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LFM Issue 1.

The Boutique Issue! Find out where to shop in Newcastle.

Meet our ‘Fashion Finder’ who is on a mission to help fashion worries across the North East!


Meet the coolest store in town!


Contents Page.... Meet Your Editor

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A TOUCH OF HIGH Follow this season’s Winter trends with our photoshoot. Focusing on the high street brand H&M, with a few surprises! Page 9.

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Page 7. Feature Page... Get to know the hottest Urban store in Newcastle.

The beginning of Issue 2

What Winter trend has LFM picked up on to make sure you look good this festive season? Page 18 Page 20/21 Our ‘how to shop’ and ‘who to follow’ this winter will set you up for your fashion and lifestyle fix. Enjoy Shopping!



Page 16 Fashion Finder. Find out what Winter trend our reader Rachael needs help with...

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Editors Letter...

Hello Reader! Welcome to the first edition of Linear Fashion Magazine! We are new, current and exciting, bringing you an all access account of life and fashion in Newcastle Upon Tyne. With Autumn/Winter quickly descending on the North East, we are focusing on brands that will give you the edge. This month we are focusing on boutique’s. Looking at what the boutique fashion is but also the lifestyle. We also have a couple of articles on boutique gems situated in the heart of the North East selling a range of products. We are the ‘where to/how to shop’ in the North East! Sarah Frankland Editor

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Newcastle has alot of things to offer including culture, art and sport. This city is currently in the stages of becoming a fashion capital. This month we are focusing on boutiques across the North East from high fashion to gift stores. The definition ... Boutique: Noun: A small store selling fashionable clothes and/or accessories. A business that serves a sophiscated or specialized clientele: “A small investment boutique; “a boutique film”.


Bcharmd launched in 2010 and has been recognised as one of ‘fashions best kept secrets’. It offers a boutique experience at high street prices. The jewellery and accessories are a combination of creations. Some of the items are designed by bcharmd or are from around the world. NE1 6AQ



Jules B has been around for 25 years and is based in Jesmond. It has won the Drapers’ Record coveted title of ‘Best Independent Fashion Store’ an impressive four times. Their comprehensive stock includes such designers as Paul Smith, Alexander McQueen and Mulberry to name a few. NE2 2AN

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Have to Love is based in Gosforth. It is a Boutique offering real personal service for women like you. Everything in the store is designer including Malene Birger and Forever Unique. The store has won a variety of industry awards and is jointly owened by Kate Walton and Jill Hodgson. NE3 4DE

Al’s Musique Boutique is home to the ‘kitch and curious’. If you are struggling to buy a present for your the man in your life, this is the place for you! A treasure chest of a shop filled with gentleman’s ephemera for the dandy, mod and the ‘geordie gentry’.

This shop stocks an eclectic range including; vintage and new cravats, ties, bow ties, cuff links, hats, hat feathers, drinking and smoking accessories and much more!! NE6 5HR

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Feature Page...

HELLUO! One of our secret LFM reporters got inside access to Urban Outfitters in the city centre of Newcastle. We even got to interview the head of womenswear! Q. What is it about UO that appeals to Newcastle? A. Urban Outfitters appeals to Newcastle because unlike other branded stores we sell a lifestyle including music, housewares, giftwares etc everything you need to be ‘Urban’. Q.Do you think the price is right? A. Although we do have a high price point, we do also have lower priced basic range ....... We also offer student discount to make the deal sweeter. The designer range is also a reasonable price point for exclusives. Q.Why does UO sell a range of brands? A. We sell a range of brands to create variety. We have our own brands in store however they are not named by us. ‘BDG’ is our own brand of denim for example. We also have ‘Staring at Stars’, ‘Sparkle and ‘Fade Silence’ and ‘Noise’. Q.Do you sell anything wacky/controversial? A. We sell many wacky house/gift wares, rude gift cards, penguin/cat salt and peppar pots, back scratchers (rulers), afro washing up brushes. We also sell vinyls and sometimes limited edition re-launches ie. Madonna, Dirty Dancing and Grease. We also stock the books that go with these.

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NEWCASTLE! Q. Is there any exclusive deals or events for Newcastle Customers? A. We regularly hold in store events, we had DJ’s, live bands and acts in store alongside bars such as Mr Lynch, No 28 and Kopparburg Cidar. We intend on holding many more in the future as it creates a buzz in store and out, it also creates community within the store. Q.What is the store’s concept? A. Our store concept is individuality. The industrial visuals within the store and building are intentional to give that wow factor and makes you enjoy the shopping experience. We play the latest music that we also sell in store to once again create the ‘Urban’ lifestyle. Q.How would your define Newcastle’s Fashion? A. Newcastle has two types of customer at Urban...1. The grungey, hippy traveller, band tee’s, dark colours, artistic tattoo’s, piercings, chunky jewellery, maxi dresses, crop tops, disco pants, silver, biker boots, messy hair type. 2. The Wealthy, equestrian, feminine, skinny jeans, chiffon, silk, delicate, leggings, victorian boots, leather jacket, floral type. Q.What is your most popular product? A. Our most popular product would be between renewal levi destroy shorts and renewal F2 khaki utility jacket. They are this season’s key item to wear with any outfit. Urban has a feature on dresses at the minute and we have over 30 styles including sale dresses. However, Newcastle does not appear to be a dress kind of city. Q. What is the trend to look for this A/W for UO customers? A. We currently have two trends in our A/W season: Modern Beat - teddy boy, preppy, drainpipes, leather jackets and pretty colours. Tarot - Grungy, gypsey, traveller, lacey, layered, twilight and illuminati.

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Dress £19.99 H&M Page 9

H OF HIGHSTREET photographer and stylist Sarah Frankland (Editor)

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Scarf £14.99 H&M Leather Skirt £19.99 H&M Page 11

Pink Shirt £19.95 H&M Black Top £9.99 River Island Silver Necklace £5 Charity Store

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Silver/Black Leggings ÂŁ Urban Outfitters

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Pink Jumper ÂŁ19.95 H&M Page 15

Blue top ÂŁ7.99 H&M

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Fashion Finder...

LFM’s fashion finder is the North East’s current ‘go - to’ girl for all your fashion worries! She is on a mission to help fashionistas with their problems, providing an exclusive one to one session. Her first session is with Rebecca. NAME:Rebecca Gippert AGE: 20 OCCUPATION: Student WHERE DO YOU LIVE: Newcastle Upon Tyne FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: My River Island jeans. Comfortable and always seem to match everything with them! PERSONAL STYLE: I like the casual smart look. Choosing one item that is dressy can really transform my casual clothes. WHERE DO YOU SHOP: I shop in River Island, Next, Republic... any high street store! FASHION NO NO: I cannot understand why women would wear box like garments. We have curves for a reason! WHAT CAN YOU NOT FIND: I’m really struggling to find a decent and stylish winter coat. I like fur but also classic styles. I would invest some money into the coat as it looks like im going to need it for a while!

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All Saints £150

Barbour £89.95 Available at Jules B Boutique.

Next £85.00

River Island £100 Firstly, Rebecca said she likes classic styles and instantly Barbour came to mind. The heritage of this brand is comfortable, hardwearing and stylish. Secondly, All Saints is all about the luxury. Leather is always a classic choice but lacks practicality. When she mentioned fur, I recognised the unique look of this River Island coat. This will definitely keep her warm during the cold winter months. The last choice I picked was from Next as it encompasses the classic look of the winter/puffer coat but s also practical having both hood and pockets.

Want to know which coat Rebecca chose? Read next week’s fashion finder only in LFM! Page 17

Autumn/Winter Trend Page.

This party season is all about the burgundy colour! We have selected a few items from and TopShop. Topshop have definitely made a statement this season with the classic burgundy velvet dress, perfect for casual occasions, styled with tights, black pumps and a blazer, but accessorised correctly with a striking gold necklace, clutch bag and shoes this outfit has the potential to become party dress heaven! The polka dot dress is also a gem from Topshop. This dress has been designed classically to fit a women’s curves and the polka dot print gives it a fun and eye catching appeal. A must for the christmas party season!

Topshop £68.00

Last but definitely not least, is this bodycon dress. Want show off your hard work at the gym? This is the perfect dress for you. The cut out detail provides a little more a of a sexy feel but not giving to much away. If you want to push the look further how about accessorising with a leopard print bag and plain coloured heels. Perfect for dancing the night away! Newcastle’s main Topshop Store is located in Eldon Square but also has a concession stall in Fenwicks.

Topshop £38.00 Topshop £35.00

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How to Shop in Winter...

Too cold to go outside? But still need to shop? We have found the perfect website for you... Lyst! Lyst is a social shopping site, a little bit like twitter but its all fashion based! You can follow your favourite designers, boutiques, bloggers and stylists to get their latest updates in your stylefeed, so you can stay on trend and never miss a sale. You can create your own Lyst by adding items you love and follow your favourite brands, magazines, bloggers and friends. Choose what you are following.

Choose your search.

Choose your price.

Choose your price.

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Who to Follow this AutumnWinter...

Alice Mary Barnes is a Fashion Communication graduate living and working in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She works in design, marketing and advertising. In her blog and on Twitter she shares with her followers her love for fashion, beauty, design, photography and lifestyle. She currently has over 1,000 followers on twitter and updates her blog with the hustle and bustle of current fashion trends in the North East. To follow on Twitter search @alicemarybarnes To read her blog search LFM sent a tweet to AMB.... @alicemarybarnes what do you love about Newcastle!? Her response... @LFM I love Newcastle’s culture, history and the shops! Such a busy city! Want to let LFM know about what you love about Newcastle? Follow us on Twitter and we will choose the top 10 answers to appear in next month’s issue!! Happy Tweeting!

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