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Lock Down Issue 2

We're all in this together Late Spring 2020 FC Families Lock

Down issue 2 with

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familiesonline.co.uk 06/04/2020 11:57

April/May 2020 familiesonline.co.uk

familiesonline.co.uk April/May 2020


Here are some great printables to help you and your family stay safe, well and sane during lockdown! Hand Washing Song Infographics

Covid-19 Parenting Tips

Encourage the whole family to wash their hands for 20 to 30 seconds! You can get printable handwashing infographics for each family member based on their favourite song lyrics.

The World Health Organisation and UNICEF have come up with these great printable sheets covering topics like encouraging good behaviour, managing stress and talking to your child about Coronavirus.

Covid-19 Time Capsule Journal for Children

Families Magazine Colour-In Reward Chart The Grrreat Colour-In Reward Chart




STEP 2 Tell your Fill in daily child when to Explain behaviour rewards your colour in the targets animals! child will receive




MY 2020 COVID-19

Food Show Movie



Book Activity


Place Song





WIN Family Tickets for a day at a UK Zoo or Wildlife Park of your choice! Tickets are valid for two adults and two children. How to Enter: Email an image of your child’s completed chart to info@familiesmagazine.co.uk with your child’s name, age, your postcode and up to 50 words from you or your child explaining how the chart has helped them achieve their targets. You have until 30 June 2020 to enter.

I will...

✹ ✹ ✹ Reward

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

I will...





t the Real Animals! Visi


I will...


When I have coloured in all my animals, we can enter the competition to go to the zoo!

Email info@familiesmagazine.co.uk for extra copies of the chart!

Competition T&Cs at www.bit.ly/37LNg7w reward chart landscape.indd 1

We are living in challenging and difficult times. It may help your child to document their experiences in this journal.

2 April/May 2020

15/01/2020 16:44

Set “lockdown” goals and encourage your children to behave well with our printable colour-in reward chart. There’s even a competition to enter for when we are allowed out again! familiesonline.co.uk

Welcome Welcome to the first “surviving lockdown” issue of Families magazine! We can’t get our print magazine out to you right now. So we’ve gathered together the best of all the resources available for parents at this time and put them in one place to help you get through the next few weeks. We are centralising enquiries right now, so if you want to get in touch, please email info@familiesmagazine.co.uk

Contents 2 Staying Safe and Well - Fun Printables! 4-10 Home Learning 11-13 Pre-School Play 14-17 Family Health 18-21 Best Virtual Tours Zoos, Natural Wonders, Space 21 Nature and Outside

22 Bear Grylls #TheGreatIndoors 
 23 Best Art, Craft, Games Activities 
 24 Community and Helplink Directory 
 25 Birthdays in Lockdown 
 26 Best Printable Colouring Sheets

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Lock ckdo Down Issu suee 2


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Late Spring 2020 FC Families Lock

Down issue 2 with

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April/May 2020 3


Best Home Learning Resources Our guide to the best FREE online learning resources

BBC Bitesize

Daily online lessons for ages 5-14 starting on 20 April. Also on TV.

Book Trust Home Time

Classroom Secrets Kids

Free books, games, quizzes and recipes.

Free resources for teaching English, maths and history.

Doorway Online

Teacher’s Pet

Pobble 365

Interactive games to practice phonetics, numeracy and money.

Free weekly downloadable home learning packs. Up to age 11.

Inspiring creative writing every day of the year.

Oxford Owl for Home

BBC Teach

Brain POP

Resources divided into primary school year groups. Free ebooks. 4 April/May 2020

Advice for teaching at home, video resources for kids up to 16. Free interactive live lessons.

Short animated videos to create curious learners – free access during school closures. familiesonline.co.uk


Supporting Home Learning Supporting your child to learn at home probably feels daunting. Leslie Saffron is a member of The Otherwise Club, a community of families choosing to learn together without school. Leslie advises: “To prepare for the jobs of the future, we need curious, creative, flexible people, with a strong sense of self. You can build your child’s sense of self just by listening to and working alongside them, and showing them that their thoughts are valuable.” Mike Wood from Home Education UK says: “The strength of home learning is the freedom for children to follow their own interests and learn naturally. Real learning is driven by intrinsic curiosity. The trick is to encourage your child’s curiosity and use it as a basis for them to develop learning skills. Knowing how to learn can help motivate them to fearlessly harness new skills in later life.”

SEN Resources London Grid for Learning Inclusion resource centre.


English help for dyslexia.

Busy Things

Learning through play.


Games/resources – some free.

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Lock do Down Iss Issue ue22


For people who learn differently.

We're all in this together

TES Special Needs

Free learning resources.

TES Autism/ Tess Dyslexia Free learning resources. familiesonline.co.uk

Late Spring 2020 FC Families Lock

Down issue 2 with

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06/04/2020 11:57

Magazine April/May 2020 5


Best Subject-Specific Home Learning Resources

Teach Your Monster to Read

Wow in the World Podcast For curious kids interested in science, tech & innovation!

Games testing knowledge of countries, flags and more.


Big History Project


An award-winning game that makes learning to read fun.

Learn 30+ languages for free! Access via website or app.

Free online social studies course for secondary school kids.

World Geography Games

A fun robot game for addition/subtraction. Free via web or app.

Credit: Autodesk Tinkercad

History Hit TV

Interesting historical videos from World Wars to creepiest toys in history. 6 April/May 2020


Children’s Classic Books

Free easy to use app for 3D design, Wow! Loads of free electronics and coding. children’s classic books to read/listen to. familiesonline.co.uk


Lockdown School Day Timetable 8.00-9.00

Plan the Day. Get out school books/resources.


Get Moving. PE with Body Coach Joe Wicks. Check out these options too.


Expand your Mind. Try Maths with Carol Vorderman.


Break Time. Get fresh air in the garden if you have one.


Expand your Mind. English with David Walliams.


Lunch! Your kids can help make it.


Chill Time. Read/listen to a podcast.


Art & Culture. Draw, do Lego or learn about different cultures.


Get Active. Play football in the garden, or go for a walk/run.


Let’s Cook with Theo Michaels or Jamie Oliver.


Have Dinner! Clean up together.

Story Podcasts All Ages BBC School Radio Storytime

Motivating your Child to Read During Lockdown

Stories from popular picture.

Bedtime FM

Stories to help children relax.

CBeebies Radio Podcast

Stories with favourite characters.

Little Stories for Tiny People

Original audio stories and poems.

FunKids Story Quest Stories for of all ages.

Circle Round (4-10 years) International folktales.

The Creeping Hour (8-12 years) Horror anthology series. familiesonline.co.uk

Every parent understands the tremendous value of their children reading regularly. Given our current experience of the extraordinary Coronavirus lockdown – without the input of typical school life – reading daily at home matters more than ever. READ MORE April/May 2020 7


#TQatHome – Wales’ largest science

discovery centre brings the fun to you this summer!

Who said you couldn’t do science experiments at home? Techniquest has created a video series to keep you entertained in lockdown. The short-film videos, known as #TQatHome demonstrate a range of science trivia and mind-boggling experiments.

Lava Lamp

Defying Gravity:

Make your own lava Learn how to defy lamp using a handful of gravity with this simple items from around the demo. house.

Custard Powder Flamethrower: See how Techniquest’s presenter makes a flamethrower using a pudding ingredient!

As a charity organisation, Techniquest relies on donations to keep its centre operating and doing its bit to ensure STEM education is accessible across Wales. Under current circumstances, the centre , which has been a huge part of Cardiff for over 30 years, is temporarily closed, but asks for your support.


Donate today at

techniquest.org 8 April/May 2020



Forte School of Music Goes Online! Playing an instrument is a great activity for children and adults alike, and during these challenging times, at Forte School of Music, we’re providing music tuition online for everyone - classes for children aged 6 months upwards and private lessons for children and adults on a range of instruments.

way to relax and that’s what we all need at the moment!

Our highly skilled teachers are delivering tuition through a variety of online platforms, using technology to make lessons fun and interactive for children during a time when they’re probably missing their friends and not having the usual level of interaction that they would get from going to school.

Or visit: https://www.fortemusic.co.uk/

We’d love to welcome you to the Forte Family at this difficult time. Please get in touch for further information. Tel: 029 2063 1340 Email: fortecardiff@fortemusic.co.uk

https://www.facebook.com/ forteschool

If you’re home-schooling and need to fulfil a musical element of the curriculum, we can help you by delivering weekly music lessons. Or if you’re simply looking for an additional activity to fill part of your child’s day, we can help. Pre-school age children will enjoy Jungle Music while Music is Fun introduces Reception age children to the piano and teaches them the basic concepts of music. If you’d like your child to learn the piano Junior Keys (5 – 7 yrs) and Piano Keys (7 – 9 yrs) are a great way to start them off. For adults, you maybe now have some extra time that allows you to take those piano or guitar lessons that you’ve been meaning to do. Learning an instrument is a great familiesonline.co.uk

April/May 2020 9

10 April/May 2020



Structuring the By Daisy Upton Day

Example of a dinosaurthemed day: 9.00 Musical phonics. Every time the music stops, children jump on a letter on the floor and make its sound. 9.30 Write the word dinosaur as large as possible on a big piece of paper. Children can colour in the letters, adding shapes and patterns. 10.00 Snack and fresh air.

For some of us, having a loose structure for the day can really help with little ones at home. It’s not something I would stick to rigidly. If a child is happily playing independently, then I’d sneak off for a cuppa! But having a rough plan means I always have ideas ready to go. I am currently doing a theme a week to keep things interesting.

10.30 Make holes in empty shoe box. Get kids to post dried pasta through holes. Great for number recognition and learning to count! 11.00 Read dinosaur book/act out with toys. 11.30 Lunch/play. 12.30 Make a dinosaur jungle with sand/earth in trays, leaves, rocks and twigs. Add in dinosaurs and play!


1.30 TV and clean up time.

• The activity doesn’t always have to fill the time slot. • If you’re sharing childcare, do shifts. • If you’re overwhelmed, take a few minutes alone, somewhere where you can see but not hear the kids. • Do ‘tidy up time’ at the end of an activity before introducing the next.

2.30 Outside play/walk.

11 familiesonline.co.uk

3.00 Snack. 3.15 Jigsaw puzzle and board game 4.15 Film e.g. The Good Dinosaur

More great ideas from Daisy at Five Minute Mum in her book Give Me Five. April/May 2020 11


Award-winning, sensory-rich development classes to support Award-winning, sensory-rich you andclasses your baby. development to support you and your baby.

JOIN OUR ONLINE CLASSES IN LOCKDOWN! Join us for an hour a weekfor to our immerse yourself Join us online and yourlive babyand in a interactive world of incredible sensory Join us for an hour a your weekbaby’s to immerse yourself experiences. Learn about development Baby Sensory @home sessions. and your baby in a world of incredible and how to continue the fun at home, and sensory make experiences. Learn about your development Go to www.babysensory.com lasting friendships with baby’s local parents. and how tofor continue funnever at home, more details and to and make Designed from birth,the you’ll lasting friendships local parents. findthe your local class leader’s experience same classwith twice! Designed from birth, you’ll never @home sessions. For Whitchurch, the Roath & Lisvane classes, experience same class twice! contact Amy on cardiff east@babysensory.co.uk For Whitchurch, Roath & Lisvane classes, For BarryAmy & Penarth contact on classes, contact Becci on cardiffeast@babysensory.co.uk cardiff west@babysensory.co.uk For Barry & Penarth classes, www.babysensory.co.uk contact Becci on cardiffwest@babysensory.co.uk www.babysensory.co.uk




Baby Sensory @home

brings you our award-winning classes, fully live and interactive, and in the comfort of your own home. You can enjoy the same learning and development information, stimulation, ideas for play times at home, plus social interactions with other local parents, and lots of extras up our sleeves! Find us online and on Facebook.

10% discount for Families Magazine readers!

DUC tion The P o r t n I erfect to swimming

Maintain your child’s water skills at home At Puddle Ducks we’re missing all our swimmers so much and can’t wait to see everyone back in the pool.

Find your local class at


@puddleducks.com t: 07852 475906 e: southeastwales 12 April/May 2020

In the meantime, you can follow us on Facebook for ideas of swimming related activities to keep your little ones busy at home. familiesonline.co.uk


Home-Based Fun for Under 5’s Mum to Martha (3) and Freddie (2), Families Editor, Rebecca Lewis, shares ideas for playtime in lockdown.

Pocket money jobs

10p is the daily going rate for odd jobs in our house: weeding (AKA pulling up lawn daisies), bagging up old clothes for charity, sorting the recycling into the correct coloured bags. Bargain!

Big bug watch

Naps are a distant memory, so this is our version of ‘quiet time’. I’ve repurposed the wooden pallets my magazines arrive on as a creepy-crawly sanctuary. Fortunately for the woodlice, my two are finally getting the hang of ‘be gentle!’

Virtual gardening

Martha’s a keen gardener, specialising in growing dwarf beans. She’s planted them for her nursery buddies, decorated the cups with their names, and showed them off over FaceTime. Her friends love seeing how they’ve grown.

Storytime for Under 5s Oliver Jeffers reads:

The Day the Crayons Quit Rob Hodgson reads:

The Cave

Emily Gravett reads:

Cyril and Pat

Malachy Doyle reads:

Big Pig

Benjii Davies reads:

The Storm Whale Chris Haughton reads:

Shh! We Have a Plan Zanni Louise reads:

Archie and the Bear familiesonline.co.uk

Win a Copy of Give Me Five! Over 150 easy and fun activities for guilt-free parenting created by Daisy Upton in her new book. Each game uses objects and materials available in any household and takes just five minutes to set up and tidy up.


Enter here before 31 May 2020. April/May 2020 13


Best Family Health and Wellbeing Resources

NHS Every Mind Matters

Dewi’s Den by Glamorgan Cricket

Ten tips to help if you are worried.

Keep cricket lovers happy indoors and out.

The Little Gym at Home


Fitness for primary and pre-school children.

Anxiety UK

Coronavirus support resources.

14 April/May 2020

PE with Joe Wicks The Body Coach PE/work out sessions for children.


Audio guided meditation/relaxation for all.

Resources for wellbeing.

Nuffield Health Wellbeing Journal

Fegans Online Counselling

Downloadable daily journal for children.

Therapy for children (year 7+) and 1-1 parent support. familiesonline.co.uk


Reassuring words for new parents By Dr Orion Owen

In these unprecedented times of Covid-19, worry is understandable. That said, parents are familiar with anxious feelings and thoughts about their healthy baby, including unpleasant bodily experiences, all of which communicate something is wrong! Bizarrely, these feelings motivate you to care of your baby, and diminish when you cuddle, touch and check. Talking to family, friends, professionals and other parents helps, too. The coronavirus crisis means support networks are more distant, leaving some parents feeling even less confident as anxiety competes with rational thoughts. A common cause of anxiety, now made worse without the reassurance of regular weighing, is that your familiesonline.co.uk

baby is: keen to feed √ has wet nappies √ First, trust that a healthy baby will not is readily soothed √ go hungry. Frequent settles and sleeps √ feeding is usual, night and day. Sure signs that is growing and developing √ your baby is getting sufficient milk are A qualified Health settling and sleeping Visitor, Midwife and after feeds, with at least Nurse with a research five heavy, wet nappies PhD, Dr Owen runs over 24 hours. For therapeutic groups for young babies frequent adults with anxiety. Her feeding provides consultancy, Baby Love physical contact with Matters, specialises in parents that is essential emotional wellbeing of for emotional health, parents and children social development from birth to two. and growth. baby is not getting enough milk.

Do what feels right; cuddle and respond to your baby. Repeatedly check out your concerns whether it’s via a telephone chat or social media; it is not silly to ask. Believe the evidence that your April/May 2020 15

Baby Love Matters Dr Owen phD MSc BSc has over 30 years’ experience working with parents and babies as a registered nurse, midwife, specialist community public health nurse, and researching mental health in postnatal mothers. She provides in-home therapeutic support for parents and babies, from the antenatal period up to two years of age.

Consultations can help with... • Managing anxious feelings and overwhelming thoughts around the health and wellbeing of your baby. • Understanding why babies behave the way they do, what they are communicating to you and how to respond. • Coping mechanisms for regular or prolonged periods of crying, difficulty in soothing, night time waking, feeding issues, and generally seeming unpredictable.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation. 07470 694322 www.babylovematters.com drowen@babylovematters.com


Talking to Children about Coronavirus It’s understandable if your child is feeling anxious about Coronavirus (Covid-19). The British Psychological Society (BPS) stresses the importance of being truthful and giving children factual information, but adjusting the amount and detail to suit their age. For example, you might say: “we don’t yet have a vaccination for Covid-19, but doctors are working hard on it” or “lots of people might get sick, but for most people it is like a cold or flu and they get better.” Download full BPS guide Families also recommends the following blogs from Understood. • How can I calm my child who won’t stop talking about the virus? • What to do when your child WON’T talk about the Coronavirus. • What to do when your child is anxious about Coronavirus. And this great blog from Hand to Hand Parenting.

Dealing with your Coronavirus Anxiety

Your Child’s Mental Health: Spot the Signs

Perhaps you find yourself obsessively checking the news for fresh information on Coronavirus? Maybe you are constantly symptom checking, washing your hands, feeling consistently fearful or tearful, and playing potential scenarios through in your mind? READ MORE

Would you recognise the signs? It’s Mental Health Awareness Week between 8 and 24 May and since March, large numbers of families have been dealing with much more anxiety than usual: about their health, their jobs, their finances and their futures. READ MORE

By Anna Mathur


By Ian Soars

April/May 2020 17


Best Virtual Zoo and Aquarium Tours!

Chester Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Cincinnati Zoo

Learn surprising animal facts and download fun activities

Animal art & craft. Baboon, Polar Bear & Penguin live cams.

Enjoy home activities or watch a Home Safari Facebook Live

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Watch fishes, penguins and sharks on webcam

New England Aquarium

Hosting daily virtual visits.

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Zoo Atlanta

Smithsonian National Zoo

Ouwehand Park Polar Bear Cubs

Check out the Pandacam for some cute furry creatures! 18 April/May 2020

Live webcams of naked mole rats, elephants and lions.

Meet the koalas of the world’s largest sanctuary.

Watch cute twin polar bear cubs live from the Netherlands! familiesonline.co.uk


Lockdown Family Fun It’s a tough time. So, try to make sure you have something to look forward to each day. Here are some ideas: • A kitchen disco burns off lots of energy! Lots of DJs are live streaming on social platforms like Facebook and TikTok. Defected Records are hosting regular live events and mini ravers can go to a midday party hosted by Big Fish Little Fish every Sunday. • Plan a games night or classic movie-thon with popcorn. • Host a virtual quiz night with friends/family over Zoom. Everyone loves Bingo and you can make your own cards. • Host a ‘Come Dine in with Me’ night where each family member cooks or designs a meal and the rest of the family gives it a score. • All out of ideas? Try the random idea generator, the brainchild of 11 year old Sam Bennett from Birmingham.

Explore the World Take your family on a global tour of famous sites and natural wonders.

Machu Picchu Mount Rushmore Buckingham Palace Pyramids of Giza

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Lock ckdo Down Iss Issue ue22

The White House Visit the Colosseum

We're all in this together

The Great Wall of China Head inside the heart of a volcano

Late Spring 2020 FC Families Lock

Down issue 2 with

free tab.indd 1



06/04/2020 11:57

Magazine familiesonline.co.uk

April/May 2020 19


Best Virtual Space Experiences Learn about the solar system, build your own rocket and wander on Mars – all without leaving your living room!

Hubble Space Telescope

Interactive Solar System Tour

International Space Station

360 degree virtual tour at NASA.

Explore the solar system like an astronaut.

Free exciting game simulation.

Mars Surface

NASA at Home

NASA Exoplanet Exploration

NASA Kids Club: Rocket Builder

National Geographic Videos

Twinkl Space Activities

Walk along the real Learn about NASA with surface of Mars with these virtual tours and Explore planets outside NASA’s Curiosity Rover. apps. of the solar system!

Build your own rocket with this free fun game. 20 April/May 2020

The solar system, the universe and black holes

Worksheets and colouring pages. Plus special offer. familiesonline.co.uk


Making the Best of Outdoor Time By Claire Winter Getting fresh air is vital, so make sure you make the most of your garden (if you have one) and daily exercise outings.

Walk ideas • Go on a rainbow hunt and count how many you see in people’s windows; • Ask local friends to put soft toys in their windows for children to spot; • Give your children a list of things they need to find/take photos of; • Develop a nature trail, where your children have to look up and identify the birds/flowers/insects they see; • Change it up by taking bikes, scooters, skateboards and skipping ropes.

Garden ideas • Plant a mini veg patch/herb garden if you can find some seeds; • No garden? Make a cress head; • Go on a mini-beast hunt and build a plush bug hotel; • Little ones will enjoy painting the shed/fence with a big brush and bucket of water; • Invest in chunky coloured chalks for patio or pavement drawing; • Enjoy a night under the stars. Tent share is encouraging families to dust of their camping gear and hold a mini-festival in their garden! Play-at-Home-Fest on 23/24 May is another virtual family festival packed with children’s characters, celebrities and brands, and funds raised going to the National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal. You can register free.


April/May 2020 21


Five Ways to Make the Most of #TheGreatIndoors By Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Before you climb a mountain or sail an ocean, you need a plan. The same is true for getting through the next few weeks. Families are spending more time together than ever, and without a plan, getting to bedtime may be as tough as climbing Everest. That’s where #TheGreatIndoors comes in. It’s a collection of over 100 fun, free activities from the Scouts that your family can try at home. And you don’t need to be a Scout or an expert to deliver them! Families has chosen its favourite ideas from #TheGreatIndoors collection and you can find these on the next page (page 17)

Make a daily plan Do this the night before. Choose activities for the morning and afternoon.

Start the day with something active Take part in a family work out. You’ll find plenty online or you could just do some gentle exercises together. Don’t forget to warm up and give each other plenty of space.

Keep learning It’s a great time to learn a new skills, whether improving your French or learning to play the ukulele. What can you teach each other?

Get some fresh air If you have a garden, make the most of it. Eat your lunch outdoors. If you don’t, try to get out into some open space while respecting the rules, social distancing and staying safe.

Be kind Respect each other’s personal space and make an effort to do nice things for each other. Why not think about making a thank you card? Good luck and stay safe.

22 April/May 2020



Art & Craft The Imagination Tree

Activities using sensory play.

Red Ted Art

Easy crafts for all ages.


Become a budding artist.

Activities & Games 10 Nature Activities

Bring nature into your home or garden!

Earn Blue Peter Badges! Get a famous badge.

PawPrint Family

Hundreds of challenge packs.

Hello Wonderful

Roll20 - Virtual Games

Art for Kids Hub

Board Game Arena


Highlights Kids

The Artful Parent

Activity Village

Activities using household items. How to draw…videos for kids. Making and colouring activities. 10 things to do at home.

Something for the older kids. Play board and card games. Games, jokes, science, activities. Downloadable activity packs.

Best of #TheGreatIndoors Be a Blackout Poet

Try this alternative style of poetry.

Best Concert Ever!

Design posters for best concert ever.

Got it Covered

Create a cover for your favourite book.

Show your Art to Grow your Art Create/exhibit masterpieces.

Storm in a Teacup

Understand energy by creating your own tornado.

Leaf Animals

Use leaves to make an animal collage. familiesonline.co.uk

Enjoy a day at the beach from home Stay connected to the coast whilst in i-shellation! Beach Academy Wales founder, Emma has created resource kits and activities to help you engage and educate your children with our coastline, offering Cardiff & Vale families ‘A day at the Beach, from Home’. April/May 2020 23


We’ve Got this People! Five ways of pulling together until the world starts turning again. • Good-hearted souls across the country are volunteering help to those in need. Two excellent co-ordinating resources working at local level are: BBC’s Make a Difference Campaign and Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK • Share this Families magazine link with other parents, via email, Facebook, WhatsApp. Like and Follow your local Families magazine on social too so you can share the tips and good news you find. • Thank supermarket and home delivery staff who are working their socks off – show them they’re appreciated. • Phone friends/relations to chat, particularly those who are living alone. Ask how they are, recount a heart-warming anecdote. You’ll both feel better for it. • Smile at people on your essential outings – spread simple cheer across the 2 metre safe space!

Helplink Safety

Latest Government Advice

Domestic Violence/Abuse National DA Helpline Women’s Aid Men’s Advice

Giving Community Support

Volunteering Wales Do-IT Practical ways to help older people

Seeking Help

Care and Essential Supplies Lockdown Tips and Advice Your Local Delivered 24 April/May 2020

Helplink Financial

Claim Universal Credit Working Families Help Coronovirus Finance & Bills Help Self-employed and Employment

Family Disputes

Family Mediation Child Law Advice Family Breakdown Advice Co-Parenting During the Crisis

Parenting Advice

Dad.info Fegans Family Hub Free Parenting in a Pandemic email course familiesonline.co.uk


Celebrating Birthdays in Lockdown

By Rebecca Lewis

Movie and bowling night Download a movie and a bowling app game, and hey presto your home becomes a makeshift entertainment complex. Google cinema ticket template and popcorn box template

Hold a teddy bears’ picnic

From teddy bears’ picnics to neighbourhood poster parties, a birthday under lockdown can still be special.

Turn their bedroom into an escape room Create your DIY version with clues to help them unlock their birthday gift. Google easy riddles for inspiration.

Involve your local community Ask members of your community or school’s Facebook/WhatsApp group to create a happy birthday poster or put up a balloon in their window. See how many you spot on your daily walk.


Invite your child’s favourite soft toys to a special picnic at home! Decorate with bunting and balloons; draw paw prints in chalk; hunt for the ‘missing’ bear; end with a calming game of sleeping bears.

Water lot of fun! Create an aqua park in your back garden! Use dunked sponges for a water fight; play skittles with open bottles of water; run a hose along a sheet of tarpaulin for sliders; fill the paddling pool with warm water and bubbles for an outdoor Jacuzzi. Tips Invite your child’s family and friends to a virtual celebration via Zoom or similar! Make sure you prepare beforehand by reading the Zoom Help Guide. Consider a virtual party. Google virtual birthday party entertainers kids uk April/May 2020 25


Best of Colouring Printables We’ve assembled a great range of colouring pages for all ages and interests to help keep your children busy and stimulate their creativity. Just click on the title of the image to download.

Asiatic Lion

Baby Woolly Mammoth

Cinderella & Fairy Godmother

Dinosaur Hatching from Egg

Mary Queen of Scots Crown Scotland

Paxi Space Explorer


Unicorn Friends


Rainbow with Clouds and Sun - Coloring Page (Nature)

Rainbow Support the NHS

Families is a registered trademark of LCMB Ltd, Remenham House, Regatta Place, Marlow Road, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5TD. The contents of this magazine are fully protected by copyright and none of the editorial or photographic matter may be reproduced in any form without prior consent of Families Print Ltd. Every care is taken in the preparation of this magazine but Families Print Ltd, its distributors, franchisees and LCMB Ltd cannot be held response for the claims of advertisers nor for the accuracy of the contents, or any consequences thereof


26 April/May 2020