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I Stepped on My Hearing Aid, Now What? In a perfect world your hearing device would never need repair, but even the best quality and best maintained hearing aid can require occasional service. Damage to the shell of a hearing aid is one of the most common reasons for repair. Daily usage can also take its toll on the delicate mechanisms of a hearing aid that’s used for many years. If your hearing device has obvious damage or simply isn’t working as well as it once was, speak with your audiologist. She can assess whether or not the device is working properly and what may be done to repair it. In some cases, hearing aid users assume their device needs repair when in fact their hearing loss has worsened and a new or different type of hearing aid is needed to compensate for the change. Paying to repair a hearing aid that no longer serves your needs not only costs you out of pocket, but can cost weeks or even months of poor hearing. Regular maintenance of your hearing device can decrease the need for repairs. Clean and store your hearing accessories in accordance with the manufacturer and your hearing specialist. Wax buildup is one of the most common problems with hearing Website: Duncan Hearing Healthcare Blog: Hearing-Aids-Fall-River-MA (508) 644-8653

aids. You can easily prevent the buildup of wax on your device by cleaning it at home. When your hearing aid does need repair ask your hearing specialist if the work will be guaranteed. A one-year warranty on repairs is typical. Also ask if a “loaner” hearing aid is available. Some specialists offer this service so their patients can continue enjoying life while their unit is being repaired. A hearing aid that requires frequent repairs may need to be replaced, but if your device needs occasional service don’t be alarmed. Your hearing is worth the cost and small inconvenience of having a hearing instrument repaired.

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Website: Duncan Hearing Healthcare Blog: Hearing-Aids-Fall-River-MA (508) 644-8653

I Stepped on My Hearing Aid, Now What?