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Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Majestic Salmon and Creme

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Constanza Majestic Gold The richness and perfection of detail, combined with the large number of items available, form an impressive range of table settings: from large serving plates to the tiniest salt shaker, from soup tureens to either tea or espresso cups, every set has been conceived so as to be able to mix and match individual pieces, from the most essential to the complete range in all its magnificence.

Dinner plate Majestic Salmon Gold

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Coffee/Tea cup with saucer of the design „Majestic“ Salmon Gold.

Design Majestic Salmon Gold as a Platter oval 36 cm.

The impressively designed masterpiece „Majestic“ is reflecting royal ambience and dignity.

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Soup Tureen Majestic Salmon Gold

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic Teacups with saucers of the designs Majestic Gold, Majestic Green and Majestic Gold Platin

Majestic Creme Gold

Constanza Majestic Majestic Creme Gold - shwon part of a Dinner plate with the light creme colour

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Majestic Bordeaux Gold

Majestic Gold Platin

Majestic Gold

Majestic Green Gold

Shape Constanza - Design Majestic

Majestic Turquoise Gold

Majestic Cobalt Gold

Majestic Salmon Gold

Majestic Creme Gold


Platter roundflat 32cm

Dinner plate 27cm

Soup plate 23cm

weight: 1035 Gramm

weight: 620 Gramm

weight: 375 Gramm

Platter oval 32cm Platter oval 36cm Pickle dish 24cm weight: 720 Gramm weight: 865 Gramm weight: 353 Gramm

Dessert plate 21cm Dessert plate 19cm

Bread & butter plate 17cm weight: 190 Gramm

weight: 280 Gramm weight: 250 Gramm

Soup tureen 3,0 Liter

Sauce boat 0,50 Liter

weight: 1700 Gramm

weight: 360 Gramm

Salad bowl 24cm Salad bowl 19cm Salad bowl 14cm weight: 650 Gramm weight: 400 Gramm weight: 160 Gramm


Coffee pot 1,2 Liter

Coffee/Tea cup 0,19 Liter

Mocca-cup 0,09 Liter

weight: 730 Gramm

weight: 125 Gramm

weight: 60 Gramm

Tea pot 1,2 Liter

Coffee/Tea saucer 14,5cm

Mocca saucer 14cm

weight: 750 Gramm

weight: 145 Gramm

weight: 105 Gramm

Creamer 0,20 Liter

Sugar bowl 0,30 Liter

Salt & pepper shaker

weight: 170 Gramm

weight: 250 Gramm

weight: 160 Gramm