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Kayleigh Dennis

Textual Analysis for Never Never – Korn

The song 'Never Never' by Korn was first uploaded to Youtube on September 6th 2013 & since has amassed a total of 3.2 million hits & is also the lead single from their album “The Paradigm Shift”. The introductory shot of the music video is a focus push onto a cymbal being hit in slow motion with water falling off of it. I like the way you can the rippling of the cymbal in slow motion and it is complimented by the slow motion water falling off of it giving a graceful feeling towards it. I find the colours particularly intriguing because while it remains dull in colour, the monotone effect adds more contrast between the tones captured which makes it look & feel more dramatic. The following shot is a big shot of a clock with the hands revolving in sync with the hi-hat in the song, which I find makes the video easier to both watch and listen to simultaneously as it emphasises on the rhythm. Soon after there is a slow motion long shot of the guitarist falling through the air in a dramatic manner, I find this odd yet interesting due to the unconventional approach that has been used in this area as typically the main focus of a band would be the lead vocalist, in this instance however the guitarist is shown first. The next area I find overly enticing is the build up & execution of the drop as during the build up there is a long shot of the same clock previously used spinning until the drop, which then shows the clock shattering & falling apart. All of this takes place after the words “I will never love again , I'll never have to pretend, I'm never gonna love again”. I feel the clock connotes the time spent chasing after a “loved one” and the clock shattering suggests he has given up on that person. In the same shot there are fragments of glass floating around the screen which suggests to me are his memories of that person. There is then a rapid zoom, then slowed shot of a woman morphing out of the centre of the clockface. The woman is wearing predominantly black clothing and has black horns on her head, I find that this could represent the person who he once loved & was then hurt by the same person, portraying her as a demon of his past. The following shot is a slow motion close up of the same “devil” throwing her head back in glee, almost in a way that glorifies her as well as standing on a pedestal of some sort, empowering her over the other characters. The next area I find interesting of the video is the shot of a clock hand spinning around, pointing at the singer when he starts singing. This could suggest two things, one; he is the primary focus of the band, the “one” who the audience wants to see the most of, two; the clock hand facing him connotes that he was the “devil-woman”s prey for that particular time. There are also shots in the video of the singer moving at normal speed, accompanied by the two guitarists either side of him moving in slow motion, again focusing the attention of the audience on the singer. As well as this I noticed there are shots of clock hands almost striking down the band members, forcing them to dodge the blades. This could connote the womans power over the men. From 2:21, the video shifts in speed and activity. The video moves a lot faster with rapid cuts and heavy editing as oppose to earlier when the song was relatively mellow. I like the contrast between the two styles as it adds greater depth to the music.

Textual analysis