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Shape Carree - Design White

Carree - white Just White

Shape Carree - Design White

Mug with saucer

Coffee- / tea cup with saucer

Mocca cup with saucer

Shape Carree - Design White

CARREE - WHITE The most wellknown square shape of the world accomplished and founded from the Creative Department of Falkenporzellan, registered under the German Patent Nr. DPMA 40003383.6

Shape Carree - Design White

Shape Carree - Design White


No other table service so perfectly fulfilled the demand for a new functionalism proposed by Falkenporzellan in the year 2000. The shape „Carree“ of 2000 is marked by clear lines, the receptacles are cylindrical or conical. The plates, with their clear break between the border and the center, are in the style of the new year 2000. Falkenporzellan first produced the shape with the new technical press robots in Germany and now, this shape is successfully sold to all Hotels, Banquets, Restaurants and Catering Companies all over the world. Due to a lot of copies from factories all over the world, we are registered in the German Patent Department under the Nr. DPMA 40003383.6

Shape Carree - Design White

Cups & saucers Mug 0,3 ltr. Coffee cup 0,19 ltr. Mocca cup 0,10 ltr. Saucer for mug and coffee cup 15cm x 15cm Saucer for mocca cup 13cm x 13cm

Salad bowls Salad bowl 22cm x 22cm Salad bowl 14cm x 14cm Saldt bowl 9cm x 9cm

Shape Carree - Design White

The famous pointed platters as follows: Platter long flat 51cm x 24cm Platter long flat 38cm x 21cm Salat long deep 31cm x 19cm Salat long deep 23cm x 14cm

The famous Dinnerplates: Platter square flat or as a charger plate 32cm x 32cm Dinner plate 27cm x 27cm Dessert plate 21cm x 21cm Dessert plate 13cm x 13cm Bread & butter plate 9cm x 9cm Soup plate 22,5cm x 22,5cm

Shape Carree - Design White

Platter oval 45cm x 12cm

Platter oval with 3 seperations 45cm x 12cm

Platters Platter oval 27cm x 6,5cm Platter oval 45cm x 26cm Platter oval 35cm x 26cm Platter oval 22cm x 11cm Platter oval 33cm x 18cm


Platter roundflat 32cm

Dinnerplate 27cm

Soupplate 23cm

weight: 1035 Gramm

weight: 620 Gramm

weight: 375 Gramm

Platter oval 32cm Platter oval 36cm

Desertplate 21cm Desertplate 19cm

weight: 720 Gramm weight: 865 Gramm

weight: 250 Gramm weight: 230 Gramm

Soup Tureen 3,0 Liter

Sauciere 0,40 Liter

weight: 1700 Gramm

weight: 360 Gramm

Bread & Butterplate 17cm weight: 190 Gramm

Salad Bowl 24cm Salad Bowl 19cm Salad Bowl 14cm weight: 650 Gramm weight: 250 Gramm weight: 160 Gramm


Coffee Pot 1,2 Liter

Coffee/Tea-cup 0,19 Liter

Mocca-cup 0,10 Liter

weight: 730 Gramm

weight: 70 Gramm

weight: 65 Gramm

Tea Pot 1,2 Liter

Coffee/Tea-saucer 14,5cm

Mocca-saucer 14cm

weight: 750 Gramm

weight: 100 Gramm

weight: 100 Gramm

Creamer 0,20 Liter

Sugar Bowl 0,30 Liter

Salt & Pepper Shaker

weight: 170 Gramm

weight: 250 Gramm

weight: 160 Gramm

Carree Design white  

Carree Design white