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4750 UNIT PLAN GUIDELINES for ART EDUCATION Sharyn Hyatt-Wade, MFA Your written unit plan document and Prezi will be a hybrid of the expectations and formats of MU and the Columbia Public Schools Art Curriculum and should include: 1. UNIT TITLE - What Consumes you?/What do you consume? 2. ENDURING IDEAS - Throughout time and across cultures artists depict what is around them everyday. From what we take into our bodies physically, to the knowledge we absorb mentally. 3. COURSE - Foundations (beginning level) 4. ELO - Expressively manipulate the art elements and principles to create compositions that exhibit a compelling division of space. - Develop personal responses to art problems exhibiting the ability to generate multiple and rich ideas that form content rich work. - Show the ability to integrate conceptual and technical approaches in choosing appropriate media and techniques. 5. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS - What do you consume everyday? Is what you consume everyday good for your body and mind? Why do you consume things not beneficial? What is essential for living? 6. EXEMPLAR ARTISTS - Andrea Zittel, Art21 - Consumption. 7. OBJECTIVES - Artists will be able to: 1)Actively engage in setting up their own individual still-lifes’ concentrating on composition, lighting, and content. 2)Think critically about what they consume everyday and determining whether these things are beneficial or not. 3)Make decisions on importance of the objects to be shown through composition and drawing techniques. 8. MATERIALS - Drawing paper, Graphite 9. PROCEDURES - Artists will....explore & play by first practicing drawing and shading techniques of core shapes (cones, spheres, cones, cubes), relate content to the still life

by choosing objects to placed in the still life that they consume, reflect on what we consume and make connections of content through composition and drawing techniques. 10. ASSESSMENT - Traditional rubric grading. Artists will be graded on technique, craftsmanship, and how well they relate the content to the final product. CULMINATING ACTIVITY - Rubric

11. UNIT EXEMPLAR 12. EVIDENCE of Prior Knowledge - Today, everyone is overwhelmed with objects to buy; food, books, magazines, movies, drinks, etc. Students will come into the unit knowing what they do consume from foods that are good or bad, to knowledge they consume from books or magazines, or TV.

Foundations Erika  

Foundations of Art, Erika