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One Minute Commissions Quadlink Extreme Software The Quadlink Extreme Software is a fantastic piece of kit that has taken a long time to develop and perfect. What we have here for you to use is a very powerful back linking tool that generates quality back links for your pages that you have just created. . Anybody who knows anything about building websites or internet marketing in general knows that getting quality back links to a page is very difficult and time consuming work. It can take days and also cost a lot of money for a professional SEO company to build you quality back links around your pages.

All the major search engines read how many links you have pointing back to your pages and also they look at the quality and relevance of the links that point back to your pages. The Quadlink Extreme Software tool creates quality back links for you and does all the hard work making your life easier and frees you up to create more You Tube pages using the One Minute Commissions software. Getting Started Simply click the download link on the page to get started. I used the Firefox browser in the video as this works best for me. The Quadlink Extreme Software can be downloaded using any browser system. Follow the prompts to save the files to your preferred folder where you would like to save these files for future reference. Norton It is worth noting that if you have Norton installed as your anti-virus software you might have to disable your firewall temporary to enable the Quadlink Extreme Software to download. The software is perfectly safe but very new so a lot of the anti-virus companies have not had time to include it in their safe download lists. Like I said, the software is perfectly safe to download. If like me you have AVG as your preferred AV system (this is free and much better than anything else) then you will have no issues downloading the software whatsoever. To get AVG, just Google AVG and get their free download. Once you have downloaded the software you are then ready to open it up for the first time. This will automatically load up once you have successfully installed the software for you.

The above image shows the Quadlink Extreme Software. You simply enter the url (address of the YouTube page for you chosen product) into the top space. We recommend that you run a maximum of 20 links per URL every 5 days. The reason for this is that any more than this and you may be viewed as suspicious by the search engines as trying to spam them with too many links. Search engines like to see gradually growth and will will reward you with better placements on their search results if you play by the rules. The Quadlink Extreme Software create back links from a number of websites. You can control the type of links you want by using the advanced options at the foot of the software such as government websites, educational websites. We recommend that you use the default settings initially as this will give you a mixture of links form a number of quality websites. We also have a Build Link Wheel option that when used will link all your YouTube videos that you have used through the Quadlink Extreme Software together so each one will inter-link to each other.

Use the Software for other projects. The Quadlink Extreme Software can be used not only for One Minute Commissions urls’s but other website projects you might have going as well. This is a handy feature that makes the Quadlink Extreme Software an extremely attractive and versatile tool for new and more seasoned on line campaigners.

Quadlink Extreme Software  

What we have here for you to use is a very powerful back linking tool that generates quality back links for your pages that you have just cr...

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