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Top 3 Tips for Hearing Aid Care After purchasing your hearing aids, it’s your responsibility to care for them well to keep them working for as long as the manufacturer says they’ll last. In addition to protecting your investment, you’ll also ensure that they work as well as they were designed to. Your hearing aid provider should have given you hearing aid care instructions, but if you need a refresher, keep these important tips in mind. 1. Moisture is Your Enemy The top tip for hearing aid care is to kee keep p your hearing aids away from moisture. In addition to making sure you don’t wear them in the shower and protecting them with a hat or umbrella in the rain, you should also develop a routine for letting out moisture every night. At the very least, prop ope open n the casing door to let it air out overnight. Even better, get a hearing aid dehumidifier to more ore thoroughly remove moisture. 2. Clean Off Ear Wax Ear wax is a natural part of your ears, but if it builds up on your hearing aids, it can reduce their effect effectiveness. iveness. Attend to hearing aid care every night by wiping off ear wax with a soft cloth. Your hearing aid provider also may give you special tools to clean wax Website: Duncan Hearing Healthcare Blog: Hearing-Aids-Fall-River-MA (508) 644-8653

out of places where it may get stuck, but make sure that these tools are the only ones you use. 3. Watch the Temperature Extreme cold or heat can damage hearing aids, so it’s important to pay attention to where you store them when you’re not wearing them. Keep them out of direct sunlight, don’t leave them in hot cars, and don’t leave them sitting nex nextt to air conditioning and heat vents.

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Top 3 Tips for Hearing Aid Care  

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