of organising party entertainment and make the perfect birthday experience for energetic young children: Microsport parties include a fun variety of ball sports activities and games suitable for boys and girls aged 3-7 years.  Perform Parties Based around a colourful theme, Perform’s energetic party leaders use a magical mix of songs, games and laughter to create fun-filled, action-packed parties. 020 7255 9120 

Arts Depot (N12) With artsdepot’s exciting programme of family shows, hosting a birthday party is simple. Birthday parties can be held on Saturdays and Sundays during school term time. We’ll arrange your tickets (group discounts may apply), birthday lunchboxes and reserve a space in our public area or a room for your party. 020 8369 5454  Jump In (EN1) Go along for a fabulous party at the Trampoline Park in Enfield! Party packages include 60 minutes to enjoy all of the activities including free jump, dodgeball, tumble tracks & more; 30 minutes in the party area with a Party Host, Pizza or hotdogs for all the children, and unlimited squash and water with your food. All you need is the cake and party bags! 01926 356 290   Flip Out Brent Cross (NW2) It seems word is getting around and all kids want their next party at Flip Out Brent Cross! Our experiential Earth, Wind and Water themed party rooms are sensational. Expect a forest canopy and log bean bags, ripples of blue light creating the feeling of being under water, wind chimes ringing alongside a canopy of dazzling ribbons. You’re guaranteed to have the best time ever! Check out our party packages online  Jacksons Lane (N6) Jacksons Lane is the perfect venue to host your child’s next birthday party. With a selection of flexible spaces and Cafe Theadro on hand, all you need to do is turn up!  020 8340 5226 Little Dinosaurs (N22) An indoor play centre with a lovely garden enclosure, making it a great all year round place for a party! Party packages can include sole hire of the party area or exlusive hire of the whole venue! Party invitations, snack on arrival, party lunch or tea, unlimited jugs of squash, colouring in sheets also available!   020 8444 1338 Nicky Grace, textile artist in Muswell Hill, offers craft parties and workshops for children (and adults) in a calm, natural place which seats

Puddles Children’s Parties deliver hassle free, affordable and environmentally friendly entertainment and party packages in London. As a specialist in treasure hunts and themed parties, we take care of everything. From carefully selected party venues, all supporting good causes, to professional entertainers, decorations and food, you don’t have to put any effort in. 

up to 14 people round the table. Children take home the beautiful things they have made so no need for party bags! nicky.grace@hotmail.  Pickled Pepper Books (N8) have various party packages available for your child’s next party! Parties are held in a specially dedicated Events Space and packages available include themed Story and Craft parties, perfect for 4-9 year olds, - don’t forget to dress up! Or, how about a Science party, run by expert instructors from Kids With Brains, suitable for 5-11 year olds, and including a choice of three experiments! Parties can host up to 30 children. Catering also available so all you need to do is turn up! , 020 3632 0823  Rhodes Avenue Primary School (N22) is open to community use for parties, celebrations or learning classes. We have indoor and outdoor spaces, including a play area, large sports hall, art room and computer room, available to hire on an hourly or daily rate before or after school, at weekends and during the holidays. 020 8826 1810 andrew.satwick@rhodes.haringey. Topsy Turvy World (NW4) Turn your child’s birthday party upside down and inside out! Dedicated party room, a birthday throne and a variety of party options: slime, laser, teddy tastic and our popular topsy turvy party.  020 8359 9920. Free registration (£10) and free party child by quoting Families 2019. Zebra Ceramics (N10) Pottery painting studio, loved by all ages!! Whether it’ s a mug, plate or bowl being painted, we will help all party goes to create something they will treasure forever. Our parties are designed for ages 5 and above. You may also visit us if you are not organising a party, we are open 7 days a week. 020 8442 1314 

Book Reviews If your child has been lucky enough to receive an invitation to a party, don’t forget the all-important gift! You really cannot go wrong with a well-chosen book, and here are some suggestions from our friends at Picked Pepper Books in Crouch End...

A Little Bit Brave by Nicola Kinnear (age 2-6)

This is a beautiful picture book about Logan, a nervous little rabbit and his brave best friend, Luna. Luna goes missing one day in the ‘outside’ and Logan must venture out of his cosy house into the world to look for her. Eventually he saves Luna from a big bad wolf with his own secret weapon, his homemade biscuits! We really like the subtle message of learning to be brave, and the lead character of Logan is perfect for nervous or shy children to identify with.

Hotel Flamingo by Alex Milway (age 5+)

Anna is the new owner of the run down Hotel Flamingo. With the help of special friends she transforms it back to its former glory and welcomes different animal characters to stay. We think this book with its short chapters, fun illustrations and magical animal characters is a great read for little ones who are on their first foray into chapter books!

ABC—Touch Think Learn by Xavier Deneux (age 0-3) This ABC book is tactile and bright, and has enough textured pages to keep baby amused! The quirky, block illustrations are great for young eyes learning their shapes, and the alphabet element means this book can last into the young toddler years.

For 10% off use discount code NLFamilies at or in store at Pickled Pepper Books, 10 Middle Lane, Crouch End, N8 8PL.

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Easter & Summer Camps When the school doors close, keep kids entertained and have a fun and stressfree Easter and Summer Holiday with these great ideas. Your child can learn a new skill such as cooking or IT during the school holidays, or enjoy their favourite hobby such as football, drama or arts & crafts.

Leaders are Readers Their summer School is attended by children from all over the world and early booking is currently on and available to book. This year they are running from Mon 29 July–16 Aug (3 weeks) at St Andrew’s Southgate Primary School, Southgate, N14 6JA. The aim is to cover a year’s essential work in 3 weeks, fill in learning gaps and prepare children on advanced topics so they can zoom ahead when they return to school in September. 01992 651 300.  Little House of Science Age 4–12 Holiday Science Camps, drop off, age specific groups and activities. Daily Monday-Friday, 9.30–3.30 (8.45am free early drop-off), 4–7 and 8–12 years (age adjusted & separated groups) Dates for Easter 2019 camps, all of which are held at Swiss Cottage Library, 88 Avenue Road, London, NW3 3HA are:

Have bundles of fun at Barracudas Activity Day Camps Holiday entertainment is sorted for 4.5–14 year olds with a brilliant programme of amazing activities using fantastic facilities, including an 8 lane indoor swimming pool! Standard hours are 8.30am to 5.30pm, with Early & late pick-ups are available to extend the day from 8am to 6pm. The camps run at Queen Elizabeth School (EN5) from 8–18 April and 22–23 August. This year, the Energy Assault Course will be at the Easter Camp and the Aero Ball inflatable at the summer camp! Visit  or 01480 467567 for further details. Easter Shed 2019 (N14) From Mon 8–Fri 12 Apr. Participants at this brilliant weeklong event will explore and develop a wide range of performance skills through workshops that involve drama, dance, singing and story-making. Parents and friends will be invited to see a performance that has been devised at the end of the week. For ages 5–11 years. 020 8292 9222  Huzzah Looking for an Easter Holiday Camp that has your child’s wellbeing at heart? Huzzah Performing Arts and Mindfulness Easter Holiday Clubs are the perfect answer. For calm, creative & confident kids. Ages 4–12. April 8th–12th & 15th–18th. St Helen’s Church Hall, W10.  020 3976 7171

• • • •

1–5 April 2019—“Faster, Higher, Deeper, Further!” 8–12 April 2019—“The Science Geniuses Who Changed the World” 5–18 April 2019 (4 days only)—“The Wonders of Biology” Multiple/sibling booking discounts

 0800 092 1062  Perform—Alice in Wonderland: Perform’s three day Easter holiday course for 4-10s This April, your 4–10 year old can have fun tumbling down the rabbithole into the topsy-turvy world of Wonderland. Our dynamic team of actors, singers and dancers will inspire and encourage your child as they create a thrilling performance for family and friends. • Age range: 4–10 years. • Dates: 8–10th April and 15th–17th April. Three day courses from 10am to 3pm each day.

inTuition Clubs During Easter we will be running SATs revision sessions alongside our usual tuition sessions and have additional ‘Fun Activities’ running designed to challenge and develop: • • • • • • •

Adaptive thinking Communication skills Socials skills Collaboration skills Critical Thinking and Problem-solving skills Creativity Keeping children engaged while subtly learning new skills – great way to make new friends!

020 3092 7280 

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Easter & Summer Camps • Venues: Mansergh Club, St John’s Wood NW8; The Hall Middle School, Belsize Park, NW3; The Birchwood Centre, Muswell Hill, N10; The Primrose Hill Community Centre, NW1; and, St John’s Highbury Vale Primary School, Highbury, N5. 020 7255 9120   Puddles Easter Holiday Activity Camps—A Week of Performing Arts! Dance, Acting, Singing, Musical Theatre and Performance! Mon 8–Fri 12 April, Ages 6–11. Offered across three locations: • Highgate Primary School, N6 (9am–3pm but extended hours available) • Blighty India, Seven Sisters, N15 (9am–3pm but extended hours available) • Islington Ecology Centre, Arsenal, N5 (9:30am–12.30pm) Available as a week camp or daily courses, taught by young professional performers. Early-bird, siblings and community discounts available. For more information and bookings visit  07835 689841

Yellowbird Education–Holiday Workshops for Children–NOW AVAILABLE IN NORTH LONDON! Due to popular demand, these fun engaging workshops are soon to be offered in new NW11 classroom facilities, for children aged 6–12 (year 2–6). The focus of all Yellowbird workshops is to inspire children and encourage creative minds whilst giving children the confidence to think differently. We anticipate these popular workshops will book up fast so advise booking early to avoid disappointment. • Easter (April 8–12)—Creative Writing Workshops • May Half Term (May 28–31)—Creative Writing Workshops + Comprehension & Composition Workshops (7+, 11+) • Summer Holidays (July 8–12, 15–19, August 27–30)—Creative Writing Workshops + Comprehension & Composition Workshops (7+, 11+) + Reasoning Workshops  020 7731 0695

Topsy Turvy World Activity Day Camps are back for Easter 2019 (8th–18th April)! With so much included there’s no better place for great holiday adventures every day. • Suitable for children aged 3–7 years old • Lunch and two-course hot evening meal • All drinks and snack refreshments provided • OFSTED registered childcare • Free entry to topsy turvy world play centre† †When attending the Day Camp Don’t forget, save 10% when booking before the 18th March 2019!  020 8359 9920.

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Children’s Theatre

We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Please check before setting out.



Sat 9 Mar—David Baddiel’s AiMALCOLM Malcolm doesn’t like animals, which is a problem because his family love them. Their house is full of pets. But will he end up the same as before? Because sometimes the hardest thing to be is…you. A vibrant, energetic and gloriously funny musical which ombines physical theatre, puppetry and outstanding storytelling style to bring David Baddiel’s magical and wonderfully comic story to the stage. Age 5+.

7 to 30 Mar—100% Chance of Rain It is estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems each year. 100% Chance of Rain will explore the individual and universal truths behind the statistics, and also offer the chance to reflect on our own experiences through the creative power of performance. Age 12+.

London N12 020 8369 5454

Sun 10 Mar—Grandad’s Island Syd’s favourite person in the whole wide world is Grandad. And Grandad’s favourite person is Syd. An adventure filled with songs, laughter and jungles, which will change their lives forever. Age 5–8. Sun 17 Mar—Mole & Gecko: The Show Mole and Gecko is an interactive rap musical that you (the audience) help create! Age 5+. Thu 21 to Sat 23—Mar Mine Inspired by the real-life relationship between Theatre Replacement’s Artistic Director, Maiko Yamamoto, and her 11 year old son Hokuto and his obsession with Minecraft, MINE uses a digital lens to explore mother and child relationships. Narratives are enacted live by a group of gamer/performers between the ages of 10 and 45, including four young gamers from our community. Age 10+. Sun 24 Mar—Wow! It’s Night Time The curious little owl is back, and she’s ready to discover the wonders of night-time, from the big, bright moon to the bats in the sky and the foxes deep in the forest. But where are all the other owls? When the wind blows the leaves from her tree, you’ll soon see.Stay to meet the puppets after the show! Age 2–5. Sun 31 Mar—The Selfish Giant Expect powerful storytelling, captivating puppetry, beautiful design, enchanting music and a sprinkling of theatre magic! Inspired by the touching children’s story by Oscar Wilde, The Selfish Giant explores an unusual friendship, and how even the grumpiest giant’s heart can melt when Spring finally comes. Age 3+. Sat 6 to Wed 10 Apr—Elmer the Patchwork Elephant Show The tale of an elephant that stands out – both with his patchworkcoloured skin and his sense of humour – but ultimately realizing that his friends have always valued his unique characteristics. Based on the book by David McKee. Age 2+. Sun 14 Apr—Young Herbert’s Horrors Young Herbert is a little horror. Living on a boat should be the ideal life for a wannabe pirate, but the boat’s grounded until Herbert can learn to tidy his cabin, eat his greens and be more polite. A big storm brews up when Herbert is sent home from school and Mum calls on Great Uncle Albatross - navy captain and scourge of all pirates to warn him of the dangers of rebellion. Age 4-9.

London N14 020 8292 9222

Sat 13 to Thu 18 Apr—The Tigon and the Liger! Tyler the tigon was terribly rare. A big cat like him isn’t found everywhere. Unique from his ears to his tail to his tum, his dad was a tiger, a lion his mum…The Tales from the Shed team proudly present a brand new show about appreciating your differences, and learning to love the skin you’re in. Based on the book by Keilly Swift. Age 3–7.

Cockpit Theatre

London NW8 Sat 30 Mar—Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers All around the world Roald Dahl’s words are disappearing, not only from books but children’s minds too! Now only an organisation known as the ancient guild of tale tenders can save the stories— and they need your help. A thrilling story that explores Roald Dahl’s extraordinary stories, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG and The Twits along the way. Age 5–11. Sat 27 Apr—Professor Kaso So! You Want to be a Scientist? Mayhem and chaos with the good Professors guide to how to invent stuff! The show contains loud noises (usually Prof K screaming) flashing lights and lasers.

Dugdale Theatre

Enfield EN2 020 8807 6680 Sat 16 to Sun 17 Mar—Hansel & Gretel Join us as we drop the breadcrumbs that lead us to the Witch’s cottage, made of all your favourite sweets (including some retro ones for the adults) in the woods. Brand-New puppet musical promises memorable songs, great puppetry and of course audience participation! Includes ‘Meet & Greet’ with the puppets and cast. Age 2+ Wed 3 to Mon 22 Apr—Rapunzel, The Easter Pantomine Will the Prince rescue his heroine? Will witcherty Grub be defeated? Will Mary Cherry, the castle cook, bake the cake in time? For answers to all these questions, don’t miss the Dugdate pantomime—Oh No You Won’t! All Ages.

Mon 15 to Tue 16 Apr—The Chit Chat Chalk Show This show follows Kiko, a confused young girl, struggling to understand how she feels about the strange new world she lives in. With the help of her quirky new friends, she embarks upon a quest to discover the mixture of emotions and colours that make her unique. Age 3–8. Sun 28 Apr—Muckers Paloma has always mucked about with Pijon. They love it. They run wild. They dress up. Like tigers, flamenco dancers, queens, kings, rabbits and Lady Gaga. Everything. Life is fun and funny and a little bit loopy. Until all of a sudden, Paloma comes face to face with a blinding light named Big Luce. With original songs and quite a lot of Spanish! Age 5+. Sun 5 May—Pink and Boo Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Plink and Boo. Join an interactive circus theatre adventure, with acrobatics, live music and mountains of toys, to explore what happens when people don’t fit into boxes (even if it is the neatest place to put them). Age 2–5.

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Children’s Theatre Half Moon Theatre

London E1 020 7709 8900 Sat 9 Mar—Jack and the Beanstalk The classic fairy tale but with surprises and CBeebies’ Patrick. Age 3+. Sat 16 Mar—Noisy Holiday is a ridiculous and funny story about going on holiday, with silliness and mischief for the whole family. Sat 23 Mar—Hansel and Gretel A colourful retelling of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale! Age 3+. Fri 5 & Sat 6 Apr—Glisten An interactive performance for babies and their grown-ups. Age 0–18months.

Jacksons Lane

London N6 020 8341 4421 17 Mar—Tarzanna, The Gramaphones Anna likes to keep things neat and tidy: everything needs to be in order. But her whole world is turned upside down when she is magically transported to the rainforest and she discovers wonders she’s never dreamed of. When danger approaches, can she become the wild Tarzanna she needs to be to save her new home? Age 3–8. 24 Mar—Kids Carpet and the Noisy Animals Kid Carpet just wants them all to stick together – but how can he keep everyone happy when he can’t even get them in the car? Live music, theatre, comedy, puppetry, animation, flying tents and diving bears tell a mischievous and energetic story of going on your holidays. Age 3+. 14 Apr—Chicken Licken This expertly chaotic recipe of cooking, puppetry and music tells the classic tales of Little Red Hen, the sly Foxy Loxy and Chicken Licken. Age 3–8. 28 Apr—Chores Two brothers, playing around in their messy bedroom, hear Mum approaching. The excitable rascals will

have to hustle to get their chores done so they can have some fun… A generous serving of riotous comedy, chaotic acrobatics, juggling, unicycling, huge flips and many more incredible amazing skills feature in this action-packed attempt to tidy a room. Age 2+.

Little Angel Theatre

London N1 020 7226 1787 Until Sun 7 Apr—Prince Charming Holed up in his bed, Prince Charming is making a list of his worries – from being struck by lightning or getting stuck in quicksand to the problem of his unfortunate name. Somebody needs to come to our Prince’s rescue. Age 6–11. Until Sat 20 Apr—The Flying Bath When everyone has left the house in the morning, the bath toys spring into action and head off on exciting adventures in their magical flying bath! Based on the book by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts’. Age 2–5. Wed 24 Apr to Sun 5 May—The Journey Home Join Polar Bear as he sets off in search of a new home when the ice starts melting. Travelling through storms, busy shipping lanes and across oceans, he picks up some exciting friends along the way. Based on the book by Frann Preston-Gannon. Age 5–11.

The Peacock Theatre

London WC2A 020 7863 8222 16 to 27 Apr—My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty English National Ballet present the classic fairy tale, Sleeping Beauty, in a colourful and spellbinding show. With a narrator to help the young audience follow the classic story of Aurora and her true love’s kiss, and a shortened version of Tchaikovsky’s beautiful melodies, My First Ballet: Sleeping Beauty is an enchanting first encounter with dance for children. Age 3+.

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Sat 6 – Wed 10 Apr North Finchley

BOOK NOW 020 8369 5454

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What’s On

To have your event listed on these pages email the details to

Listings for all the family


We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Please check before setting out.

MARCH Until March 2019 Exhibition: Black Georgian Londoners -Portraits, People and Perceptions at the Bruce Castle Museum (N17) Weds–Sun, 1–5pm. Free entry  libraries-sport-and-leisure/cultureand-entertainment/visitingharingey/bruce-castle-museum/ about-bruce-castle

Until 31 March 2019 Two Separate Exhibitions: All that I am Capable of Becoming, Woman of Hampstead, and Hampstead Tube Exhibition, both at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (NW3) 

Sat 2 & Sat 9 Mar The Wind in the Willows at Picked Pepper Books (N8) Presented by Wonderful Adventure Theatre, 10.30am, £8.50 per ticket. 

Mondays 4 Mar, 18 Mar, 1 Apr, 15 Apr

Tues 12 Mar & Tues 9 Apr

Sat 16 & Sat 23 Mar

Little Museum Explorers at the Dugdale (EN2) Different themes every month: Stories and rhymes then stay and play! £4 in advance, £5 on door. 

The Battles of Frog and Mice at Picked Pepper Books (N8) 10.30am, Ages 4-11, £8.50 per ticket 

Weds 13–Sun 17 Mar

Family Barn Dance at Cecil Sharp House (NW1) No unaccompanied children or adults and under 5s partnered by an adult! Tickets £7 adult, £5 child, £2 under 2s. 

Exhibition: Toktam Faramarzifar and Alison Ludlow, Latent Influence at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (NW3) 

Sun 17 Mar & Sun 14 Apr

Thu 14 Mar

Sun 17 Mar

London Lives: 24 iconic people and places around the clock at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (NW3) Talk from the Authors of London Lives. 6.30pm for 7pm start. Tickets: £10. 

Haringey Huskies V Cardiff Fire 2 Ice Hockey match at Alexandra Palace (N22) 

Talkies Community Cinema showing of The Beast at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) 7.45pm, Tickets, £6.50. Cert 15. 

Monday Mindful Arts Café at the Dugdale Centre (EN2) Regular Arts class for adults, 12:30–1:30pm, £6 per person 

Fri 15 & Sat 16 Mar

Tues 19 Mar Ministry of Science 2019 at the Millfield Theatre (N18) 1pm & 6:30pm, tickets from £13.50 (£11 for school groups. 

Wed 20–Sun 31 Mar Exhibition: Brin Edwards – Birds and Landscapes at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (NW3) 

Thu Mar 21

Wed 6 Mar & Wed 3 Apr The Mindful Living Show at the Business Design Centre (N1) To find out more about mindfulness for children, why not come and visit the newest feature ‘Mindful Minis’. It will offer families the opportunity to explore mindfulness for the young, bringing parents and children together in practical sessions where benefits can be explored, and different approaches examined and tested.  Adult tickets from £15, which gives access to the exhibition and Mindful Minis feature, Children’s tickets are from £7.20. Get a 10% discount by using code MLS191068 at the checkout!

Bach to Baby Family Concert at Burgh House (NW3) Doors open 10am.  hampstead-burgh-house-musicconcerts-for-baby-and-family

Sat 9 Mar The Carnival of Animals at Lauderdale House (N6) An Imaginative Pupetary Performance. Age 3+. 10:30am to 11:15am. Family ticket £30.  

Haringey Huskies V Invicta Mustangs Ice Hockey match at Alexandra Palace (N22) 

Sat 9 & Sun 10 Mar

Talkie’s Here Film Festival 2019 presents the lives of Londoners at the Dugdale (EN2) 7.45pm, tickets £6.50 

Fri Mar 22 Lucy Frederick – Even More Naked at the Dugdale (EN2) 7.45pm, tickets £14. 

Sat 23–Sun 24 Mar Lambing weekend at Forty Hall Farm (EN1) 11am – 4pm.  

The London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace (N22) Tickets from £20. 

Sat 23 Mar

Baby Yoga at the Jewish Museum (NW1) 10:30–11:15am and 11.30–12:!5. Under 5s, free but prebooking advised. 

Fri 15 Mar

Author/illustrator event, ‘A song For Bear’ with Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow at Pickled Pepper Books (N8) £5 per ticket, 45 minutes plus singing time. 

Ziggy’s World Jazz Club Presents Jim Mullen at the Dugdale (EN2) 7.45pm, tickets £17. www.

Fizz, Crackle and Pop! At Stephens House (N3) National Science Week event, Free drop in workshop. 11:30–13:00 and 14:00–15:30 www.stephenshouseandgardens. com

Sat 16 Mar

Haringey Huskies Vs Basingstoke Buffalo Ice Hockey match at Alexandra Palace (N22) 

Vegan Life live at Alexandra Palace (N22) General Admission from £10 

Sun 10 Mar

Sun 10 Mar International Women’s Day Celebrations at Burgh House (NW3) 12:00–21:00, free entry. Includes live music, workshops, talks and more for all ages. Family tour at 12noon/1pm, and talk from Suzanne Dean, Creative Director for Penguin Vintage Books at 2pm. 

Club De Fromage on Ice: 80Vs 90s at Alexandra Palace (N22) From 8.30pm  

Sports Academy UK Charity Fund Raiser at QE Girls School (EN5) SPORTS ACADEMY UK—CHARITY FUND RAISER FOR CHILDREN UK CHARITIES. 9:30–12:30pm, ages 6-16 yrs, £15 for a 3 hours sports session. All proceeds will go to supporting Children’s UK charities. Limited places. Please call 08000 248 842

Spring Fair at Rhodes Avenue Primary School (N22) Fun for all the Family, £1 entry, 2-5pm.  

Sports Academy UK Discovery Day at QE Girls School (EN5),1011:30am & Hornsey School for Girls (N8), 2:30-4pm. FREE fun sports coaching sessions for 4-16 yr olds. Places Limited, 08000 248 842 to book

Sun Mar 24 Purim Party and Sadaqa Family Day at the Jewish Museum (NW1) 1–4pm, free entry. Fancy Dress encouraged.  

16 Families North London

Mothers Day Market at the Museum of Enfield (EN2) Craft stalls with activities. 11am–4pm. Free Entry. 

Thu 28 Mar Wine and Cheese Tasting at Burgh House (NW3) From 7pm, tickets £20, over 18s only. 

Thu 28–Sun 31 Mar Country living Spring Fair 2019 at Alexandra Palace (N22) General admission tickets from £16. 

Fri 29 Mar Archives in Focus Tours, Maps of Enfield at the Dugdale (EN2) 10am, £3 per person. 

Sat 30 Mar & Sat 27 Apr Saturday Arts Club at the Museum of Enfield (EN2) Drop in sessions at 10am, 10:30am, and 11:30am. £1 per child, booking advised. 

Sat 30 Mar & Sat 6 Apr, Sat 13 Apr How to Build a Rainbow at Pickled Pepper Books (N8) Presented by Tiny Little Clouds. Under 5s, 10am, £8.50 per ticket. 

Sat 30 Mar Mother’s Day Floral Workshop at Forty Hall (EN1) 9am-12 noon, £55.  

Behind the Scenes with T Abrahams at the Dugdale (EN2) 8pm, tickets £20. 

Sun 31 Mar Women of Worth Walking Tour from the Jewish Museum (NW1) 11am–1pm. £15  

Mother’s Day Concert performed by the Big Choir at Forty Hall (EN1) 2pm. £15 a ticket.  

Mothers Day Lunch at Stephens House (N3) From £18.50, 12pm– 3pm. www.stephenshouseandgardens. com/ 

Mothers Day at Capel Manor Gardens (EN1) Details TBC  visiting-the-gardens.html

APRIL Sun 7 Apr Stables to Ska, roundhouse to Winehouse: Camden Town Walking Tour from the Jewish Museum (NW1) 11am–1pm, £15  

My Home Forty Hall: In Conversation with Andrew and Simon Parker Bowles at Forty Hall (EN1) 2pm, £5. 

Mon 8 Apr Adult Museum Makers: Zentangle Drawing at the Dugdale (EN2) 6.30–8:30pm, £15 per person. 

What’s On Thu 11 Apr

Fri 19–Sun 20 Apr

Pond dipping at Stephens House (N3) 11am and 2pm. £4 per child. Ages 5+. www.stephenshouseandgardens. com/

Easter at Capel Manor Gardens (EN1) Details to be confirmed. 

Sun 14 Apr

Easter Egg Easter Quest at Kenwood House (NW3) Hunt for dragon eggs! £1 per child.  visit/places/kenwood/

Easter Egg Eggtastic—Egg Hunt and Egg Decorating at Stephens House (N3) 2.30–5pm, £4 per child. www.stephenshouseandgardens. com/

Tues 2 Apr Alexandra Palace Children’s Book Awards at Alexandra Palace (N22) Aimed at children aged 9–12 yrs. Hosted by Michael Rosen. 

Thu 4 Apr Travis Elborough: The Joy of Maps at Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (NW3) Illustrated Talk. Tickets: £10, from 7pm. 

Sat 6- Sun 7 Apr Crafting at Ally Pally (N22) Adult tickets from £7 

Sun 7 Apr Pop up vintage Fair at St Stephen’s, Hampstead (NW3) 

Tues 9–Wed 10 & Tues 16–Wed 17 Apr Spring Quest and Craft at Kenwood House (NW3)12–4pm, Ages 5–17, £2 per child.  visit/places/kenwood/

Sat 13 Apr The Spectacular Science Show at Lauderdale House (N6) “Chemically charged fun”! Age 3+. 10:30am to 11:15am. Family ticket £30.  

Dressmaking workshop at Forty Hall (EN2) 9.30am–5pm, £100. 

Fri 19–Mon 22 Apr

Sun 21 Apr Easter Egg Easter Egg Decorating and The Great Egg Roll at Lauderdale House (N6) Traditional Easter egg estravaganza featuring egg decorating, a mini egg hunt and The Great Egg Roll. £8.50 per child, 11am–1:10pm. 

Mon 22 Apr Easter Egg Children’s Easter Workshop at the Dugdale (EN2) 10:30–12pm & 1–2:30pm, Tickets £5 in avance, £7 on door. 

Thu 25 Apr Talkies Community Cinema, showing of Like Farther, Like Son at the Dugdale (EN2) 19.45, £6.50 per ticket, PG cert. 

Fri 26–Sat 26 Apr Family Tree live at Alexandra Palace (N22) Adult ticket from £10. 

Fri 26 Apr Ziggy’s 7th Anniversary Special – Steve Taylor Big Band Explosion! At the Dugdale (EN2) 7.45pm, tickets £17. www.dugdalecentre.

Sat 27 Apr Tennis Club Community Open Day at Vicars Moor Lawn Tennis Club (N21) Free event, including taster clinics. 12–4.00pm, BBQ from 12.30pm. www.vicarsmoorltc.

Fri 19 Apr

Fri 30 April

Springfest German Bier Festival at Alexandra Palace (N22) 

Forgotten Soldier Documentary Screening and Q&A at the Jewish Museum (NW1) 7–8.45pm, £6.50– £8.50. 


mpin’, Get your little ones ju ild in sliding and running w ea. ar our new Jump & Play es. Play and trampolin Jump & Play: Soft weekends and £9 e, tim m ter £5 Weekdays and session. holidays. 1hr 30min/

code ‘CAFE10’ r cafe when using Get 10% off in ou

Calling all…sailors! Bring the family to Cutty Sark in Greenwich for an action-packed day out on the fastest ship of its time. Meet characters from the ship’s past such as Captain Woodget and the ship’s cook and listen to their epic stories about life on board. Try and outwit the crew in our Sailors’ Challenge game, find your sea legs by taking the helm at the ship’s wheel, follow a family trail or take part in fun workshops. Book now to save 10%: 

Families North London 17

Clubs, Classes and Activities CODING CodeToday focuses on treating computer coding seriously while still making it fun and engaging. All courses use Python—a fullfeatured programming language. We run private courses for groups of friends, held at a participants’ home, and scheduled courses. Ages 7-17.  info@ 020 3289 7431 Creative Coding Classes: Fun and creative after-school and holiday coding clubs for ages 3-8. Our unique approach to teaching coding and computational thinking using stories, rhymes, jokes, songs and ‘unplugged’ coding games builds fluency for the jobs of the future. Discounted trials available. 07709 266 901 www.mama. codes 

COOKERY Sycamore Seeds After School Cookery Club Teaching kids how to cook helps build a healthy attitude to food. Hands-on lessons from a Leiths-trained chef that go “beyond cupcakes”. We make sweet and savoury treats to take home, develop kitchen skills and learn fun food facts. Mondays at Hornsey Vale Community Centre (N8) for 7-11 year-olds. Private lessons and children’s parties also available. 07887 585 957  

DANCE The London Institute Of Dance (N10, N8, N12, N21, N22, N9, EN4, Herts) Excellent, Professional tuition in Imperial Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary & More. For ages 2.5years–Adults. www.londoninstituteofdance. org 07563 136 803 londoninstituteofdance@yahoo. com Highgate Ballet School – Ballet classes for all ages in North London 

LANGUAGES Club Petit Pierrot (NW3/8/11) French classes offered for a range of ages, toddler upwards. www. La Jolie Ronde offer French and Spanish classes throughout North London for all ages. www. Portugese for Children (NW6) Every Saturday, from 10am to 12pm, the international Gospel Church on Belsize Park will be open for children from 4 to 12 years to enrol for lessons which will include reading and writing, and Brazilian culture, including Music! Pre-booking required, contact@

DaCapo Saturday Music Centre - is a friendly, inclusive and innovative music school in North Finchley. We teach all instruments, all abilities and all ages from toddlers-upwards. Family-friendly environment. Many parents learn with us too! Contact us now to book your free taster session and come for a free coffee at our delicious café. 07923 130 289  jam@ Muswell Young Musicians is a Saturday Music School offering musicianship classes (18 months–5 years) and an innovative instrumental programme (5 years+). We’re passionate about music education and strive to provide an inclusive setting where young people can enjoy high-quality music making and grow as well-rounded musicians. Contact us for a free trial. We look forward to welcoming you! 07954 854 731 www. info@muswellyoungmusicians.

SPORTS AND EXERCISE Danny Grant Soccer School – Action-packed football camps and classes for ages 3.5–12years in NW3. Non-stop skills, drills, games and tournaments, led by professional, enthusiastic coaches. Now booking Easter Holiday Camps and weekly Saturday morning classes. Football parties are also bookable! 020 8446 0891  Gojumpin (EN1) Interconnecting trampolines for free jumping, foam pits, tumble tracks, battle beams and more. Under 5s have their own area devoted to them. Also, birthday parties, school and group events, free running classes, fitness classes, teen nights, toddler classes and other special events and sessions throughout the year.  Kiddikicks (NW1, N16, NW6, W9) Football Coaching for children 18 months to 10 years old. 020 7937 7965   London Academy of Gymnastics & Dance (LAGAD), N2, N3, N12, N8, N10, N14, N15, N20, N22, NW11 and HA9. High quality, dynamic and fun classes for children aged from 3.5– 16 years. Fully-trained and highly qualified coaches. All abilities welcome. Trial Classes available. 0208 883 4675 info@lagad.  Microsport (NW1, NW3) offers fun, multi-sports classes (and parties!) for children aged 2–7 years. Try a new ball sport each week at our sessions in Kentish Town, Marylebone and West Hampstead.  

We aim to be as accurate as possible, but these listings are compiled several weeks beforehand and may be subject to change. Please check before setting out.

North London Schools of Taekwondo The Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo, for Self Defence, Fitness, discipline and Confidence. Classes for 3–5 yr olds, 5–11 yr olds and mixed Family/Adults. Classes in Barnet, Cheshunt & Enfield. www.taekwondo-northlondon. www.selfdefence-london. com Phone Richard on 07967 128 420 Rising Stars Football Club (N2 + NW2) High quality football coaching in a safe and fun environment. Children will learn and develop core football skills to ensure that they progress and fulfil their potential. Teaching will also focus on appreciating good sportsmanship and teamwork. We offer a boys and girls only football club! Age structure: Pre Reception– Year 6. Book now 020 8150 6655  Sports Academy UK provide weekend coaching programmes locally in BARNET and CROUCH END for children aged 4–16 years, using our qualified team of coaches. We offer 18 different sports a year. All equipment is supplied. www.sportsacademyuk. or call 08000 248 842

SWIMMING Just Swim provide swimming lessons in several North London locations (Barnet, Friern Barnet, Hornsey) for all ages. www. Oakleigh Park School of Swimming provide swimming lessons in Whetstone, Mill Hill and Woodside Park for babies–adults.  Swimming Nature Teaching babies, children and adults the fundamentals skills required to improve water confidence and learn to swim. For 25 years, our hands-on approach helps students reach their goals faster. Swimming Nature deliver lessons in Queens Park, Muswell Hill, Highbury, Hampstead, Cricklewood. www. 03445 040 506.

Tiny Swimmers provide swimming lessons in Barnet, Finchley, Hornsey and Islington. www.

THEATRE & PERFORMING ARTS Anna Fiorentini Theatre & Film School: Saturday workshops in Drama, Singing, Dance and Film all taught by leading industry professionals. Our Camden branch takes place at Parliament Hill School at 9.30am–2pm or 2.30pm–5.30pm for 7–18 year olds. Fiorentini Weenies for 4–6 years takes place at 9.30am–11am. More details at www.annafiorentini. com Dramarama Exciting Performing Arts courses and classes for ages 3.5–15years in NW3. Develop acting skills and performance technique and star in exciting plays, dance shows and musicals. Now booking Easter Holiday Courses and weekly Saturday morning drama classes. Drama parties also bookable! 020 8446 0891  Huzzah Performing Arts & Mindfulness Build confidence from the inside out with a huzzah weekly class. Drama, dance, singing and a touch of mindfulness. Ages 4–7. Saturday 1–2.20pm in Queen’s Park. Sunday 10–11.30am in West Hampstead. Creative, calm, confident kids. Sign up for a FREE TRIAL at www. Perform NW3, N22, N8, NW5, N2, N12 & N3, N4, N11, NW3, NW11, N6, N1, N10, N12, NW1, N14, NW8, N16, N20, N7, NW6, N21 and NW7 Confidence building fun for 4–12s. A unique mix of drama, dance and singing specially formulated to bring out every child’s true potential. Classes are kept small to ensure lots of individual attention. Perform offer no-obligation FREE trial sessions. 020 7255 9120   The Place Join the exhilarating atmosphere of The Place this Winter. Jam packed with dance activities and performances for all ages from babies to over 60’s, including workshops the whole family can enjoy together!  020 7121 1100

Microsport offers fun, multi-sports classes for 2-8 year olds. We teach ball skills for tennis, football, cricket, hockey, basketball, rugby, athletics & much more.

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT Colourstrings – for a brilliant start in music! Call 020 8444 9435 for a trial of 3 discounted lessons or   18 Families North London

Sign up today!              0203 907 6849

Clubs, Classes and Activities Theatre Life Academy (N12) Exceptional musical theatre classes for 4–18s, taught by industry professionals. Classes include Singing, Dance & Drama, learning material from London’s West End. We build stamina, confidence, co-ordination, fitness and self-esteem. At the end of each term a presentation will be performed in the studio for parents. Private lessons are also available.  07730 482148

AFTER SCHOOL CLUB / EDUCATION Bilingual Nurseries (N1) French/ English Mars Montessori Bilingual Nursery is a small private nursery in the heart of Islington, offering Montessori education and a bilingual environment, coupled with extended day care for children aged 1–4 years. We have only 24 children, and 6 members of staff. The nursery is open from 8am–6pm, Monday to Friday for 47 weeks of the year. 020 7099 0452  inTuition – inTuition clubs provide a purpose built learning environment designed to support and inspire our students in progressing and achieving the results they desire, building on their school based learning in Maths and English. We deliver affordable, private tuition, which is 100% aligned to the national curriculum for primary-aged children. Contact our North Finchley centre on 020 3092 7280  Leaders are Readers awardwinning reading programme, exemplary English, maths, 4+, 5+, 7+ and 11+ curricula have helped more than 3500 children from 3+ to 13 years old, for over 17 years, with a 90% pass rate for children taking entrance exams to top grammar & independent schools. Saturday School for the Spring 2019 term enrolling now. St Andrews’s CE Primary School 297 Chase Road, Southgate N14 6JA. Free assessment on open days. 01992 651 300 

SDE Finchley Susan Daughtrey Education has operated extremely successful 11+ Courses for over 25 years. The classes are taught by a qualified, experienced and carefully selected KS2 teacher and prepare Year 4 & 5 students for both CEM and GL Assessment tests (and is therefore suitable preparation for Henrietta Barnett (Stage 1), Laytmer, QE Boys, Dame Alice Owen’s, SW Herts Consortium and other counties such as Bucks and Berks). Mock Tests also available. 0203 515 0099  www. Teachers Teach Education Centre (EN1 EN2 N9 EN3 EN7 N21) Offers professional tuition by qualified teachers. They teach students from reception age through to those studying for A-Levels covering: SATs, 11+ & Entrance exams, GCSEs, A-LEVELs—as well as mock exams and informal school tests. OFSTED registered. (Use childcare vouchers or claim Childcare tax credits). 020 8363 5008  info@teachersteachenfield.

BABY & TODDLER Friern Barnet Community Library (N11) offers a variety of classes for adults and children. These include Toddlers Rhyme time on Wednesdays at 11am, and Minecraft club for children on Fridays 4–5pm. The library is also a party venue and available to hire for education and health classes.  Humpty Dumpty Singalong is a relaxed singing/music session for babies and toddlers (0–2s) with grown-ups. We sing a mix of nursery rhymes and other favourite songs, we make live music together with shakers, bells and my ukulele and we have puppets, toys, bubbles and more! Singalong parties also available! 11–11.45am Wednesdays, Hargrave Hall, Archway N1 and other sessions are available in Crouch End, Stroud Green and Islington.  thehumptydumptysingalong thehumptydumptysingalong@

Perform’s Four Ways to Boost your Child’s Self-Esteem A child’s self-esteem is influenced by feeling loved, valued and believing good things about themselves. Perform have teamed up with positive parenting expert, Anita Cleare, to bring Families top tips for boosting self-esteem.

Encourage Independence

When children do things for themselves and are praised for this, they feel proud. Teach your child to dress themselves and wash their own hair.

Use Believable Praise

It’s not believable to tell your child he did something well when he clearly didn’t. Praise concrete achievements. Saying ‘Well done for keeping on running’ (even when he lost the race) tells your child exactly what they have done well.

Listen to their Ideas

Expressing ideas and being listened to help children feel valued. Involve them in practical family problem-solving by asking for their input. This helps them feel they are making a positive contribution.

Encourage Laughter and Show you Care

Play, chat, share jokes and funny stories. Laughter helps children relax and feel good about themselves. Be affectionate. Snuggle and cuddle! Show your child they are utterly lovable exactly as they are. More tips from Anita can be found at To book a FREE confidence-building Perform drama class, visit


IMPERIAL CLASSICAL BALLET. TIMELESS SIGN UP NOW FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL Excellent, professional tuition in Imperial Ballet, Tap, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz & Musical Theatre Dance and more. For ages 2½yrs–Adults. Tel 07563 136 803. ✉

SPORTS ACADEMY UK Enjoy 18 Sports A Year Coaching For 4-16yrs in Age-Related Squads

Discovery Day, 23rd March Limited Places, Book Now! BARNET (SAT AM), CROUCH END (SAT PM) WWW.SPORTSACADEMYUK.COM

08000 248 842

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St Andrew's Southgate Primary School, Southgate N14 6JA 29th July to 16th August Open days: 2nd, 9th, 16th 23rd and 30th March, 27th April Saturday Schools, Summer Schools and Winter Schools English, Maths and Learning to Read CEM, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning 4+, 5+, 7+, 8+, 10+, 11+ Preparation KS1 & KS2 SATs preparation Childcare Vouchers Accepted Nursery – Year 6 Ages 3½ – 11

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Families North London Issue 135 March/April 2019  

Education, Family Health & Wellbeing, Children's Parties, Easter Holiday Camps, What's On and More! Plus WON a party with Captain Fantastic!

Families North London Issue 135 March/April 2019  

Education, Family Health & Wellbeing, Children's Parties, Easter Holiday Camps, What's On and More! Plus WON a party with Captain Fantastic!