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Ignacio met this bird at the forest one day of summer, he was walking to a club of tennis when some think fall down from the top! He went to see what it was; it was a bird! Firstly he thought that it was dead, but not, and then Ignacio take the bird from the road.

When he arrived at home he cured the wounds, it had a wing broken and a big cut on the stomach. First Ignacio though that it will die but the hours he dedicated with it support him, and finally he escaped from the death.

Three weeks later, when the bird was ok it decided that it won’t to go out completely. It decided to stay in the garden of Ignacio with her wife because Ignacio took care from a die. The years has passed but the family of the bird where there, us ten years ago.

One month later Ignacio received recognition for the action he did for an animal.

This story means that if you see an accident or a person that is in danger help him.

Ignacio met a bird  

how Ignacio met a bird