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Liz: well, I likefilms that tell a good2) i u.l,etgLh.? story.AndI meanastorythatyou can follow, not the sort that goes backwardsand forwardsin time. I find those very al .Confvli.,^g . And I'm .l*.

when I watcha horrorfilm. I usually

close my eyes when the horror starts. Craigr Yes,but if the story is too simple,surelyyou get 5) . . !er.e*.

. . becauseyou

know exactly what's going to happen,

sl . .L+fi f17. . it'snot necessarify is intelligible, Liz:I don'tmeanthat.If something can't oftengoodstorieshavez1Sur.priJ.i.9. eventsorendings- thingsthatyou possiblyknow at the beginning.

craig: Forme the mostimportantthingis that the actorsmustbear . .4eaviaS.9 so that you really believethat they are the personthey are acting. Liz! If that'strue, Iimaginethatyouaree) dila;.plrrklrost

of thetime because.well,

for example,HarrisonFordis alwaysHarrisonFord.I'mnever1o)Cor+,r'i.atd.that he'ssomebodyelse. CraagrYes,but it's often not importantin his films becausethey'reescapist- if you're feelingtenseaboutwork or something,you havea good laughand you comeout feelingr 1) . .r3l*f 3+. . and happywith the world. LaziI'm 12t J.u.r:pci)+A . that you like his films. Althoughthe specialeffectsare good, the story is alwaysterriblysimple. Craigi He'snot my favourite,but his films are not bad.

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Easter Homework Pack - Keys  

Correction key for Easter homework handouts.

Easter Homework Pack - Keys  

Correction key for Easter homework handouts.