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Calmness in the sky brings warmth of love into the light. Opportunity rises bringing unity and depth into one’s life. Love and hope will always remain.

Unfulfilled Ellipse Circles seem to be the most complete object in this entire world. The fact where these circles have empty area within them means that not everything is as perfect as meets the eye. The missing spots indicate that humans, though may seem complete, are always missing something within. Type

Homework 1-B

The pattern refers to a community where many people live in the same place. These people may seem the same or similar in certain ways, but every single person has parts missing within. It’


People must learn to accept that they are not complete and learn how to cope with it. Nothing will go as smooth as it seems on the surface.

Freedom Wings Freedom, love, passion; all of these live within the spirit of a bird. Flying far away into the endless sky, reaching out for the stars and never giving up once pushed down. These are the inspirational feelings a bird can give. Don’t ever give up.Type

BEAUTY OF ALL THINGS They don’t even seem to exist, only gas floating around in the sky. Simple things can create beauty as well.




Emptiness, the beginning of all things. Look into the sky on a clear day and notice that it is ever lasting, emptiness doesn’t have to be black, it can be anything. Emptiness is simply an absence of anything, the clearness in the sky can be empty of it can be full of life. It’s all in the imagination of the beholder.

Tranquility is something that all humans search for, is it even possible to find? It may seem hard but everything is from the inside of one’s mind. Don’t let the hectic world punish, don’t let the storm ruin, just let imagination and peace of mind take over and freedom will arrive.

Floating above our heads, part of our everyday life. Clouds prove to be one of the most eternal and lightweight signs of freedom there are. They take on any shape and form and can disappear at any time. They can hold the weight of water, and let it rain down on the world.



Endless life, or life and death. Being free is both living and dying, living forever will only trap the mind into an endless stream of grief and sorrow

Every breath we take, everywhere we go, air is with is. It is here to support us and care for us and watch over us as we grow and let times slowly work its way through our life.

SUNSET THAI LOTUS Lotus of glory Bright in the day Dimmer by night Sunsets fall upon us Leaving little to nil Darkness takes over Yet the Lotus stays bright Bringing life to all Fighting for its right It’s growth It’s life Fragile yet strong Living through all things Thick and thin Beauty within Standing alone Never brings down the Lotus Hoping for the best Hoping that in the end Things will return Happiness will win Love will win The Lotus Everlasting symbol of hope


Feathers Light as a feather is a common expression. Nimbleness is an asset that humans must have in order to survive in everyday life. We must be quick on our feet and with our minds. If we are not we lose to the ones who are quicker than us and we will be at the major disadvantage Learn to be quick and you will be successful.

Dreams What is a dream? Dreams leave the mind tired and stressed but can also bring bliss. What happens when one wakes from a nightmare? They become frightened. What happens when one wakes from a pleasant dream? They smile and yet frown at the feeling that the dream is over. Dreams are a part of us everywhere we go, no matter what we do; dreams are a part of us.

It doesn’t require sleep to dream, we dream in our lives everyday. Most of us want to become rich and famous in our older days, others want to live a life of peace and quiet. These are dreams as well, things we wish to have in the future. We much fight for our dreams and reach to them as much as we can. Never give up.

Dreams are the things that keep us going, they push us to keep fighting in our lives. If we are ever to give up on these dreams, in the times when we have no one, we will hold on to our dreams. It is important never to give up and keep pushing. Once we reach these dreams, we will know what happiness truly is.

Despair Losing to despair is like losing to a mosquito. Sounds really pathetic. Why lose to something that you can easily beat? Does despair really have to win every time? Stand up for yourself, use your own power and defeat the despair...move on in life and in the end. Everything will be okay. Just promise yourself to never give up.

Leaves Project The cycle of seasons, reflects the cycle of life. Spring is the birth of all things, Summer is the growth and strength. Fall becomes the old as Winter kills off all life.





ETERNAL AMBIENCE Waterfall - A waterfall falls forever, never to stop never to care. The roar of the waterfall reflects the life if holds, the power of life itself. A waterfall seems beautiful and calm, yet it’s power never stops, it never ceases to fall down the mountains into the lake. A waterfall erodes away all rocks slowly but surely.

SENSE OF BREEZE Windmill - Powered by wind; the nature around moves the windmill in an ever lasting rotation. As long as the wind blow, the windmill shall spin. They go hand in hand, like the life within out bodies. Without life we are dead, without wind, the windmill

Start here - Everyone needs a beginning, we must start where we thing is the best place to start. Once we start we should not look back, life will bring us back to where we were eventually.

The next step - Continue to walk, continue to run, just don’t look back, as we get older we learn things and we may fall. As we reach another corner of our life we have to be ready for the change we face once we look down the road.

Final step - The final step tends to be the hardest, it is where all things seem to come to an end. If one looks closely and continues to move forward, they may find themselves right at the start once again. All things come back to the origin. Life was death before it was life, it goes back to death.

Third step - Once you see what the goal is you keep going, each goal changes in life at each turn. Once reaching a goal, one cannot stop. One must keep going until the end.

D E STI NATI O N Is how far your mind is willing to go.

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