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Press2004- ModuleTest1 Adapted fromCambridge University B. Read the text again and mark the following statements T (true) or F (false): 1. Angiehastwojobs.


2. She ieachessixclassesa day. F 3 Sheteachesaerobicsin differentschools F 4. Shetravelsaroundthe country. F 5. A lot of peopleare too fat. -f o.

r( s ||||P(Jr rqr rL l(J vu cr |lruE E^rrr vl)v

Evrr y udy.

7 Tea or coffeeis enoughfor breaKast. F 8. Take-aways are nota goodidea. T 9. lt's goodto drinkwater. T 10. You can eat cakesas oftenas youwant. tr



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