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Holidays like a Fairytale... Always a child’s laughter under the auspices of Biancaneve.

Once upon a time‌ The most beau-

Both, the Biancaneve - in english

tiful fairytales begin with these words.

snow white - and the unique envi-

Like ours. The Biancaneve Family &

ronment, made of rocks and genuine

Design Hotel makes true what at first

nature, is enchanting everybody who

sight seams impossible: the perfect

spends a little time with snow white.

connection between detailed fami-

Situated on the slopes and though in

ly friendly hotel and modern style

the center of the village of Selva of

furnishings. Just lay back and enjoy

Val Gardena, there can be seen the

the personal welcoming of the child

beauty of the valley, the village, the

friendly Family & Design Hotel.

Vallunga and much more.

Family Riffeser welcomes you!

In the past the building was used as a children‘s home, providing a safe environment



very small children and a




could lovingly call their home. It is no coincidence then that our hotel is very child-friendly and that it is still one of our priorities.

Enjoy the stylish atmosphere Snow White’s empire consists of modern and refreshing details but at the same time, you will find traditional corners also. The light of the fireplace conveys warmth and safety as your relaxation is our aim. Spending evenings together or infront of the gigantic flat screen TV will let you forget the stress of every day. Also smokers are entitled to their place, the smokers lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a cigarette or a cigar. Nobody will disturb you while smoking and nobody will be disturbed.

The special touch

It is divided in niches, in order to guarantee our guests total privacy while eating. If the weather allows it, eating on the wonderful large terrace will be the best thing ever to do with the beautiful view over the village and the mountains.

In a tastefully designed atmosphere your palate will enjoy the culinary pleasures of our chef de cuisine. The dining room could be called the heart of our house, a meeting point for all your meals during the day.

Feasting with good conscience It is wonderful to experiment new culinary peculiarities once in a while. The mix of the best local products and the careful preparation of our Cuisine-Team will let you forget the fear of surplus calories, the only thing to think about is FEASTING. Our waiters serve you the best of the local, Mediterranean and International

The combination of noble wines and exquisite dishes see that the guests will feel an irresistible joy for their palates.

Cuisine. Above all, the traditional meals

A large choice of wines lets the hearts of

of the valley and the region are prepa-

a real gourmet beat in a higher frequen-

red with devotion and passion as well as

cy. The Feasting- Journey in the Biancane-

creativity and are combined with a large

ve Family & Design Hotel can start with

choice of noble wines.

the best of Cuisine and wine cellar.

Diving into a Youth Well LIDANA BEAUTY & SPA

Based on old, passed-on recipes, the name ”Alpiénne” stands for the healing power of nature,. The global beauty lays in the productline of ”Carita”.

Relaxing and forgetting all the daily troubles is a balm for your body and soul. The professional

treatments at our Lida-

na Beauty & Spa will free you from the effects of a hectic life. Explore Snow White’s Beauty Empire and regenerate your energy.

A pleasant light and fragrance and a joyful atmosphere will render your treatments simply irresistible. The whirlpool for two guarantees unforgettable moments, just like the new Soft Pack Bed will make you feel a totally new experience while our packages will make you feel wholesome again; last but not least, the Massage Water Bed with light therapy. In addition to all this, a professional Shiatsu session will balance your energy centres in depth. Regenerating packages, prickling treatments and the tanning rays of the solarium, invite you to spend some time in the Lidana Beauty & Spa. Trust the healing hands of our experienced Lidana-Team.

Pleasure in the Land of Delight After a strenuous day of skiing or hiking everybody wants to relax. Snow White’s beauty recipe includes also sweating. In the Biancaneve Wellness Centre you can find: • Whirlpool • Red Finnish Sauna • Steam Bath • Aroma Therapy • Bio Sauna Brine Bath • Relax Room with • Steam Shower tea tasting • Kneipp Bath The 54 m² swimming pool for children was built for active recreation. Swimming and splashing are above all an adventure for the children. Dive into the pool and at the same time into a sea of pleasure.

The laughter of children Being a child means to have fun. Whether the children are drawing, singing or playing in the Mini Club, we will make them feel at home under the supervision of the animators. The Mini Club is open from 9.00 a.m. until 9.00 p.m. The animators look after the little ones from the age of 3 onwards and play their role as fairytale narrators and play mates. Magical hours are guaranteed in the Mini Club! The meals are taken in the “Seven Dwarfsroom�. Here, with all its small and colored chairs, the small tables and the many funny friends on the wall, the food will taste even better.

Where there is laughter, there is fun - and fun is prime to the Biancaneve Family & Design Hotel. Whether while splashing in the indoor swimming pool, playing on the playground, or hiking in the summer or building a snowman in winter, Biancaneve guarantees fun and adventure. Curiosity, the desire to discover and try things out, learn and understand – these are some of the characteristics of children, and our animators do their best to fulfill the wishes of the whole family.

Dreaming like in fairyland

In our elegant and inviting rooms you will spend restful nights. The comfort, quiet and charme of the spacious bed rooms offer the best living quality ever where nature enters the rooms through the wide windows and the large balconies.

The dreamland of the children extends behind the door to the parents sleeping room‌. The curtain between the bedrooms of Tall and Small guarantee private space for every family member. Furnished affectionately and with lots of details, the children’s room is surrounded by the magic Charme of Snow White, which is the reason that children sleep well and peaceful, softly covered. And when the children are in bed, their parents have some time on their own for tenderness.

Living a winter fairytale Situated directly by the ski slopes and inserted in the world-famous ski round trip, the Sella Ronda, the position of the Biancaneve Family & Design Hotel is just perfect. This winter fairytale is waiting to be discovered and lived. The woods covered by fresh snow invite to long romantic walks; numerous




the well prepared slopes and up to date cable ways will take you with your skies or snowboard to the most magical places of the valley.

Exploring a summer love The sun on the skin brings sunshine to the heart. In the summertime the landscape around the Biancaneve Family & Design Hotel is amazing and remarkable, it seems just like you could touch the sky. High Peaks, infinite woods, blooming meadows are just some of the things you will enjoy. Nordic Walking fans and Mountain Bikers find special routes to explore; in addition to that, sun lovers can enjoy the warm season in the sun on our beautiful terrace.

Skischool Selva Gardena Str. D an





Str. Pue

Plan de Gralba



N Str.



Str. Nives

Ice rink



Nives square Hotel Oswald



The different ways to spend holidays are individual. For those who want to have their own apartment, we offer the Residence Cësa Rives, which is about 150 meters away from the Biancaneve Family & Design Hotel. The Residence offers real living pleasure in new and spacious apartments.

The wellness and Beauty Area of the Biancaneve Family & Design Hotel is at the total disposal of the guests from our Residence Cësa Rives. One way or another, the individual holiday dreams of each of you may come true.

Fam. Riffeser Str. Cir 36 • I-39048 Selva Val Gardena (BZ) Tel. +39 0471 795148 • Fax +39 0471 794240 •


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