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Press2004- ModuleTest1 tromCambridge University Adapted READINGAND USEOF ENGLISH A. Read the text about Angie below. Choose the best option to complete the text. I am very luckybecauseI enjoymy work verymuch.l'm a fitnessinstructorat a gym near-1I live.I teachsix aerobicsclassesa weekand I also go to peopleabouthealthand nutrition. differentschoolsin the area -L-young 'you you eat'. are what As they say, the dietthatmanypeoplehavetoday.So many To be honest,I wony -3peopleare overweight.And why? Becausethey eat the wrongfoods and they exercise.When you work in an officeor sit in a classroomall don'tdo time to keep fit, but you only need-6day, I know it is difficult-520 minutesa day! a balanceddiet, startingwith breakfastin the It's also very important_7_ good manyof us just havea miss breaKast-8ideato's nota possible- lots of fruit cup of tea or c.offee.Eat as much fresh food -9- and try _10_ too muchfriedfood.Whenyou don'thave and vegetables but it certainlyisn'tvery goodfor muchtime,it's easy_1 1_ a take-away, you! One reasonwhy a lot of peoplefeel less than 10006fit is that they don't drink two litres a day - and water means water. You need _13_ _12water,not tea, coffeeor fizzydrinks. fit is fun. A lot of peoplethink it's boringto go joggingor Finally,_14_ their food. Well, of courseyou can enjoy your cycling.They want _15_ food. lt's fine to haveâ‚Źkes and ice cream,but not everyday!

1. a. which 2. a. teach 3. a. with


5. a. finding 6. a. do 7. a. you have 8./5:>lthouoh ^ \-./.. 9. a. tne

10. a. don'teat 11. a getting 12. a. too much 13. a. drink 14. a. keep

1@to enlov

b. that fd)to teacfr


b. some b. find ( b)to do ( D)to nave D. SO

@. b. not eat b. oet

(-B\6nouon Qo otiix L9xeeprng



c. Torleacn c. for c. no /bto find c. oorng c. have c. nowever c. is /Anot to eat

s"t @to c. Ioo c. drinking c. lkeep c. enjoy

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