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HOT DROP TOPS & sizzling spanish speed

Summer Loving?


what do women look for in a guy?

Festival Fashion


Summer time


your career development with postgraduate study in business at Hertfordshire...

The Business School offers a wide range of postgraduate courses including: • Accounting & Finance • Human Resources • International Business • Management • Marketing • Project Management • Tourism • As well as our flagship Hertfordshire MBA programme

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Hello! Welcome to the latest edition of FAME magazine where we have lots of exciting changes to tell you about. Firstly, you might be thinking “who is ‘we’?” – Well, ‘we’ are Calum and Kat and this is our first issue as the new Editors of FAME. Siobhan left us with some very big shoes to fill, but we’ve been trying our hardest to match up to her amazing talent and general awesomeness! Speaking of awesomeness, we have totally fixed-up our website and have a new Online Editor, Letara Buckley, to look after it. This means you’ll no longer have to wait for the next issue of the magazine to get great content as there will be regular updates at

But more exciting than new Editors and a new website (is that even possible?): Exams are over! And now that the stress has passed it’s time to start planning how you’ll spend your summer. Whether you’re heading for a music festival or planning to relax on a luxury holiday this issue’s got something for you. We have all the beauty essentials you’ll need for the festival season, and if you haven’t had enough of books during term-time we have a list of books that make for the perfect summer reading material. Alternatively if you’ll be spending your summer interning, the FAME team feel your

Content: Papped: 5 Nigel Culkin: 29

Students out and about in UH

Men’s Fashion: 8 Events: 30

Sun, Sea & Stylish Tees

Travel: 10-11

Close to Home Hip Cities

Relationship: 12-13

Summer Loving?

Men’s Lounge: 32-33

What do Women Want in a Guy

Sights: 34

Fast and Furious 5 Water for the Elephants Insidious

Women’s Fashion: 14-15 Books: 34 Festival Fashion


Festival Survival Beauty Guide We hope you enjoy this issue and your summer!

Talents: 17-27

Calum and Kat

Miami Superclub

Gifts: 9 Skate bored?: 31

Summer Time Watches

pain and have a great motivational article for you provided by our guest writer, business genius, Nigel Culkin.

Could You be an entrepreneur ?

Cartoonist Ellis Sharman Student Music Talents Miss Dasie Rankins Superman or Businessman? Echoes of an Age A Cut Above the Rest Miss Independent

5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin The Official Guide to Living Life the Essex Way

Cars: 35-37

Sizzling Spanish Speed Hot Drop Tops

Staff Profile: 38-39 New Photographers Junior Designers

Events: 42

Philharmonic; A night of Brilliance A Trip to the Fashion Capital of the World

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Photographer: Faseeh Shams & Jack Bevan


Entrepreneur retains his ‘flare’

Each year, the University of Hertfordshire seeks out entrepreneurial students, past and present, to compete in its Enterprise Ideas Challenge (flare). Now in its fifth year, the competition has given many the platform to realise their ambitions; Gary Schoeman is one of them…

FACT FILE: • Gary Schoeman, 26 • Kroonstad, South Africa • BA (Hons) Marketing • flare Entrepreneur 2010

Will your idea take off? I am the type of person that has always questioned everything in life. I am constantly dreaming up new ways of doing things, with one goal in mind; to turn these ideas into a profit. flare, the University of Hertfordshire’s business ideas challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs, provided me with the perfect opportunity to put my skills to the test. Last year, I entered with my business idea SG Career - an online recruitment agency dedicated to helping students find vocational jobs in the USA, and on May 7th 2010 I won the ‘flare Entrepreneur 2010’ award.

In 2006 I travelled to America and it was then that I came up with the idea of SG Career. I spotted the opportunity to help students enjoy the chance of working and travelling during their summer break. The opportunity would allow them to spend three months living the American dream and earning some money whilst experiencing a new culture.

Have you got a business idea? I entered flare four times during my time at UH and each time I was desperate to win. I came close twice by collecting the prize for ‘Most Innovative Idea’ in both 2008 and 2009 but it was with SG Career that I was fortunate enough to win the top prize last year.



Writer:----------- ---------- -------------ADVERTORIAL

“If you can dream it you can achieve it!” Entering flare was probably my best experience at university. The whole challenge was a hands on and practical approach into the real business world. The value I got out of flare can never be taught, only experienced! In May 2010 SG Career had one client; a year later we have expanded to five clients and can now offer more than 200 job opportunities

for students in the US. The support and contacts I got from flare has been amazing; I was able to get in touch with vital people and get the word out amongst students wanting to travel and work abroad. Without the experience and support of flare I don’t think I would have enjoyed the same success this quickly.

My advice to any aspiring entrepreneur is to remember that everything in life starts from a single idea. The ideas that become a reality are the ones that received enough energy and that energy is made up of effort and a great attitude. My philosophy is simple, “if you can dream it you can achieve it!”

Grow your ideas

Plug into the Incubation Centre • Enjoy free high-spec office space and meeting room facilities • Tap into practical business advice, ideas and funding opportunities • Join our vibrant hub of budding entrepreneurs • Benefit from a respected business park location and address

Contact us on:

01707 286131 Or email us at:

Plug into a real business network


Men’s Fashion: Sun, Sea & Stylish Tees

Photographer: Faseeh Shams & Sophie Louise House




Whether we see weeks, days or even just hours of sun this summer, I urge guys of all shapes and sizes to invest in some wholesome t-shirts. Make a point of having a selection of tees in your wardrobe to give your look some distinction between your clothes for Spring/Summer and those for Autumn /Winter. It’s always a shame when poor preparation leads us to the upsetting choice between a turtle neck top or a knitted Aaron sweater on the hottest day of the year – our only recognition of the blistering sunrays coming when we roll up our sleeves. Alas, in order to save you from unattractively

Secondly, we have Weekend Offender, with a

dripping with sweat this summer, the FAME

number of humorous anecdotes relating to

team have put together a few looks from three

being a part-time ‘offender’. My favourite tee

well-established brands with ‘winning’ t-shirt

from this collection has an A4 sized screen-printed

collections for Spring/Summer 2011.

copy of a police report for a ‘football banning order’, the details include the said police station

First up is the brand Sinstar. With its focus on skull

which one must attend and the outline of your

prints, bold typography and military connotations

rights as an offender – scary. I believe it was made

this brand is not for the weak-hearted; it exudes an

for those who would rather not be arrested but

air of sinister nonchalance and rawness.

nevertheless pay homage to those who enjoy a good ol’ scuffle at the beginning and end of a West Ham vs ‘Whoever’ football match. Lastly, Humor has a bubbly, fun style filled with pop graphics and vibrant colours. It has a tendency to be appreciated by many arty folk and those enthralled by pop imagery and creativity. With these t-shirt brands on hand it’s easy to prepare for the heat we have lined up for the summer. Remember guys, it doesn’t last long, so throw on a tee and make the most of it!

Written by: Reece Laurent Hushes

Gifts: Summer Time

Written by Calum Di Lieto

Summer Time


Hot weather means short sleeves and exposed wrists. That means that ancient timepiece you’ve been hiding up your sleeve over the winter season will be seen by all, and so it’s time to upgrade that sun-dial.


These watches look so technologically advanced that if we were told they’d been made in the future we wouldn’t argue! Tokyoflash’s range looks like they come from another world and will definitely alienate anyone you show them to. They are symbols of Tokyo: brightly lit, unique and …in a different language! For each watch in their range, there is a different way of telling the time - it’s usually a combination of lights that look like they could be summoning ‘the mothership’. Tokyoflash pride themselves on their uniqueness.

The range includes the Kisai Console LED Watch.

In a time where everything has a clock built in

This black stainless steel wristwatch has a natural

to it, watches have become more like fashion

curve that means it will fit even the slimmest of

accessories and these futuristic time-tellers are

wrists. It fits computers too with a USB connection

definitely ‘wearable art’.

to charge the battery. However the Console is


almost the same price as a games console at £113.47. The Kisai Sensai Alloy LED Watch is cheaper at £67.78, but like all Sensais, it demands respect. It’s made from lightweight high-grade aluminium and has black acryllic housing for the LED display. For the same price there is also the Kisai Keisan


Silver LED Watch.


SWATCH For some of you, a watch may not be about carrying a miniature Transformer on your wrist, but something a lot simpler. If you don’t want to crack codes to tell the time then there are Colour Codes; a range of watches from Swatch, the Swiss watch maker. When you think of Switzerland you may think of cheese, army knives or Julie Andrews singing The Sound of Music. These watches are more like the latter in that ‘when the dog bites, when the bee stings, or when your feeling sad,’ these retro colourful watches will stop you feeling so bad! They’re available in a multitude of retro colours from Dragonfruit pink, Callicarpa purple and Lemon time yellow to Cherry-Berry red and Fresh Papaya orange – there is sure to be one to match your summer outfit. All priced at £30.


Travel: Close to Home

Written by Gevgana Icoeva

Close to Home Haven’t got the cash to go abroad this year? No worries! FAME has found the best UK holiday destinations just for you, aren’t we lovely! Rhythms of the World

also many international flavours will be brought onto your table from countries like: Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Australia, America and the Czech Republic. All in all, it will be a great day out with your mates, with some good music and food and an excuse to drink a lot of beer! All you need to do to get there from Hatfield is get on the 620 or 636 bus. More details at about the last fest: Isle of Wight

There is nothing better to fire up the first sparks of

On the other hand, if you want to have a quiet

Did you know? The Isle of Wight is a celeb hotspot

summer than a good music festival. Get your Rock

getaway at a deserted beach you can do that in

: Rpattz and Kstew were spotted holidaying there

& Roll on, and get ready to enjoy bands from India,

some of the less crowded areas of Newquay. There

several times last year!

Cuba, Australia, Congo, China, Senegal, Singapore

you can enjoy activities like swimming, fishing at the

& Germany at the 20th “Rhythms of the World”

Looe Festival by the Sea (June) or visiting the local

This is the perfect destination for adventurers who

Hitchin festival (July 9 -10). With some mambo,

attractions: Blue Reef Aquarium, the Zoo, the Lusty

want to experience extreme sports like paragliding,

Cuban ska, rumba, rock and reggae vibes in the air,

Glaze Adventure Centre or the Buccaneer Bay - and

tree-climbing and chasing dinosaur trails at

a group of friends, some drinks and a few laughs,

learn a bit more about Cornish history.

vDinosaur Isle. They can also have an adventurous nightlife in some of the numerous bars and clubs or

this event promises to be the start of a fun holiday. Warning this is for pro’s only! - You must know that

go to the spectacular Isle of Wight Music Festival

There is something special for gourmets too, as

you’ve also arrived at the surfers’ paradise. There

(near Newport June 11-13th).

they can satisfy their exquisite taste with Thai,

are some killer waves you can hop onto during the

Mexican, Greek, Caribbean, Indian, Italian, Tibetan

Rip Curl Boardmaster (August). Even if you’re not a

Or if you want to relax and try something new: go

cuisine and more. Other entertainment is provided

pro and want to feel the adrenaline rush, you can go

sailing and attempt to write. Be as inspired by the

too; acoustic acts, magicians and comedians on

to one of the many surfing camps organised.

natural beauty of the island as authors Dickens, Keats and Tennyson were. Furthermore, picture

the Saturday and a showcase for our younger performers on the Sunday. All this, at student-friendly

If you want something a little bit chilled you can do

yourself enjoying mouthwatering sea food and

prices. Simply hop on to the 635 or 700 bus and

some serious shopping at the Royal Cornwall Show

aromatic wine at a small cafe near the beach at

you’ll be there in no time.

or go see a play at the Polperro festival (June).

sunset, with a light refreshing breeze in the air.

More info at: events.html

Other interesting destinations include: Carisbrooke Castle, Arreton Craft Barns (for glass blowing),

Newquay If you are a serious party animal you’d love the

Harpenden Beer Festival

the Shipwreck and the Maritime Museum, St.

popular Fistral beach. There are plenty of things for

Heard about the epic Octoberfest in Germany? Well,

Catherine’s Lighthouse (Niton), or the Garlic Farm

to do and clubs are open 24/7. There’s also golf,

there’s something similar right here in Hertfordshire

(Newchurch) - where they offer anything made with

paintball, beach sports, and music festivals too.

- Harpenden Beer Festival (June 10 -12). It is a must

garlic, including ice cream!

And don’t forget when you’re craving something

for every beer or cider enthusiast. Not only are you

delicious to eat you can have a real Cornish pasty

going to taste local ales from all over the UK, but

and ice cream.

Travel: Hip Cities

Photographer: Christine Browne

Written by Davina Ogwu


Life Love and Lisbon

Hip Cities DAY ONE: Get to know this vivacious city.

DAY THREE : ‘Shop till you drop’

Built on seven hills, Lisbon boasts breath-taking

This is no cliché in Lisbon. Where to begin?

views and steep, winding streets that turn a simple

Shopping options include the Almada

stroll into quite a workout! Get a panoramic view

Fórum which overlooks the River Tagus,

of the city from the Santuário de Cristo Rei statue,

the El Corte Inglés, or the street treasures

which majestically overlooks Lisbon and the River

of baixa (‘downtown’) Chiado. Whatever

Tagus. Feeling cultural? Then head to one of the

your tastes - designer brands or handmade

many museums in the city centre. From the more

leather goods, vintage clothing, jewellery,

traditional historic pieces housed in the National Art

handcrafted souvenirs, it’s all there.

Looking for some sun, sea and surf this summer? A city steeped in colour, culture and charisma? Well then, head over to the beach central capital of Lisbon, Portugal! Here’s a five day Portuguese adventure to wet your appetite…

Museum to the impressive if not creepy collection of puppets in the Puppet Museum (yes we said

DAY FOUR Eat your heart out

puppets!) Lisbon has a museum to suit every taste.

The Portuguese are big on food and drink, so when in Lisbon…. Since they

DAY TWO: It wouldn’t be a holiday without a trip to

traditionally dine late, it’s perfect for a night

the beach!

out. Feast on Espetada (meat on a skewer)

Hit the Costa de Caparica which is half an hour from

while sipping on Vinho Verde (green wine),

Lisbon via a bus from Lisbon’s Praça de Espanha

then shake off the calories in one of the

bus terminal to Caparica town. Summer is packed

many discothèques littered in and around

with music festivals, so why not be serenaded while

Lisbon’s nightlife districts of Docas and

you sunbathe! For (skilled) surfing-enthusiasts,

Bairro Alto. Checkout the Vietnamese-

Santa Cruz offers powerful waves to challenge

inspired Indochina or party up a storm

the bravest surfer. To simply indulge in some

in Lux Frágil dancing to everything from

picturesque beauty take a trip to Praia Adraga,

Reggae music to Samba!

which is all blue waters, unspoiled earth and tall cliffs. Sigh…

DAY FIVE: Last day….how about a wild card?

attractions of the Eduardo VII Park. To wind down

Didn’t get enough of the beach? Well it’s still there!

before your return flight, a nice meal and some live

Eager for a little more culture? Checkout some

music in the Docas district will leave you with happy

Baroque-inspired architecture in the shape of the

memories of Lisbon. We dare you to squeeze in

Estrela Basilica church or the historic and natural

everything! Tchau!


Relationship: Summer Loving?

Photographer: Faseeh Shams

Written by Jessica Lam



The Pros and Cons of Summer Flings So summer’s here, creating the perfect opportunity to mingle and meet new people! But before you dive in headfirst, here are a few pointers to bear in mind.

Short and sweet. The beauty of summer flings is that they tend to be light, fun and generally carefree. There are no worries of commitment or drama - which can be perfect if you’re not looking for anything too heavy.

Post- Break up Therapy. A dash of summer love can also be a great way to restore your faith in romance if you’re recovering from a string of bad dates with one too many Mr Wrongs! And besides, having that bit of romantic attention can also be a great confidence booster, so get flirting ladies and gents!

Curse of the Cling. There is always a chance that you or the other person could get hurt. It is not uncommon for one person to become more emotionally attached than the other, so just make sure you always know where you stand.



Welcome to my new column. Every issue I’ll be sharing with you my trials and tribulations as I search for true love... A new season is here and with the sun out, each day is more beautiful. You know what they say - summer is the season of love and romance. I can’t say I’ve ever really believed in finding ‘summer love’, well not after my experience last summer… It was all the result of a journey home after a long day out in the West End. I found that I was being stared at by a young man who looked no older than 20. I felt uneasy for the remainder of the journey, anxious to get to home. When I got off the train; he introduced himself as Jamal and shockingly asked me for my number. I gave it to him thinking it would do me no harm, but little did I know it would be the beginning of my whole summer nightmare…

Goodbyes. It’s always hard to say goodbye, and it can be even more difficult to end things if you’ve become accustomed to spending so much time with them over summer. But more often than not, when the summer ends, so too does its romances. So is a summer fling playing on your mind? Just remember that it’s called a “fling” for a reason. As long as you understand it’s a short-term affair, I’d say why not? Have a good summer!

There began the endless phone calls; he told me about him falling in love with me at first sight and how amazing I was. I must admit at first I was quite entertained, and continued talking to him throughout summer, however he became an annoying burden after a while. We eventually stopped talking, as we both clearly wanted different things, but it was so draining! Summer may well be the best time for love…but only if the attraction is mutual! So do go out and enjoy your summer dear readers and keep an open mind. I may not have stumbled across the beau of my dreams on the train that day, but you just might!


Womens Fashion: Festival Fashion

Photographer: Sophie Louise House

Written by: Kat Ramsingh

GET THE LOOK Title image: Left model wears: Black/ White printed playsuit by Yumi: £15, Boots, Model’s own, Right model wears: Gweni dress by Yumi: £15, Yumi Brown belt: £8, Cream floral scarf: £5, Shoes by Coco Rose London: £45

fashion arts media entrepreneurship

The way! Not prepared for the festival season yet? Well what are you waiting for!?! Coachella Festival in California has already been and gone, meaning you’re already behind and the festival season is officially well underway… Before you know it, thousands of us randy sweaty festival lovers will be descending upon the English countryside with our tents, wellies and dodgy fringes to indulge in some good old fashioned sex, drugs and rock and roll – (whilst listening to some bands too of course). Now this is all well and good I hear you say but what exactly should you wear when indulging in such activities? To be completely honest when it comes to fashion festival-wise anything goes. However whether you opt for the classic denim hot pants and vest combo or an eccentric fancy dress look the same basic rules apply.

Heels of any kind are a definite no-no, you’ll be stuck in the mud instantly!

15 1) Wear practical shoes. Those new wedges you got from Topshop may look really gorgeous in the box but take them to a festival and they’ll be ruined within five minutes. Heels of any kind are a definite no no - you’ll be stuck in the mud instantly and as much as your friends love you, they won’t want to be hanging around all day trying to pull you out. A pair of boots or wellies are your best option especially if you’re going to a UK festival where there’s likely to be rain. 2) Pack a Mac! It may not be cool but as we all know the British weather is extremely unpredictable. You don’t want to be one of the mugs who pays a fiver for one of those plastic poncho things, so a lightweight waterproof mac is the easiest way to ensure you stay dry, not soggy. Most fold up into a tiny parcel that you can discreetly pop in your handbag too so there’s no excuse not to have one.

You don’t want to be one of those mugs who pays a fiver for one of those plastic ponchos 3) Smaller is better. For carrying things like your phone and money around during the day be sure to use as small a bag as possible. Lugging a big bag around will not only tire you out but also make you extremely unpopular with the crowds of people you continuously bash over the head. A cross body bag is your best choice as it leaves your hands free meaning you can do the Lady Gaga claw, the NERD Star Trek signal or that weird diamond- shaped thing Jay-Z does with ease.

4) Ditch the Designer Labels. Whilst it’s expected of the likes of Kate Moss and Alexa Chung to turn up at Glasto dripping in designer names, mere mortals like us need not bother splashing the cash for festivals. There’s no point taking your favourite outfit or designer item with you, as the chances are you’ll either end up ruining it, getting it stolen or leaving it in the tent of a stranger you’d rather not re-visit in the morning…

Mere mortals like us need not bother splashing the cash 5) Sunburn is not cool Always wear sunglasses and a hat. I’m going to play mum here for a second because it really is key to protect yourself from the sun. Even if it’s a cloudy day during British summertime the UV rays can still be very high, causing you to burn. No-one wants skin cancer so just whack on some sun cream and a hat and your good to go. Sunnies are an additional extra for sun protection, but I prefer to use them for hiding dark circles cause by late nights.

GET THE LOOK Opposite page: Left model wears: Floral cotton dress by Yumi: £15, Jeggings: Model’s own, Yumi Bow headband: £6, Yumi Cream scarf: £8, (also available in blue and black); Bangles, £5 each; Ring: £3, Shoes by Coco Rose London: £45, Right model wears : Zara dress by Yumi, £15; Yumi brown belt, £5; Boots, and Earrings, Model’s own This page: Left model wears: Vintage Star tee by Yumi, £12: Floral ,Jeans by Yumi: £15, Yumi Bow headband: £6; Earrings and Shoes: Model’s own, Right model wears Apple Pie tee by Yumi: £12; Jeggings, Model’s own Yumi Bow headband: £6, Shoes by Coco Rose London: £45, All Yumi clothing available from Yumi outlet store, Hatfield Galleria

Written by Lucy Waldon


Festival Survival Beauty Guide Summer is here and that means one thing – Festivals! Chances are, you got your hands on tickets ages ago, which leaves you plenty of time to decide what to pack. Of course you’ve got to pack light; it’s only a couple of days – but a girl always wants to look her best! It’s tricky to look perfect when in those muddy fields, with the skanky showers and overfriendly dreadlocked strangers, but this guide should help you decide what to take. Here at FAME we’ve sampled and selected the Festival essentials you won’t want to leave your tent without.

All About Face eyeliner pencil and sharpener, £1.49 Picture the situation, you’re away for the weekend but as you go to apply your eyeliner, the lead becomes blunt. Neither you, nor any of your friends have a sharpener so you’ll have to go without your usual eye makeup for the weekend. Not a great scenario to be in. However, the All About Face eyeliner comes with a built-in sharpener on the lid, so you’ll never have to have that drama again! The All About Face eyeliner pencil has a creamy formula so it can easily be blended; as well as being long-lasting, so no need to keep reapplying.

Face wipes – Cucumber Cleansing Wipes, 25 pack, £0.46

Face wipes are an absolute must when packing for the Festival season! There’s no fuss involved, and these cucumber cleansing wipes not only smell great, but can even double up as wet wipes for all those messy situations you find yourself in. Of course, you’re not going to have time to do your usual cleanse, tone and moisturise routine; but these wipes are the best substitute in the meantime and leave skin feeling soft and smooth – and unlike other wipes, don’t irritate the skin.

Soleil Beauty nourishing body spray, 200ml, £3.00

Dry shampoo Batiste Original, 50ml, £1.00

You will most likely not want to endure the showers, whether that be because of the queues, or the general state they are in; plus you’re bound to be having way too much in the fields. Dry shampoo is what festivals were made for, so packing it is essential. Batiste dry shampoo refreshes hair in between washes and can easily be sprayed in and brushed out. Not only does it keep your locks looking fresh, it instantly feels a lot cleaner and doesn’t smell too bad. Batiste dry shampoo comes in a number of fragrances, as well as original, which all suit different hair colours, lengths and thicknesses, so there’s something to please everyone.

Eye makeup remover pads, 30 pack, £0.70

Like face wipes, makeup remover pads are another must-have item when it comes to packing for a muddy weekend in the fields. You don’t want to try your hardest to look glamorous, only to wake up the next day with massive panda eyes – definitely not ‘Festival Chic’. These pads are ideal for sensitive skin, as they’re fragrance free and don’t irritate the way other products can. They even remove waterproof mascara so no red eyes – that makes them a winner in our books!

Soleil Beauty face defence matte fluid, 50ml, £4.00

If you’re going to be hitting the Festival scene this summer, this product body spray is ideal. It has a light milk consistency that not only works as a moisturiser but also doubles up as a skin tan lotion with SPF 50. Although it suggests reapplying every couple of hours this keeps your skin moisturised for up to 12 hours. It hasn’t got that horrible sun tan lotion smell and won’t take a lot of space when you’re packing. It doesn’t feel sticky and easily absorbs into your skin, you won’t even realise you’re wearing it!

All products supplied and sold at Tesco

Although body spray can be used on your face, I highly recommend getting this face defence matte fluid as well. It has a higher SPF meaning you’re more likely to be protected from the sun – after all, you don’t want to wake up with a burnt face, as it’ll spoil your enjoyment the next day! The matte fluid moisturises your skin for 12 hours and like the body spray leaves your skin feeling soft. You don’t need to use a lot either, so chances are, it’ll last all through the holiday season too!

Talent: Cartoon by Ellis Sharman

UH Talent



Talents: Student Music Talens Written by Deji Osobukola, Kela Lewis-Morin & Karma Musiq

UH Talent

Student music talents Tuuobillion – Two Billion Dreams Two Billion Dreams is an album/mixtape from Ollie Tuuobillion, a final year music technology student from the University of Hertfordshire. He is part of the group “Those That Know” which consists of other students at the university: Jordan Reid and John Hoskins. The album two billion dreams is a 12 track album which looks and sounds so professional. As the album plays you get a feeling you are listening to an artist produced by the great Kanye West. The flow is brilliant, the lyrics are inspiring and uplifting, and the beat just gets you nodding. The tracks ‘Dreaming’, ‘Vote for Pedro’ and ‘Sex Baroque’ will definitely get you nodding away. The other tracks like ‘Tonight’, ‘I See Your Love’ and ‘Vibrations’ have a slow tempo and if the title “Vibrations” puts a thought in your head, you wait till you listen to the track! All the beats on the album were produced by “Those That Know”. Overall we at Fame give it 4 stars. You can download a copy of this album at By Deji Osobukola

Karma Musiq fly or die mix tape review. Karma Musiq’s Fly or Die mixtape has got to be one of the most creative mixtapes I’ve heard in a long while. From the beginning, the start it up intro will have you hooked (no fishing rod). It’s filled with clever word play and double meanings that will have you rewinding tracks like Craig David. This artist is definitely fly and I can’t see him falling anytime soon (Niagara). Karma has come along away; I’ve heard him grow as a musician in North West London and seen his following and support expand exponentially. His name went from being echoed in my high school to being heard all around the University of Hertfordshire and London. This mixtape offers a lot of variation, there is something for everyone to listen to, it’s not just for the urban crowd. There are a couple tracks with some good melodious vocals included, as well as Karma-consistent, ingenious word play. ‘Imma Do Me’ and ‘What Yah Heard’ I’m sure will be on everyone’s Most Played. The track entitled ‘Space Dude’ is techno-like in style and is one of my personal favourites. I must say it fails to alienate any listener as the beat is cr-ay-zee and with the flawless lyrics, it will leave you spaced out (Buzz Aldrin) - Karma’s even got me writing in puns! But seriously if you haven’t downloaded the mixtape, then get on the case! Trust me, you won’t regret it. By Kela Lewis-Morin


M.A.C - ‘16z & 32z’ Mixtape

Ashley I ‘Da Introduction’ Mixtape

With the most entertaining introduction track I’ve heard in YEARS, M.A.C definitely knows how to entertain his listeners with his style and content. The track ‘Short and Sweet’ definitely sums up the Mixtape. No doubt there will be a lot of these songs flying about all over the internet. Two very popular instrumentals were torn apart firstly with M.A.C’s cover of Rick Ross’s ‘I’m Not a Star’ followed by the long anticipated version of ‘Woo Riddim’. For an alternative listening M.A.C unleashes a more up-tempo approach with his classic ‘yardie-style’ - reminding us of his roots and his level of capability on any type of beat. This song stands out from the rest of the Mixtape as the rest is predominantly international Hip-Hop. The song ‘Summertime Part 2’ has had people becoming even more impatient for exams to end with this chill-out story of BBQ’s, water fights and beach visits. Not to forget the hidden Bonus track (By far my favourite and more than a bite-size track)… Something I’ll let you unravel yourselves.If you’d like to see what M.A.C’s about (but not the computer) then this Mixtape is worth a free download, You won’t be disappointed!

The amount of effort that has gone into this Mixtape, from the HQ cover to the actual engineering Ashley I has welded a very strong CD. Also available for free download, Ashley I has surprised many people with this release, from a variety of songs which all seem to tell a story providing dynamic listening to a range of listeners. Ashley I puts forward his style of ‘Reality Rap’ with the help from many artists including West London’s very own ‘TE’ this Mixtape could be on your playlist for months. The song entitled ‘Soundtrack to my life’ creates a good relationship between the listeners and Ashley I as he introduces his Mixtape with this song early in. No doubt I know I’ll be hearing songs like ‘Endz Chick’, ‘Paper Chasing’ and ‘On My Grind’ from this Mixtape being played aloud from Mobile Phones, being blasted from cars and even overhearing them through someone’s Dre: Beats Headphones! If you’ve not already downloaded this it’s definitely worth a listen, there’s without a doubt something for everyone on this Mixtape, and if you disagree I would seriously question your taste in good urban music!

Abstrakt – Xperiment 1.1 Unlike many other self-proclaimed ‘artists’ who stick to just one style, Abstrakt paints a picture with his ‘Xperiment 1.1’ download. Switching swiftly from genres like Mohamed Ali’s footwork, this Mixtape brings a full range (no eggs) from Funky House with his opening track entitled ‘Switch It Up’ to RnB, something for the ladies with ‘Sex On The Dancefloor’, and ending with a story, a tale told in the form of Hip-Hop. Looking at the basics, the quality of eafch track is at a good level, very well mixed down with a unique variety of beats which could cater for many listeners. Although this EP consists of six tracks, unlike many other ‘short clip’ Mixtapes - Abstrakt has delivered six full songs. One song entitled ‘I Want It All’ features UH’s very own Mekel ‘M.A.C’ Anderson which is my personal favourite, it starts with Abstrakt at his very best with his unpredictable flows, then Abstrakt delivers a sung chorus, topped off with a hot verse from M.A.C. sandwiched in the middle, ‘I Want It All’ is an anthem for those who really want everything, and won’t hesitate to reach out for it! By Karma Musiq

Upcoming albums in 2011:



Arctic Monkeys - Suck It And See Ziggy Marley - Wild And Free Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV David Cook - This Loud Morning

3 Doors Down - Time Of My Life

September Mary J. Blige - My Life II, The Journey Continues

Anticipated Future Releases in 2011 These albums do not yet have a firm release date, but are in various stages of development. If an artist appears multiple times, that means multiple albums by that artist are forthcoming.

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne

50 Cent - Black Magic

Jill Scott - The Light of the Sun Summer

Bjork - Biophilia Summer

Kelly Rowland - Here I Am Fall

Common - The Believer

Lenny Kravitz - Black And White America

DMX - Walk With Me Now and Fly With Me Later

Limp Bizkit - Gold Cobra Summer

Dr. Dre - Detox

Naughty By Nature - Anthem Inc. May

Estelle - All Of Me

Nelly Furtado - Lifestyle

Fabolous - Loso’s Way 2

Pitbull - Planet Pit

Game - The R.E.D.

Raheem DeVaughn - A Place Called Loveland

Gym Class Heroes – Halestorm

Rick Ross - God Forgives, I Don’t - Rush Clockwork Angels

Jadakiss - Top Five, Dead or Alive

Wyclef Jean - If I Were President: My Haitian Experience

Jagged Edge - The Remedy

Yung Berg - I Say: Who IS Christian Ward?

Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star


Talent: Dasie Rankin

Photographer: Faseeh Shams & Sophie Louise House

Written by Amar Sejpal

UH Talent

What’s driving


One of Hertfordshire’s hidden treasures, 19 year-old Daisie Rankin made her show business debut on stage for the West End’s ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ starring alongside Stephen Gately, Jason Donovan and Christopher Biggins. Now the UH Psychology student lets slip to FAME the stories from her dishonest showbiz days, sharing with us her journey from student to starlet. At the tender age of 11, Daisie starred in her first role, a theatre production of Step Up. She tells us, “I had nothing to do, I didn’t know I could dance, I didn’t know I could sing. My mum sent me for a little bit of quiet time and was so surprised when she saw my first performance!” “My first professional job was when I was 11 and that was me doing a French opera - and I couldn’t even speak French!” Daisie’s mother saw a glimmer of a gift inside her child and encouraged her to join a talent agency. She admits to being a bit of a novice to it all. “I went for an audition for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and hadn’t a clue what I was doing. I was there for 7 hours waiting and didn’t know what to expect, but somehow I managed to get a part!” A young Daisie found her teachers quickly recognising her growing talent. Daisie remembers: “My teacher always used to encourage me to sing all these solos, and at first I thought it was normal, but they started sending to me auditions and I realised my teachers had noticed that I had a talent.”

A few years later and Daisie was cunningly altering her date of birth on her CV transforming her from a 14 year-old to 18 year-old, all in the name of showbiz. Comic Relief 2007 was looming and girl bands Girls Aloud and Sugababes teamed up to create a charity single. They needed back-up dancers for the video and with a minimum age of 18 set, Daisie saw an opportunity. “I was a dancer and was only 14 but applied for it anyway and got through! They never found out my real age. I kept changing my date of birth back and forth from then on when I applied for other things!” Daisie’s passion and drive was, and still is, never ending. The Miss England applicant then began modelling. “I thought I should broaden my talents,” says Daisie. “When you apply for auditions and tell them you’ve done all these different things then you’ll stand out from the crowd. I’m always pushing myself to do more and be the best.” With such an open outlook, Daisie believes it’s important not to take life too seriously. “If I don’ get to do any more projects then at least I can say I’ve enjoyed what I’ve done so far. Although, I recently had an e-mail from someone at Sony Music, and they’ve asked me to do vocals for someone; so that’s amazing!”

I went for an audition for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and hadn’t a clue what I was doing!

Leaving us with such an exciting newsflash, we’re sure Daisie Rankin will be a name to remember, whatever path she chooses to travel down next.

It’s important not to take life too seriously FAME GAME: Maritime or Chocolate Spread - Marmite Winter or Summer - Winter Beyonce or Lady Gaga - Beyonce Girls Aloud Sugababes - Girls Aloud FAME or Fortune - FAME

Written by Deji Osobukola & Siobhan Mada


NEA Talent elf mys see I all ? m ears f a few s g ve y o in fi t p m nex made u pco the ing u terprise e elf in s empir my excit n s e r l u s e yo socia and sine u se d of nes a bu o o in o v y k t g o re d ndations y existin up some Whe m rt fou e ding e to sta h ss? t sine inclu lik with s o e s ls a bu CSEs s a e p d u in ’ I G bus ure. tting g my ts vent u se Durin y paren just t yo . food ity. u e o n m b o y a r d y e l a a n ct a it. Th s fee e from d or ch proje ft me to rent a m e p g d le hu your upporte and on a did ys s ’ Squad d me a e t How s lw u nded ’ve a lazin nt-fu e ey tr nme g! They d with B d but th r al e in c v is s rev e go rke rrie large ide I wo little wo at I was ith th n w o t c k w a th wor tion ontra were d to see ed e to s na ?Ac volv ke club lved owed m c l o e l as e v n h a h e c l b ig k l t s r s a s o o e ’ e yw ess in fo int d usin r m c k b p c r n e , u o e t th en nw self e th or S has lopm esig Sinc ing f n my es! 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p nter E l a tioenmy Naa d Ac


Talent: Echoes of an Age

Photographer: Faseeh Shams

Written by Calum Di Lieto

Five guys from Hemel Hempstead, one talented producer and a future brighter than any shade of orange; these guys have performed live on BBC Three Counties radio, are in the Area Final for Live and Unsigned and have done gigs all over London and Hertfordshire. FAME caught up with the guys and found that although they are focused on their music, they still find the time to cup a fart in their hands and throw it at each other.


UH Talent What was the next round like? The next round was

the Regional Final, in April. It involved playing to an audience of around 250 people and four industry judges - including one from Kerrang. We had to play a song of our own (‘Rise with The Sun’) and seamlessly merge a cover (we chose ‘Nero - Me and You’). We had practiced every Sunday for four hours straight leading up to it, but on the day it didn’t

Firstly, how do you all know each other? Well, Danny went to school with Jason,

really all go to plan as Jason’s guitar string snapped

Jason is brothers with Dan, Dan met Graham drunkenly, and Harry is a family

within the first thirty seconds, and so he had to

friend of the Greens.

improvise on the spot. Nerves did play their part

but we all came off the stage buzzing. As we waited Right… that’s not confusing! So, to give us a feel of your characters, describe

for the judge’s verdict with the twenty other acts,

each other in one word: Harry falls over and trips everyone up with his size 12

we wondered if we had done enough. But they only

feet, so I guess he is the clumsy one. As for the rest of us; Danny is the pretty

went and called us out first, didn’t they? We all felt a

one – although he is always like half an hour late everywhere, Graham is the

bit shocked, but very proud of each other.

hard one, Jason is balding and his brother Dan is bald (we’ve had great fun setting up the lights to shine off his head).

We are now in the Area Final on 7th May at the

Bedford Corn Exchange again. We will be up against What successes have you had so far? In March we went on BBC Three

the best remaining acts from the South Midlands

Counties radio for the Friday night BBC Introducing show - for Herts, Beds and

and Bedfordshire. We’ll have to do the same format

Bucks best new music. We all went along to the studio in Luton and got there

of an original song and a cover merged. The winners

ridiculously early (to the amusement of the producer Kelly Betts). We got a bit

of this final will be in the Grand Final at the O2!

excited as this was our first experience on live radio. But we felt a sense of

(Fingers crossed it’s us).

achievement for having our song ‘Rise With The Sun’ played on air. We are also competing in Live and Unsigned.

What was your first ever performance like? Our first performance was at The Horn in St. Albans,

Live and Unsigned! Tell us more! We auditioned in March over at Bedford Corn

over a year ago. Danny hadn’t eaten all day! And

Exchange where we had to play 2 minutes of one of our songs, ‘Run Away’.

no matter how much water he drank, his throat was

There were three judges in the room and no audience and we were the first act

dryer than ever. He was confident in his voice but

of the day (we were on within fifteen minutes of turning up!). Because of this, we

one song in particular seemed to be getting the best

didn’t really have time to be nervous - we were all so focused on what we had

of him (ironically our cover ‘The Best of You’ - Foo

to do. But then afterwards, when they said we got through, we were all laughing

Fighters). We printed off the lyrics and he listened

and jumping about like little kids.

to it about 50 times on his iPod, then on the drive

Playing live now is still a daunting task to an extent, yet much more fun and rewarding.

over with Dan, he had the song on repeat. Jason

had the most stage experience as he was in a band before Echoes of an Age but of course this was the first time we were going to expose our songs live. Graham and Harry were both quietly nervous, but

confident in their abilities to play.


Danny PoultonVocals

How does it compare to performing now? Playing live now is still a daunting task to an extent, yet much more fun and rewarding. We seemed to have acquired a small following who know the words to most of our songs and hearing everyone join in is a strange, but great, feeling. There’s a long road ahead but we are all a lot more comfortable in the spotlight and believe in our

So you have some groupies eh? How do you all react when it comes to female attention? Well Dan’s engaged and Graham’s pretty much married. As for the rest of us; Jason falls in love within about ten minutes of meeting someone, while Danny is just a scared little boy when it comes to talking to women – even though he gets the most without a doubt. If a hot girl came up to all of us, Harry out to buy an engagement ring. What’s next on the ‘long road ahead’? We are going back on BBC Three Counties radio on August 19th to play live in session and play a couple of our own tracks. Before that we have a couple of gigs lined up in Welwyn Garden City, Camden, Dunstable and Hemel Hempstead.

Search: ‘Echoes of an Age’ on Facebook, where all our new gig dates can be found as well as our songs and videos of us playing live.

Jason GreenLead Guitar

would probably fall head over heels for her, while Jason would have just popped

at present). We have about fifteen songs to work on and will probably narrow

Graham NobleRhythm Guitar

Meanwhile, over the summer we will be mastering our album (dubbed ‘New Era’ them down to ten or twelve. Our friend Ali Brown who we see as a sixth member of our band will be helping us. He’s kind of been the man in the middle of Danny and Jason when it comes to producing/recording our songs. Ali’s involvement with music technology began while being the drummer in the band, IMAGIRO with Jason. His knowledge and enthusiasm developed when he recorded demos for the band. This consequently led to the completion of his A Level in Music Technology. He recently completed a BSc (Hons) in Music Technology at Coventry University with studies ranging from studio techniques to acoustics. Ali has had experience of recording various artists and working with live sound; most notably the 2010 BBC proms. Ali has worked with us and our music for many years and is looking forward since the start and feels quite privileged to be involved with us. Thanks for talking with FAME guys, and good luck at the Area Final!

There’s a long road ahead but we all are a lot more comfortable in the spotlight and believe in our songs.

Harry MonkBass

to completing our album this summer. He’s enjoyed every aspect of our music

Dan GreenDrums





HRC Talent


What was it about hairdressing that made you decide to take a course at HRC? I’ve always loved working with hair and whilst I had some time on myhands I thought I would take it to the next level and get qualified. By the time I leave I will have gained the relevant qualifications to teach hairdressing.

Who or what motivates you? Who? Lenni-Grace, my young daughter, she is my motivation. Everything I do is for her and our future. What? – That would be money, it makes the world go round so therefore that is always a motivation to be successful.

How has HRC equipped you with the necessary skills you need to enter the workforce? The College have encouraged me to enter competitions which have given me the confidence to push my career further. They spotted my talent and encouraged me all the way.

Have you won any competitions while studying? If so, what difference would a win make to the overall success of your course and future career? Yes, I won ‘The Hairdressing Council Student of the Year’ and it has already opened doors for me. The awards have enabled me to meet successful celebrity hairdressers, some of whom I hope to work with in the future.

What’s your favourite part of hairdressing? I love being creative and coming up with my own ideas. Doing hair and make-up for photo-shoots is such a buzz, I really enjoy that.

Written by James Green from HRC Hertford Regional College (HRC) student James Green who is studying an Access to Higher Education course has interviewed fellow student Terri-Ann Neighbour, who is on a hairdressing course where she hopes to qualify as a teacher soon.


You mentioned that you enjoy make-up, is that something you would like to do in the future? I love make-up and have worked as a make-up artist on TV commercials and music videos in the past - doing a makeup course alongside the hairdressing means I can diversify which could potentially get me more work!

Have you been involved in any other projects or events outside or at College? I’ve just taken part in Essex Fashion Week running the hair styling team back stage. This was a big task and I was very happy to be involved.

What was it like backstage? Backstage was buzzing, it was quite calm on the Thursday and Friday but when the main event happened on the Saturday… wow, I did not stop all day! It was hectic, but it was a fantastic day and gave me a lot of experience.

If you had the chance to work with any hairdresser in the world who would it be? There are many. Currently I really want to work as a session stylist so the most beneficial to my career would have to be James Brown.

How did you get selected for the Essex Fashion Week? I was invited to be involved with Essex Fashion Week by a company called ‘’. They have the most amazing hairextension system using cold fusion technology and I will be working with them again creatively in the near future. They asked me to lead the creative team of hair stylists back stage at the show which was a terrific opportunity. I was very happy to oblige and had the most amazing three days.

What problems do you think the hairdressing industry is faced with? I think the biggest problem is that hairstylists in the UK, unlike the USA, do not currently have to be registered. Anyone can open a salon and start cutting and colouring hair! These unqualified people give the industry a bad name. To avoid this in the future ‘The Hairdressing Council is campaigning to raise standards and make the industry self regulated. Hopefully soon every hairdresser will have to be state registered, thus eliminating ‘cowboys’ who practise hairdressing with no qualifications or experience whatsoever!

Finally, what advice do you have for those who would like to be hairdressers? Do you own your own salon or is this something you are looking to set up after college? No not yet. Firstly I would like to get a good reputation in the trade and make a name for myself. Owning my own salon really isn’t something I’m thinking about right now but maybe in 10 years I’ll feel differently. I don’t think I am ready for that kind of responsibility yet.

It would be practice, practice, practice! For younger people I would say, show your passion work Saturdays, evenings, holidays, any free time in a salon. When you are old enough and have qualified to go to college, get on a full-time course at college or on an Apprenticeship and gain your NVQ level 2 qualifications. Then keep on going.......there is always something new to learn.


Talent: Hanna vincent

FCA Talent

Interviewer: Rhiann Shipley

Hannah Vincent is a bright young artist who, throughout her schooling, has achieved the highest grades for her artistic abilities and inspiring major pieces.

You’re currently approaching the final stage of your A-level art course. What are you planning for next year? Next year will be a deciding year for me. I’m going to Oakland’s College to study a foundation degree in Art and Design. However there are many elements of the course I’ve never explored before, this will hopefully offer me new inspiration and give me direction towards a career.


has a story and it all leads to the final artwork This is something that wasn’t as clear at GCSE level.

What type of artwork do you dislike? I dislike artwork without purpose or meaning. When playing around with ideas not every piece has to have a story, but when producing a final picture I believe it should have some relevance to you or have a theme which people could relate to. Art is subjective, so the audience will view it in different ways, but if a piece of work doesn’t mean anything to the artist then it won’t mean anything to the viewer.

Are there any particular artists who have inspired you creatively?

Meeting Mark Dempsteader was a huge creative influence for me. He did What is it that you a workshop with my AS group last year enjoy about art, and the techniques he showed me have compared to other influenced my own style. These include subjects? the use of dark colours, as a moody Freedom is the thing I atmosphere shows a deeper story, and love most. There are very few also the angle and position of the figure. guidelines, it’s a lesson where I This is something that another artist can just experiment and be as Jenny Saville has shown me, through shocking or unique as possible. studying her work I’ve realised that I love the idea that you can start the angle a photo is taken from can with a blank page and after a matter of say a lot about the story, self-hatred, hours have a wonderful merge of colours embarrassment, and torment. and ideas, depicting a story that means These are all emotions felt from her something to the viewer. I find the rigid work that are captured with use of structure of other subjects too controlling. colour and angle. I hope as an artist I can capture the same raw emotion. I Do you prefer work with an am also influenced by movement and element of shock value? another artist called Christine Comyn. Work that is shocking is definitely The way she used the paint to convey more likely to catch my attention. I love the bodies natural lines and converts a work that causes a reaction, whether still figure to one that appears to be in disgust or amusement. If when looking motion is something which I have tried at my pieces it makes you react in some to replicate in my work with the use of way then to me that is more successful colour. even if it isn’t perfect.

Having previously achieved ‘A’ grades at GCSE and AS Level, has this helped you to develop your artwork further?

Why do you see art as part of your future?

Art has always been the thing that I do when I should be doing something else. It’s fun, and the way I unwind. I’d love a career in art whether it be It definitely has, I have been able to combining it with business skills and look at the previous work and try and going into marketing or becoming a better myself, becoming more creative full time artist. I’ll always be painting or and working with a lot more detail. drawing as it is how I get all my ideas My skills as an artist have developed out of my head for everybody to see. and I have a stronger ability when it I’m still undecided about my future comes to drawing from life. Building up sketchbooks has meant that the thought career; the only thing I know is that it will be artistic and expressive. process behind my work is becoming more complex; every piece I create now

Talent: Michaela Haze

Interviewer: Hannah Richardson


WHC Talent


INDEPENDENT WestHertsCollege

At only 20 years old, first-year Media Production student Michaela Haze has written and published her first novel: gothic thriller, The Bleeders. The Hertfordshire native also acquired a fan base after appearing on the Channel 4 documentary The Joy of Teen Sex, and now has a YouTube channel to which she regularly posts videos, all while juggling her degree at West Herts. We talked to Michaela about the inspiration for her novel and what she’s got planned for the future.

Hi Michaela! Tell us a bit about your first novel, The Bleeders.

What was it like trying to get your debut novel published?

The Bleeders is the type of book that divides people. Everyone has their own opinion on what happens in the book the girl is either insane, or she isn’t. The man she loves is real and murders people or he is imaginary. At the end of the book, you’re either a realist or a romanticist.

I have 200 rejection letters in my cupboard at home that say that getting published isn’t easy - and then you get signed to a publisher. Mine is only small press, an online based company, but at least my book is out there and reviewers and readers seem to like it, which is all I really wanted.

The Bleeders sounds pretty terrifying! Where did your idea for the novel come from?

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I got the idea when I visited an abandoned asylum/hospital for the disabled when I was in a fashion photoshoot for a friend. The experience stuck with me, the empty cots and the linoleum that had half extended up the walls. Perfect inspiration for a horror romance. It took about seventeen overall book ideas coming together to get my story right, and a lot of hard work but I’m happy with the end result. I have received a lot of positive reviews from The Bleeders Book Blog Tour (which finished in February) from reviewers who had hosted my novel as top news on their sites.

I make YouTube video blogs and have done so for the past four months, and today, as I write this, I have just hit the 51st most viewed list for in the director’s category. I spend my life asking questions, so I get most of my ideas for the videos from questions that I have been asked or have asked people during the day. When I get home, I set up my camera and record my responses and thoughts on the questions and upload them. I started a YouTube channel so that I would have an online platform for some of the media projects I do for my degree course. Instead, I ended up doing video blogs about my life and opinions.

What would you like to have accomplished or be doing in ten years time? I’d like to be presenting a radio show, a mainstream one. I’d also like to be making films or at the very least, writing them. I want to have a bestseller and I’d like to become a partner on YouTube, and earn money from making videos. I’d love to be doing anything that allows me to write stories that reach people.



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Journalism & Media Communications MA in

This course is designed for students who want to develop their professional communication skills. Students will gain practical writing and IT skills necessary to operate effectively in a professional media environment. For example, students will learn how to write features, develop press kits, build websites, update web based content and use social media tools as part of a corporate communications strategy.

Employability is a key characteristic of the programme and the optional work experience module will enable students to consolidate knowledge and skills learnt during the course and appreciate professional standards and levels of performance.

What you will study • Corporate Communications • Writing for Magazines and Understanding the Magazine Business • Communication Technologies and much more... For further information about the MA in Journalism & Media Communications, please contact Mimi Tessier email:

Photographer:Faseeh Shams

Writte by Nigel Culkin


Could yoube an

entrepeneur? “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” Don’t worry, those aren’t my words. They belong to Steve Jobs the entrepreneur behind Apple; a company famed as one the most innovative around. But before you say, “I couldn’t do what he does”, I want you to know two things. First, Apple wasn’t always the best thing since sliced bread; and two, Jobs was most definitely not born to be an entrepreneur. In fact as the son of an unmarried mother, baby Jobs was put up for adoption because his mother wanted a girl. However, she also felt very strongly that he should only be adopted by college graduates. She was so determined on this point that on learning neither future parent of Jobs had graduated from college, she initially refused to sign the adoption papers. She only relented when they promised Jobs would be sent to college. He went, but dropped out because it was too expensive. Okay so maybe we’re not all like Jobs, but what exactly does it take to be an entrepreneur? Some people, through a combination of natural and environmental factors, give off the impression that they have what it takes to create, drive and manage a venture from inception to fruition. Others, due to a distinctive set of influences, have a different set of traits and abilities, which convince them, they’re unlikely to ever take the plunge and start their own venture. A third set of people fall somewhere between these extremes.

So, next time you think you can’t do something. Try it first. So, you might not think that you have the entrepreneurial mindset, but you might have a mindset that’s open to the possibility of entrepreneurship. You might not have a clear concept of what enterprise is, but you could easily have the baseline mindset of a pre-entrepreneur. You might not picture yourself as the heroic individual à la Steve Jobs but you might have the perfect mindset to be part of a small ‘start-up’ team. Facing up to your ‘can I, can’t I’ moment in developing your inner entrepreneur there are two crucial aspects you need to consider: One is your entrepreneurial self-image – whether you judge yourself to be entrepreneurial material and feel that you have the potential to become the enterprising character necessary for successful venturing. The other aspect is whether you actually have the mindset, traits and abilities required to be successful in your chosen venture.

The role of people like me is to address both of these requirements for students of entrepreneurship, giving you the opportunity to experience the world of an entrepreneur. On the one hand, optimising the possibility of future venture success by providing the tools and techniques to develop, drive and manage an enterprise. On the other hand, providing the opportunity to evaluate the possibility of entrepreneurship - bringing into focus for students the core question – ‘can I be an entrepreneur?’ Let me give you an example - being able to tell a great story is key for any budding entrepreneur. Steve Jobs does it better than most. But it’s an ability he’s had to learn through experience; not something he was born with. In fact, in the superbly titled book ‘…and Death Came Third’ by the authors Andy Lopat and Peter Roper reported on a survey that showed what we fear most is (you may have guessed) not Death. No, the things we fear most of all is walking into a room full of strangers and speaking in public. Steve Jobs is reckoned to spend up to 90 hours practicing and fine-tuning his presentations. He invests the time in himself in order to be successful; don’t tell me you can’t do the same. As Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is experience”. So, next time you think you can’t do something. Try it first.



Superclub Hatfield is hardly on par with Miami in terms of glitz and glamour, but if you happened to wander into the Forum Hertfordshire on March 25th, you could’ve easily mixed the two up.

Attracting a crowd of 2,500 partygoers, the night formed an essential part of the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project – Miami Tour, as Hatfield became one of only three UK towns to host the extraordinary Miami nightlife experience. UH Interior Architecture and Design students Rajpreet Bhamrah, Ellie Fahy, James Gooch and Emma Judd were given a brief to transform the Forum into a Miami-esque space ready for the night. They were given a tight budget of £4,000 and a timeframe of just seven weeks and yet they pulled it off exceptionally.

Of the night, the team said: Knowing so many people came to enjoy the venue is surreal. We are so honored for the experience and we will never forget it!

Attendees were welcomed into a lavish setting complete with palm trees where they enjoyed a mix of Electro, House, Hip-Hop, Dub Step and Trance from US DJs performing on the Miami Live Stage. There were also cocktails a plenty and Latino performers on hand offering a more carnival-style atmosphere for those wanting to enjoy something a little more traditional.

Photographer: Sophie Louise House

First there was the humble push along skateboard, now there’s the Eightball Wireless Electric Skateboard. With a top speed of 30 mph the Eightball Electric skateboard is a wireless skateboard unlike any other. Doing all the hard work for you, it supposedly leaves you free to fix your hair, use your phone or even eat a sandwich while you get carried along by its motor. But does adding a motor to an old-skool means of transport actually bring us closer to the future or simply ruin the original? FAME decided to test the board with experienced skateboarder, Samuel Recko, and a bunch of people brave enough to stand on a piece of wood moving at 30mph. I was one of these brave individuals.

Written by Calum Di Lieto





The first test was portability: is carrying the skateboard easy? - Unfortunately even if you were a body builder the answer to this question would be: Hell no! In order for the electric motor to work effectively, the remote to be responsive and the ride to be smooth, you have to deal with a pretty heavy board. This obviously makes it difficult to carry but the weight of the board is what makes it an easier ride, as it helps it to stick to the ground.

Here the board excels. After you get used to the initial thrust, as you squeeze the hand-held trigger to accelerate, the board jumps into life and just like with a normal longboard steering is just a matter of leaning to the left or the right. Within minutes an inexperienced rider can comfortably make their way from A to B. Recko on the other hand was racing his way around Hatfield and on to UH’s De Havilland Campus within seconds of standing on the grip tape.

Samuel Recko being a fan of heel flips, hard flips and frontside 360’s on his skateboard felt that the Electric Skateboard’s inability to do tricks meant it was more of a rival to ‘longboards’ – boards made for cruising. Taking this into account we tested the Eightball’s ability to cruise.

After he carved the street, holding the accelerator down fully, Recko told FAME that “It didn’t feel like 30mph, and I’m sure I’ve gone faster on a manual skateboard. But it was nice to cruise without getting sweaty.”


Overall Recko concluded “It was interesting. The creator did his research well, however, I feel from a skating perspective that when it comes to a long board: ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’.” Pro Skaters might not be impressed by this skateboard hybrid but this doesn’t mean that the Eightball Wireless Electric Skateboard isn’t any good for non-skaters! If you want something cooler than a bicycle, faster than your feet and easier to maintain than a car then I would recommend the electric board. It is easy to get to grips with and is unique. I’m holding out for a lighter, smaller version (that can potentially hover), but for now the Eightball is a fun way to get to and from lectures in a flash.


Samuel Recko


MEN’S LOUNGE Hey guys! Welcome back to my column. This issue I provide the answer to the ultimate question.

WHAT DO WOMEN LOOK FOR IN A GUY? This is a question that I’ve been asked a lot lately and it’s something I feel that every guy should know! If you’re a guy that really wants to impress the ladies or ultimately find ‘the one’, then there are certain characteristics you should learn to incorporate into your life.

Photographer: Jack Bevan & Aaron Chong Written by Daniel Colbert


1. Be different!

5.Think about your future

Women have heard it all!: Every line, every trick, every technique that’s been used. Learn to think outside the box, take a risk and approach and interact with women in a totally new way!

An important thing to remember is women want to be with a man who has ambition and motivation. The guy who wants it all tends to get it all because he works hard for it. If a woman can see you’re going somewhere in life then she will show interest in you.

2. Show you’re trustworthy

6. Act as the prize

Women need to know that they can feel safe and secure around a guy. Once they know they can trust someone, they will be much more open to conversations with them.

You have to be the guy that she can show off to other people and make all her female friends envious. The best way to do this is with CLAP (no, not the STD!). CLAP stands for Confidence, Leadership, Authority and Popularity. These four traits represent an alpha-male that everyone respects and looks up to, who’s friends with everyone and knows how to take control of a situation.

3. Let her know you aren’t perfect Showing that you are vulnerable, like how an ex-girlfriend broke your heart and how it’s difficult to trust again, allows women to connect with you on a deeper level. Coming across as Mr. Perfection to someone can be quite intimidating, but showing that you can be hurt is something that anyone can relate to.

4. Have a social life Women are not interested in clingy guys! They want a man they know is independent and has his own busy lifestyle, a lifestyle they can be part of. Showing a woman that she is not the most important thing in your life, and that you are someone in demand, will in fact make her chase you!

7. Show her you understand Women are always under plenty of social pressure and all they want is to be listened to. Being able to listen and sympathise with a woman about anything builds a greater rapport between the two of you. If she feels good to be around you then you will most definitely build attraction.

8. Prove that you’re what women want (Pre-selection) If women know that other women desire you or enjoy spending time around you, then they want to aswell! Women can be very competitive when it comes to finding the right guy so the more women you’re around or seen with, the better!

Women are always under plenty of social pressure and all they want is to be listened to.


Sights:Written by Arti Bhatt

Books: Written by Hanna Richardson

Fast and Furious 5 The mind blowing latest instalment in the fast and furious series sees new boy Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, as a genius cop pit against the muscle bustling Vin Diesel who’s planning one last job in Rio with other brave hearts. Although Fast And Furious 5 has absolutely no regard for realism, that doesn’t seem to matter as viewers are enthralled with car chases, car crashes, hot women and everything else you find in Rio! It isn’t even necessary to have seen the previous movies as your mind is never really on the plot, especially with lots of eye candy, for both boys and girls! Definitely a must see

Our rating :

***** stars

Insidious On the surface, it may seems like any other horror movie, but Insidious which sees a family move to a house, experience

Water for Elephants What was a very good novel has now turned into a not so good film. Water for Elephants is a typical romance. Boy meet girl, they fall in love but the girl is taken…bla bla bla. Even though it is a good cast, the film seems to drag on. Even though visually it was very appeasing, your eyes struggle to stay awake for the duration of the film. ‘Water for Elephants’ is one of those big, extravagant-looking romances that you might automatically deem ‘conventional’, and that’s exactly what it was. A right let down.

Our rating :



weird things and then find out it’s haunted is much more than that. The family move house only to find out that the problems still arise…ooh scary. The tension built up in the opening forty-five minutes is very thick, and the scares are varied. Even though a lot of them are predictable, there are still a lot of unexpected moments and a whole lot of dreadfilled camera movements through empty rooms that really ratcheted up the tension. The film’s scare plan is also welldone, with some very subtle flashes paired with overt ‘we’re trying to scare you!’ moments throughout the film’s opening half…a good film to see if you haven’t been scared in a while.

Our rating :

**** stars

5 Very Good Reasons To Punch A Dolphin In The Mouth Matthew Inman ‘5 Very Good Reasons To Punch A Dolphin In The Mouth (And Other Useful Guides)’ is a comic book packed full of inventive advice as well as answers to surprisingly useful common misconceptions, all laid out with hilarious illustrations. Written and designed by Matthew Inman, an American web designer who created online comic website, the book does everything from teach you how to use a semicolon correctly to advice on how to tell whether your family is intending to eat you some time in the near future. Obviously, some parts are more useful in everyday life than others, but even the majority of the more implausible situations shouldn’t be ignored as you’ll be laughing too much to care about the information being beneficial! Drawing on witty true examples from everyday life, ‘5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth’ obtains much of its humour from relying on you knowing and relating to the experiences. One chapter entitled ‘7 Reasons to avoid going to a nightclub’ plays on situations that many of us will have encountered and been annoyed by on a night out. This is humorously displayed with drawings of oddly shaped people representing stereotypes that the author can be certain everyone has come across in a nightclub. There is such a variety in topics that it’s almost certain you’ll find comics in here you just can’t help but read. If you’re not interested in the dangers of mixing dinosaurs and cocaine, then a comic strip outlining why bacon is better than true love might be more up your street. You might even find that you learn something new about something you haven’t even considered before - due to the information being utterly useless. Either way, it’s a struggle to put the book down due to the suspense of what the next wildly imaginative page will bring.

Andrews McMeel Publishing, £9.99

Official Guide to Living Life the Essex Way Alex Hines If you haven’t heard of hit ITV2 show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ then that’s nothing short of a miracle. ‘Essex fever’ has definitely taken over since the ‘reality’ show began airing in October of last year. Now anyone interested in adopting the Essex lifestyle can buy a book which tells you exactly what to do and how much fake tan is needed. The ‘Official Guide to Living Life the Essex Way’ by Alex Hines is sure to satisfy hardcore Essex fans, with juicy behind the scenes gossip and interviews with favourite cast members, all accompanied with shiny photographs of them perfectly groomed in their favourite haunts. From what drink to order at the Sugar Hut to what beauty treatments are weekly necessities in order to fit in, the book has enough tips to ensure a complete transformation into their oddly fascinating world. If you’ve only watched a few brief scenes of the programme then some of the juicy gossip included inside will probably mean zilch to you, but for die-hard fans it’s just another way to become an Essex expert.

Century, £16.99

Cars: Sizzling Spanish Speed

Photographer: Adil Mufti

Written by Kuhen Velusamy


The world has always revolved around the best; the tallest mountain, the fastest animal, the most expensive diamond. It’s always the best that gets the limelight.

Sizzling Spanish Speed With 265ps going solely to the front wheels, Seat’s 2011 Leon Cupra R finds itself basking under the title of the most powerful production front-drive hot hatch on sale today. Based on the same platform as the current Volkswagen Golf, most of its mechanica l bits can be traced around the Volkswagen Auto Group family. The engine and drive terrain comes from the Scirocco R, while the suspension parts come from the Golf. Which is all fine because you know the mechanics and electrics under the skin of this hatch are going to be as reliable as the Japanese public train networks. But where its German cousins can be accused of being mundane and sedate, the Seat simply sizzles with Spanish flair and soul. The interior oozes sex appeal. Gorgeous body hugging quilted leather seats (such an outlandish furnishing for what is essentially a mainstream vehicle) had all of the FAME crew stood motionless staring at them, drooling. And

the sensory riots increase from the back seat. More quilted leather, but now you face the piano black finish of the buckets with big R logo’s painted on them. Leather steering, shift knob and sport pedals complete the racing ambiance in the inside. Outside, this car has simple lines but does a good job conveying aggression. 19 inch rims hide racing red calipers. The chap who designed the Cupra R is currently designing Lamborghini’s, and strangely enough, this car seems to work best in loud Lambo colours. But it’s on the road where the Cupra R truly comes alive. The dial does a complete sweep before the 2 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged engine ignites.

The Cupra R sets off with such potency it’s unreal - even with 4 adults on board. There is minimal turbo lag for such a heavilyturbocharged unit, and with a flat torque that spreads from 2500rpm to 5500rpm, the acceleration is physically painful. The noise from its twin tailpipes is feral and does trigger some primeval fear within its passengers. Thank God for its brakes; 345mm discs on the front halt its 1450kg safely and firmly. The Cupra R really shines in corners. 19 inchrubber gives ample enough grip, getting edged to its limits at ridiculous speeds. Even when the grip runs out, the Cupra R’s nose is kept in check using the XDS electronic locking differential system.

The Seat simple sizzles with spanish flair A similar system is used to keep McLarens 600bhp MP4-12C supercar in check. Most of the VAG’s mainstream products are mundane and clinically efficient. Seat however takes the best bits of the VAG products like tech and reliability and garnishes it with a hot and spicy serving of Spanish flair. If the gun yielding guitarist Mariachi from the movie Desperado drove a hot hatch, I cannot think of anything other than the Seat Leon Cupra R.




Summer’s here! And it’s fine sunny days, fantastic drives and fabulous dames that are lingering on most of our minds.

After months of feeling imprisoned by the bitter cold of the winter (those who got stuck at the airports will testify!), clear blue skies instil a sense of freedom, making the whole world seem like our playground. Parties, barbecues, road trips, shopping sprees, it’s almost a crime to be confined indoors! Your going to need a way of getting round in the sun, and so FAME recently managed to grab hold of two sweet drop top rides. The Mazda MX 5 and the Peugeot 207CC have as many things in common as they are different. For starters both have four cylinder engines, metal folding roofs, and manual transmissions but there is where the similarities end. Both of these cars represent the opposite end of the open top segments. On one hand we have the Peugeot a sweet, chic and practical hatchback. On the other however is a proper driver’s machine. The MX-5 sports a gutsy 2.0 engine churning out 158bhp at 7000rpm. With a lightweight body that weights in at only 1175kg, it will snap to 60 in 7.9 seconds and run true all the way to 133mph. But the real pièce de résistance of the MX 5 is not its speed, but the way it drives. A god honest front engine, rear wheel drive chassis, with a proper 6 speed manual transmission and a limited slip differential, this is a serious drivers tool. The Mazda shines in having just the right amount of power, grip and feedback to maximise driving pleasure behind the wheel. It works in harmony with the driver and whatever road surface it’s on. Apparently when this car was developed, the Mazda engineers adopted the Japanese principle of Jinba-Ittai , or Horse and rider in perfect harmony. Mystical, yes but makes perfect sense on the road. I have never been in a more composed sports car before, and with such beautiful driving feel. It was built for long, unplanned escapes to the hills or coasts, chasing the sunset. With prices starting at £17,990, it’s no wonder why Mazda has sold 900,000 units of MX5’s worldwide up to last February!

While the MX-5 is more of a driver’s car, with the open road and serious driving as its main agenda, the Peugeot 207cc is something for the more fashion conscious. There’s just something about a topless ride with lovely ladies in it that gets boys going crazy. On its own, the 207 is rather inconspicuous, but with the top down in CC form, it’s like the girl next door parading in Ann Summers underwear. Our ladies loved this car during the shoot, and it’s easy to see why. It’s relatively easy to drive, and park, making it a doddle in a shopping complex, and with seating for four, your girlfriends never get left behind. With the roof up, 449 litres of boot space is ample enough for any mass of shopping you accumulate during the summer sales. That, I was told is priority number one for any young lady. With striking 17 inch Hockenheim rims filling the arches nicely, the fabulous young thing has a soul mate on four wheels. In fact, this car is more of a stylish accessory that you wear, than a tool to get you from A to B. But the most attractive bit about the 207CC is not its style or practicality but its affordability. With prices starting from £15,135 for the 1.6Vti Sports, Norton Way can have a 207CC in your driveway for only £235 per month. And it’s cheap to run too, with a combined fuel consumption figure of 43.5mpg, it roughly works out to cost about 14 pence per mile to run this thing. Same can’t be said about the pretty young thing behind the wheel…. Both the Mazda and Peugeot bring the exotic experience of convertible motoring with the safety and practicality of a hard top at a reasonable price. These are relatively affordable machines to buy and run, and they definitely have attained cult status, especially the MX-5. The Mazda is destined to become a future classic. Whichever way you swing, be it style or speed, this summer there is something to suit all taste. Tan, topless, and trouble free, what more can one want?

Cars: Hot Drop Tops Photographer: Faseeh Shams

Both the Mazda and Peugeot bring the exotic experience of convertible motoring...

Written by Kuhen Velusamy


Staff Profile

Photographer: Sophie Louise House

Staff profile: Photographer:

Faseeh Shams I began my career as a photo journalist more by accident then design. I was wandering in northern Pakistan with my small point and shot camera, where I captured the glorious unscathed pre-war swat through my lens. This brief affair with photography culminated into a long and passionate relationship that is still growing with every passing moment. Over the years, I have worked with many reputed names such as Reuters, BBC, Discovery Channel, Bonne Bioche and Current TV; capturing both political pulses and cultural heartbeats across Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, UK and Poland. I have at present just finished my second majors in Marketing and looking forward to continue my PhD next year.


Sophie Louise I am currently in my second year of studying Photography at the University of Hertfordshire. Previously I gained a BTEC in Media Publishing at Stanmore College which is were I first discovered my passion for Photography. It was during a brief Photography module within my course and although I already had an interest in the subject, I’d always seen it as more of a hobby rather than something I could pursue as a career. I began to receive positive feedback from my peers. They would frequently ask me to take pictures of them for their work which further encouraged me to take photography more seriously. However i was still unsure if it was something I ought to pursue at University and as a possible career. It wasn’t until the unfortunate passing of my dear friend Jamal Campbell that pushed me to actually take photography on as my desired occupation. The photographs I took of Jamal before he passed became his mother’s favorite photos of him and were featured as a show piece at his funeral. It was then that she urged me to pursue my talents. Since beginning my course at Hertfordshire, I invested in a Canon 450D which has become my baby! (Although I plan to upgrade soon). Slowly but surely my kit had expanded as well as my experience, having worked freelance for several events such as birthday parties, nightclub events, weddings and memorials as well as having the opportunity to take photos for up and coming music act Black Biscuit, (both taking pictures of their live shows and behind the scenes of their most recent music video, Anonymous). One of my favorite photographers is David Lachappelle, his in- your- face style really catches your eye and I think his work makes a statement. In future i’d love to open my own studio and I hope one day to become an established photographer.



Jack Bevan

I’m one of the newest junior designers for fame magazine. I’m 19 years old and currently in my second year of Graphics Design at Hertfordshire University. My hobbies include reading graphic novels, going to gigs, running, and photography. I feel being a part of FAME will be a great experience for me. I’m keen to see what it’s like to produce work for a professional publication and hope the skills I learn will make me more of a diverse and hands on designer. I look forward to being part of the awesome, hard working team that is Fame. I’ve always been a bit of an indecisive person, so future plans for me are fairly vague but I enjoy working in teams, so maybe a future in editorial design is on the cards for me? Or maybe brand identity or maybe packaging design or maybe I might specialise in typography


Yasmin Rahman I am currently in my second year, studying English Literature with Creative Writing and New Media Publishing at the University of Hertfordshire. I love the combination of subjects as it allows me to be artistic in lots of different ways. My goal for the future is to be as creative as possible, in any shape or form. I believe life would be dull without imagination and originality. One day, I’d love to get my writing published and design for a magazine aimed at young adults. I’m heavily inspired by my culture. Being a British Asian Muslim with Bangladeshi roots, I love portraying a fusion between the east and west. I’m also a big kid at heart and try to incorporate quirky, innovative ideas into my design work. Being creative has always been in my nature; I’m forever making unique gifts for my friends, snapping away with my camera at parties or designing desktop backgrounds for my laptop. I’ve only just started working with fame but I hope it will equip me with the confidence and abilities to design full time at some point in the future. The foundation of fame magazine is just so inspirational; being made by students for students. It’s really got me focused on making the best of the opportunities that come my way as any experience in such a competitive field is invaluable.


Deji Osobukola Managing Director, FAME Magazine

Senvandi Hettiarachchi President, UH Entrepreneurs


UH Entrepreneurs President presenting the iPad to the winner


Sadiya Ali Hussein

Anthony Frankland

Elays Network, based in South West London, Battersea, throughout the years has achieved many of its goals including:

St. Albans Computer Services Ltd, incorporated as a limited company in June 2010, has served many clients in and around Hertfordshire. My aim when starting my business was to create a local, profitable business in St. Albans with a strong reputation for quality and value.

• • •

Three drama productions Three short films, one of which is award-winning A youth magazine ‘Elmi’ that is released every 3 months

Elays, the non-profit organisation, has achieved a variety of accomplishments, some may be large or some may be small, but they have all been affective. The largest accomplishment would be setting up a campaign with the United States Embassy. Elays being a youth network is using creative and business projects to build young people’s skills. A few of these skills include; money and time management, sales, marketing and communication, presentation and creativity. There have been challenges, for one, the customers and employees of Elays are all young people and getting young people interested and involved initially is difficult. Also Elays Network is an organisation that gets its funding from the government or other organisations and initially it was very challenging networking and meeting different organisations (potential funders), pitching Elays’ plan to them and getting the funding needed. Elays first started with seven members with no structure and direct roles. Now, 6 years later, there are many roles from the President and VP to Sales and PR. Elays has worked with many different organisations and has been funded by companies such as; the NHS and the Metropolitan Police.

Our largest achievements have been: • Incorporating the Business as a Limited Company • Creating a strong brand • Signing up our first International Company • Signing up our first School Our largest client has been McDonalds Restaurants Ltd who have used our services for their Printing and IT systems. Our profit margins are relatively high as we have very little running costs. The main things that we factor in when calculating profits is petrol costs and parts which are both relatively low cost. Our largest hurdle has been advertising and setting the right budgets for marketing. Advertising is the main service that we rely on when getting our name into the public domain. We have spent many thousands of pounds on advertising in the Hertfordshire and London, through means of the Internet, newspapers and leafleting. St Albans Computer Services Ltd is based at my home in Marshalswick, St. Albans. 99% of our client base prefers us to visit them rather than coming to us so I believe that working from a home office is the best option in this instance. I have had my car branded to give a more professional look when visiting clients and to help create brand awareness.



Writer:----------- ---------- --------------


Jens Goebbels

Mrugesh Vasani

BA (Hons.) in Marketing Year 3 (Currently on placement; returning for final year in 2011/12)

MSc in Automotive Engineering First Year

I would name my biggest achievement as the development of an automated ordering and invoicing system for my longest-standing client, media-sound-design GmbH, a company producing voice messages for small and large businesses’ telephone systems. This is the biggest accomplishment of my self-employment, as it was a full-service project involving a number of stages ranging from the initial conceptualisation, over development and featureintegration, to testing and the final release.

I started my first Wedding Planner business as a solution to my father’s retirement, because he is very active kind of person and always likes to do something to feel like he is working.

I am proud of the fact that I was able to apply my skills to simplify several tedious and repetitive tasks that my client performed on a daily basis. Many of these processes are now carried-out by a fully integrated, web-based, ordering system which allows my client’s customers to individualise and order their businesses’ voice messages. The system automatically informs the relevant parties, such as the chosen speakers, and informs my client of the order’s specifications. After the production, it can be uploaded to the portal and an invoice is generated and displayed in the customer’s log-in area. Overall, I have saved my client a lot of work and I had the opportunity to work on an interesting and rewarding project. If I had to name the biggest hurdle I have faced during my selfemployment, it would be juggling the commitments it involves with studying and my social life. However, it was a great way of developing and internalising effective working and time management skills. Being self-employed, my business does not have a set location – but officially it is registered in Aurich, Germany. Furthermore, since I operate in the service industry and work from the same desk at which I study, I also have no outgoings worth mentioning – apart from overheads such as my hardware and software, as well as petrol costs for client visits. Hence, my profit margin has always been above 90%.

THE WINNER: Sadiya Ali Hussein BA (Hons.) in Marketing with Advertising Year 2

The highest achievement of our business was getting the wedding contract of JC Lathiya and Modi industries – both famous in our city. It has taken some time to develop our business and reach this top level, but because of our true dedication and faith in our work we could make it possible. We always concentrate more on the food and drinks because in every wedding it is the most important thing guests expect from the organiser. We faced some difficulties in developing our business but from each difficulty, we have learnt how to overcome any mistakes. For example, once we had a problem related to electricity so the whole event stopped for a while, luckily that time the problem was solved, but after that we decided to buy a new generator so in future that kind of critical problem would never happen again – something which could damage our impression in the market. At starting we decided to set our profit margin ratio at 60:40, but now we have become popular enough - through getting some big contracts, so I can honestly say, we now set it at a 50% profit from every wedding, without compromising the service quality. We save 30% for future development of our business. It has been a very nice experience to start the business, and there are no regrets. It feels nice jumping into a business that hasn’t been affected by the recession.

FINALIST: Anthony Frankland BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science Year 4 (Final Year)

Evemts: A night of sheer Brilliance

Written By Deji Osobukola


A night of sheer

BRILLIANCE De Havilland Philharmonic performance - 20th March

When FAME got an invite from UH Arts to attend the De Havilland Philharmonic night at the Weston Auditorium, we were a bit sceptical of classical music, but at the end of the night all we could say was WOW! The De Havilland Philharmonic; a dedicated assortment of professional and amateur musicians from all over Hertfordshire and surrounding counties, did not disappoint. Watching them is an experience hard to describe. It’s something you have to experience. The symphony, the stage and the atmosphere were absolutely amazing. The audience was blown away by the various compositions and when Yuko the soloist, flown all the way from the United States came on stage, it was absolutely mind blowing. The audience was a good mix of young and elderly people. AJ, a 2nd year student from UH, summed things up for us when he exclaimed;

I need to listen to more of this!


Next concert: 12th June. Ticket prices start from £6. Visit for more information. A trip to the

Fashion Capital

of the world

March 23rd saw the UH second year Fashion clan climb aboard the Eurostar for a chic few days in Paris. Montmartre was our first destination; fabric shops galore and the beautiful Sacre Coeur. The next day we went to the Yves Saint Laurent Foundation; a collection of vintage YSL pieces that sparked everyone’s interest. Afterwards, we set off for the Champs-Élysées, where we had lunch and spent hours in Zara (you know, just to be sure they didn’t have exactly the same things as us at home). Word spread that the fountain that Anne Hathaway threw her phone into (in The Devil Wears Prada), had been discovered in Place de la Concorde - This we had to see! In the evening we sipped champagne at a very sophisticated restaurant near the Eiffel Tower, which by night was truly spectacular. Morning came and we visited the Mona Lisa and Venus di Milo. St. Germain was our next destination; we visited Isabel Marant, Notre Dame nearby, and then stopped off for macaroons. On the final day we visited Porte de Clignancourt, a well established flea market for some vintage bargains. All in all, the trip was amazing and we were sad to say au revoir to Paree!

Events: A trip to the Fashion CapitalWritten by India Bennett


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