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GUARANTEE A FAIR GAME ON YOUR WATCH The total amount of online fraud losses in US reached $2.7 billion in 2010. Credit card fraud is the No. 1 fear of Americans, superseding that of terrorism, computer and health viruses and personal safety. 55% of regular online gamblers believe that online casinos find ways to cheat players.

SAVE MONEY, EARN TRUST Fraudulent behavior is hard to detect without the right set of tools, and to guarantee your equity and that you are running a fair game, a solid system for targeting fraud is crucial. To online consumers, trust is often more important than price. Looking at e-commerce sites, trust is the single most important issue to convert visitors into buyers. Apart from chargeback fees, issued credit or loss of profit, high chargeback rates may also lead to higher processing fees or termination of your merchant account. Proper fraud screening is critical. Not only does it save you money – it can also save your business.

CASH TRACKER Cash Tracker illustrates the cash flow distribution for one particular player and all his cash game opponents over a given period of time to detect unusual cash flow patterns.

IP MATCH IP Match enables you to see which players are playing from a certain IP number, to find linked multi-account players as well as to see if they are linked to fraudulent players.

ANTI COLLUSION Anti Collusion is a rule based tool which scans every single poker hand played and produces a comprehensive list of suspected collusion, what rules that triggered it, severity etc.

Fraud Watch  

Apart from copy, also invented the symbol.

Fraud Watch  

Apart from copy, also invented the symbol.