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UNfDAD97 up overthroughetc.

(preposic i onesdemovimi ento)

No todas/aspreposiclonestienenun solosignificadoen ingtesy espanot,Observalassrguientescon sus ilustraciones y ejemplos. -

Jill is going to France for a-holiday : We walked from the hotel to the station. - A lot of English words come fi<im Latin.

-# I

ffi - I.put the new batteriesin the radio. Le puse pilas /as nueyasa ta rcdio. .- I took the old baneriesout of the radio. Le quit6tas pilasviejasa la radio.

into (in)

^ up t


ovet -.+-l

Don't put your feet on the tabie. Pleasetake your feet olf the table. I'm going to hang somepicrureson the wall. Be careful!Dont fall of your birycle.

- We walked up the hill to the house. - n, careful!Don't fall down the stairs.



ffi 'm+

- The plane flew over the mountains. * I jumped over the wa.llinto the garden. - Sornepeoplesayit is unlucky to-walk under a ladder.

* -

I waswalking along the road with my dog. Let's go for a walk along the river. The new road goesround the village. The bus-stopisjust round the corner. We walked round the town and took some photographs. Dimosunavueltapor la ciudad...

/@.b@t |,ffi

Tambi6n se puede decir around (: round): - We walked around the town.

through y acrosspuedenequivalera'a trcv6sde'. Normalmente through se usaparaalgo vetticat (, un bosque,etc-)y acrossse suereusarparaatgohorizontit (un vaIe,ra ca'ita, un ,io, - A bird flew into the room through a window. - The old road gocsthrough the village. La caffetetaviejaataviesael pueblo. - The dog swamacross the river. El pero atraves6el o nadando. - .Weran across the street. - They walked past me. They didnt speak. Pasarcn pot mi lado... - A: Excuseme, where is the hospital? B: Co alongthisroad.past the cinema,under the bridge and the hospitalis on the left.


w,*_ Hoteietm

UNIDAD 97 Ejercicios


97.,t Alguiente preguntac6mollegara un sitio. voservatoscttbulos y completa/as ,nsffucclones.






ffi ,FE dun m-





1 .Qo.paQt.the.chanh,...._.

thebridge. 9o ....,.......,.............

uo ................................ the hill.

4 Go ............................. the staifs.

Go o Go

7 8

' tb;



tll I

N'N .#-w the street.

9 10


12 jbsewa 97'2 rosdibujosy compreta /asfrasesconra Neposicifun apropiada (uploveretc,).


,g ^\

1 ) 3 4

The dog swam ...ep.IAAe..-.-.. the river. The book fell ...........,..... a shelf. The plane flew .......the village. He threw the book the windo:w.

97,3 Completa /as frases con ta preposici6n apropiada(up,zofflthrough efc.). We jumped -f 6. bridge .....hf".... the w:ter. ] you know how to put a frlm this camera? I !-o J Youcanput your coat .............,...... the backof the chair. a kev ." .. ......... het bag and openedthe door. 1 -l!" :::\ e qidlt havea key, so we ctimUia ......._...._...... a window : ]V. the house. 6 I looked the window and watched the people io',h. ,,...r. 7 We walked rhe museum and s"* lot of iri"..rtii! -------' things. "tt..*. 8 In tennis,you haveto hit the ball ..............,..... 9 Dont forget to put a sramp the postcardbefore you post rt.

UNIDAD 97 Ejercicios

G@D q_ \J

9^7,t Alguiente preguntac6mo llegara un sitio. Observalosdibujosy completalas'instrucciones. I





F.w ,FE


#'/ pa?.!.Ih,e.e,h 1 .Q.a. !)!ph,......

2 co .....i,r-n A,gt--. the bridse. 3 co ......UP........... thehiU. 4 Go ....*P-\P.n....... thesrairs.




/;- ^ \ h

V) HO_






5 Co .....41eV19....thesrreer. g 6 Go . ....t.n.i'l,r.....i.h* I l+p-+e i0 'tl 7 (:o. 1art.*r".r. kqtQ| 8 .(ro..{.to.r,liAr:.dJ...*Lr. S.!atiora tz


..6e-...aretJnd....* r r,or qs rpJJ.. +.1++!hr!t Qs. Qo.ov9,c tk+ . bria-a,q.(ze.l*hro!e.t+...Lir,r n aF L I (ac''6sJr

97..2Observa los dibujosy completalasfrasesconla preposici6n apropiada (uplover etc.).




5 Theydrove . 0

i h.m-.t_6h............. thevi.llage. A womangot......o.ut. ..d.$......................... a ca!.

7 n man wall(ed .......r.n.TO. the shoo. 8 The Moon traveJs ....A,r..e!i.n.d.........the Earth. 97,3 Completa /as fi'asescon la prcposici6napropiada (uplo{f/through etc.). 1 Wejumped .eff the bridge .....1r.?g.... the water. 2 Do you know how to prt a i,lrn ....i.t4. this camera? 3 You can put your coat ...c> back of rhe chair. (or "o r.i) 4 Shetook a key.Out...e.f,.. her bagand openedthe door. \ na-vea | ]V.e{iait !ey, so we climbia .th.rr.,r..qha window . iralo... the house. 6Ilooked.,or:t.o.[...thewindowandwatche"dthep-eople'n,h;;;;.--i;;""Jh.o.rL..) 7 We walked . qrouuol the museumand sawa lot Jf interesting tnrngs. 8 In tennis,you haveto hit the ball ....Oygf:.. the net. 9 Don't forget to put a shmp .....9?h....... the postcardbeforeyou post it.

File 4 Extra Reading Two great cities Pragle Sincethe Berlin Wall came do*n in 1989 there has beenone capital that has becomea top destinationfor tourists to cental Europe:Prague.The majority of tourists are attractedby the fantasticarchitecture:Romanesque,Gothic, Renaissance, andBaroque.The cente of the city. is pedestrianized,so you can eqioyyourself without worrying abordthe taffc. But the city isn't just for architectr:reenthusiasts.You can experiencethe romanceof the CharlesBridge and the view of the castJe(which looks particularly wonderfii at night), or perhapsyou would prefer to spendyor:r time in some of the many theatresand museums. Pragueis a very cultural city with a long tradition of writers,musicians,and artists. What time of year should you mme? Every seasonbas sonefiing specid to offer. In wifter, the city will probably be coveredin snow - making a walk through Mala Strana(the small quarter)particularly romantic.In summer,you canhire a bod on the majesticMtava - and get awayfrom the crowdsoftourists which now cometo Pragueeveryyear! Cairo Oneof the crazies but also the mostfascinatingcities in the world is in Africa It wasbuilt for aboutoneand a half million peoplebut now hrq a populationof around15 million The city ii a st'angemix of ancienthistory (the Egptian muserm hasmole than 100,000exhibful) and moderncity life (the taffic is as chaoticas in my city in the world). Anyone walking around Heliopolis, thg qea where the Presidentlives, will seehrmdredsof shops selling the latest computersand hi-tech qguipnenl Fcirthe tourists, a ride on a felucca (an old style sailing tnat) allows you to escapethe noise and dustfor an hour or two. cairo in sr:mmeris particularlyhot md dustythoughthe hrmidity is always low- In .the evening fts lO- .t-Xfit is a place where you can buy almostanytling, but look out for fte spice market ri;hereyou can buy somewood".firl spic"i at very reasonableprices. When you are tired of walking you c:rn relax in one of Cairo's coffee houses.pertaps you could ry a arp of korkadi, a specialred te4 or you can srnokea hookahpipe with flavoured tobacco.Even non-smokerswill find the smell quite pleasant Perhapsthe best time to visit Cairo is in winter. It is wonderfulto escapethe cold wet weather in Europeand come to the land of the Pharaohs,seethe pyrarnids,and enjoy the experience that is Cairo.


Read Two great cities.Decide if the sentencesare about Prague (P), Cairo (C), or both @).


Example It hasinterestinsmuseums. P I Thereare no carsin the cente. 2 The city is neara rivet $ 3 It hasa femquscasUs. 3 A It is cold in the winter. p 5 It is alwaysdry. I


Find words in the tert which mean:

Prasue I most

z 3 4 5


u^a ior i ltl


' "br"aottaffi" area OrrAr +â&#x201A;Ź 1. rentfor a shorttime ' lnire a big groupof people a. crow d

i ze J

Cairo 6 7 8 9 10



lRqbrb!!! Pyg,elvojvt{tjrzlGtt

x x/bvdf t! l!!!!l!!!!!!!!Uk


pp+qjbcfig tpvsf t !!!4 !!!!!!!!!!O


from the box. use each Complete each sentence using the correct word word once' bored . interested. surprising ' amusing ' confused boring . amused . confusing ' surprised ' interesting


Youridea is very interesting.Tellme more about it'


Hetold me a very . Ol,uPJ.t $


Thisis a terribly. .09.r;ry.


stre's.inl9.rl9.{9)n potiticsandoftentalksaboutit.


ThemapwasfO+Q^lIi.9. andI got lost.


shehadnothingto do all day' she was . . b.eCg$. . because


elsethoughtit wastunny,but shewasn't . A}l40f9<\ ' Everyone


andlaughed' . storv.I laughed in it' . book'Nothinghappens

could you repeat that, please?I'm a bit ' fph{'ofâ&#x201A;Ź


' ' becauseit was

very complicated, I

she'sa goodstudent' rt is . t\,rP,:iJitg. thatshefailedthe exam,because


was Srrr:pr:itfA. by the suddennoise. Everyone

Complete the diatogue using the correct word from the box.

bored.boring.confusing.convinced.convincing.disappointed'enterta+Bed entertaining. frightened. interesting. relaxedr surprised' surprising craig: Whatsort of nlms do you like? Liz: WhenI go to the cinema,I liketo be entertained.

crais: Andwhatsortof filmsdo youfindrl .9+Ffl(ri*ifi

P Wtelvdvt$jttlG$tt lRqbtb!!!

x x /pwff t! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!k



pp$qFcfts tp!'dft!!!5 !!!!!!!!!!O


Liz: well, I likefilms that tell a good2) i u.l,etgLh.? story.AndI meanastorythatyou can follow, not the sort that goes backwardsand forwardsin time. I find those very al .Confvli.,^g . And I'm .l*.

when I watcha horrorfilm. I usually

close my eyes when the horror starts. Craigr Yes,but if the story is too simple,surelyyou get 5) . . !er.e*.

. . becauseyou

know exactly what's going to happen,

sl . .L+fi f17. . it'snot necessarify is intelligible, Liz:I don'tmeanthat.If something can't oftengoodstorieshavez1Sur.priJ.i.9. eventsorendings- thingsthatyou possiblyknow at the beginning.

craig: Forme the mostimportantthingis that the actorsmustbear . .4eaviaS.9 so that you really believethat they are the personthey are acting. Liz! If that'strue, Iimaginethatyouaree) dila;.plrrklrost

of thetime because.well,

for example,HarrisonFordis alwaysHarrisonFord.I'mnever1o)Cor+,r'i.atd.that he'ssomebodyelse. CraagrYes,but it's often not importantin his films becausethey'reescapist- if you're feelingtenseaboutwork or something,you havea good laughand you comeout feelingr 1) . .r3l*f 3+. . and happywith the world. LaziI'm 12t J.u.r:pci)+A . that you like his films. Althoughthe specialeffectsare good, the story is alwaysterriblysimple. Craigi He'snot my favourite,but his films are not bad.

P yg|e!Vq!fdjulcttlRqbt b!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!h x x,bvqf/Tt! llU

pp$qjbcrr{Stpvd t!!6 !!!!l!!l!!!Q

DO, PI-AY,GO + a sport gamethat hasa name( Use"play"with any competitive Use"go" with sportsor activitiesthat can be donealone,or with sports verbs(i.e.skiing).In otherwords,use"go" with sportsthat endin "---ing" Use"do" with groupsof relatedactivitiesor spoftsthat you do in a or martialarts, or that are nouns,not verbs(i.e.iudo Decide between 'rdo'r,'rgorror "play". Sometimes the verb needs to be conjugated or put in the infinitive or gerund form. joggingeveryday whenhe wasat university. 7O


He usedto _


I love-




Thissummerwe _


He'squitethe athlete.He_

a goodgameof chessfrom time to time.

plaV t/9 in


gymnasticsfor over five yearsnow.

do rae-

windsurfingeveryday on our vacation.Ja.te- qoit^q basketball, baseball and


hockey,too. .

My wife_


Why don't we _


Somepeoplethinkthat -

horseridingtwicea week. a set of tennis?

I wil "i'o L@r<a#iu4 <)J




aerobics fourtimesa weekis the &'i tC

best possibleway of keepingfit. .

Hisideaof the perfectsummerholidayis to renta sailboatand sailingbetweenthe islandsof the Tuscanarchipelago.


He -

athleticsfor his localtrack club.



Press2004- ModuleTest1 tromCambridge University Adapted READINGAND USEOF ENGLISH A. Read the text about Angie below. Choose the best option to complete the text. I am very luckybecauseI enjoymy work verymuch.l'm a fitnessinstructorat a gym near-1I live.I teachsix aerobicsclassesa weekand I also go to peopleabouthealthand nutrition. differentschoolsin the area -L-young 'you you eat'. are what As they say, the dietthatmanypeoplehavetoday.So many To be honest,I wony -3peopleare overweight.And why? Becausethey eat the wrongfoods and they exercise.When you work in an officeor sit in a classroomall don'tdo time to keep fit, but you only need-6day, I know it is difficult-520 minutesa day! a balanceddiet, startingwith breakfastin the It's also very important_7_ good manyof us just havea miss breaKast-8ideato's nota possible- lots of fruit cup of tea or c.offee.Eat as much fresh food -9- and try _10_ too muchfriedfood.Whenyou don'thave and vegetables but it certainlyisn'tvery goodfor muchtime,it's easy_1 1_ a take-away, you! One reasonwhy a lot of peoplefeel less than 10006fit is that they don't drink two litres a day - and water means water. You need _13_ _12water,not tea, coffeeor fizzydrinks. fit is fun. A lot of peoplethink it's boringto go joggingor Finally,_14_ their food. Well, of courseyou can enjoy your cycling.They want _15_ food. lt's fine to haveâ&#x201A;Źkes and ice cream,but not everyday!

1. a. which 2. a. teach 3. a. with


5. a. finding 6. a. do 7. a. you have 8./5:>lthouoh ^ \-./.. 9. a. tne

10. a. don'teat 11. a getting 12. a. too much 13. a. drink 14. a. keep

1@to enlov

b. that fd)to teacfr


b. some b. find ( b)to do ( D)to nave D. SO

@. b. not eat b. oet

(-B\6nouon Qo otiix L9xeeprng



c. Torleacn c. for c. no /bto find c. oorng c. have c. nowever c. is /Anot to eat

s"t @to c. Ioo c. drinking c. lkeep c. enjoy

Press2004- ModuleTest1 Adapted fromCambridge University B. Read the text again and mark the following statements T (true) or F (false): 1. Angiehastwojobs.


2. She ieachessixclassesa day. F 3 Sheteachesaerobicsin differentschools F 4. Shetravelsaroundthe country. F 5. A lot of peopleare too fat. -f o.

r( s ||||P(Jr rqr rL l(J vu cr |lruE E^rrr vl)v

Evrr y udy.

7 Tea or coffeeis enoughfor breaKast. F 8. Take-aways are nota goodidea. T 9. lt's goodto drinkwater. T 10. You can eat cakesas oftenas youwant. tr



@ Completethe sentenceswith a preposition of movement. out of





across through



towards round

--, -







-3-: l- \ n\l-.-



Thepolicehelicopterfl.ew over thehouses.

6 The cat rcn

Therockstarthrewa television cr* thewildow

7 The motorwav goes- {Lru5l,1

A bird flew UhJer the bridge. 4 Theydanced fot nA the fire. s He walkea{*worJ$he saloon. J



the wall. that village.

8 A spideris climbine uD thewall. 9 He jumped ir'lo theswimmingpool. l0 The oolicemenfe1l dorrh, thestairs. l1 The dog swam O4roJS

the river.

Look at the picturesand rememberthe sentences. @ Testyour memory. Coverthe sentences. 158


NewtnglisltFileTâ&#x201A;Źade/sBookPreintermediate 2005 @OfordlniversityPress Photocopiable





2 Dlaces vou canswtm acloss




places youcanwalk through


overa net whereyouhit sometnrng lf,) 2 sporcs


2 places whereyoucango up anddown ar

h^o.rvala. i r^



youcan'tgo into withouta ticket 2 places

acrossa board @ z gur.r whereyoumovepieces

Q z plu..ryoucandriveinto


tPoq , < 4 L -

z sportswhereyougo roundand rounda track

- cyLt;;3.


2 jobswherepeopletake thingsfrom oneplaceto another


to .Jdpan youhaveto fly overto getfromyourcountry 2 countries



(f,) z tning,youput into (andtakeout of) yourpocket day / bagevery

@ z plu..ryouto pastonyourwaytothisschool


z thingryoucanstandunderwhenit'sraining

Q) z th;ngra catcanwalk alongbuta personcan't



ladJer, o.k.

Easter Homework Pack - Keys  

Correction key for Easter homework handouts.

Easter Homework Pack - Keys  

Correction key for Easter homework handouts.