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Entrepreneur, Model, Actor Dancer, Writer, Producer, and Philanthropist I am delighted to welcome you to the launch of "myARTISTdirect Magazine" an e-magazine published by myARTISTdirect Publications, a division of myARTISTdirect Media Group. I wish to extend my gratitude to the Associate Editors and Contributing Writers as well as the members of the Editorial Board as they are the backbone of this creative endeavor. We could not envision starting this e-magazine without the support and professionalism of artists interested in creating a public global canvas for artists and wishing to make this creative project a success. I would like to emphasize the compelling reasons for launching a new open-access talent global forum, as well as our aspirations and vision for the future. I believe that it is important to have a talent global forum which gives free access to its contents and promotes inspiring stories and passionate output of artists of all spectrum's who have limited access to main stream public forums. We aim to bridge the gap so that authors get a wider audience for their discovery of talent on a global scope. This is particularly true for artists of all spectrum's whose first language is not English. Thus we will work in partnership with such authors to ensure that their coverage of stories is made available to the wider global community. I believe we will be publishing a significant number of new and upcoming talent articles and many talent reviews from authors around the world. Because we want to cover various topics, we therefore welcome good writers and/or reporters from across the world that may embody similar values; and are willing to uphold our mission and our vision on being YOUR Stage, YOUR News, YOUR World. The e-magazine invites submissions in the areas of Modeling(in all forms), Travel, Make-Up, Photography, Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Industry Research. – a broad-based theme that should appeal to the largest possible audience interested in this subject. I look forward to a successful first year for myARTISTLdirect Magazine and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have that would improve the e-magazine. Ramon Barajas III President/Editor In Chief myARTISTdirect Magazine

President & Editor In Chief

Kayleina Fenette, model and future computer programmer, looks to inspire and encourage women to pursue computer science and technology Model-Kayleina Fenette Photography by Make Up by Catherine Caviness Written by myMODELdirect Magazine US Published by myMODELdirect Publications, a division of myMODELdirect Media Group Distributed by myMODELdirect Media Group Supported by The MODELdirect World Networks, The MODELdirect American Network, The MODELdirect California Network Kayleina-Fenette comes Anaheim, California. She is a computer programmer in the works, as well she is a model. She loves horses as well, therefore she also is involved in horse training. She says “My goal is to become a Computer programer. I train horses on the side and model. To keep in shape and dreams alive. I do own a horse and love her just as much as my computers!” So what inspired your talent? Kayleina says “I became interested in computer upon my recent hire in the medical field. I love to know what I am doing, when computers go down, or how to help nurses in need of a reboot on computer filing ect. I applied for the program assistant job after taking my laptop apart and reassembling it. I have yet to learn everything I would like to but I love knowing my computers at work and home by the back of my hand just in case. Rebooting and backups just became way easier after all the times my job has gone down. Also all the male friends that "gamed" when I was in high school. Having them teach me how to build my computers and take apart really helped in the long run on lunch breaks or after school!”

Continued P.5 .

What are some of your short-term goals with your talent? Kayleina says, “my short-term goal is to remain at my job and become IT support.” What are some of your long-term goals with your talent? Kayleina tells us “ my long-term goal is to complete college with a degree in computer coding and programing.” So Kayleina, how has your talent impacted your life? Kayleina says “being a program assistant to a particular program has inspired me to expand. I love building web pages and networking. I help all my friends and family do online promoting and its been wonderful. Its expanded my career horizon completely in a world I never knew I could tackle.” Do you think your talent has inspired others? If so, how? Kayleina tells us,“my "talent" or love of computers has helped my family learn to communicate better. I have taught all them software and ways to make it easy to adjust to the knew decade of online living. Its been awesome watching my family become so much more familiar with networking.” So what are some of the projects you are currently working on? “I am currently working on a project for a Horse Rescue I am really interested in getting started. Programing has helped due to the networking process of getting it out there. Another project is a page for a Horse Riding Club in Riverside so they can market and expand as well.” What are some of the projects you are looking to do in the near future? Kayleina told us “helping people build pages and keep them up to date and take care of the maintenance is a pleasure I love to do on my free time.”

Continued P.6

Kayleina, do you have any advice for those trying to pursue a career in your industry? Kayleina says “I HOPE one day more females can pursue this window. The opportunities are endless and now I have male friends asking for my help which is a great feeling. It has blown peoples minds that I have a knack at this and I definitely love helping those learn as well. My best advise would be don't let the characters and coding scare you, just take a breath and read into exactly what you want to do weather it is running new software or not. Just take a moment to learn what you need to get done and how and the window of computers will open for you. Thank you Kayleina for sharing your life, career, and projects with myARTISTdirect Magazine and myARTISTdirect global community. We wish you the best in your endeavors. In the weeks to come, we will follow up with Kayleina her career and projects, so stay tuned.

Mara Manukyan, actress and model the best of both worlds, looks to become an inspiration to her followers. Model-Actress: Mara Manukyan Written by myMODELdirect Magazine US & European Editions Published by myMODELdirect Publications, a division of myMODELdirect Media Group Distributed by myMODELdirect Media Group Supported by The MODELdirect World Networks, The MODELdirect American Network, The MODELdirect European Network,The MODELdirect Armenian Network, The MODELdirect California Network

Mara Manukyan comes from Burbank, CA. She is pursuing a Master’s in Marketing. Her interests and hobbies include snowboarding, going to the beach, and watching tv shows on netflix. So Mara, What is your talent and why did you choose your talent? Mara tells us, I have been a Model and Actress for 3 years now. I wanted to make my dreams come true. “ What are some of your short-term goals with your talent? Mara says, “I am hoping to sign with a new agency soon.” What are some of your long-term goals with your talent? Mara told us, “I am hoping my modeling career gets me to bigger and better photo shoots for magazines and clothing lines. Also, hoping to get more into acting as well.” So Mara, what inspired your talent? Mara says, “I have always loved the idea of modeling and acting as a kid and I was given an opportunity to be a promotional model for Abercrombie & Fitch which led to me pursue more goals in modeling.”

Continued P.9

When it comes to experiences, Mara has had many. Mara, tell us how has your talent impacted your life? She says, “It has made me well known on Instagram and constantly more opportunities keep opening more doors for me.” Do you think your talent has inspired others? If so, how? Mara says, “Yes because on Instagram, I have followers that say hoe much they admire me and would love to be like me and it has inspired many to follow in my footsteps.” What are some of the experiences you have had with your talent? Mara told us, “I have met many wonderful celebrities and other great people that make this goal so much more greater for me.” What are some of the projects you have worked or have been apart of in the past? Mara says, “I have modeled for many clothing lines and website features.” What are some of the projects you are looking into working in the near future? She says, “I am hoping to model more well known brands such as American Eagle Outfittters.” Do you have any Life lessons or Advice? Mara says, “ there is more people that want you to fail than people that want to see you successful.” Do you have any advice for those who are trying to succeed in this industry? Mara says, “There is always people that will discourage you and push you to give up, use that to motivate you to do whatever you want and accomplish all your dreams.”

Thank you Mara for the opportunity to listen to you story and thank you for sharing it with myARTISTdirect and myMODELdirect communities. We wish you the best in all of your endeavors. We also would like to take this opportunity to invite you to become an ambassador to the ARTISTdirect community and MODELdirect community. In the weeks to come, we will be following up with Mara on her career and her projects, so stay tuned.

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Paris Lopez, A young multi-talented artist looks to express herself in a worldwide canvas through modeling,acting, and dancing Artist Paris Lopez Written by myARTISTdirect Magazine US Edition Published by myARITSTidrect Publications Distirbuted by myARITISTdirect Media Group Endorsed by The ARTISTdirect American Network, myARTISTdirect Media Group.

Born in Los Angeles, CA. An artist since the age of three, Paris is multi talented in the area of dance, acting, and modeling. She is currently attending LA Trade Tech and majoring in fashion design. When she is not pursuing her passion for the arts, she is pursuing her passion to helps animals in need. Her career began at the age of 3 through dance. She is trained in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical. She began modeling at the age of 15. Recently she has also pursued a career in acting. Paris tell us why did you pursue a career in modeling, dance, acting? "No matter how strict modeling can be I love the art of it. I myself am an artist. As a child and even now I've struggled with depression and Anxiety, amongst other things. I learned to express myself through dance and as I got older I found other outlets. Not only do I think modeling, acting and dancing are my outlet but Fashion design, and styling too. It's therapy to me and I enjoy it." What inspired you as an artist? "Anything and everything. Music, fashion, movies. I think starting off as a dancer really is what got me started tho." What are some of your short-term goals with your career? " I'm in the process of trying to find the right Agency to represent me." What are some of your long-term goals with your talent? "I would love to be able to make a living off of my talent. As of right now I'm living in Rowland Heights but I'm planning on moving to Los Angeles so it'll be easier for me to work everyday." Continue P.13

Has your talent impacted your life? "I love it. It's what I look forward to doing. I think it's made me a better person. I've gone through many struggles in my life that have dug me into holes but my talent has always inspired me to climb my way out. " Do you think your talent has inspired others? If so, how? "Yeah I think so. I'm always getting messages from girls on Facebook asking how to become a model, or advice on modeling and in life in general. They also tell me that they look at me for Fashion inspiration. It's a really nice touch to what I do." When it comes to experieces, Paris tells us " I've had many. I've had good and bad. There's always going to be the creeps and the divas. Or the photographers that are too cocky for their own good. Lol. I just take all of it as lessons on how to conduct myself." As a model, actress, and dancer, Paris has accomplished much. Paris tells us, " Some of the brands I've worked with are Desipah clothing, Chrissy clothing, Maddox leather, Risen Ink clothing and Leg Avenue. As far as acting goes, I've done a few commercials and music videos. I also was in a short film called 'Are there Women on Keplar?'. One of my biggest achievements with dancing was getting to take a Summer Intensive program for Joffrey Ballet. I lived in New York for the summer of '07. I danced Monday through Saturday from 8am until the early evening. I've also performed half time for The Avengers at The Staples Center and I've done various performances at Knots Berry Farm throughout my childhood." What are some of the projects you have worked on or been apart of? "In the past two years I've done a lot of runway. I think I got lucky because I'm actually a really petite model. Normally I think the minimum for runway is like 5'7 or 5'8. I'm 5'3. And I got to do some catalog work for Leg Avenue. Those are some of my best accomplishments." What are some of the projects you are looking into working in the near future? "Lots of Desipah and I'm about to start working with a brand called Illogic. That should be super fun. Oh and expect a lot more acting from me."

When it comes to advice, do you have any advice for those who are trying to succeed in this industry? "It gets really tough. There's more rejection than anything else. Everyone is always looking for something specific and if you're not what they are looking for never take it personally. Just keep moving along and don't give up."

She is young, gifted, and determined to win over the world with her voice, this young singer/songwriter is a force to be known in the music world. Artist-Katie Ferrara Designer- Ian Hyde @ Iaan Hide Designs Photographers:Jacqueline Legazcue, Britta Von Basedow

Make Up Artist:: Poppy Mence, Rachel Lynn Ferris Hairt Stylist: Rachel Lynn Ferris

Written by myARTISTdirect Magazine US , UK, & Italy Editions Published by myARTISTdirect Publications Endorsed by The ARTISTdirect American Network,The ARTISTdirect British Network, The ARTISTdirect Italian Network.

2012 Recording Artist of the Year "The First Annual Recording Artist of the Year Award was given to Katie Ferrara in the 1st Annual myARTISTdirect Music Awards hosted by the ARTISTdirect World Networks. She has shown over and over again her devotion and love for her fans through her music. She has inspired many young artists to pursue their dreams despite any turbulence. She is making big career moves in the music world, and for that reason, the first ever "Recording Artist of the Year" Award presented goes to Katie Ferrara." Our support and best of luck to Katie Ferrara as she embarks on a journey to imprint aa legacy in the music world."- President & CEO of The ARTISTidrect World Networks. Katie Ferrara is a no stranger to music. She comes from a family of musicians, so it’s all practically in her blood. Born in Los Angeles, she is a singer and songwriter, graduated from Pitzer College with a degree in Psychology. In her free time, Katie enjoys traveling, learning new languages, as well as cooking. Katie, tells us her career began as a singer and songwriter during her studio recordings. She says “My talent really got a kick-start at the beginning of this year, just after I released my studio recorded EP. I just simply have always enjoyed singing a lot and I work hard. The mastermind(s) behind this project are me and my producer Jonathan Guillaumat.” Continue P.12

Some of her goals on the short term, include getting a good manager, building a stronger fan base, getting her music reviewed by more publications, perfect the craft of singing and songwriting, and collaborate with more musicians. When it comes to her long her long term goals she says “I would like to get my music into TV, Film, and other Media. I would like to get featured on radio airplay, organize my own tour, and release an album, and off course sell a lot of music. “ When asked about her inspiration for becoming a singer, songwriter, she told us, “Coming from a musical family had an impact on who I am today as an artist. My mom used to be a singer when she was younger, my brother is a professional jazz drummer and my grandfather was a classical pianist. Having role models like that made me want to pursue music as I got older. I always enjoyed singing when I was a kid, but was really shy about it. No one really knew I could sing until I joined my high school choir. I think the excitement of getting up on stage in front of all my classmates, the applause, attention and the positive experiences I had singing with other people at the time inspired me to keep singing. Also having a teacher that cared and pushed me to get voice lessons led me to keep pursuing music in college. I ended up not majoring in it because studying music theory was not the path I wanted to go on with my career. When I wasn’t studying music I would actually create more songs! I think I find music as a good emotional release. I like to write about my own experiences and share them with people. I guess songwriting isn’t just about making music ….I mean anyone can write a song —you don’t need years of musical training to write one. I think a good song expresses things that you never really hear people talk about in public and it changes people emotions. Also having people around me that believed in me has inspired my career as an artist. My producer has been so wonderful at making me feel this way. He understands the message in my songs and pushes me to keep writing. If he didn’t believe in me then he wouldn’t have recorded my tracks.” We asked how her career has impacted her life, Katie said, “I think it has made me a stronger, outgoing person than before. My talent has also made me lucky. It gives me some kind of attractive power where I don’t really have to try hard to make friends with people. They just come to me. There are probably some people in my life I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t sing. “ Continue P. 13

We wanted to know if though she had inspired others through her career, Katie responded, “I definitely think my songs are inspirational to people. I remember earlier this year I was doing a little acoustic show at the Airliner in downtown LA and there was a girl who came up to me after the show and said “Thank you” for playing one of my songs called Everything is Alright. The song is about just being okay in the situation you are in and not worrying about what you are going to do with your life.The girl told me that she was so glad that I played a song with a message like that because she was having a baby and she was only 21 years old. She didn’t know what she was going to do with her life and how she was going to support the child or whether she was going to go back to school, but after hearing that song she felt better about herself because she knew that there was another person in the world who understood her and had the same experience that she is going through.When I can write a song that many different people can connect on, I am happy because I have done my job as a songwriter. I also think that the work that I have showcased in the past year is inspiring to others because it is a piece of work that has been professionally recorded. I like to leave my old you-tube videos up as well as the new release because it shows how much I have grown as an artist. I am a real person and it takes a lot of hard work to get where I am today and I think that is inspiring for people who are just starting out in the music business or really anything in the art world.” When it comes to her experiences in her career as a singer, songwriter, Katie definitely is no beginner. She says,”I was featured artist on 99.3FM KCLA and got to play 4 of my songs live on the radio as well as be part of an exclusive interview with the show’s host Soul Cole. I got to play at the House of Blues in March this year, and at Rhino Records I was featured Artist at the Spice of Life café in London last year, I also recorded for the first time in the studio last year my song “A kiss is just a Kiss” was recorded using Iggy Pop’s old Gibson J45. What an honor! “ When it comes to her accomplishments, she is also quite the upcoming star, she says,” my last project was an EP that I recorded in London last year called When Love’s Not Around. I went into the studio for the first time and worked with a producer on 4 of my own songs. I am currently playing with a full band, something I put together at the beginning of this year “ Some of the projects she is currently working on for this summer, says Katie include working with a visual effects supervisor on an upcoming music video for one of my recently released tracks. She is also working with her Producer in London on an album this summer. We asked Katie, do you have any advice for those who are trying to succeed in this industry? Katie said “Be willing to take risks, fail miserably and start from scratch again. Never give up! Write good songs, even if it takes you a long time to do it. It’s about quality not quantity. Don’t quit your day job. You need money for some expenses when you are starting out. Don’t be too influenced by what other people say about your music. If you like your sound, then stick with it. Be innovative and create a sound that is new. There will always be an audience for your music. Practice and play with other musicians as much as you can. Stay organized, work hard and come up with realistic career goals. Collaborate with people as much as you can. Stay healthy and eat vegetables. You need to think like a business person as well as an artist. Set up a website, get you music digitally distributed, and start working with other people instead of doing everything yourself.” In the weeks to come, we will be following up with Katie , in the meantime check out the release of her new EP titled “Naturally”” as well her new music video “ Love Can Heal A Broken Heart”.

Learn more about Katie Ferrara @ Facebook Fan Page YOUtube Channel

Veronica Orosco a.k.a Veronica Pierce, Actress, Model, Cosplayer, & Philanthropist, looking to create an impact in the film industry. Model-Actress-Cosplayer-Philanthropist: Veronica Orosco a.k.a Veronica Pierce Photographers: Beverly Guhl Photography Jorge Moreno Photography STRETCH Photography Paul Cruz Photography Contact Info http/ http/ http/ http/ http/ https/ Written by myARTISTdirect US Edition Published by myARTISTdirect Magazine US Edition Endorsed by The ARTISTdirect World Networks, The ARTISTdirect American Network, The ARTISTdirect Texas Network. Distributed by ARTISTdirect Publications, a division of the ARTISTdirect Media Group Veronica Orosco a.k.a Veronica Pierce comes to us from San Antonio, Texas. She currently holds a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and is halfway through the completion of her Masters in Management. Her interests include current membership in the 501st Legion. Veronica is a huge Star Wars fan and being a part of this incredible organization that gives back by helping to raise funds for worthy causes such as March of Dimes and Lymphoma and Leukemia Society gives her an opportunity to do what she loves as a cosplayer as well be a part of a great charitable organization that gives back to the community. Her hobbies are being anywhere with her 3 children, being the best mother and wife she can be, as well as keep improving on her acting and modeling skills. So Veronica what is your talent? “I am an Actress in San Antonio, Texas working hard to hone my craft and all the while making great contacts in the industry and local film community.� Her career started in 2009, and since then has been in several productions, films, runway shows and done extra work on bigger feature films as well since then. Continue P. 16

So Veronica, we want to know why you chose acting and modeling as a career? “I have always loved movies since watching Star Wars in the 80’s, although never pursued my interest until 2009 when I said to myself “:I want to live my life with no regrets!” So tell us, what are some of your short-term goals with your talent? “Short term goals really go a bit hand in hand with my long term goals in that I want to continue to meet those in the industry who can help me get better at my craft, practice when I can and get the most experience from all projects I am blessed to be a part of.” What are some of your long-term goals with your talent? “A long term definite goal of mine is to land a recurring role on a TV Series on local television which would give me a chance to become the character and do this for my full time career each and every day! I also want to eventually land some roles whether lead or supporting in a big budget film and be able to attend the Oscars one day .” So we want to know what inspired your talent? “My children and husband really inspired my talent. I was watching a movie one day, I think it was Twilight (this was after all the hype was going on I knew nothing about the books) and I thought to myself watching Kristen Stewart, “I could do that and it would be so much fun to play someone else like that, real or not”. It was at that moment that I decided I wanted to do this and needed to find out how to get started. So my quest began for head shots, casting calls and talent agencies willing to take a chance on a new comer.” Do you think your talent has inspired others? If so, how? “I have received messages through my Facebook and website from my fans that say I inspire them every day. They see that I am still very grounded, I have a family just like most and juggle all the things that come along with being a working mother, a wife and full time business woman. They see that I balance it all and that it can be done, meaning living your dreams and still maintaining everything else through love and support from family and friends. They has also said I inspired them to become and Actor/Actress as well, that in itself is very flattering .” What are some of the experiences you have had with your talent? “I have been very fortunate enough to meet some A list actors in my few years of acting. Jesse Borrego is an incredible actor as well as acting coach, I had an acting class with him in San Antonio, he is truly a great person. I got to work with him on Mission Park a film he had a supporting role in. I also had the privilege of meeting Jack Black and Shirley McClain on the set of Bernie where I did some extra work. Seeing that they are everyday people just like me makes me believe this can happen for me too. Also, being able to be on productions sets at Austin Studios for The Lying Game and my Generation gave me some experience on terms used in the industry and how to work on these sets to be as professional as I can be.” Continue P. 17

So what are some of the projects you have worked or have been a part of in the past? “I worked on “Bernie” as an extra with Jack Black and Shirley McClain which is out on DVD now. I also worked on the TV series “My Generation” that did not make the cut during pilot season as well as worked on “The Lying Game” a couple of times as an extra as well. A recent short film called “Symphony of Silence” has been making its rounds in the film festival circuit and has already won several awards including Platinum Remi award at Worldfest Houston, Grand Jury Prize at the San Antonio Film Festival and Best LGBT Short Film at the South Texas Underground Film Festival. I also was asked by Director Fred Copeland with Cineplex Studios to fly out to Los Angeles to be a part of his SAG Series called Destiny of the Journey’s which helped me become a SAG Eligible Actor! The series can be found on You can view more of my work and trailers on my website” What are some of the projects you are looking into working in the near future? “I have a couple of short films in the works and one project that I can not quite discuss due to a confidentiality clause but it will be EPIC! I just completed my first Christian Film entitles “No Way Out” by Gordon Pictures which will be coming out next year on DVD. I just had my third child on April 22 so I am getting myself back into shape these last few weeks to get back into auditioning for more films here in San Antonio and Austin!” Do you have any advice for those who are trying to succeed in this industry? “The best advice I can give, whether you want to pursue Acting or modeling, is to keep going even though you will get a ton of “no’s” there will be those “yes’s” that will be well worth it. Just stay focused, take constructive criticism willingly and learn from it. There will be those that laugh at you and tell you you will never make it, but trust me some of the biggest stars and models were turned down hundreds of times before someone noticed them. Also, don’t forget the person you are, treat others with respect and don’t burn any bridges on your way to success because you never know who will be there to pick you up just when you think you have fallen hard.”

Aileen Rose, CSULA's Salsa Club President rising star, looks to become a world sensation in the salsa community. Artist- Aileen Rose Ahmed Photography by Laura Luu Written by myARTISTdirect Magazine US & Latin Editions Published by myARTISTdirect Publications Distributed by myARTISTdirect Media Group Endorsed by The ARTISTdirect World Networks, The ARTISTdirect Latin American Network, The ARTISTdirect California Network, The ARTISTdirect Los Angeles Network Aileen Rose Ahmed comes from the greater Los Angeles, CA. She enjoys Psychology, Religion, Philosophy, Painting, Reading, and Dancing. Her career as a dancer began just a year and a half ago. So Aileen, we want to know why dance? Aileen says “ I wanted to try something new. I never thought it would change my life the way it did.” So what are some of your career goals with your talent? Aileen told us “my short term goal right now is to perform as much as I can, to gain more experience as a dancer and to spread my love for it no matter where I go or who I meet along the way. My long term goal is to compete as a professional salsa dancer someday and hopefully perform and travel around the world.” Aileen is certainly there when it comes to experiences. We asked, how has your talent impacted your life? Aileen told us “Salsa dancing has impacted my life and changed me completely in terms of my point of view in life compared to from when I first started. This past year of learning salsa dance taught me pretty much how to learn, how "talent" is actually hard-work and consistence. It showed me the importance of intent, of having meaning in everything I do. It taught me the importance of keeping the passion for life alive, and most of all, the importance to carry on despite all odds. That the reasons for what I do in life has to be solely for myself and no one else, and that any dream or goal I have, all the responsibility lies on me to make it happen and no one else.” So Aileen, what inspired your talent? “For me, I've always loved watching dancers since I was little however it wasn't until I took an Introduction to Salsa class at a community college that I finally tried it myself for the first time. I remember not knowing at all what I was doing but for some reason, I couldn't help but throw myself in and learn as much as I can wholeheartedly. What inspired me to continue was that I felt salsa dancing in particular, gave me the freedom to let life flow out of me, a way for me to express myself and my love for living.” Continue P. 19

Do you think your talent has inspired others? If so, how? “I think it has. A lot of people I meet, when they see me dance or dance with me, feel a connection, and they appreciate it because the music and the bringing of two people enjoying life comes together and then happiness becomes the priority of the moment we are living in. Sometimes we all get so caught up in details that we lose sight of the bigger picture. Of course we all want to have the perfect lead, the perfect follow, good technique, but in the end, what matters most is that you danced and not just with the body but with the heart.” So tell us, what are some of the experiences you have had with your talent? “Salsa dancing has brought so many people into my life, some short term, some long term, but with each person I meet, there's always something to learn that only they could have taught me even if they don't realize it.” When it comes to accomplishments, Aileen sure knows best. Aileen tell us What are some of the projects you have worked or have been apart of in the past? “I re-started the CSULA Salsa club on my campus after it disjointed and had to pretty much start from the bottom. It was extremely difficult getting it going, but now, its growing and so many are happy that I brought it back. I also started a performance team and we are collaborating with the Afro-Latin Ensemble to hold a live performance with them at the end of Spring quarter 2013.” What are some of the projects you are looking into working in the near future?“ Right now, my dance partner and I are choreographing our own routine so that we can perform and compete in different salsa congresses this summer taking us to Palm Springs, Long Beach, Las Vegas, and hopefully even New York.” Aileen do you have any Life lessons ? “Never stop learning, never stop living, and never give up. Keep moving even when it seems all odds are against you because every obstacle is just to test you in how badly you want something. Don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams and most importantly, don't let yourself get in the way of your dreams. All your life, expect that you will stumble, that you will constantly be falling down, that you'll reach the darkest depths of emotion but that all those experiences are in the end, just working to create what makes you and your talent so special and unique.” Do you have any advice for those who are trying to succeed in this industry?"Why ponder thus the future to foresee, and jade thy brain and vain perplexity- cast off thy care, leave Allah's plan to him, he formed them all without consulting thee." -Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat” “All we can do is try our hardest each day we got. Nothing more, but nothing less.”

The ARTISTdirect World Networks sponsored the first annual MyUNIVERSITY Latin Dance Showcase hosted by Steve's Steakhouse & Candela Salsa of Pasadena City College. MyUNIVERSITY Latin Dance Showcase is part of the dance concert series done by myARTISTdirect Entertainment through a partnership with MyUNIVERSITYdirect and Scorpio Dance Entertainment for the purpose of supporting the arts. MyUNIVERSITYdirect is your online global community campus life. They hosts a series of events throughout the year with the purpose of bringing together the college life on every campus. -myUNIVERSITY Dance Series -myUNIVERSITY Music Series -myUNIVERSITY Fashion Series -myUNIVERSITY Art Series -myUNIVERSITY Gala Series

A natural born artist from Los Angeles, turns LA into his canvas in order for others to live and experience his art. Youtube Channel @ Keenan's Channel You can follow Keenan Chapman on his Twitter @KeenanChapman Visit his Fan Page @ Keenan Chapman's Fan Page Photograph of Keenan Chapman Written by myARTISTdirect Magazine US Edition Published by myARITSTidrect Publications Distirbuted by myARITISTdirect Media Group Endorsed by The ARTISTdirect American Network, myARTISTdirect Media Group.

2012 Artist of the Year Keenan Chapman is a natural born artist at heart. Born in Los Angeles California, currently is studying Graphic Design at Full Sail University. Outside of Art; Traveling, Nature, Music, Culture Studies and Writing are all hobby's of Keenan that help pass time and keeps him creatively active. Keenan tells us he never went to school for the arts. He has always had a love for the arts. He says, "I was not taught in school, I have always just had a love for art. I can remember as far back a 3 years old, doodling characters and dinosaurs. I have always taken pride in my work even as a beginner. I consider myself to be a bit of a Jack of all trades when it comes to the arts. I dabble in a bit of everything but it all started with sketching with the #2 Pencil. I have always had an eye for detail and my primary focus has been portraits. I like the face and its many expressions, the emotion conveyed from pain, love, being silly or sarcastic. I like everything from abstract to realism to animation ect. I have always loved art but I really tapped into it after the death of my father. I had a therapist in elementary school who would allow me to draw during sessions. As she noticed the positive impact it had on me, she suggested I do it whenever I needed to express myself, her name was Ms. Black." When it comes to career goals, Keenan says " I honestly do not have a limit on how far I want to go with art I see myself studying for the rest of my life and as the security in my work and education is accomplished I will apply it to wherever there is room. Id like to lead a group of young artist, designers that feed off each other and pioneer unique designs to brand internationally. I want to have a workspace for the designers fit for living and recreation. Group projects and personal projects will help train them as a team and individual leaders. I want the best, therefore there will be the best computer programs and engineers on site and designers will be allowed personal time with pay to work on there personal projects for a couple hours once a week. I want to keep there minds creative and improving the world of design." Continue P. 21

We asked Keenan about his talent as far as inspiration, this is what he had to say, " I am pretty goofy yet conscious and I love to see others pursue what makes them happy. It keeps me inspired and I love to keep a circle of like minded powerful thinkers. My talent as an artist has helped maintain my creative mind and gives me something to look forward to upon completion. I truly have a love for art as if my own limb. It provides peace of mind, therapy and passion in my craft." We asked Keenan if his talent has inspired others, this is what he told us, "I have seen people cry from being touched from a piece of work I constructed and those moments are what keep me grounded in my work. I have had art student and children tell me that my work ethic and style in my art is very appreciated. I have people asking for tips and kids asking if I can mentor them in painting. That is huge to me, to have anyone acknowledge my work and want to learn from me. People have said they look up to me and I can only hope to maintain such a stature in their eyes." When it comes to experiences, keenan mentions hes definitely had quite a few. He says " I had a position as a personal assistant to a well known writer and producer named Billy Preston who played background for many legends such as The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Although not art related it was my artwork that first introduced us and got me the chance to come to his studio and build a working relationship. I was able to travel the world to places like France, Italy, Spain and a host of others." We asked keenan about some of the projects he has worked on in the past, this is what he had to say " While working for Billy Preston I designed some shirts sold as merchandise at the Beatles festival. I worked on an Independent film as a story board artist. It was written and directed by Omar Miller. I did an album cover for Los Angeles producer Terrace Martin for the album " Here My Dear. " We also asked him about some of the projects he is working on now, this is what Keenan told us, " I am currently working on more solo shows for myself and I am also working on a Art group I created called A.I.M.( Art is Me). It is an artist community I want to make publicly available for people to post their needs and our artist community to use there talents to fulfill them and as a source to design the WORLD as we know it. I want to change logo's and be responsible for some of the newest, innovative designs. I look forward to the responsibility." With many experiences and accomplishments in his life, we asked Keenan if he had any advice for those who are artists and or are starting in the industry, this is what he had say, " The best bit of advice I could give any artist is, know yourself and be comfortable expressing who you are. Never let the opinions of the world or any " Artist " stop you from creating. It is your mind, your technique and your passion for what you do. Live through your work, work through your pain, love and do not die without living. Thank You Keenan Chapman"

You wanted a wood floor and a live band venue in Pasadena.... We got it for you!!!! This week we celebrate our very own DJ Edgar Avilas Birthday. Featuring Live Music by Son Cache, Guest DJ, DjTico Torres and performances by Poder Latino and Pasadenas very own Ritmo Y Magia Latina. Join the hottest Salsa and Bachata night at Club 72 North. No work or school on Thursday. So you better be there!! :) Beginner Salsa Class at 8 with guest instructor Intermediate Salsa Class at 8:45 with Arlene Santos $7 Cover (on guest list) RSVP on event page or contact Arlene at or 310980-5734. $10 Cover without RSVP. Club 72 North features a beautiful, spacious, WOOD floor and a state of the art sound system. Come out and support this new Salsa venue in Pasadena. DON'T FORGET to RSVP and PLEASE invite your friends and help us keep this venue open. The dance floor is incredible.

Top International DJ & Producer DJ Zoloto

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