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Falk Zepmeisel Nordring 18


02977 Hoyerswerda


Tel. 0049 15224519672



Curriculum vitae Person Name

Falk Zepmeisel

Date of birth

17.05.1988 , Hoyerswerda , Germany


architecture BA Cottbus - Senftenberg, Germany

Abitur (leaving certificate high school) june 2006

high school "Konrad Zuse" in Hoyerswerda, Germany main focus on psychology and educational theory graduation mark: 2,5

Studies 9/2010-7/2013

architecture degree Bachelor of Arts (BA) "Hochschule Lausitz/BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg" (joinage of local higher education collage and university during study time) graduation mark: 2,0

Practice 6/2012-9/2012

3 months practical semester architects Lunau & Rosenblatt Cottbus main focus: - measurment off buildings - designing furnitures and plans for doctor´s surgery - designing and planning cottage - planning construction for alteration of a historical building in Cottbus - work programs used: ArchiCAD 11/15 and sketchUP

Workshops abroad during studies 4/2013

Consarch 2 weeks international workshop Gdansk/Nysa with students of partner universities from poland france, spain and italy topic: - shipyard Gdansk main focus: - reusage of the old shipyard - recultivation and sensibilisation


german/polish workshop GĂśrlitz/Zgorzelec topic: main focus:


old petrolfactory in the centre of GĂśrlitz design concept for using analysing situation interviewing german and polish citizen of the towns

education / job 9/2007-8/2010


joiner apprenticeship instructor: joiner master and architect Steffen Thierbach, Görlitz, Germany main focus of education

building design stairs planing and building wooden furnitures

practical exam

own designed "scissor chair" second best passing mark in the area of Görlitz

practicing at joinery Guntram Bialas, Cottbus, Germany main focus:

installation/producing furnitures, doors, windows and modular furnitures

Skills joiner´s workshops

- certification for using chainsaws - certification for unsing joinery machines


english polish


ArchiCAD Sketch UP MS Word/Excel Gimp Artlantis

social skills

honest, conscientious, tolerant, motivated, committed, polite

well basics

Designed and made by Falk Zepmeisel Cottbus, 2013

Kitchen sideboard

Portfolio falk zepmeisel