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Top 3 Tips for Hearing Aid Care (508) 644-8653

After purchasing your hearing aids, it’s your responsibility to care for them well to keep them working for as long as the manufacturer says they’ll last. (508) 644-8653

Moisture is Your Enemy The top tip for hearing aid care is to keep your hearing aids away from moisture. (508) 644-8653

Get a hearing aid dehumidifier to more thoroughly remove moisture. (508) 644-8653

Clean Off Ear Wax Ear wax is a natural part of your ears, but if it builds up on your hearing aids, it can reduce their effectiveness. (508) 644-8653

Attend to hearing aid care every night by wiping off ear wax with a soft cloth. (508) 644-8653

Watch the Temperature Extreme cold or heat can damage hearing aids, so it’s important to pay attention to where you store them when you’re not wearing them. (508) 644-8653

Keep them out of direct sunlight, don’t leave them in hot cars, and don’t leave them sitting next to air conditioning and heat vents. (508) 644-8653

Top 3 Tips for Hearing Aid Care