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Unit Title:  Self,  Self,  Self!  Construction  Reduction!   Enduring  Ideas:  Throughout  time  and  across  cultures  artists  have  experimented   with  self-­‐expression  and  the  art  of  paper  manipulation.  Let’s  try  both  together!   Course:  Foundations  Level   ELO:     • • •

Demonstrate fluency  using  multiple  processes  to  show  the  exploration  of  a   variety  of  two  dimensional  media,  techniques  and  tools.   Analyze  ways  in  which  artists  interpret  ideas,  solve  problems,  reflect  and   lend  relevancy  to  their  times.   Expressively  manipulate  the  art  elements  and  principles  to  create   compositions  that  exhibit  a  compelling  division  of  space.  

Essential Questions:   • • • •

Who do  you  think  you  are?  Who  do  you  want  to  be?  What  do  others  think  of   you?   How  can  you  display  these  three  questions  in  your  three  construction  paper   reduction  prints?   What  technique  will  you  apply  do  your  art  piece?   What  do  you  know  about  yourself  and  what  do  others  know  about  you?  How   will  this  affect  your  artwork?  

Objectives: Artists  will  be  able  to…   •

• •

Create/manipulate paper  in  some  way  to  depict  “Who  do  you  think  you  are?   Who  do  you  want  to  be?  What  do  others  think  of  you?”  in  three  reduction   prints.   Demonstrate  an  understanding  of  the  techniques  and  tools  required  for  this   project  and  their  proper  use  and  care.   Manipulate  photos  through  Photoshop,  and  then  break  them  down  to  create   a  reduction  print  using  construction  paper.  

Exemplar Artists:   Jen  Stark   Materials:  Variety  of  colored  construction  paper,  glue,  Photoshop,  ruler,  exacto   knife,  scissors,  and  cardboard.   Procedures:  

1. Teacher demonstrates  the  different  paper  cutting  techniques  for  the   class  before  each  step  of  the  process  and  how  to  use  Photoshop  on  the   computer  in  simple  step  by  step  hand  out.       2. Find  a  photo  of  yourself  to  be  manipulated  in  Photoshop  in  these   three  ways  “Who  do  you  think  you  are?  Who  do  you  want  to  be?  What   do  others  think  of  you?”     3. Select  the  colors  for  each  level  of  your  reduction  and  follow  the   “blueprints”  of  your  Photoshop  image  and  begin  manipulating  the   paper  in  the  way  you  see  fit  (tearing,  cutting,  folding,  etc.).   4. All  photos  must  be  approved  as  non-­‐vulgar  by  the  teacher  before   work  may  be  started  on  the  assignment,  failure  to   Assessment:  Assessment  will  be  conducted  by   • • •

The amount  of  effort  put  into  the  project.      How  well  the  student  was  able  to  get  their  idea  across  when  presented  to   the  class.   Asking  the  student  what  they  think  is  their  personal  potential  in  creating  the   images  in  the  fashion  that  they  did.  

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Foundations Sarah  

Foundations of Art Unit Plan