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Leaving Lockdown ENTER HERE T&Cs apply

Summer 2020 familiesonline.co.uk

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Download and print this great colouring sheet and enter our Teddies Online Music Club colouring competition!

Win a unique personalised print created by Teddies Online Music Club!


Choose between a farmyard animal and a train scene.


Just colour or paint the great colouring sheet on this page. Then email a scan or photo of your sheet to us, together with your name, post code, child’s age and choice of print. Closing date: 31 August 2020

www.teddiesmusicclub.co.uk 2 Summer 2020





2 Drawing and Colouring with We’re slowly coming out of Teddies Online lockdown – and here is our summer issue to steer you safely through 4–10 Learning the holidays. 11–13 Preschool

Many children have not been to school for some time. So this issue is packed full of fun activities to keep their brains engaged, as well as games, classes, summer camps, places to go and competitions.

16–19 Parenting 20–23 Holidays & Adventures 24 Work 25–26 Places to Go 27 Screen-Free Activities Weekend

We’re also proud to present our first 28 Summer Camps & Courses video feature, Mums in Lockdown, 29 Give your Child a Social Summer which we hope you enjoy. 30 Online Classes 31 Activities

Get in touch Families is a registered trademark of LCMB Ltd, Remenham House, Regatta Place, Marlow Road, Bourne End, Bucks SL8 5TD. The contents of this magazine are fully protected by copyright and none of the editorial or photographic matter may be reproduced in any form without prior consent of Families Print Ltd. Every care is taken in the preparation of this magazine but Families Print Ltd, its distributors, franchisees and LCMB Ltd cannot be held responsible for the claims of advertisers nor for the accuracy of the contents, or any consequences thereof.

32 Best Printable Primary Age Games 33 Best Lego Kits



Summer 2020 3


Secret Summer Learning Activities Our best ideas to keep your child’s brain ticking over all summer long.

Make a Video


Learn Chess

Develops creativity, promotes physical activity and communication skills.

Develops imagination and non-verbal communication skills.

Encourages critical thinking, planning ahead and reasoning.

Make a Miniature Book

Bake a Cake

Word Games for Families

Encourages creativity and an interest in literature.

Make a Soap Carving

Develops fine motor skills and creativity. 4 Summer 2020

Develops maths and coordination.

Game of 50

Develops addition/ subtraction, logical thinking, strategy, perseverance.

Improves listening, vocabulary, memory and attention.

Fruit & Vegetable Guessing Game

Develops memory and logical thinking. familiesonline.co.uk


The Royal Mint Experience Our doors may have been closed for the past few months, but we’re very much digitally open! Check out the activities we have on our website...

Online Exhibition

While we may have been closed to the public, we’ve been creating virtual events online for you these include Knight School, Spy School, Time Travelling Heroes and lots more! Catch up with these at royalmint.com/events.

Our colleagues in The Royal Mint Museum have helped bring our exhibition online! Take a look at some highlights from the objects on display in our exhibition gallery. Explore the ‘other side’ of The Mint with our medals section and discover coins we’ve produced for other nations. Did you know we make coins for over 60 countries?

Fun and Games

Coins in the Classroom

Online Events

Check out our brand new Kids Hub – here to entertain the kids whilst you’re staying at home. Download Paddington colouring sheets, catch the radishes with Peter Rabbit and create your very own coin. Visit Royalmint.com/Kids

There are plenty of educational resources and downloadable packs available to teach the kids at home. From the history of The Royal Mint, to the science behind the making of our coins and finally counting with our very own Minty Pig.

Keep up to date with our Facebook Page @RoyalMintUK for the latest news and events! familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 5


School Work During the Holidays?

Supporting Secret Learning

By Murray Morrison

By Dr Amanda Gummer

When the whole of the summer term has felt like a halfway house between school and holidays, many families are beginning to wonder whether they should continue some element of school work through the summer break. So, what should the plan be?

We’ve all mashed up veggies and hidden them in pasta sauce. Well, the same can be done with learning! Hiding learning within play is a much less stressful way of helping children to keep learning whilst they are not at school, especially for reluctant students. READ MORE


Tips on Home Schooling from Mum of Two By Samantha Francis

T&Cs apply

ENTER HERE Whilst we are all hoping our children will be able to go back to school full time in September, it’s possible that some home schooling may still be required. So what can you do to make this less stressful for you and your child? READ MORE 6 Summer 2020



Sourcing Children’s Books over Summer Our guide to finding the right books for your child at the right price.

Book Trust Great Books Guide

100 best new books for children.

The Libby App

Free ebooks and audiobooks with your library membership.

Library E-Lending Love Reading4Kids

National Shelf Service

Daily book recommendations from professional librarians.

BorrowBox App

All libraries have e-lending services. Join remotely and enjoy.

UK’s number 1 book recommendation site for children’s books.

Borrow ebooks and audiobooks free from your library.


Oxfam Online Book Shop

World of Books

Free delivery. UK’s largest seller of Commission paid to 1000s of new/pre-loved pre-loved books online. your local independent books and audiobooks bookshop. available online. familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 7


Successful Swiss Programme comes to Whitchurch, Cardiff in September Families really enjoy the experience Could you be a host family? For the last five years a select number of schools and colleges have been welcoming a small group of Swiss students to their sixth form. The programme has been heralded as a great success for the schools and the local communities. One Principal involved comments: ‘Our Swiss guests bring so many different experiences and views with them which can be quite eye-opening for our own students and very beneficial.

From September 2020, Whitchurch High School and families in the local north Cardiff communities will start to enjoy the benefits this programme offers. The students will be carefully chosen for the host families involved, who will inevitably enjoy being part of a community network to support them; all managed by Ric Carby of Barnes Host Families. If you have a spare room and are interested in hosting a Swiss student from September for one academic year, please contact Ric from Host Families on 07748 113782 or email ric@hostfamilies.co.uk.

Images © Visit Wales

‘I think that the Swiss students also gain a great deal from their time here experiencing the local culture. Getting involved in the Swiss programme has been one of our school’s best ventures in recent years and I hope it continues for many years to come.’

of hosting the students as well as benefitting from the extra income. ‘Luna has enriched our family life and is a pleasure to have around. She has become a true friend and we enjoy sharing activities through fresh eyes,’ says Susan Holloway, Medway. 

8 Summer 2020



Welcome a carefully selected student into your family life

Students available to host for one academic year at a time

Excellent remuneration for their study period

Build a relationship with your student before they arrive

Receive full local support from our family business

Develop friendships that can last a lifetime

Please contact: Ric Carby 07748 113782 ric@host-families.co.uk www.host-families.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 9


Summer Reading Challenge 2020: Let’s Get Silly

By Beth Cadman

Over summer, there is often a dip in children’s reading levels. The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children aged 4-11 to read for pleasure and maintain their literacy levels. This year’s ‘Silly Squad’ theme places an emphasis on funny books.

While some nurseries and schools have already opened their doors post-lockdown, September is when it seems that we can expect all children to return. So what will the ‘new normal’ look like for parents and their children come the autumn?



10 Summer 2020

What will School/Nursery be Like in September



Best Printable Early Years Activity Sheets Free printables to help your little one’s pre-school learning.

Learn About Numbers

Big Bird Number 6 Alphablocks A to Z Colouring Colouring

Family Card Game

Counting Sheet

Paint by Numbers

Bing Big Surprise Activities

Tracing Ace Learn to Draw

Maisy Dinner Doodle Mat


Summer 2020 11


Baby Love Matters Dr Owen phD MSc BSc has over 30 years’ experience working with parents and babies as a registered nurse, midwife, specialist community public health nurse, and researching mental health in postnatal mothers. She provides in-home therapeutic support for parents and babies, from the antenatal period up to two years of age.

Consultations can help with... • Managing anxious feelings and overwhelming thoughts around the health and wellbeing of your baby. • Understanding why babies behave the way they do, what they are communicating to you and how to respond. • Coping mechanisms for regular or prolonged periods of crying, difficulty in soothing, night time waking, feeding issues, and generally seeming unpredictable.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr Owen is offering free first consultations and short periods of follow up support to parents and babies and/or adults with anxiety.

07470 694322 www.babylovematters.com drowen@babylovematters.com 12 Summer 2020



Nursery at Home Activities for under 5s that are easy to do at home and mirror the range of play experiences offered at nursery.

Make a Mermaid Tail

Make Sparkly Playdough

Make a Magic Garden

Make Crab Handprints

Car Name Game

Make Tractor Tyre Printing Pictures

Enjoy Songs and Action Rhymes

Make an Under the Sea Water Tray

Enjoy Dressing Up Role Play


Summer 2020 13


The power of family saving + investing with our super app





Click here to learn more 14 Summer 2020

Please note: capital as risk. As with any investment, the value can go down as well.



Summer 2020 15


How to Motivate Your Child to do Anything There is a long summer ahead…. and for many families, this is just an extension of a long spring at home with no school attendance and precious little by way of entertainment. Many children are fractious, bored, lonely, discontented and anxious. It’s no wonder many are struggling to concentrate, focus and motivate themselves to do very much at all. In order to get your child up and moving this summer and avoid a case of terminal boredom, your child needs a few projects and goals that will give them a sense of achievement and productivity. These could be anything from practising times tables, having a day of screen free time every week, reading a book, doing some daily exercise or tidying their room. You may even challenge them to complete some of the projects in this magazine! For little ones, some

more specific goals for positive behaviour might be appropriate. Decide what you think might work for your child and, if they are older, discuss and agree this with them. Consider an appropriate motivator for your child. This doesn’t have to be (and, in fact, shouldn’t always be) money and it’s best to avoid sugary treats as rewards too. But it may be that you offer to pay for something your child really needs if they achieve their goal. It’s fun to give an older child a few different projects and goals with points they can earn for each, with the aim of reaching a total number of points and a bigger reward. Remember to give praise generously for the effort your child goes to, even if they don’t quite achieve all their goals. You can find lots of reward ideas from simple/low cost to more involved on the next page.

16 10 Summer 2020



Rewards to Motivate Your Child Simple/Low Cost • Pick a movie – anything goes if it’s age appropriate! • Cook their favourite dinner. • A later bed time. • Read an extra bed time story. • 30 minutes of extra screen time (not appropriate if you are trying to get them off a screen!) • One to one time with mum or dad doing exactly what they want. • Stickers.

Costs Money • Give your child your loose change – every day for a week! T&Cs apply

• Earn art materials for creative fun. • Earn a small item which promotes physical activity. Football, hula hoop or frisbee… • Increase their pocket money. • Paint a feature wall in their room in their favourite colour. • Let your child choose the next family outing. • Buy them their favourite magazine, or an app they want. familiesonline.co.uk


Summer 2020 17


Mums in Lockdown Four mums and Families magazine Editors tell us how lockdown has been for them. How have they juggled work, parenting, home schooling and life – and survived intact?

Caroline Roope is Editor of Families Solent East magazine. She lives in Hampshire with her husband and two sons. Watch Caroline’s lockdown video.

Laura Macaulay is Editor of Families North Yorkshire and Families Newcastle magazine. She is mum of two boys and lives in Yorkshire. Watch Laura’s lockdown video.

Katy Stollery is Editor of Families Fife and Tayside in Scotland. She just started running her business at the start of lockdown! She is the mum of two girls and lives in Fife. Watch Katy’s lockdown video.

Claire Bottomley is Editor of Families Leeds & West Yorkshire magazine. She is mum of three children ages 2 to 11 – two boys and a girl - and lives in Leeds. Watch Claire’s lockdown video.

18 Summer 2020



Talking to our Children about Racism

Helping your Child Cope with Nightmares

Last month saw an unprecedented outpouring of movements throughout the world advocating an end to racial inequality. Children certainly have questions about the stories they hear, see and read, so how do we talk to them positively and openly about race? Download A Parent’s Guide to Black Lives Matter.

Many children have more underlying worries than usual right now. These are often kept at bay by the routines, occupations and pleasures of the day, only to surface at night in the form of scary nightmares. Our friends at Fegans share their top tips for coping with your child’s nightmares.

Developing your Baby’s Sense of Humour

Worried about your Child’s Weight?

Watching your baby’s sense of humour develop is incredibly rewarding. Babies are born ready to laugh, but did you know that having a sense of humour is a learned quality that can actually be developed in babies and children?

Lockdown has significantly impacted children’s health, with a trend of weight gain resulting from confinement at home. Here are some useful tips from Need2KnowBooks for parents wanting to control weight gain in their children There’s a book offer at the end of the article too! READ MORE

By Andrew Campbell

READ MORE familiesonline.co.uk

By Shelley Goffe-Caldeira

Summer 2020 19


Beat the crowd staycation ideas Please check the latest Government guidance before you book.

Canal Boat Holiday

Eco-Friendly Tree House

Rustic Woodland Shack

Hobbit Inspired Pod

Explore the UK’s rivers/ Luxury woodland break canals. From £725 a in Devon. From £1,390 a week (family of 4). week.

Retro Airstream Caravan

Go retro in Suffolk. From £66 a night (min 2-nights).

Idyllic Shepherd’s Hut

Get off the grid in Yorkshire. From £125 a night.

Pod living in Suffolk. From £710 a week (family of 4).

Northumberland’s beaches. From £180 for 2 nights (family of 4).

Gorgeous Highland Cottage

New Forest Cottage

Stunning St Ives Hideaway

Wild Scotland! From £1,990 a week (inc daily catering).

20 Summer 2020

Forest and beach. From Secret tunnel to beach! £949 a week (July). From £164 a night Sleeps 4. (min 3-nights). familiesonline.co.uk


Staycation Survival Guide Check for the latest government travel advice. The rules are different in Scotland, Wales and Ireland, so make sure you check the details for the country you are visiting. Consider insurance. New policies no longer cover coronavirus-caused cancellations. If you have pre-booked insurance or an annual policy, the FCO has currently advised against all non-essential travel, which invalidates your insurance. It seems likely that the FCO position will change with regard to those countries with which the UK establishes air bridges but check your insurance T&Cs before you book/travel. Check the cancellation policy for any holiday you book. Will your deposit be refunded if another lockdown happens or if travel restrictions are not lifted? Lower your expectations. There will be fewer places open and some form of social distancing is likely to still be in place. Embrace nature and spending time with your family and think of all the money you are saving towards next year’s holiday!

Budget Staycation Ideas Lodge in the grounds of the Thomas Lord Inn, Hampshire. Private facilities/meals to your room. Farmstay UK 700 farms offering camping, B&B and SC. Birdholme Glamping in Notts. Stilted safari lodges in acres of space! Forest Holidays Log cabins/ tree houses in 10 forest locations across UK. Camp Too - retro VW campers + modern motorhomes. Various UK pick-up points. Tent Share. Rent a tent so you don’t have to buy camping gear! Canopy & Stars - reconnect with nature! Glamping to shepherd huts. familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 21


REGISTER FOR MINI BURN The perfect post-lockdown family adventure! TO CELEBRATE OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY, we’re offering Families readers a 20% discount.* All ages and abilities welcome. No special equipment required – all you need is a bike. Compete or take your time, either way you’ll have fun! *Enter code FAMILIES20 for 20% off ticket price. Full refunds given if event is cancelled due to Covid-19. Limited time offer. www.burnseries.co.uk/races/mini

22 Summer 2020

BURN RUN•BIKE•KAYAK WHAT ? 5k Run, 1k Kayak, 10k Bike WHEN ? 10 October 2020 WHERE ? Margam Country Park



Family Tour of the UK No holiday? Take your family on a virtual tour of the UK’s most famous places.


Roman Baths

Edinburgh Castle

Interactive 360º tour + live view from inside the monument.

Virtual ‘walkthrough’ of Bath’s Roman baths.

Stunning aerial view of the building and city.

Tower of London

Giant’s Causeway 360º tour of this spectacular landmark.

Hadrian’s Wall

A 360º view of the world’s largest Roman artefact.

Buckingham Palace

The Shard

Dover Castle

Interactive 360º tour of the building and grounds.

Tour THE most famous Royal Palace. familiesonline.co.uk

View London from the tallest building in Europe.

360º tour of the castle on top of the white cliffs. Summer 2020 23


Avoiding Home Working Hell…. By Mandy Garner Working from home is the nirvana parents have been waiting for, right? Well, maybe, but NOT when combined with looking after children full time. Here are some tips on successfully working from home as the school holidays and exhaustion kick in. Manage expectations - not just those of your employer, but your own and those of your family. Creating a routine that allows you to work can help everybody. For instance, some quiet time after lunch when your children know that you will be making phone calls. Ask your manager if you can work around your childcare responsibilities, perhaps in the evenings or at weekends, tag teaming with your partner, if you have one. Or consider reducing your hours if this is affordable, and explore this with your employer. As with flexible working negotiations, if you spell out the issues, explain how you are trying to tackle them and suggest potential workable solutions, managers are more likely to listen. The right set up - it’s not just about the hours you can work. You need the right long term setup, given fears of commuting and 24 Summer 2020

a second wave of infection. Can your employer help with technical support and ergonomics? It’s sensible to have a back-up if your laptop goes down or to have someone you can call with technical issues. This is far less stressful and time-consuming than trying to work things out for yourself from YouTube tutorials. You also need the right workspace and furniture. There are reports of increased back pain as a result of people working from sofas or beds during lockdown. Ask your employer for support - it’s a health and safety issue - and for help with work-related phone/internet bills if they don’t provide phones and laptops. READ MORE familiesonline.co.uk


Bristol Zoo Gardens & Wild Place Project are open again! Bristol Zoo Gardens

Wild Place Project

BRICKLIVE Ocean at Bristol Zoo Gardens!

See Bear and Wolves Living Together at Wild Place Project’s Bear Wood!

Dive into a world of ocean animals this summer with a NEW brick sculpture trail. Fascinating species from across the world’s oceans Over 50 incredible sculptures Half a million toy bricks There’s plenty to spot on your adventure! Book your tickets online in advance at bristolzoo.org.uk


For the first time ever in a UK Zoo, European bears and wolves have been mixed, and are living side by side. Visitors can see the animals in the award-winning Bear Wood exhibit and more amazing animals within 50 acres to explore. Book your tickets online in advance at wildplace.org.uk

Summer 2020 25


More Places to Go this Summer These places are opening many outside spaces and gardens (and possibly some inside ones too). Find out what is open near you.

National Trust

English Heritage

Legoland UK

Woodland Trust

WWT Wetland Centres

Forestry England

Zoos and Wildlife Parks

National Parks UK

Go Ape Adventures

26 Summer 2020



Screen-Free Activities Weekend

No more Netflix binging - mix and match ideas for a 48 hour family digital detox.

Morning – 1 hour Make brunch for all the family. Rediscover paper. Make amazing origami. Puzzle it out. Try crosswords/ Sudoku together. Morning – 2 hours Mess about on the water. Try SUP paddling or canoeing. Reconnect with nature. Do the RSPB Wild Challenge. All morning Construct a fort in the garden or house. Create a family scrapbook with memorabilia of all kinds! Evening – 1 hour Make books. Just gather art and craft supplies. Try a night walk. Pack torches, snacks, raincoats and go on an adventure. Evening – 2 hours Go stargazing. Spot planets and constellations! Play charades. Young and old love this classic game. All evening Have a movie-athon. Check out ideas here. Camp out. Set up the tent, cook sausages and yummy S’mores. familiesonline.co.uk

Afternoon – 1 hour Board no more. Play a board game or bingo. Print off cards here. Afternoon – 2 hours Create a herb garden. In pots, the garden or on a windowsill! Be treasure hunters. Set up a trail with treasure at the end. All afternoon Get arty. Pack a picnic, art supplies and enjoy nature. Strike a pose. Family photo shoot with an SLR/Polaroid camera.

All Day Build a go-kart. Then test it out! Develop circus skills. Learn juggling, tightrope walking and magic! Visit the seaside. Head to one of Britain’s best seaside towns. French Day. Begin with croissants, learn the lingo and cook some French cuisine. Build a garden labyrinth. Gather materials to make a cool labyrinth that you can walk round. Be Kind. Post some fun letters/ cards to friends/relatives. Create care packages for vulnerable people. Summer 2020 27


Live and Virtual Kids’ Summer Camps and Courses

Chelsea Young Writers

Online streamed creative writing courses. Ages 6-12.

Sparks Filmmaking Courses Action-packed online course. Ages 9-18.

Camp Beaumont Summer Camps Live multi-activity camps. Ages 3-16.

28 Summer 2020


Kings Camps

Live 3/5 day performing arts courses. Ages 4-10.

Live multi-activity camps for ages 5-17.


Little House of Science

Online classes from Harry Potter to coding. Ages 4-18.

Firetech Courses

Online tech for ages 9-17. 20% off with code Families20.

Online video science camps. Ages 3-11.

The Strings Club Camps

Live & online music/ craft camps. Ages 3-11. familiesonline.co.uk


Give your Child a Social Summer

Outdoor activity ideas for groups of children. Make sure you check the latest government guidance and BYO equipment!

Mini Olympics Discus – use frisbees or paper plates. Shot Put – use bean bags or tennis balls. Hurdles – use cardboard boxes. Simple Gymnastic Displays – handstands/cartwheels. Running Races – of all lengths! Long Jump – use tape measure and award points. Ball Archery – throwing a ball at a target or containers. Shooting - with nerf guns on a target.

Picnic Party What’s the time Mr Wolf? Simon says.... Bingo – download cards or make your own. Charades. Dance festival – mix up the music to test the best movers. Treasure hunt. Limbo – using a rope who can get the lowest. Fun Races – sack/egg & spoon/ ball between knees/bean bag on head.



esso per l

Pekary School of Dance offers classes in Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom & Latin Boys and girls from 18 months and upwards.

We also run adult Ballet, Ballroom and Latin classes All classes are held online via Zoom through the Covid-19 pandemic. All you need is access to zoom (via laptop, tablet or phone) and a space in your home to dance.

www.pekarydance.co.uk 07793 020 666 | hannah@pekarydance.co.uk familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 29


Best Online Classes for All Ages Are your children missing their regular classes and activities? Try these instead!

Family Dance Workshops

Teddies Music Club Online

Online Science Club

Funky Monkey Keyboard Classes at Home

Sadler Well’s fun family Lively music and art for dance workshops for 2 pre-schoolers. to 6 years.

Live classes with Mother Nature Science.

The Strings Club Ukele/guitar/violin classes for ages 3+. FREE session!

30 Summer 2020

Self-guided, fun tutorials (5-8yrs).

The Little Gym at Home

Little Kickers Football for Kids

Easy, fun football classes with a warm up, games, and goals.

Virtual Kids Martial Arts

Online classes to burn off excess energy.

Little STEAMers

Play-based science/ engineering classes for Fitness sessions for ages 2-4. primary and pre-school children. familiesonline.co.uk


Win an Online Song Writing Course! Songwriting4Kids teaches children ages 8-13 how to write songs. The selfguided instruction WIN! videos cover reading and writing music as well as basic rhythms and lyrics. Perfect for kids who are new to music as well as those who already play an instrument! First prize: Level 1 & 2 worth £135.99. Second prize: Level 1 worth £79.99. Enter here with name & postcode by 15 August 2020.

Struggling to Get Your Child to Do Music Practice? By Ruth Seodi

Having to constantly push your child to practise their music becomes tiresome and often leads to fall outs. Here are four ways in which you can turn practising from a chore to a pleasure for your child. READ MORE. WATCH VIDEO.

Ten Cooking Skills for Every Child to Master T&Cs apply

There’s no doubt parents will need a bank of fresh, childfriendly activities to get through the summer holidays. Why not add cooking to the list? It’s fun, educational and most children enjoy it. Here are ten cooking skills for children to master this summer.


READ MORE. familiesonline.co.uk

Summer 2020 31


Best Printable Primary Age Games Free printables to help your child keep busy and learning.


Develops strategy, logical thinking and concentration.

Country Word Search

Find 20 countries amongst the letters.

Alphabet Scattegories

Find a word for each letter! 32 Summer 2020

The Mystery of the Missing Pirate Treasure

Car Bingo

Great for alphabet recognition.

Practises maths and problem solving.

Colouring Picnic

Read the sentences to colour the picture.

Premier League Football Facts

Solve the sums to complete the football facts.

ABC Trace & Colour

Trace the letter and colour in the drawing.

Harry Potter Word Scramble Figure out what Harry is saying.



Best Lego Kits for Rainy Days The ideal creative indoor activity for any age.

Duplo My First Bricks Box of Fun

Classic Creative Brick Box

Boost Creative Toolbox Robotics

Great starter kit. Ages 18mths+.

Endless building opportunities. Ages 4+.

Build/code interactive motorised robots. Ages 7-12.

World Animals

Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

Great introductory set inc. toy animals and people. Ages 2+.

Trolls Poppy’s Pod Playhouse including mini figures/ accessories. Ages 4+.


3 dinosaurs in 1 set. Ages 7-12.

Friends Stephanie’s Gymnastics

Build gymnastic equipment. Ages 6+.

Includes 10 mini figures. Ages 9+.

Captain Marvel Toy Jet

Perfect for Marvel fans. Ages 7+. Summer 2020 33


34 Summer 2020


Profile for Families Magazine

Families Cardiff & Vale Leaving Lockdown Summer 2020  

This summer break has a slightly surreal quality to it, the long weeks stretching ahead at a time when many of us have already used up so ma...

Families Cardiff & Vale Leaving Lockdown Summer 2020  

This summer break has a slightly surreal quality to it, the long weeks stretching ahead at a time when many of us have already used up so ma...

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