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Age, Gender & the Unstoppable Female Business Owner Personal Branding 101

You’ll never be good enough. You’ll never make it. Your dreams aren’t worth having. What if I told you that to your face? You would likely have some choice words for me that you probably wouldn’t repeat. So, why is it that you can look at yourself in the mirror, say those exact things to the dreamer looking at you and not fight back? Some say “fake it until you make it” as motivation for you to act like something that you aren’t until you embody those characteristics so much that it eventually is who you become. So, if you want to be a movie star then you should dress and act like one until you make that a reality. Well, life is no movie but you can still have a happy ending because you are in control. My encouragement to “fake it until you make it” has less to do with the money you spend and more with what you say when you spend time with yourself.


Faith, Family, Friendship: Summer Wayans Millennials in Music: Todd Dulaney / Hilton ‘Deuce’ Wright Confessions of a MADE Man: Kosine


MADE IN AMERICA with JamelF Top 10 Millennial Entertainers to Watch



Passport Junkie

The bottom line is other people can afford to not believe in you, but you cannot afford to not believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you can accomplish what you want everyday until you believe it and then you actually do it. Speak it into existence in your mind and also out loud to others. I don’t know how many times that I’ve been in meetings and promised clients that things were possible when I had no clue how to accomplish it. But there’s something about backing yourself into a corner out loud that ignites your inner fighter to work to prove that it can happen instead of retreating in defeat. So when I see my MADE. coffee mug that says, “I have an insane belief in my own abilities”, it’s a reminder to be energized by more than what is in my cup. It’s a reminder to be energized with what’s in my mind, which is an insane belief in myself. Even on days that I don’t believe it, I fake it until I make it.



Sugar & Spikes & Everything Nice



Ignite Event Recap

Hopefully the stories in this issue inspire you to believe in yourself more. If not, I’ve made my same ‘belief’ mug available on so you can practice how I play. Hopefully one day we can toast to your insane ability to believe in yourself when you reach your dreams that you found were more real than you expected. With love,ve



Karen Civil: The Digital Dynamo Worth Following MADE BY AJ LINTON

“Get into the mind of this Hip-Hop visionary who is skilled at tailoring successful social and digital campaigns for brands including Beats by Dre, Mary J. Blige, Young Jeezy and more.” Q: You’ve been dubbed by Charlamagne tha God from Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ as “The Hip Hop Oprah” & “The People’s Voice” by Black Enterprise magazine. With that kind of impact, how did you ensure that you created your own lane? A: Those comments are always appreciated and it’s very overwhelming to hear things like that and appreciated, but I don’t necessarily wake up in the morning and say to myself “What’s Oprah like? Or what’s something that will continue to keep the people talking?” I have a business strategy and I just constantly think of ways that I can keep being innovative. I don’t think about what the next person is doing. I just focus on myself and business growth. That’s honestly what it is. I have a 3-month 4


plan, 6-month plan and a yearly plan. My everyday goal is to make sure that I’m staying on track. Q: With you being a contributor to black culture digitally, what have you learned about yourself as a businesswoman and what do you plan to achieve as you grow in business? A: I’ve learned a lot about myself personally and emotionally. There’d be times where I’d let my emotions just get the best of me and I’d take something personal. It’s really just about having that thick skin and it honestly boils down to self-growth. I think that was my biggest lesson learned. The goal right now is putting out the Live Civil book as well as continuing to expand the Live Civil brand, which has a book and a playground that’s being built in Haiti along with the inspiring home goods products that go along with it. That inspires people and helps them in their career from the notebooks and pencils to shirts. It’s all about helping people with their personal growth throughout their career.

“It’s really just

about having that thick skin and it honestly boils down to self-growth.



Q: And you’ve personally helped many of our favorite artists grow throughout their careers. What kind of services do you provide to your clients? How do you go about offering your digital services to clients that are of such a high caliber?

run and I think that’s what continues to keep me ahead.

Q: You identify the rising stars in music on your site, but you’re also known for your business skills. What three traits do you identify A: Always Civil is a small digital marketing bou- in people who are rising stars…in business who tique. We never do more than 10 clients because would like to work with/for you? we want to make sure that everyone is given 100%. We don’t take on too much, but with the clients we A: I don’t look for someone who is like-minded. I do have we handle their social and digital footprint. don’t need for us to be thinking about the same It’s about making sure the conversation is happen- thing. If I’m thinking about A, I need you to be ing socially, helping with their growth digitally and thinking about B and C. Someone who can offer something to the table that we don’t have or aren’t also ensuring that they are ahead of the game. thinking of. I look for dedication. Someone who is Q: With Always Civil and all that you’re involved hardworking and isn’t looking at the clock. It gets with, what do you believe are your key strengths very difficult. I often tell people that as an entrein business? preneur there is no stopwatch. It could be your birthday, holiday or vacation and it doesn’t matter A: My key strength is definitely my marketing tac- because it’s still about working and getting the job tics and strategy. I’m one for never putting myself done. And lastly someone who is very attentive in a box. I also believe in going out into the field and honestly that’s something that goes a long and getting the job done. Nothing is ever too big way. Some people don’t pay attention to the smalland nothing is ever too small. It’s really about un- est details and those things are important without derstanding the dynamics of the company you even being told.

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Don’t let what you see right now cloud your vision of what is ahead of you. Life’s beginnings and middles can sometimes make it appear as if all that is ahead is either more of the same or even worse than what is around now. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the circumstances and obstacles of the here and now. It’s easy to get haunted by the mistakes, mishaps and misfortunes of our past. In order to move forward we have to gain right perspective on our current and past situations. The most paramount perspective is that life happens to all of us. Though our situations and circumstances are different, we all go through something. So many times we can get stuck in a place of thinking we are alone in the world and setbacks only happen to us. Not true! 8


Keep everlasting faith because no situation lasts always. Each day starts and ends. The basic universal cycle of life is that things start and things finish. We are guaranteed that as sure as the clock strikes 12 PM then in 60 minutes a new hour will embark upon us. It is all temporary. Nothing lasts forever. In this cyclical rotation of life there is no minute or moment that is ever the same. Once you strip time and circumstance all the way down to the minute then it helps you gain a better perspective on life as a whole. Time, places, things and people change. Just as sure as things can go from bad to worse, remember that they can and will go from good to better.

If you live with the sense of things being temporary or not lasting always then it helps you to examine each passing moment and with that examination should come a sense of gratitude and appreciation for each and every moment allotted to you no matter how hard or bad it was. If you are s till here to reflect on something painful in your yesterday – don’t get down or defeated about what was – stop, shake it off and rejoice! Because guess what, if you can remember it then that means that you made it past, through or over it. It happened and you are still here. If you are in the midst of it – stand your ground, hold on to your mustard seed of faith and know that the end is near… NOTHING lasts always. Early in my faith I grabbed hold of a specific truth from God’s word – Romans 8:28 – And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

me, no matter what I go through or what I face that its ultimate purpose is for my good. Sometimes that good is born from a hard lesson or at our lowest point. If we can find the wherewithal to not be overtaken or allow anger/sadness to rule our emotions in the midst of a trial or storm then we can learn who and how strong and resilient we truly are.

Oh my goodness. When I tell you how those words resonated with me on such a deep and intense level and CHANGED my thought process, please believe me. There was such a security and peace in knowing, understanding and BELIEV- The secret is to find the hidden ING that no matter what happens to lesson. INSPIREU


Every blessing is wrapped in a lesson. The thing is that it’s never too late to learn the lesson from something in your past. Sometimes you have to look back long enough to assess and evaluate situations to really see what and how things went wrong.

just jumping out there all willy-nilly with no preparation or no resources. It all has to do with recognizing and gleaning from our past and present state of being and embracing the fact that all that we have endured and survived was meant to serve as the foundation of our preparation. All the lessons learned about others Our perspective on our current and past and yourself especially have value and is circumstances can directly affect our a resource. forward motion, vision and goals for our future. We have to be careful in this The price of your expected and promised mental and emotional space because it finish was paid for in the pain of your can handicap us from even starting or past, the survival of your circumstances force us to keep starting over. There can and the lessons from each wrong you be something we want to be or want to suffered and the wrongs you did. do so badly and passionately but we can get paralyzed by fear of failure rooted in If nothing else I want to INSPIRE U to a marred perception and vision of what start or start again once and for all. It was and is. The “what used-to-be” and really doesn’t matter how you start, as “what it looks like now” thoughts dim the long as you start. It’s all about how you light of what could be or what it is des- finish and the journey from the start to tined to be. the finish. We talk ourselves out of the future by talking ourselves into the acceptance of past/current temporary situations as how things are and will always be. We don’t start because of the “What if it doesn’t work?”, “People will think I’m crazy”, “I’m not good enough” or the “I don’t have what IT takes” attitudes. Sometimes we even get caught up and stuck in the planning/preparation phase, wanting every thing to be just so, the right amount of money, the “right time” or a particular open door.

Why? Why do you want it? IN ORDER TO LIVE A PURPOSEFUL LIFE, WE NEED TO KNOW WHY WE ARE HERE. Email and tell your “why” for a chance to be featured in our Legends (November / December) issue.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not about






“It’s like painting a new piece... you never really know how it’s going to turn out. You just have to trust the process and just know that it’s going to be what it’s going to be and you have to allow yourself to be led there.” - Daniel Hibbert


could scan on their smartphones to watch Hibbert’s process as the accompanying song played. Sam Cooke’s “Venus” (1950s) took new form in a pop-art portrait with pearl paints, Beyonce’s “Blue” (2010s) is laid out with an image of a mother and child as one, Held at Ludlow Studios in New York and The Police’s “Roxanne” (1970s) features neon paints and the aura of a City, the gallery was filled with art inspired by Hibbert’s favorite songs. woman claiming the night. Admirers got to experience the artwork through Hibbert’s point of view with the Check out the full “Timeless” recap use of technology. Each art piece video HERE. featured a QR Code, which visitors The Michigan native, Brooklyn-based artist held his first solo exhibition in New York this month called “Timeless,” a series of pieces that define the style, colors, and music of the past six decades through cubism.






The Unstoppable


Twenty-something year-old women were raised during a time when women were coming into their own power. Yet while women were closing in on cracking the glass ceiling, being young remained an obstacle for aspiring entrepreneurs such as Aja Dawson, who prior to opening her bakery, Abeautifullife Desserts, struggled with obtaining a business loan. Aja confesses, “In many aspects being a woman has helped me, being young has not.”

building where several of her customers work. While her young age prevented her from earning a business loan, Aja’s hard work and belief in herself did not deter her from her dream of opening a bakery – a true entrepreneurial spirit, and a female millennial at that.

Although gender presents a speed bump in the road to entrepreneurship for these female millennial business owners, their age group faced a huge roadblock upon graduating She explains, “One of my major from college in the midst of a major challenges, and why I did not have decline in the job market. Expert on a store-front sooner, was because I millennial trends, Maude Standish, couldn’t get a loan sooner. They kind states, “Millennials who graduated of discriminated against me; they during the recession saw a lot of felt I was high-risk, they felt I was collapse, so we don’t believe that too young and maybe this would be traditional structure will be there to something they didn’t feel comfort- support us when we’re older.” able giving me the money to invest in as a loan.” Millennials are no longer pursuing the slow climb up the corporate ladThis obstacle led Aja to invest in der. Instead, this generation is comherself and save money by working fortable assuming the role of freeat various companies such as paint lancer or a position within a start-up, company, Sherwin Williams, and rather than following the slow and the car rental company, Enterprise steady upward career path of past Rent-A-Car. She even sold her cup- generations. The millennial insight cakes at festivals in downtown Los agency founder continues, “So, inAngeles, which she gives credit to, stead of investing in those tradi“I decided to have my bakery down- tional structures, I think we focus on town because it’s such a big part of investing in the only thing that we my story.” can be 100% sure that will exist in our future, which is us. So, we put a Today Aja’s bakery is just blocks lot of emphasis toward our personal away from the Los Angeles Times brand.”



Victoria Reese can testify to that as she employed social media as a platform to launch her business by posting her logo on Instagram, the picture and video sharing social network with over 150 million users. As for why she uses social media to promote her business, Victoria says, “Branding is packaging, but people don’t understand it. So, I had to teach people what branding is and why they needed me.” Victoria, founder of VictorGroup, an agency that supports clients with shaping their brands and digital marketing objectives, began her business with clients who were her friends. She says, “Word of mouth has been a blessing,” and this grapevine method of communication is attributed to her business presence on social media platforms.

With age on their side when it comes to technology, female millennials can also use their gender to their advantage. Pocket defends the distinct qualities of females, “Women are pleasant, good to be around, they are more social, and are better at gluing things together and managing details, so I feel like women should take advantage of what we are good at.” With the combination of age and gender on their side, female millennial entrepreneurs are a force to be reckoned with.

Victoria has even recruited interns by uploading videos to Instagram. If it were not for the power of the Internet and social media, entrepreneurs, Lauren McGoodwin of CareerContessa and Alexis Wolfer of The Beauty Bean, would not even be in business – their businesses are web-based, which would have been unheard of in the mid-1980s, the time in which they were born. Although age is an obstacle to consider when pursuing entrepreneurship as a career, it also has its benefits. Millennials as a generation are well versed in the use of social media, which permits entrepreneurs’ access to their target audience and an opportunity to freely promote their business. Aja Dawson agrees, “Social media is very important - I Instagram all the time; pictures of food and pastries. It’s a good, free way to put your business out there, and yourself.”



The Lyrics to Greatness Personal Branding 101 MADE BY JOHNETTA G. PAYE, ESQ

There was a big frenzy around professional sports this year. The Chicago Blackhawks fiercely won another Stanley Cup Championship. Stephen Curry and LeBron James were in a heated battle to win the NBA Championship trophy for their respective teams. In many ways, the business world is much like professional sports. We are all players trying to standout in an arena that is overcrowded with other entrepreneurs and professionals. In order to become a key player in the game, we have to be talented and cultivate a personal brand that resonates with others. Just like athletes have pre-game music that they listen to in order to get focused, there is a lot of motivation that we can get from our favorite songs on our journey to be “The Real MVP” in our own lives. Here’s is a lyrical game plan to get you in the zone and motivate you as you build your personal brand:

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business man!” – Jay Z, Diamonds From Sierra Leone

You are a brand. Your brand should be an authentic representation of who you are as a person. To determine your brand position trying listing out qualities that makes you unique. Are you a problem-solver, creative, witty, a rebel or laid back? Ask friends and family members how they would describe you and this will help to make sure your brand reflects you.Once you develop a brand identity then you have to embody your brand. If your brand is being the dapper gentleman then your style of dress and mannerisms should reflect that. You have to live your brand, because you are the business.

“Shine Bright Like a Diamond.” – Rihanna, Diamonds The most important part of establishing a personal brand is being able to add value. Pick a niche area that you are skillful in and are able to shine. Do you have extensive sports knowledge that would benefit others? Are you the photographer who takes strong 16


headshots? Are you able to write blog posts that will draw in readers? When you are known for producing a quality product/ service that brings value to others then word will get around and your personal brand will gain recognition.

“But when you go hard your nays become yays…I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise.” – Nicki Minaj, Fly It takes time to cultivate a personal brand. You have to stay consistent with your efforts and pay close attention to how your client base and potential employers respond to your brand. Along the way you are going to have to make adjustments to your personal brand. Staying consistent is the most important and hardest part of personal branding. Developing a personal brand is about a totality of actions, decisions and work a person does on a daily basis over a long period of time. Like sports, as your personal brand grows and you become a key player then you will have the power to negotiate your value. You will no longer be just a commodity where others determine your worth. 17


People just want to hear people that are AUTHENTICALLY in love with God. TODD DULANEY Gospel Artist


“I do believe in [staying in] the box. I re-arrange it, re-decorate it... change and shift it. That’s more innovative.”



Songwriter, Record Producer, Composer


Todd Dulaney is a husband, father and worshipper who ushers in a new level of God chasers with his new single “The Anthem.” A true believer at heart, Todd talks with us about leaving a career in professional baseball to pursue a greater calling for ministry, his upcoming album and family life in the Dulaney household.

Hilton “Deuce” Wright is a songwriter, record producer and composer from Detroit, MI. Creating hit records for artists such as Big Sean, Mike Posner, Rick Ross, and many more. As a graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Hilton explains why college is the perfect opportunity to catapult your career. Currently based in LA, Deuce shares an innovative viewpoint to achieving success in the music industry.

For the full interview, click HERE.

For the full interview, click HERE.




Somethng About Summer MADE BY AJ LINTON Summer Wayans is niece to the First Family of Comedy, also known as the famed Wayans family. With uncles like Keenen Ivory, Damon, Shawn and Marlon and an aunt like Kim then you can imagine that Summer can keep you laughing all the way through. Yet, this Wayans is more than just funny since she has managed to drive into her own lane by becoming a professional plus-size model representing brands like Ashley Stewart. She slowed down to discuss where she’s headed while navigating family values, academia and philanthropy.

Photographer - Rick Jones Hair - Annika Corbin Hair Supplied by Laglam Boutique Stylist - Sheana Fair MUA - Lorraine Radcliffe Wardrobe -Shegul Shoes - Schultz, Barney’s N.Y. Jewelry - Laruicci Collection


A: The automatic success people think comes with having the last name. They are quick to believe you have the same money or same access to things because of who you’re connected to. In my family, they make sure you work hard. It’s important that we go out there and make a living for ourselves. Q: With you being a professional model and your brother (Craig Wayans of BET’s Second Generation Wayans) being an actorproducer-writer-director. What is your support system like?

Q: Growing up in such a talented family, do you feel people put unnecessary pressure on you to A: The only competitive nature that we have be them? between one another is when we’re playing sports. When it comes to work we’re all about A: I wouldn’t necessarily say pressure, but I would encouragement. If Craig is doing a project I’m say there is definitely an expectation. People see there on set or if he’s writing something I’m the last name and they automatically say, “Oh, probably the one that’s going to see that draft okay you’re a comedian or actor?” Or my of it. Even when it comes to my younger brother favorite one is “Which one is your dad?” And I’m Gregg, who’s getting more into acting, if he has like “Actually it’s my mom who’s the Wayans. an audition then I’m the one running lines with him. And they do the same for me when I need And no it’s not Kim.” So I think people have expectations because they only know one side assistance for reels or even fashion shows. of Wayans whereas within our family we’re very They’re both always there for me. aware that each individual has their own talents. In our family it’s just about encouragement to Q: What’s the fondest memory of your childhood that you’d say has shaped you into the adult you pursue your dreams in or out of the industry. are today? Q: What’s the biggest misconception about being in a famous family? FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDSHIP


A: When I look back on life right now, I will say that I’m very happy and proud of the life that I’ve lived. Something that I believe that shows a lot about who I am and where I come from is when I was growing up my mom [Diedra Wayans] was a single mother and it was just me and Craig. Just seeing how hard my mom worked (I mean she worked really hard). We all grew up taking care of one another and being resilient to outside factors. I believe I’ve taken that strength with me as I’ve moved forward in my life.

A: I think in general being a plus model has been a bit of the struggle for the community in itself. It’s takes a lot of confidence and being comfortable in your own skin because people are really cruel sometimes. They’ll talk about every little aspect that you probably already look in the mirror and go “Arrrrhh, I wish I could change this.” Being a model in general you’re in the public eye, which is a great thing, but it can also be very challenging at times.

Q: So, what’s the best advice you’ve received about pursuing your career in entertainment?

A: “Summer the Model” is just Summer. I’m going to continue to grow. One thing about me is that I do not like staying stagnant. I’ve been blessed to have more opportunities to do some of the things I’m passionate about like speaking and really engaging in the community. I recently took on a new role becoming an advisory board member for the Los Angeles County Alliance for the Boys & Girls Club. It’s really special to me because I am a product of it. However, I’m super excited about the project that my mom and I started called Wayans Girl Foundation (Instagram: @wayansgirlfoundation) this year. We are still in the development phase, but our objective is to serve as a resource to those who are in crisis by providing empowerment and education workshops to support themselves in the community.

A: One of my mentors in academia told me something along the lines of “not to be limited by the way that other people limit themselves.” That was really big for me because I spent a lot of time feeling boxed in and that wasn’t good because I am a big thinker. I see modeling as an opportunity and platform to reach all these amazing people. And I also am blessed to have all this knowledge and education under my belt and I get a chance to share that with people. Often times when you hear “model” people don’t associate that with intelligence or education and I am on a mission to change that. Q: Describe what you feel has been the most challenging element of modeling for you? 22


Q: What is next for “Summer the Model”?

Q: How has faith, family and friendship played Bachelor’s Degree was a given since there was never any doubt that I’d obtain one. a role in your success? Having attained my Masters I’m almost A: My faith has continued to grow over the completed with the Doctoral program.Getting years, as I’m sure it will continue to grow even my education was stability for me so that I more. I have watched how my friendship could have something to fall back on. circles have changed and I had to take a step back and appreciate that I was now beginning Q: Just for fun…who’s your favorite Uncle? to connect with like-minded individuals. I’m big on expressing my faith, but it’s the root of A: Well, that’s not a fair question. Everyone has what keeps me connected and grounded in their own characteristics. Uncle Keenan is the addition to getting me through the challenges problem fixer. You go to him when you need a of life. Faith is a connection to God wherever problem solved. Uncle Damon is a huge father figure to me. Uncle Shawn is super awesome, you are. he’s the person that allows anyone to stop by Q: You’ve mentioned the success that you’ve (when he’s home) and chill. Uncle Marlon is had in academia; can you talk a bit more about crazy (in a good way); I’ve worked the closest that? with him. He’s very encouraging in his own crazy way. If he has a project that he’s A: I’ve always valued the power of education working on he’s always open to let someone jump in on it with him. Everyone is awesome; because I personally saw the benefits of having one. I love knowledge. Receiving my we have a pretty amazing family. 23



KOSINE ON DA BEAT When you add it all up Marcos “Kosine” Palacios, one half of GRAMMY® Nominated producers ‘Da Internz’, has countless hit songs with Nicki Minaj, Nas, John Legend, Rihanna and more. Watch what Kosine sums up as his greatest tips on success and what he counts on to stay motivated in the music industry.

For the full interview, click HERE.









KeKe Palmer is an actress and singer. KeKe bursted onto the screen in a big way in her film “Akeelah and the Bee” opposite Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett. Since then she has gone on to become one of the most respected young Hollywood faces in entertainment.

Zoe Kravitz is a beautifully talented artists who has been bitten by the acting bug. As the daughter of Lisa Bonet & Lenny Kravitz, Zoe hit the scene in a big way with roles in ‘Divergent’ & ‘DOPE’

Tori Kelly is a singer/songwriter who rose to fame through a brief stint on American Idol and YouTube cover videos that garnered 22 million views alone on her cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinking About You”. Tori’s debut album, “Unbreakable Smile”, was recently released through Capitol Records.

Issa Rae is a producer. writer and director. Most known for her YouTube series “Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl”, Issa is creating a platform that empowers entrepreneurship and positive messages through her ties to media.

Miles Teller is an actor who is best known for his roles in “Divergent” and “Footloose”. When he appears in “Fantastic Four” which releases in August 2015...let’s just say that we’ll be ready.

Jussie Smollett is an actor and artist who recently rose to fame in 2014 from starring on the hit FOX drama portraying homosexual character Jamal. Jussie continues to break barriers through his character both on the show and in real life.

Shailene Woodley is an actress who was first recognized in the ABC hit drama “Secret Life of An American Teenager”. Since then, Shailene has gone on to receive a larger fan base through movies like “Divergent” and “The Fault in Our Stars”

Michael B. Jordan is an actor who rose to fame in Ryan Coogler’s “Fruitvale Station” . Michael, dubbed as the next Denzel Washington, is set to star in two new films: “Creed” and “Fantastic Four”

Big Sean is an artist who’s album “Dark Sky Paradise” featured some of the biggest names in music like Drake, Kanye and Chris Brown to name a few. Big Sean also won over a completely new audience with his new video “Play No Games” which recently premiered on the BET Awards After Show once being adapted to look like the set of the beloved 90’s sitcom “Martin”. You go boy!

Blake Lively is an actress best known for her role on the CW’s “Gossip Girl”. This year Blake elevated her career by portraying an immortal woman in “Age of Adaline”





Passport Junkie


MADE BY JAMELF Jamel F returns to guide us through the millennial perspective on American pop culture and politics. Get entertained, educated and enlightened with the latest satirical commentary on hot topics including activism, racial discrimination and ways to make change. Click HERE for the full show!



MADE BY CARRI COWAN “Middle America” conjures images of homogeneity, cornfields, cattle and the least of possibilities…fun. Those thoughts quickly dissipated as I explored the Midwest for myself the old school way... Passport Junkie takes a road trip. The Windy City is a second home for me. As graduation neared and I decided it was time to take up residence back home in Washington D.C., I felt the need to leave my second home with a bang. What materialized was a road trip, but here’s the catch…it was with my mom. Certainly I had concerns like figuring out the routes, her nagging me about my driving speed and questioning my summer wardrobe looks were all recipes for an awkward mom/daughter fight… but she’s a ride or die. Mom always makes sure everything works out and compromise was the key to this being one of the best trips ever. Off we went on our Thelma and Louise road trip! History, fun and food were our focus areas and here are the nuggets from each of our stops.





Memphis, TN:

Carri Cowan takes on Middle America

Passport Junkie takes a “Middle America” Road Trip.

St. Louis, MO:

Arriving at our first stop in the stillness of night we stayed at the whimsical home of one of my mom’s friends. An old, creaky but beautiful and charming mansion made for a mystical first night stay. Tip: When planning road trips, flip through your friends and contacts to find a comfortable and economical place to stay. The next morning we set out for what was a rib lover’s dream. Although you’ll find a line out the door at Pappy’s Smokehouse, once you take a bite into your ribs, you’ll realize the wait was worth it. Pappy himself walks around greeting customers, I luckily was able to grab a picture with him.

Keeping the music theme going, our next stop was the home of country music. Although our plans to take a city tour were rained out, we were at least able to get our hands on some good eats. Hattie B’s hot chicken came highly recommended to us by some locals. Skeptical that a known touristy spot could turn out some good soul food, let alone fried chicken, we stood corrected. Hot, juicy and spicy this chicken is definitely worth the line outside you will find when you arrive. Tip: Finish off your meal with the Peach Cobbler and Ice Cream. Having been super stuffed, us old girls fell asleep and missed the nightlife scene. Our plan would have been to hit a country line dancing joint, with our dancing shoes… I mean boots, of course, in tow.

White Sulphur Springs, VA:

The second stop’s mix of history and music make it a memorable destination. Being the site of Dr. King’s assassination is to some native Memphians, a dark spot in its reputation. However from this darkness came light in the form of the National Civil Rights museum. This recently renovated, modern museum is a “must visit” that chronicles the civil rights story from the slave trade through King’s assassination including the ability to walk through the Lorraine Hotel. Tip: Go early and plan to make this your only day activity. There are a lot of exhibits and you will want to see them all. That evening in search of a lighter activity we hit Beale Street. Home of the Blues, this “Bourbon street” like strip is a musical experience not to be missed where musicianship and “strong” frozen beverages equally share the stage.

Nashville, TN: Our final stop as we headed east landed us in a small, coal town. Although quite an unassuming location, this place harbors a special jewel, The Greenbrier. This stop request, courtesy of my mom the history buff and source of the Southern Belle in me that occasionally reveals itself, was one that I was glad she made. It was the perfect mix of fascinating history and Southern charm. The expansive property served as the summer destination for 22 of our country’s 44 Presidents and later was the emergency secret bomb bunker for Congress should the U.S. be faced with threat during the Cold War era. Shopping, PGA tour lever golfing, fine dining and resort hosted activities are sure to keep you busy. Our time there proved to be one of the most luxurious and elegant resort experiences I’ve had.

Tip: Don’t miss afternoon tea and be sure to dress for the occasion. A big hat and gloves will garner multiple looks and compliments. For the gents, dapper resort wear and summer hats are appropriate. 30




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Millennial entrepreneurs of Chicago came together to spark a conversation of change. Highlighting their business endeavors, business owners Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics and Nicole and Nichelle Nichols of the Guilty Grape introduced their brands to the Chicago market in an engaging event infused with and amazing cocktails and meaningful conversation. 36



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