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Financed Project: “Oasis frente a la trata: Formación y alternativas contra la explotación sexual de mujeres y menores en la provincia fronteriza de Cinkassé” “Oasis against trafficking: Training and alternatives against sexual exploitation of women and minors in Cinkassé” Fundación Accenture has financed this Project whose aim is to promote access to quality education to girls and adolescents at risk of exclusion in rural areas near Cinkassé as well as protection and decent housing during their training period. During three years, the 34 girls/adolescents who live in the boarding school have access to a quality and comprehensive training, empowering them by learning a trade. That is the way to avoid early marriage or being recruited for trafficking and/or prostitution or petites bonnes (forced domestic work). The project also promotes health prevention like the good use of water, hygiene or sexually transmitted diseases. This Project complements these actions with social and health promotion in ten villages from Cinkassé with 400 women beneficiaries. This year 2014, Fundación Roviralta has supported this Project with the financing of tanks for accumulation of rainwater as well as two generators to improve the access to safe water and light autonomy. Local partner in Togo: Les Soeurs Adoratrices Saint Sacrament de la Charité.

sery where children can stay while their mother are studying. On the other hand, sensitization work is carried out in order to get working practices for these women within the companies from the closest environment. Finally, looks for the improvement of the networking by new tools of coordination between different entities working in relation to prostitution at local level. Local partner in Perú: Hermanas Adoratrices Esclavas del Santísimo Sacramento y de la Caridad de Peru. Financed by: Fundación Solidaridad Amaranta. Equity and Sponsorship Campaign. VENEZUELA Merida is a city of tourism and students, located in a border area where migratory movement is very usual within the same country and to other countries too. That is the reason why there are places of prostitution and a risk of trafficking for different kind of exploitation, especially sexual exploitation of native and immigrant women. Financed Project: Formación integral y capacitación laboral de mujeres en realidades de prostitución y otras formas de explotación”

Co-Financed by: Fundación Accenture and Fundación Roviralta

The aim of this Project is to contribute to the social and labor promotion and insertion of women as well as to denounce of the violation of rights.


Local partner in: Hermanas Adoratrices de Venezuela.

Poverty in Peru is a structural phenomenon which reflects the dynamic of institutional, economic, social and political factors. Many women with little training need to attend the family necessities and look for sources of survival. These women with little global training and little opportunities to find a job, as well as the responsibility to cover family necessities, see themselves forced to do prostitution, with violation of their human rights , because they are enslaved, sold, attacked, exploited and taken to other places. Chiclayo has 844.000 inhabitants and is ranked as the third city within the country in levels of prostitution.

Financed by: Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta. Equity.

Financed Project: “Mejora de los derechos e inserción laboral de las mujeres en situación de prostitución o victimas de trata”. This Project wants to achieve the social inclusion and labor integration of 30 women in prostitution contexts or victims of trafficking in the province of Chiclayo. For this purpose, the ways to provide direct support must be reinforced as well as quality training provided at the training center that the congregation has in Chiclayo, also provided with a nur-

INDIA In India, especially in big cities, prostitution and child prostitution is an increasing phenomenon. Most of them are girls forced to live in brothels, working every night for dozens of clients. Usually, girls are sold, by their own families to pimps. Financed Project: “Atención integral a menores víctimas de explotación sexual “. “Comprehensive Care to minors victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation” The beneficiaries of this Project are 19 girls victims of trafficking, supporting them on their recovery, inclusion, training and insertion in Siliguri (Bengala State), Kolkata (Bengala State), Mumbay (Maharashtra State and Changanechrry, Kotayam (Kerala State). Local partner in India: the Sisters of Adoration, Slaves of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity in India. Financed by: Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta. Equity and Sponsorship Campaign. Pág. 15

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Memoria Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta 2014  

Memoria Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta 2014

Memoria Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta 2014  

Memoria Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta 2014

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