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The band

We’ve decided that the clothing for the band will be very similar to the bands clothing (Foster The People), and therefore in a very indie themed style (the influence will come from the pictures of the band above).

The costume for the band will be in a casual indie style, and will therefore consist of a combination of checkered shirts, band shirts and plain t-shirts, perhaps teamed with either leather jackets, parkas or plain hooded jackets with drawstrings. In the way of leg wear, dark jeans (preferably skinny)should be worn, or beige or blue chinos. Footwear such as Vans or Converse would complete the whole idealistic indie style attire. For accessories, beanie hats, and sunglasses (ray bans would be ideal) would go perfectly. Blues, reds and dark greens seem to be a popular colour theme within indie clothing, so we will try to stick to this as much as possible.


Rob (the bullied child) We’ve decided that Rob should look slightly nerdy, although a slightly indie take on nerdy- to keep in with the genre of the song. Although, he should still look slightly scruffier than his bullies.

The costume for Rob will be in a indie nerd style. Therefore, it will consist of a mixture of t-shirts, polo shirts and long sleeved shirts. Jeans and chinos will also be worn. We should ultimately stick to unbranded clothing, as he will also be portrayed throughout as being a ‘poor kid’. A back pack will also be a main accessory his outfits will need to have, preferably scruffy and unbranded (once again). His shoes should be unbranded converse or vans if possible, and if not, just plain, scruffy trainers to complete the look. A hoody could also be worn, either that or a short sleeved tshirt over a long sleeved t-shirt- an out of fashion look.


The Pretty Girl We have decided that Robs love interest is going to feature in a party scene, so needs to have a party outfit, and will also be in a scene where she is shouting out the window wearing casual, almost pyjama-like clothes.

Within the party scene, the girl will need to wear party clothes, so either a party dress or skirt and top combination. Heels will also need to be worn to complete the party look. This may also be teamed with a leather jacket some of the time. There will also be a scene of her leaning out the window and here she will just need to be wearing baggy clothing.


The 3 bullies Robs bullies are meant to seem richer and altogether more popular than Rob throughout the music video. Therefore, it makes more sense for them to wear more expensive, branded clothing.

Within the music video, the bullies will have to have a few different outfits to wear on different occasions of the narrative. Hollister hoodies and tops would be ideal, as would other branded clothing, such as Lacoste or Nike. They will need to wear high-top trainers, as this will link into the lyrics ‘pumped up kicks’. They should just look wealthily dressed, in keeping with the fashion.

Costume list  

A costume list for my media groups music video project. This will feature on our blog to give viewers and ourselves an idea of what costume...