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Clockwise from top, Allie McGinnis, Kate Ford, Megan Lott, Emily Bass, Cathleen Atkinson, Nathan Harviala, Alex DuBois, Carling Counter, Haley Hobgood, Kara York, Elise Kimple, Melissa Coto, Dana Koutsky, Rachel Barron and Isabel Sandoval

2013 Photos by Starlyn Combs and IonaPearl Reid-Eaton

What advice would you give a student who wanted to have a fulfilling high school experience? “Write something funny on the bathroom stalls.” – Sophia Oliverio “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. This is the last place that you’ll have so many hands willing to help you fix it.” – Zada Zawadi Foy “There’s a time to slack off and there’s a time to get things done. Balance the two whenever possible and always have motivation to start and finish your work.” – Nicholas Richu “Don’t go to Jordan High School.” – Jordan Kendall “Time flies so enjoy every moment.” – Javon Roscoe “Just be yourself. Don’t rely on other people to make you feel important.” – Gavin Bell

“Growing up is overrated. It’s better to have memories and ask for forgiveness than be forced to look back and wonder the ‘what ifs?’ that you missed out on.” – Alex Madill “Don’t give up finding the pool!”

– Justin Avila

“In five years you won’t remember the grade you got on any test. You’ll remember the time you spent with your friends.” – Kate Ford “Meet as many people as you can, take challenging classes, party (but not too much), get out of your comfort zone and always pursue what you love.” – Tanner Lockhead “Do things outside the ordinary. Try new activities. It is not necessary to wait until college.” – Connor Thompson


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by the Numbers ...

Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013

Seniors turned in 245 surveys. Of the respondents, 58 percent are female and 42 percent are male; 48 percent are white, 25 percent are black, 10 percent are multi-racial, 7 percent are Hispanic, 7 percent are Asian and 3 percent are of another race; 87 percent spent four years at Jordan.

54% were born in Durham; 27% live outside of the Jordan district; 85% enjoyed their high school experience; 11% have a tattoo; 14% have had a driving violation; 62% have never bleached, dyed of highlighted their hair; 23% have been in a fist fight; 75% have never smoked a cigarette; 58% have been on a Jordan sports team; 76% have taken an AP class at Jordan; 8% have been suspended from Jordan; 56% have had sexual intercourse; 87% have consumed alcohol outside of religious functions; 40% have shoplifted; 8% of females have been pregnant; 82% have skipped a class at Jordan; 54% have had braces; 52% have had a hickey; 56% have been the driver in a car accident; 18% have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend; 24% of those who have been in a relationship have cheated on their boyfriend or girlfriend; 83% have used Sparknotes instead of reading a book for class; 80% have been to Disney World or Disney Land; 24% have failed a course at Jordan; 85% have left campus at lunch without a pass; 60% were accepted to their first choice college; 37% have made straight A’s on a report card in high school; 10% have a fake ID; 20% have parked in Jordan’s parking lot after hours to make out; 89% generally get along with their parents; 46% have pulled an all nighter doing schoolwork; 13% were born out of the United States; 67% have their own car; 65% do not have a curfew; 30% get an allowance; 41% have broken a bone; 71% have been out of the United States; ; 53% have sneaked out of their house at night; 18% have a piercing that is not in their ears; 9% have never flown in an airplane; 24% of seniors’ parents are divorced; 77% believe in God; 24% have not read a book in the past four years that was not required for class; 67% have smoked marijuana; 17% have never cheated on a test; 60% have never read a whole issue of Falcon’s Cry; 49% have had a crush on a teacher; 86% have a smart phone; 82% spend more than an hour on their phone each day; 18% lied on this survey.

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tuesday, may 21, 2013


Falcon’s Cry

page three

Senior Reflections “Kevin Ostrowski dancing as the king in our elementary school play.” – J.P.- Pidgeon “Every day during recess Melissa Kennedy and I would hide behind a tree and just ramble on and on about the most random things.” – Anna Keys “When Hailey FitzGerald and I were younger, we climbed a tree in her front yard, and while I was helping her up to a branch, she peed on my hand.” – Haley Hobgood “I remember when I first met Caroline Gabriel in seventh grade. Instead of running on the playground, she galloped like a horse.” – Carling Counter “One of my favorite memories of Joey Carter and I was in middle school band class. We were setting up the classroom, and I told Joey I could read his mind. Joey looked at me and was like, ‘Dustin, what am I thinking?’ and I said, ‘That I’m stupid.’ Joey just busted out laughing, and it turns out I had apparently ‘read’ his mind. That moment turned a really boring day into something funny that we still joke about today.” – Dustin Garner “Artie Corwin took me to Hawaii in the 4th grade. It was one of the best times of my life.” – Carter Dillard “I will never forget the day Mariel Gampe, Emily Bass and other people in Ms. Garcia’s fouth grade class broke the bean bag and tried to clean it up with ‘traveling seeds.’” – Hailey FitzGerald “I made Akiel Pyant cry in second grade because I karate chopped his pencil.” – Michael Ode “In first grade Ben Simpson told me it was OK to put our own stickers in our good behavior books, so I listened to him and I did. At the end of the week when Ms. Morris checked the books, Ben blamed the whole thing on me. He’s been lying ever since.” – Kiera Olson

young Adam, his braces decided to attach themselves to his date’s bottom lip, creating an incredibly awkward situation and lovely story for this issue of Falcon’s Cry.” – Ellis Mayton “When Bradley Reynolds was younger, he was so ticklish that he would start laughing if you looked at him for too long.” – Ransom Pate “My favorite memory from elementary school was when Ercilla Glean and I both went out with the same boy in fifth grade in like a month.” – Bayley Coleman “I remember in middle school, Javon Roscoe used to pull his pants down in front of everybody at the school dances.” – Darien Ortiz “When we were in seventh grade, Shelby Hicks and I decided it was a good idea to compete to see who could eat the grossest food combination. We ended up eating mustard, olives, jelly, and chili pepper all together right before soccer practice. We were so sick.” – Kathryn Taylor “I got sick in the beginning of our field trip to Kings Dominion freshman year, and Caroline LeGrand was the only one to stay behind with me until I got better.” – Maggie Figueroa “One of the most beautiful memories is when me and Ashely Lemus first met in E.K. Powe Elementary. She was being to nice to me even though we weren’t in the same class.” – Betzabel Pereyra “My favorite memories would have to be from elementary school at Bethesda Christian Academy when I was taller

Christian Prosperi and Ben Simpson than Dustin Garner and could beat Joey Carter in arm wrestling.” – Cassidy Woodell “I remember Kalyn Fowler’s birthday party in kindergarten when we were all going crazy from all the sugar and jumping around like monkeys on her couches. Oh, and eating all her Trident bubble gum.” – Mariel Gampe “For months, Adam Plesser only spoke in third person and was a committed vegetarian only to win a bet with Davy Shumate.” – Sam Bacon “My fondest memory of Devin Holman from elementary school was when she would moonwalk and we would sing ‘cows, cows, cows, they make the world go ‘round’ together.” – Meagan Raviele “My favorite memory of Bria Self and I is when we graduated from kindergarten and sang, ‘Oh Mickey you’re so fine, you’re the one that blows my mind.’” – Quaneisha Rochelle “I remember in seventh grade when Sophia Oliverio and I used to go to Armadillo Grill every Wednesday for dinner before soccer practice, listen to ‘Somewhere Only We Know’ by Keane and try to come up with arguments to convince

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

our parents to buy us cell phones.” – Phoebe Wooldridge “When Alex Madill would try to intimidate the other boys I had crushes on at Southwest Elementary because he was in love with me.” – Morgan Trachtman “When Carter Dillard’s, Elliott Bentley’s, Ben Maxson’s, and my Yankees team straight rocked Adam Brown and his lame Nationals team to win the ‘ship.” – Oliver Smith “I remember one time when Alli Tepperberg spent an hour arranging crayons on some kid’s head while he was sleeping. I think she taped them into his hair.” – Alaina Bainbridge “In third grade when Alima Morgan wrote in Kalyn Fowler’s art journal and asked, ‘What were you thinking wearing tennis shoes with a skirt? Totally not cute!’” – Kimmie O’Brien “When we were about 6, Alaina Bainbridge told me that wearing these colorful pieces of silk as capes made us invisible, and I believed her, so at midnight we would run around her house with our ‘invisibility cloaks’ billowing around us thinking we were the coolest kids ever because we could actually become invisible and not get caught being awake past our bedtime.” – Bonnie Creadick “One time in elementary, Allal Kartaoui hit a girl in the head with a big stick, knocking her out because of it.” – Nick Corvera

“When Rachel Baran and I were 11 years old, we got all of my Barbies’ heads and hair off and turned them into mustaches and had a photo shoot.” – Abbie Rickman

“My favorite memory of one of my classmates in elementary school was when Sam Brown got his jacket zipped over his eye by another classmate and had to go to the hospital and get stitches. – Mary Ellen Jorgensen

“My favorite memory of Ebony McGill is us playing together on the playground at Pearsontown.” – De’Aja Sanders “A short but sweet tale of woe: In middle school, Adam Brown went on his first date to the movies. Unfortunately for


Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

Alexis Seeney, Sophia Oliverio, Kimmie O’Brien, Bradley Reynolds, John Brown, Kiera Olson, Niara Tolliver, Katie Hirsch and Adrianna Seeney

“Anna Keys created the most uproarious scandal in Immaculata Catholic School history by kissing Connor Shaw behind a bush at recess. The kiss may’ve lasted just a second, but the speculation lasted for weeks.” – Christian Prosperi



page four

Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013

Looking Back

What is one thing you wish you had done while at Jordan?

began earlier.”

“Had more school spirit.”

“Tried to ride outside of the car. Hopkins got me.” – David Shumate

“Skipped more.” “Gone on the roof.”

– Nick Eze – Jordan Kendall

– Allison Tepperberg

“Built a ramp and jump over a cop car with my car.” – Erick Rivas “I wish I would’ve streaked during a boys’ soccer game.” – Rashod Ballentine What is the strangest thing you’ve seen while at Jordan? “A pile of weed in the 400 building.” – Justin Avila “Two kids making out on top of a teacher’s car and getting caught by Mrs. Bauer.” – Maliyah Tan “A quote in one of the bathroom stalls that says ‘God is a lame imaginary friend. Maybe try a unicorn?’” – Carling Counter “A goose chasing a student down the hallway.” – Jeremy Carmon “Someone being proposed to outside of the bathrooms.” – Mariel Gampe “Watching Alima [Morgan] lick every square inch of a pizza in class, Konrad [VonZabern] eating it with no reservation, and then following it up with “What? It’s OK! We make out.” – Kimmie O’Brien “Within the first week of my freshman year I went to sit at the picnic tables outside for lunch but the only empty one had human teeth on it and a bit of weave. The teeth were still bloody. I sat somewhere else and got stung by a wasp instead.” ­ – Bonnie Creadick What is one thing you wish you had not done while at Jordan? “Used the bathrooms.”

– Arthur Corwin

“At times I wish I had not procrastinated on assignments that resulted in me pulling all nighters.” – Wynton Davis “I wish that I hadn’t been so shy my freshman year because I missed out on a bunch of friendships that could have

– Sherol Jackson

How is life now different from what you expected it to be when you were a freshman? “When I was a freshman, I didn’t really know what I was doing. Now I’m old and wise enough to know what’s important and what’s not.” – Kam Siu “I expected life to be easy, but when reality sets in, you realize you have a lot of responsibility.” – Aikera McLean “I thought life would be more exciting, like in the TV shows, but it is just normal. I also naively thought I would be somehow immune to senioritis.” – Dana Koutsky “Honestly, I just knew I’d have a highschool sweetheart. Like where is he?” – Quaneisha Rochelle “I never expected breaking out into song during class to be a socially acceptable thing to do.” – Cassidy Woodell

Maggie Figueroa, Caroline LeGrand and Kadey Fisher What will you miss most about Jordan? “The crappy Wi-Fi.”

– Matt Morgan

“The sweet new traffic pattern.” – Adam Brown “I will miss the bromance between the social studies teachers.” – Maddie Taylor “Learning about street artists, fencers, dancers, skiers, wrestlers, paintball players, and all the other incredible classmates I had through newspaper.” – Kevin Ostrowski “I will miss the traffic circle, random bells, and the efficient ways of doing things.” – Benjamin Simpson

How would you want to be remembered?

What has been your most embarrassing moment at Jordan?

“The Asian Sass Master.”

“In gym class we were playing basketball and I went up for a shot and when I came down my shorts came off and I ran out of the gym.” – Darien Oritz

– Ellen Yuan

“The girl with the teal dreads that could fly and made the best cookies and knew the capital of Hungary.” – Alima Morgan “As the trillest person in the school.” – Jared Hendryx “The girl with a small butt.” – Kiera Olson “As the best ginger to walk the planet.” – Carter Dillard “The Master Debater.”

– Sam Bacon

“I want to be remembered as someone who is brave, fearless and free.” – Josh Allen “As that dude who hooked you up with a free chicken biscuit from Bojangles.” – Ben Van Wagener “I’d like to be remembered as someone who was smart and nice, a little weird, very enthusiastic and almost always smiling.” – Phoebe Wooldridge

“I accidentally hit on a female that I believed was a student. She was actually a teacher … that was a couple months pregnant (awkward) … . ” – Akiel Pyant “One time I was walking to my class, and I saw my friend Graff Richards and started talking to him without watching where I was walking and walked face first into a door.” – Rachel Baran “Getting caught making out by the entirety of GSA, including Mr. Miller.” – Christian Prosperi How do you think Jordan will be different in 10 years?

Staryln Combs/Falcon’s Cry

turned into one giant, well-landscaped parking lot.” – Kathryn Taylor “The cockroaches will have evolved to where they are two feet tall. The superroach will be the school’s new mascot.” – Sam Lind “I imagine large metal and concrete fences that block out the sun, and maybe throw in a cloud-making machine that causes a continuous storm to float over the school.” – Alex Madill “It will be cleaner and Hopkins will have taken over the school as well as the rest of the world.” – Katie Hirsch “There will be a new squirrel-cockroach hybrid breed roaming the ceiling.” – Mary Ellen Jorgensen What is your biggest fear about the future? “Honestly just [being] an adult soon and having to be on my own. After college I’ll have my own bills, kids, and someone else will be depending on me rather than me depending on my mom.” – Teewon Reed “My biggest fear about the future is that my senioritis will never go away.” – Erin Harris “I’m worried that I’ll become a starving artist.” – Caroline LeGrand “My biggest fear for the future is finding what I love. There’s so many things to love and so little time. What if I become a professional baseball player, but then I discover I love to knit? It’s terrifying.” – Konrad VonZabern

“Hopkins’ beard will reach his belt and he will be an honorary member on ZZ Top.” – Ben Skeen

“My biggest fear is that I will grow apathetic to the concerns, people and issues that seem so dear to me now.” – Devin Holman

“The district will mandate so much money to road restructuring and so little to actual school functions that Jordan will have

“I fear that I’ll go blind and not be able to see pretty colors any more.” – Daniela Schudel

tuesday, may 21, 2013

last wills

Falcon’s Cry

page five

Last Wills I, Rabia Abbasi, leave my sister a lot of fun and happy memories and my legacy. I, Timothy Adams, leave America the pride and good work of Jordan High School. I, Hamid Ali, leave Jordan Ultimate Frisbee my disc; Kevin 100 R’s; Ansis my basketball; Kaushik my Jake and Amir Collection (oh sheesh y’all, ‘twas a dream); Simon Kelem my dignity; Sagar my ACT score; and the freshmen my homework. I, Josh Allen, leave the countless homosexuals at Jordan High School the invaluable knowledge that closets are for clothes. I, KJ Alston, leave my lil’ bros Mike Lee, Jahlil Rawley, Josh Thompson and Chris Braswell a Division 1 scholarship of their choice; Arthur Reese a can of bounce for every game next season; and all my brothers the ability to make good decisions and be leaders. I, Linzie Atkins, leave Rahim Winston my gym clothes; Marshall my bunnies for high jumping; Matthew Evans my charming good looks; and Joshua Thompson my windbreaker jacket. I, Cathleen Atkinson, leave Julia Diesel the stage. Don’t forget to stay strong and shine like the star you are. The world is your stage, so live your heart out. I leave Mackenzie Emery all of my love. You are the best of friends to many and especially me; keep doing what you do best – loving. I, Justin Avila, leave Kaleel Gainey a shut up; Kevin Huerta my hand in marriage; Raekwon Bates a haircut; Jesse Melton my love; Mikey Schreyak my putter; Gerard Paredes a test; Elizabeth Weaver a milkshake; Brennan Wood some Vans; Kaleigh Roe a phone without a camera; and Ben Wisler Jeff Cheng. I, Sam Bacon, leave Colin Eimers comedic tennis matches; Thomas Morris 15 Capri Suns; Patrick Taylor a reminder that he promised a certain present; and Lucy Wooldridge an unanswered marriage proposal. I, Alaina Bainbridge, leave Eli Bainbridge the liberal-mobile, The Office, and the last of my

Corvera my car and bed. I, Melissa Coto, leave Kelsey Perry State sweatshirts and warm hugs; Kaleigh Roe Spencer’s early morning compliments; Audrey Bolanos all my unfinished stat homework and a fork; and Tyler Tate my pink paisley hammer and all my luck in tech next year.

motivation; Kristena Armwood a seat in the corner, SIMS, and my thanks; Thomas Morris friends; Eli Rice a quiet house; Zuzu Feller my brother and cool shark pictures; Mr. Albright my excessive diction; and Mr. Clark coffee. I, Rashod Ballentine, leave Sarah, Marissa and Victoria my horrible work ethic and my nonchalant attitude; and Simon, Garrison and Eli all the bad biddies to wreck. I, Rachel Baran, leave Lauren Phillips the sky, clouds and the number 21 fockey jersey; Julia Diesel all my love and affection; Anna Dekle DPAC nuts; Rehema Nshatsi silly questions in Earth Science; Eli Rice late nights at the beach; Mr. Hopkins a juice box; and Genevieve Whitcomb awkward drives around Durham and goalie practices. I, Givani Barnes, leave Christina and Marissa my juice and our turn up flex sessions; Kelsey P. my chicken head dance move and my love; Malaya W. our hugs and my wisdom; Monae Johnson a Young Jeezy mixtape, money bags and my everything; TP and Chris my fighting skills; and Chris B. our walks to class. I, Rachel Barron, leave Sam Pugh a ride; Anna Dekle and Callie Scher a new massage client; Lindsey Tesney someone to go to baseball games with; Cody and Charles new friends; Rehema a new dance partner; and the tennis and soccer teams all my love and loud cheering. I, Emily Bass, leave Claire Leadbetter a boyfriend; Hope Allen and Jenny Shaw the JHS tennis legacy; and Ryan Rowe, Jessica Peters, Josh Morgenlander and Patrick Taylor my stage presence. I, Gavin Bell, leave Cody Brinkman my amazing dance moves; Billy Morgenlander my muscles; Ruben Garcia and Christian Aguilera my swag and maybe my car; Rehema Nshatsi my love and “Yo”s; and Jake Dressman my basketball skills. I, Dusty Boynton, leave Julia math classes, being late to school, snacks and chicken biscuits; Liza Dugan babysitting jobs, Parkwood and smoke; and Eli Rice all the older women he can


Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

Alex Madill, Connor Shaw, Kathryn Taylor, Erica Ghigliotty possibly handle. I, Erin Brooks, leave Christina Mattioli The Bad, Bad Contest award (she’s in first place); Makaela, Kristen, Margaret and Kaitlyn the PAC-6 championship; AJ a lunch pass; Charles Herst my Instagram likes; Marissa Boykin my thirst traps; and Noah Drew my kicks. I, Adam Brown, leave the soccer squad my all-star abilities and overall studliness; Megan some intelligence; and Danny some fighting skills. I, John Brown, leave Jordyn my realness and some work ethic; Chris S. an offer from Oregon; Butta extra bounce; Rahim a 4.4 40 and two inches; Tyler P. some hands; and Aaron R. anger management classes. I, Cameron Bynum, leave Dante Manis and Chandler Bynum my legacy; Byron Rice my stress; Kaleel Gainey my job at Jimmy John’s; and the rest of the overly stressed juniors at CE Jordan High School my senioritis. I, Vanessa Canuto, leave Taylor Grissom an ample amount of food, boyfriend advice, running adventures and an amazing high school experience; Kaleigh Roe a wonderful senior year and both a lifelong sister; Sam Taylor a goofy physics buddy; Sean Long a true friend; and the cross country ladies strength to finish interval workouts and difficult races. I, Jeremy Carmon, leave Rahim Winston my cologne and brush for after team sports; Aaron Rhames my bike so he can get home; and Chris Smith my wisdom. I, Jefferson Cheng, leave Brandon Winrow my perfected jump shot and free throw. I, Anna Cherry, leave Alexis Crews a wig of my hair to play

with in class; and the future softball team a belt so that they don’t have to worry about forgetting them for games. I, Ben Chesnut, leave Nick Holmes and Thomas Morris the frisbee team; Billy Morgenlander my awesomeness; Lucy Wooldridge my fashion advice; and Sophia Lajara driving lessons. I, Kevin Christopher, leave Billy and Cody fun in physics and all my memories of the impossible labyrinth that is Calculus 3. I, Bayley Coleman, leave Salita Greene my scoring records and hair dye; Jazmyne Norwood my love and muscles; Anna Dekle a fight; Chris Braswell my juice; Millicent Blivin all my soccer skills; and Justine Jones my love, support, some juice and hugs. I, Patrick Connelly, leave the dearest Amy Grissom a time machine to change any part of time she chooses; Nicky the XC and track legacy; Beamer my chi young apprentice; Eryn my long talks during indoor track; Austin nothing because he’s a freshman; Carter my jams; and Elle my love. I, Darby Conner, leave Mikki Warszawski-Gabriel artsy moments in photography, Eli Rice Baja Blast Freezes, SarahBelle Selig my never-ending love and devotion; Nick Grande bonfires; Josh Morgenlander and Jack High HSMDH; Callie Scher a key to my closet; and Claire Leadbetter and Michael Lawson chemistry. I, Arthur Corwin, leave Owen my hoop skills; Garrison Ayemen’s laugh; Huntley my fresh kicks; Charles the connects; Rahim Winston the juice; Aaron Rhames all the Trotter Ridge biddies; and AJ and Ferb the torch. Keep it lit. I, Nick Corvera, leave Balmore

I, Bryant Cooper, leave Sarah Chesser and Kaia Counter my two puppies; and the breakfast club my amazing artwork. I, Sarah Crump, leave Jessica Alston dance music and all of my books; Nida Abbassi my copy of Photoshop for Dummies; Monica Lil’ Scotty more “ratchet moments” and nail polish; and Truman good luck, chicken biscuits and perfect timing. I, Carling Counter, leave Moriah Thompson bagels, rehearsals and an amazing senior year; Kristena Armwood a hatred of math and a permanent lab partner; Sarika Merchant my shady stick and good wishes; Kaia Counter chocolate and my Skype name; and the theatre department lots of broken legs and all my love. I, Jewel Dadzie, leave Marissa Boykin strawberry shortcake; Victoria Illan my Xbox and games; Sarah Chesser carpet cleaner; Christina Mattioli all my juice; Cameron Heath my swag; Chris Smith the new title of the Juice Man; Rahim Winston football swag; and Charles Herst and Owen Perrien my Woodcroft superstar title. I, Deania Daniels, leave Noah Drew the juice; Chris Smith Jazlyn Warner; Chris Braswell an MVP ring (GRIND); and Shiyah McLean my style and humor. I, Wynton Davis, leave Rahim Winston my height so he can get that D1 offer; and Noah Drew all the juice for #teamIdothis to put the track team on his back. I, Carter Dillard, leave Steven Oakley the walk; Rahim his crispy swag; Cody the weight room; and Josh a nice boosie fade. I, April Dunston, leave Kristin my Carolina gear; Zoey C3 leadership and meetings; Angali my funny jokes; and Rachel our cute text messages, Pretty Little Liars dates and my dear Snoopy. I, Brittany Durham, leave Caroline Fowler and Ashley Jenkins all the joys of chorus and the FFA.


last wills

page six

I, Jordan Dye, leave the volleyball team fun, “productive” practices; Mr. Hopkins nice talks every morning; Marcus Davis winks in math and talks in forensics; Aaron Rhames sweet long hugs and cute pictures; Kristen Clay awesome digs and that bruise on your butt the size of Montana; and Coach Hoff a new banner. I, Robinah Dzikiti, leave Connor Payne the strength to get along with everybody; Toni Crimmins a house for his chicken; Max Staffa a membership to be in an African tribe; and Alexandria eye drops for being … every day JK. I, Danielle Edson, leave Drum Major Travis Brooks the Jordan Marching Band in all of its success, my chair in Mr. Weiss’ office and a pack of Oreos; Katie Spring nights at Wendy’s after football games and the door to wind ensemble; and Patrick Faught clear pattern.

I, Ramsey Elliott, leave Ansis Perez-Lajara a bus ticket so you can find your own way home.

cheat sheets for all levels of Spanish; and Kristin Coleman my collection of musiqsoulchild music.

last cup; Elle Gilbert a lot of fun; Dickle fadiddling; Thomas Schmidt parties free of slaps; and Cody getting stuck in mud.

I, Maggie Figueroa, leave Amy Grissom Jensen Ackles’ fine booty and a couple of pictures; and Jacob Chappell motivation to last him most of his senior year.

I, Courtney Fowler, leave Elizabeth Weaver all the raves and parties in high school; Rose Gunn the #1 jersey for varsity; and Wade Clifton all the random wrestling stories.

I, Kadey Fisher-Wellman, leave Marshall Thompson all my Spanish knowledge and dancing ability; and Ben Wisler all my love.

I, Ayana Epps, leave my hair supplies to my best friend, LaShannen Walker. Take care of your hair, girl. I, Nicole Evans, leave the junior class one more awesome year; and Lindsey Teseny the coolest girl award, the car wash and USC Chapter Zeta Tau Alpha clothes to follow in her sister’s footsteps.

I, Hailey FitzGerald, leave the fockey team fun practices and a successful season; Callie Scher the reputation of being my twin; Rhemea Nshatsi my common sense; Thomas Schmidt and Cleveland May my “going hard” in team sports; and the varsity lax boys filled water bottles and tweets.

I, Nick Eze, leave Cedric Eze my well-written AP Psychology notes in case he has an open note pop quiz and didn’t remember to read.

I, Kate Ford, leave Charles Herst bottomless LoYo and gardening; Owen the pong table and the

I, Ricki Faust, leave Victoria



I, Olivia Elkins, leave the Hairspray cast Hairspray Part 3;

Kelsey and Travis backstage bonding; Juliana my other half; Dakota an out; Jessica the freewheeling lifestyle; Josh the longest goodbyes ever and my love; Mikki pictures; and Sarah Vitamin D.

Falcon’s Cry

Amy Wolf At camp during the summer of 2011, senior Amy Wolf began to feel sick. She attributed her nausea to dehydration, but she was soon diagnosed with pneumonia and prescribed antibiotics. In October 2011, her symptoms continued to worsen and her pediatricians continued to run tests. They found that Wolf’s lymph nodes were swollen and concluded that she had Stage 3 non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When she received the diagnosis, Wolf felt relieved because her doctors had finally pinpointed the problem and knew how to treat it, she said. She knew of only one Amy Wolf other person with the disease, she said. “It was hard [to tell people] because you don’t expect someone who’s just not feeling good to have cancer,” Wolf said. “It was a much bigger deal than I thought it would be, but I’m glad that I had such good friends and such a good support system, and everyone told me, ‘It’s going to be OK,’ because [Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center] is like the best place to have cancer. I’m glad that it was there and not somewhere else because the care was just phenomenal.” Wolf remained in the hospital for the remainder of 2011 and the beginning of 2012 and received two bone marrow transplants.

She had stopped attending school in September 2011 because of fatigue, and though she attempted to keep up with her schoolwork, she felt too exhausted to concentrate. In addition to the bone marrow transplants, Wolf also underwent chemotherapy, which she said was not as difficult as she anticipated. “My body tolerated [it] better than a lot of people, or at least that’s what my doctors told me,” Wolf said. “I was still really exhausted, but I wasn’t throwing up too, too much. I was pretty proud of myself. Then I got mucositis, which is when your throat overcompensates for how dry your mouth Photo courtesy of Amy Wolf gets [from chemo]. I couldn’t talk and I couldn’t swallow, so that was hard.” Since beginning her battle with cancer, Wolf has become more mature, she said. “Whenever I’m having a bad day, I feel reassured that I can get through it because I’ve been through much worse,” Wolf said. “I feel empowered to do things, even if I’m scared. … I’m a stronger person since having cancer, and I stand up for myself more now.” Wolf is currently in remission and completing her class work at home; she will graduate in June. In the fall, she plans to take classes at Durham Technical Community College. She intends to become a child life specialist. -IonaPearl Reid-Eaton

I, Kalyn Fowler, leave Millie Blivin and Hope Allen my undying love and affection; Rehema permission to find a new person to obsess over; Charles Herst better hiding places, a year full of fun and no troubles; and the soccer team a successful season and the perfect warm-up CD. I, Zada Zawadi Foy, leave GarciaHudson my yellow dress; Lexi a spot center stage; Moriah a trail of tears as I walk away in hopes that I never lose you; Gilberto my weight room membership; Ansis good jokes on Moriah; and the Hairspray family the good memories. I, Gabby Fudale, leave Halina my minivan; and all of my junior friends great memories. I, Mariel Gampe, leave Matt a big bear hug and some common sense; Alice morning rides to swim and free trips to Boone WHENEVER; Gabe a memory of me shoving food in my face; and the swim team Chubby’s Tacos. I, Kareena Gardner, leave Lucy, the next queen bee, Chuck’s love, a quality pantry and The Journey into the Unknown; Sara an H; Lauren the moonlight that prevents her from sleeping and the drinks that wake her up; Billy the glances exchanged during conversations about classes we don’t take; Healey my ability to slack off and maintain an A average; and Amy cupcakes, stolen bows, cappuccinos and late night heart-to-hearts. I, Dustin Garner, leave Nasir my height; Madison Garner my good looks; and Marshall Thompson the white boy baller swag. I, Seyi Gbadegesin, leave Carter Pape the juice; Nahasan the 4x200; and Da Realest Coach Brown the head coaching job. I, Erica Ghigliotty, leave Erin Whelan The Spongebob Squarepants Movie and a dozen eggs; the fockey girls an awesome season; Marshall Thompson a new “best friend;” and Young Life people random things and they can figure out what to do them.

tuesday, may 21, 2013 I, Ercilla Glean, leave Arthur Reese my Lamborghini, orange juice and my amazing basketball skills; Chris Smith my phone charger; and AJ Abdelqader plenty of hugs. I, Jonathon Gonzalez, leave my popularity to Cynthia Cruz and Carolina Cuellar. I, Briana Harris, leave Chris Smith my book bag and the girls; Preston and Tommy my driving skills; Josh my heart and bball skills; and Miles my good attitude. I, Erin Harris, leave Hannah Cox killer senioritis and free fourths every day; and Marcus lots of Chipotle. I, Maggie Harris, leave Carter Apostle (bless you); Ansis shoes so he doesn’t get pollen all over his feet; Vanessa, mon amie, my endless compliments; and Max my opposition to the NRA. I, Nathaniel Harviala, leave everything to my family. They will divide it up as they want among each other. I, Jared Hendryx, leave Arthur Reese a can of bounce; Rahim Winston my height; Ms. Harris my extreme field hockey skills; Miles Addison all of the laughs we had in high school together; and Cameron Heath my du-rag. I, Katie Hirsch, leave Kristen Clay and Margaret Gunn an empty banner to start filling up with conference championships; Rose Gunn the setting position where she will excel; and SarahBelle a fun senior year free of stressing about calculus. I, Haley Hobgood, leave Alexis Crews Wendy’s lemonade, my sunglasses and third base; and Julie Perkins and Laura Owen eventful sports med classes. I, Elizabeth Holland, leave Sarah Mitchell a lifetime supply of Sunny D; Sarah Laskowitz nothing; Kaylee Judd friends; and Meg Dondero siblings who don’t ditch her. I, Jasmine Howard, leave Jam Ventura Brisk a key to my apartment and higher learning. I, Sherol Jackson, leave Jessica Alston parties, math help and all of the love in my heart; and AJ her class schedule and a watch with the hopes that she’ll get to class on time. I, Jacob Jacobs, leave Ashworth, Ms. Garcia,

Ms. Ms.

tuesday, may 21, 2013 White and Mr. Belvin my phone number. I, Brittany Jeatter, leave Zoe Bass my ambition, not my attitude. You have enough of that. I, Annalies Jöbsis, leave Meg Dondero many, MANY pictures; Juliana Grayson my karaoke machine so she can practice on it when she is famous; Connor Love my car so he can “whip it!;” and Rehema piglets, all our piglets. I, Tashiana Johnson, leave the heartache and pain that Mr. Leathers has caused me, even though I know he was tough on me and others for our own good. I, Tyrece Jones, leave Patrick Tomasic a forfeit; Kaleel Gainey a gold medal; and Ansis Perez my skills in Black Ops. I, Mary Ellen Jorgensen, leave Carly Phelps and Patrick Rowe patience; Patrick Tomasic all the bowties in the world; all the lamb people Maple View; and the 2013-2014 FFA Officer team a great year.

last wills Parker the 220 lbs. weight class for wrestling (if he’s willing to cut weight for it). I, Dana Koutsky, leave Liz Cooper faith in the FFA, the patience and perseverance it takes to stick with it and, of course, all of my tips on life; and Marcus Davis the speed it takes to make to Chipotle and back during B lunch. I, Lily Laranjo, leave Carey all my love; Kiara my Carmex and haircombs; Chyna my DATA bus passes; Anna my crazy, silly love and scarves; Imani my test answers; and Ariana all my fashion magazines. I, Julia Larson, leave Zoe Hackett my vibraphone “skills;” the clarinets all the good reeds; Travis Brooks “MARCHING CLUBBBBB!;” and Andrew Kelly my heart (and vegetable peeler).

I, Michael Kaminski, leave my sister the bus to ride to school every day.

I, Taylor Lawrence, leave Marissa Boykin and Christina Mattioli our spring break beach trips and an amazing senior year #knowthem; Jordan Lawrence, carry our family name well; and Mike Lee, all our silly moments, walks to class and all my love and support with basketball. You deserve that D1 scholarship!

I, Melissa Kennedy, leave Kaylee and Emma to figure out lunch places, Carly driving around top down blasting Florida Georgia Line; Patrick Tomasic another memorable officer retreat and never-ending bragging rights to cornhole; and Mrs. Dagerhardt all my late work with none of the complaining.

I, Michelle Leathers, leave Jordan Sound all the best songs and dance moves; track girls the best season next year; Angelica partying on the roof; Ariana my closet; Tyreek babe 24/7; Christian prom photos; Zoe B. a best friend bracelet; and Brielle the best years at Jordan and all my love.

I, Katherine Kerns, leave Trace Edmunds 1D CDs for when he can drive himself home; Charles Herst the constant annoying shhh’s during class; and Margaret Gunn and Kristen Clay the volleyball team and one long year of talks with Coach Hoff.

I, Allison Lee, leave Owen a red robe; and Cody Brinkman no curfews.

I, Anna Keys, leave Hannah Cox my senioritis; Marissa Boykin my dance skills; Victoria Illan my goldfish; and Reakwon Bates my iPhone, sarcasm and my hot friends at Panther Creek. I, Ayemen Khan, leave Kaushik to be the coolest Indian; Garrison all my jokes; Charles a brownie; Owen the sticks in 2K; AJ and Ferb each other; and Sam Pugh all my money. I, Elise Kimple, leave Kara Kimple my amazing dancing skills and Taylor Swift. I, Kiefer Knight, leave Courtland

I, Caroline LeGrand, leave Zoe Bass crazy times on chorus trips; Juliana Grayson extremely loud car rides to EOE and constantly almost getting in wrecks; Angelica Cohen a party on the roof; the FIH girls all my love; Ryan Rowe a Russian For Dummies handbook; and Josh Morgenlander a flannel shirt. I, Caitlin Liles, leave Carly Phelps the awesome poultry team, Liz Cooper red vines; Patrick Tomasic all of my craziness in a bottle; Kaylee Judd our lunch adventures; and Mrs. Dagerhardt mid-class complaining sessions in Advanced Studies. I, Tanner Lockhead, leave Anna D. a shot at #1; Emma, Claire and Anna R. youth group; current freshmen three more incredible

Falcon’s Cry

page seven


years; sophomores hope to survive 11th grade; juniors my apathy; but most importantly, I leave my sister Holly all the love in the world, the Lockhead Legacy, and lots and lots of Duke stuff. I, Megan Lott, leave Alice and Lucy fun times in chorus and Disney memories; Emma and Sarah infinite Spanish knowledge; Hannah help in math whenever you need it; and Cindy Lynn curly hair, daily lunches, my closer parking spot, cotton balls, and pants. I, Alex Madill, leave Blake CVS; Jack and Josh HSMDH; Sam Pugh grapes; the Chemistry crew some Vitamin D and water; SarahBelle the foghorn; Grande the precious; Billy whatever he isn’t good at; Eli some blue Jolly Ranchers; Jake some frogs; Cody some fish; and Henry, Huntley, and Dakota the goods. I, Gail Mandani, leave Sarah Mitchell a song in D major and my love; Jessica Peters a stable octet; and Lauren Phillips my wittiness.

Michelle Leathers and Ayana Parker I, Zack McGinnis, leave Alexis Crews all of her novel submissions and her parking spot on the curb; Daniel Beamer his Yellow Jersey; and Tyler Spencer his broken ankles. I, Te’von McPherson, leave Bridget King all my LOVE.

I, Haley Mangum, leave Juan Razo all of the memories from our France and Spain trip.

I, Alima Morgan, leave Kathy tissue boxes and pizza; Ben a green GOLF hat; Suzy and Kia SB123; Maura gifs of Dan; Cole growing algae; Amy G. a caffeine pill; Healey something airwolf; Amy C. pictures of Tyler, the Creator; and everyone else sunglasses emoji.

I, Flynn Marron, leave Aidan Marron the Marron legacy; the lacrosse team a full water cooler; and Coach Jones a flower on Valentine’s Day.

I, Matt Morgan, leave Jacob Chappel 30 IQ points; Colin “the Grinch,”; Nick Holmes my Cowboy pride; and Colin Kless Ruby – treat her well.

I, Alexandra Patmore Marquez, leave Gumbo the feeling of being Custer; Kristena fond memories of IR; and Carter the best of luck for the Charleston competition next year and a large lollipop.

I, Jonathon Morrison, leave Ben and Barry Wilson my love; the Klesses my musical greatness; the band good luck; the Frisbee team my natural abilities; and Patrick Faught hot fire in da booth.

I, Benjamin Maxson, leave Kevin Huerta my fence; Nick Holmes the key to my heart; Colin Eimers matching clothes; Thomas Morris the bumper of my car; and Aiden Marron my ghost to walk to class with.

I, Joseph Newborn, leave a word of advice: stay focused in your classes, try to accumulate as much information as you can to graduate. That was one of my faults; I’m not saying that I didn’t have fun, but I played too much. Play smart and have fun while learning.

I, Ellis Mayton, leave Jesse Melton the drumline and all my chops; Cody Brinkman my muscles because he’s clearly weak; Billy Morgenlander nothing because he’s perfect; Nick Paulson all the ladies; Carter Pape the entire track team; and Megan Guglielmo a last name that’s easier to say. I, Aikera McLean, leave Lawain my wisdom – do not let anything stop you from achieving your dreams; Rachel my advice; and Shiya, my beautiful sister, my style, clothes and everything else.

I, Mira Nicchitta, leave Isaac Nicchitta the family name to uphold; the soccer boys all my love; Rehema Nshatsi her dream boy; and Billy Morgenlander lunches without his favorite seniors, which I hope are still fun, even if the best people are missing. I, Carrie Nowell, leave Falcons in Harmony my unconditional love and aca-awesomeness; Julianne Vance lots of sleep and patience; and my 2014 senior class a sensational senior year.

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

I, Jalen Nwachukwu, leave many laughs, my kindness, my ability to do good for others and my thankfulness towards those who got me here. I, Kimmie O’Brien, leave Calgal15 obnoxious pics and my closet; Lindsay sweet tea; Rehema rap skills in my odd southern lingo; Deeks a slap in the face and a lock of my hair; Josh M. the RBG legacy; Hopkins a razor; and FOF’s speed class my love. I, Michael Ode, leave Barry Wilson the snare line; Michael Terry “the throne” and all of my chops; and Chris Smith any “Juice” I have accumulated this year. I, Sophia Oliverio, leave Anna markers and free lunch dates; Rehema my African accent and left-handed handshakes; Claire laughing attacks; Victoria AP Spanish; Millie and Tasha the BLUE TEAM; and the soccer team a new warm-up CD. I, Kiera Olson, leave the volleyball team The Hoffle House; Laura Owen balls being thrown at her when she least expects it; Margaret Gunn manly chest bumps; Hope Allen a salute; SarahBelle Selig a small face; and Billy Morgenlander nothing because he already has it all. I, Kevin Ostrowski, leave Amy Grissom – in one universe at least – a newfound appreciation for the probabilistic nature of reality described by quantum mechanics; Healey a last name; Cole Ronk an understanding of physics’ superiority to that lower (if equally important) science, biology; and future generations my best wishes. I, Zuriel Overby, leave Chris, Rahim and Aaron Jordan football; Calvin my hands; and Cockerham Dline.


last wills

page eight

I, Darien Ortiz, leave Arthur Reese a can of Bounce; Mike Lee a lunch pass; Chris Braswell (seed) my jersey; Chris Smith my fighting hands; and Chris Lindsey my shoes. I, Ayana Parker, leave Jordyn Brown all of my leg strength to be used in track; Kelsey Perry all of my tumbling skills; Monae Johnson all of my basing strength; Audrey all of my presidential files; Mackenzie all of my sass and love; and Marissa my book smarts.

I, Nico Posada, leave Alaina DeLisle my parking spot, many great memories, and my love; Victoria Illan shotgun in Alaina’s car; Sarah Chesser unlimited peach rings; and Nick Paulson my bench max. I, Christian Prosperi, leave Moriah Thompson and Cole Ronk Spoken Ink; Kaitlyn Reed controversial lunch philosophy; Thomas Morris the fear of communism; and Andrew Kelly and Kaylee Judd a burning passion for Stats.

I, Ransom Pate, leave Ben Lawson the mellophone; and Tasha Pate Friday morning Chick-fil-A runs.

I, Akiel Pyant, leave Cameron Shaw and Josh Morgenlander the ladies; and Kelsey Perry all of my love.

I, Betzabel Pereyra, leave my heart and appreciation to everyone in Jordan High School.

I, Yanina Quesada, leave Renzo Valqui and Jordan Simmons all our good times and talks; Dianna and Jonathan a bunch of loving; and Kaitlyn all our good lunch talks and laughs.

I, Charqualia Perry, leave Chris Smith my ability to finish homework; Ashlee my happy spirits; Zach my spot in student government; and Sterling my spot in FBLA. I, Jennifer Pidgeon, leave Rehema the love and forgiveness she taught me to have; Grant F. skills with girls, weights and frisbees; MK F. my mother and late nights with the girls; Jesse M. and Matt M. gas money to visit UNCW; and my brother the memories we have created together; he has everything else.

I, Meagan Raviele, leave Vanessa C. compliments on every outfit; Peter a box of pens; Ansis, the Creator a following for his cult; Carter P. more football Fridays and The Look; Billy M. the best time ever at GSE; the tennis team my court to fight over in challenges; and Max luck in AP courses next year. I, Ruba Raza, leave Jenny a great senior year, lots of love, and my closet; Mikki laughs and

Falcon’s Cry

happiness; Corrie and Lindsey late night blogging sessions to get through life; David a new best friend; and Lauren lax managing. I, Teewon Reed, leave Victoria Illan gossip sessions, Cookout car rides, snacks, my sunglasses, the rat; Marissa Boykin Cookout rides, cute outfits, keys to my car and RGNA; Corrie a shopping spree to Forever; and my darling sister, Yassah Reed, all the memories of high school to come. I, IonaPearl Reid-Eaton, leave AG afternoon coffee runs, cutouts of strapping men, rides home during lunch, Oreos with peanut butter and pumpkin chocolate chip bread; HJCM every pen I have ever (accidentally?) stolen from him and ONE dragon cookie; Kaitlyn chocolate chips and writing on shoes; Zuz a jacket; SC rosemary olive oil bagels; and Eli my love. I, Bradley Reynolds, leave Jeffery Cockerham the number 61; Grant Swaggert all the snapping; Jack High and Kennedy Jones Chickfil-A every Friday and being consistent every morning; Kayla Reynolds my parents’ Nice And Gentle reminders; Joey Leonardi and Tyler Kless the trumpet section; and Ben and Barry Wilson my love, a punch and untied shoes. I, Hannah Rice, leave Zuzu Feller cuddle time on the couch with Eli Bainbridge and a pack of balloons; Lucy Wooldridge late night scavenger hunts; Kaitlyn Reed a piece of my mind; and Eli Rice extra quality time with our parents. I, Graff Richards, leave Sam Helwig all my GB’s; Thomas Schmidt my face-off skills; Ray Scott annunciation classes; and my sister anything else I have. I, Nicholas Richu, leave Julie Perkins my love for soccer and all my wonderful soccer talents; and Mack Pidgeon my Michael Jackson-like singing voice for his next math class. I, Abbie Rickman, leave Sarah Chesser the keys to my car; Victoria Illan and Alaina DeLisle T.B. Tuesday; and Andrew MaComson early morning adventures. I, Erick Rivas, leave Colin Bosworth my car boot.

Llewellyn Esteban and Michael Baylon

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

I, Kristopher Rivera, leave all my hard work to Alyssa Whicker, because someone has to do it;

Cam and Ray lyrical talent, so they can make it through people holding them down; and little Corvera all the good times he’s going to have the next few years. Much love. I, Quaneisha Rochelle, leave Mackenzie Emery our walks to and from second period on A days; Zoe Bass the leadership of C3 meetings and events; and Yassah Reed my love, kisses and hugs. I, Claire Rogers, leave Taylor Pavlica and Alex Campbell a jar of peanut butter. I, Javon Roscoe, leave Nasir my stupidness and laziness. Go in junior year with a lazy attitude and argue with your teachers for fun. I, Jordan Rosser, leave Nathanial Yao aka LIL BRUH some of my blackness to add to your Asian; the saxophone section the pleasure of changing the ritual since you hated it; my boy Tom all my Tyler, the Creator songs since you love them; and the jazz ensemble my sheet with the jazz scales. Use these wisely. I, Joseph Sacman, leave Ryan Rowe, Josh Morgenlander and Gerard Paredes the future of Jordan chorus and theatre; the Hairspray cast and crew my amazing memories; Kelsey Perry my wedding band, which I still have yet to buy; and most importantly, all my love to any and every girl I was ever thirsty for. I, Tremayne Saliim, leave Cameron all the juice and skills on the field; Victoria Illan some common sense; Butta the slagga; Pitt some hands; Chris Smith some swag; Rachel Frazier all the fun times we had together; AJ the Monday tradition; and Sean Long a bottle of water to dissolve his salt. I, Darian Salmon, leave Blake my massive amount of charm; The Boy Butta my hooping skills; Sarah Chesser my long luscious hair; Lil Rahim my brush to get them waves on swim; Chris Smith some juice; and Aaron Rhames my touchdown dance. I, Sumer Samara, leave many relatives behind me. At least one relative has attended Jordan High every year since 1992, and it probably will not end for many years. I leave cousins in 10th grade and 9th grades currently, and many more will come. Jordan will literally always be in my family because it is so big.

tuesday, may 21, 2013 I, De’Aja Sanders, leave Shannon Griffin his own Sprite Zero and a rough punch in the shoulder; Zoe Bass my heels for a little extra height; the JHS track team the best of luck; and Eleanor Silva all of my knowledge and passion for life. I, Isabel Sandoval, leave Ryan and Patrick Rowe the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for: Autumn Woods, and all its glory. Ryan can have Rachel Tice, too. I, Ashlie Saunders, leave Jada Williams and Madison Strothers my athletic training skills so they can do a good job with all their classes and after school helping the athletes. I, Jessie Schott, leave Katie Spring the strength to make it through one more year. I, Daniela Schudel, leave Tyler Tate late nights watching TV, bonfires and more stuff to wash his car with; and Kelsey Perry the theatre. I, Ally Schumacher, leave Annie and Gen all my wisdom; Sam HVF Tennis Camps, Eliya a painless two more years without crappy boyfriends; Juliana common sense; tennis ladies my unconditional love and support; Connor Love mad respect; and Lindsey Akal Court all my babysitting jobs and my boyfriend, Steven. I, Spencer Service, leave Patrick Tomasic much needed forfeits and a spot at the top of the podium; and Brok Oakley and the Marcin twins a cradle. I, Joey Shafer, leave Cole Boyea $50 in a bag; Marshall Thompson high jump; and Hannah Cox my car because she thinks it’s so sexy. I, Connor Shaw, leave the swim captains the swim team; the Hairspray cast an amazing performance; Sarah Mitchell and SarahBelle Selig my love; Jessica Peters fun-loving, free-wheeling fun; and Patrick Taylor some hang out time next year. I, Hannah Shoaf, leave Owen and Cody a Clue game; Brandon a ride to school; and Hayes and Lex lots of dinners. I, David Shumate, leave Mr. Lamb my love and affection. I, Benjamin Simpson, leave Scottie my Catdaddy skills; Billy my smarts; Ms. Bauer my tears of joy for the end of Calculus; Harper and Cody my Garrett

last wills

tuesday, may 21, 2013 Farms reputation; one of the Wilson twins my swim poncho; Jonas my respect; Jessica my Super Smash Bros. skills; and Josh my virginity. I, Akarsh Singh, leave Jassimran my last name and a data plan for his iPhone; and Byron my parking spot and a bike lock. I, Ben Skeen, leave my sister the Skeen legacy; Mack Pidgeon the plate; Stephen Young my parking spot; and Colin Bosworth my collection of terrible puns and pick up lines. I, David Smith, leave Ansis Perez the Independents Club presidency.

ignorant. I, Morgan Taylor, leave Grace Betts an awesome beam routine, some sleep because you need it, and my car to drive to school in (ha ha not!)

I, Maliyah Tan, leave Moriah Thompson and Cole Ronk my poetic ability; and all future seniors my hope and faith. May your journey be as fulfilling as mine.

I, Alli Tepperberg, leave Travis Brooks the strength to get through senioritis; Katie Spring a kick ** senior year; Julianne to continue the Ashley’s; and Max Staffa a quarter for Carolina or California and patience to deal with stupid people.

I, Kathryn Taylor, leave Patrick Taylor lots of love and plenty of motivation; Ryan Rowe finger snaps and frozen yogurt dates; Jessica Peters her cursed house; and Billy Morgenlander a phenomenal time at GSE.

I, Connor Thompson, leave Rishikesh Rajogopalan my hair.

I, Maddie Taylor, leave Kaia Counter lots of water; Ben Lawson a morning hug so light it couldn’t hurt a fly; Eliya Watson my seat in chorus; and Anna Dekle a math group that always color-coordinates and is never

I, Niara Tolliver, leave Christina memories of sitting on the bench, laughs we shared, jokes about other players and the PT we got; Paula tacos and tortillas that I never ate; Leet all my skills; Jaz all my hoop earrings with the name



I, Oliver Smith, leave Romel and Beamer the role of the respect enforcer; Nicky, Sean, Grey and Mitch a boost during the middle mile; Charles Quick Draw

McGraw; Billy and Mike Bros FC; Chris, Owen, Cody, Ryan and Colin friendship; and nothing to the XC freshmen.

Falcon’s Cry

Graff Richards While most of his peers made plans for college, senior Graff Richards contemplated another post-graduation option: preparatory school. Richards applied to several different programs, but he ultimately decided to attend Cushing Academy, which he hopes will improve both his hockey game and his chances of getting into a prestigious college. Richards said that after a year of preparatory school, he may take an offer to play hockey for a college team or delay enrollment and join the United States Hockey League, which Graff Richards draws a lot of attention from recruiters. Richards said that many hockey players enter college later than the typical freshman. “[Colleges] want you to develop,” Richards said. “… The average hockey player freshman is like 20 years old, in college, unless you’re unreal, like you’re straight talented as heck.” Although Richards currently plays hockey in the Empire Junior Hockey League, he said that the competition in the south is poorer than in the north. Cushing is located in Massachusetts, and it has its own hockey rink. Richards said that both the academy’s modern approach to education and its hockey program impressed him. “With Cushing, they really focus on getting you better and getting you to where you want to go, the student and athlete,” Richards said. “The guy who’s the coach is like friends with

the University of New Hampshire coach, he’s good friends with a lot of USHL teams, and he kinda focuses on each player to get them where they want to go.” Richards was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder early this calendar year. He said that Cushing has a program specifically tailored to his learning style. Although he was a member of the varsity lacrosse team this year and has participated in other sports, Richards said that hockey will always be his favorite. Richards said that his involvement with hockey started when he was around 5 years Photo courtesy of Graff Richards old. He remembers seeing a pair of red and black hockey skates while at the Triangle SportsPlex, and he wanted to have them instead of the small, blue figure skating skates that he had on. His mother promised to get him the pair if he could skate around the entire rink without falling down, and he did. “Never got the skates, but something about that, I just liked it, so I kept coming back, and I liked it, so my mom signed me up for Learn to Play [Hockey], and that’s where I met one of my friends, [senior] Nick Fausset, and … his dad ran the whole clinic thing, and I started playing, and I started getting the hang of it, so I joined the Hillsboro Sharks at like 7 or 6, playing mites, and I just kept learning and trying to get better there, and I fell in love with it,” Richards said. “I just kept playing.” - Kevin Ostrowski

in them; and Ladriya a book on how to make it in the hood. I, Robbie Tomasic, leave Patrick Tomasic my legacy. I, Morgan Trachtman, leave Blake Moushon seven hours of football, Duke Gardens, chili dinners, gap year, Papi, my luck and selective memories; Rehema Nshatsi cake, tortellini, and the will to do dances in class; and soccer boys managers who come to practice and cookies. I, Max Veasey, leave Ashley Lynch Mitch Kaufman so she will say yes to him for prom. I, Arend Vecchione, leave Ansis some extra shorts; Renzo some cash; Liza and Alaina my sarcasm; Shayfer a ride to Carrboro; Tori a thanks to her sister; Jassimran my notes; Mr. Burns some Subway; Mr. A. my b-ball skills; Ben Wisler some paper; Cristina some pics; Savanna and Adriana my condolences; and Christina some fresh samples. I, Cristy Villalobos, leave Greg McNeil and Mike Lee the love poems treasured within my secret diary; Tyler Tate my perfect senior attendance and a lifetime supply of quality coffee; Andrew MaComson a Ted Williams cutout as a full-time venting pal; Madame Guibert the fortune you inspired me to seek in Vegas; and Goodson the long-awaited cure for senioritis. I, Meghan Vitas, leave Vanessa the crazy dance parties in French; and Moriah another 60,000 words for her next novel. I, Konrad VonZabern, leave the right to have long, dyed hair to the years behind me. Hopefully, they will dye it with style and grace. I, Kerry Walker, leave Rahim Winston a big ole YMPHO; and Tyreke ‘2fly’ Frye a laugh now, cry later. I, Jazlyn Warner, leave Christopher Smith a football scholarship to any school you want, the movie ticket from our first date and the love my mother has for you so that you will still have a part of me when I’m gone. I, Julia Waters, leave Andrew MaComson my promise to forever and always be by your side, no matter how far apart we are. I, Willie Weeks, leave the boy butter (Arthur Reese) all of my bounce; Cameron the fruit that

page nine


made the juice; AJ a high school education; and most importantly Christina Mattioli my heart. Paula Olave, I love you, too. Tyler Pittman, get some skills, son. I, Montana Weitzel, leave Amy all the better parts of high school; Charles dangerous lunch car rides; Callie my love; Rehema plenty of J Biebs; the soccer team plenty of shrieks; Reece announcements and an already crashed car; Penn all my advice; Danny workouts; and my family a quiet house. I, Alandra Williams, leave Lex Crews all the rides she wants when she visits me in Florida; Lucy Wooldridge and Mikki Warszawski all the fresh pretzel M&Ms they want; Ashley Lynch Ramen noodles to eat before games; and Kelsey Perry my knee braces. I, Kylie Williams, leave Kate Frauenfelder a new pull-out couch for the studio, Elle Gilbert an ugly look because you suck; and Charles Herst some glutenfree snacks and a girlfriend. I, Phoebe Wooldridge, leave Lucy Wooldridge all of my extensive senior slacking and any of my clothes (because I know you’re secretly jealous); Mr. Belvin a slightly less entertaining (but maybe more focused) Brain Game; and Thomas Morris and Ryan Rowe GSA (share with Lucy if she wants it). I, Cassidy Woodell, leave Gage and Cole hieroglyphics; Ben unusual websites found while studying and pizza; Allison Waffle House at 5 a.m.; Madi the love of Doctor Who and Supernatural; and Camber my annotated books and all of my love. I, Kara York, leave Erica Rosen bus dance parties and Mahatma Gandhi; Andrew Kelly better ideas for charades than “volcano;” Travis Brooks awkward looks during band class; Risper Ochieng a bunch of good oboe reeds; and all the guard girls my love and best wishes. I, Ellen Yuan, leave Amy Grissom aca-patience and plenty of selfies; Healey Cox the cure for apathy; Cole Ronk the MSN homepage; Marcus Davis a thousand hellos; Amar Patel my “Asian brain;” and Mrs. Bauer’s 4A Common Core 1 Math class my free period. I, Alex Zaterka, leave everything to no one.



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Most Stressed

g g Bi est Slac

Falcon’s Cry


page eleven

tuesday, may 21, 2013

Flynn Marron and Kimmie O’Brien

Best Smile

Ally Schumacher Connor Bruce

Most Intelligent

Best Bromance

Alaina Bainbridge Tanner Lockhead

Montana Weitzel Erick Rivas

Yosef Teffera and Flynn Marron

Most Likely to Become


Scariest Driver Most Athletic

Most Sarcastic Sam Bacon

John Brown and Bayley Coleman

Ben Simpson Kalyn Fowler

Kate Ford

Caroline LeGrande and John Brown

Most Likely to Succeed

Biggest Gossip Montana Weitzel and Jarvis White (not pictured)

Best All Around

Teacher’s Pet

Biggest Flirt Alaina Bainbridge and Tanner Lockhead

Biggest Partier

Emily Bass Nico Posada

Scott Upchurch Shelby Hicks

Kalyn Fowler and Davy Shumate


Phoebe Wooldridge and Tanner Lockhead

Cutest Couple

Best Looking

Most Changed Kimmie O’Brien Adam Brown

Kate Ford and Connor Bruce

Least Changed Archie Prichard and Shelby Hicks

Superlatives Senior

Best Dressed Akiel Pyant D’eania Daniels


Kalyn Fowler and Gavin Bell Ayemen Khan Mariel Gampe

Photos by Starlyn Combs Amy Grissom Healey Cox and Ellen Yuan least/most changed insets courtesy of Talon

Danya Devine David Smith

Class Clown


page twelve

senior columns

Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013

Metamorphosis reflects high school growth Crawling down Garrett Road, I nibbled my way to the front lobby on my first day of high school. When the warning bell rang, I inched my caterpillar legs up the stairs, lost and scared that I would be tardy to homeroom. Desperately, I texted my friend, who came to rescue me, and together, we safely made it to Ms. Blochowiak’s room with eight minutes until the 7:30 bell. Having come from a small private school, I had never transitioned from one class to another with the ringing of a bell, nor had numbers reflect my class performance, but I continued to eat leaves of knowledge, consuming a variety of geometric area formulas and tales of Odysseus’ journey. It was hard to move from a project-based cur-

riculum to a textbookbased curriculum, and for my first year of high school, I surrounded myself with familiar faces, enclosed in my protective chrysalis. I went into dormancy and started my transformation into a butterfly. My sophomore year, I began to break out of my shell. I began to branch out and meet new people through the many extracurricular activities that I added to my schedule. After joining the newspaper staff, my wings started developing. I knew everything about anyone and anything that happened at school. I got to talk to students whom I would have never met

Ellen Yuan

Graphic by Kareena Gardner

and learn their unique stories and backgrounds. Getting the chance to let other people tell me about their lives made me want to flutter away and learn even more about others. As the dreaded junior year came upon me, I took my first AP classes and cringed at the thought of potentially pulling all-nighters and having to do homework past 9 p.m. A part of me wanted desperately to avoid my fears and stress, return to the comfort of my shell and take the trouble-free path, but my curiosity to explore the world gave me the strength to begin to spread my wings and learn how to fly. Now, a butterfly, I am ready to leave the tree that has supported and nourished me. When I fly off to college, I will not return to the protective chrysalis that I stayed in for my first couple of years of high school; instead, I will flutter from flower to flower, pollinating each, and make a lasting impact. As for the place I left behind, my broken chrysalis remains, swaying in the wind, but forever stuck to the tree branches.

Individuality, not conformity, enriches experience I want to write poetry. I want to sing against the darkness from a lighted stage, dance into the padded cells that hold humanity’s screams and unearth evidence of the evicted soul. I want to trace the origins of the universe with a ballpoint pen and a high school education, lassoing curled dimensions with loops of string smaller than recognition. In short, I want to do what they say I cannot do. The ubiquitous “they” generally holds the most sway over teenagers, like myself, still floundering Kevin Ostrowski in the waters of maturity. Lacking a fully developed personal identity, teens ask themselves, with varying frequency, “What will they think? How would they react?” From these queries, they censor themselves, blacking out the traits, beliefs and passions that they are ashamed of and succumbing to the norm. Although conforming to certain community standards proves necessary – laws, for instance, provide a basic framework for humans to coexist peaceably – modern technology has drastically changed the social scenery. With the advent of social media, peer pressure has seeped into every teenage household, where previously only parents’ expectations resided. More than ever before, people fit in by hiding behind insincere smiles and silencing thoughts before they even become words. I am not the norm, and high school has taught me to take pride in that. In fact, I am not convinced that the norm does

exist. Sure, the idea of an average person does, but what would its manifestation be? The only answer I can arrive at is a strange amalgamation of every male and female, of every athlete and gamer and of every physicist and farmer. In striving to blend in, teens have given themselves a not only insurmountable challenge, but also a pointless one. Everyone has unique characteristics, so when I write that I have pride in my individuality, I do so with the understanding that anyone can achieve a similar feeling. Four years ago, when I first came to Jordan, I held very different opinions than I do now. I recognized what distinguished me from others and vice versa, but rather than appreciating the diversity, I perceived a barrier to come with those distinctions. While I sought friends similar to myself, I neglected to realize that all of my class was rapidly developing into a wide spec-

Graphic by Amy Grissom

trum and that my shade would ultimately match none other. My worldview convinced me that either I would have to change or, for some reason or another, find it impossible to belong to any existing group. Although I spent a good portion of high school with this loner mindset, I have come to realize that differences are the foundation of friendship. Human interaction loses its value when people become exposed to nothing new by talking to others, when responses are as predictable as reflecting on one’s own thoughts. My class, like any one before it, has its own cliques, but the best times come when we transcend them. Looking towards my future at UNC, I impatiently await the opportunity to pursue my own goals – which I no longer conceal – but I know that the collection of people I meet will truly make the experience worthwhile, just as the Class of 2013 defined my time at Jordan.

tuesday, may 21, 2013

senior columns

Falcon’s Cry

College presents opportunity for fresh start “Forget regret – or life is where I didn’t appreciate my yours to miss.” achievements because I expected My loft bed, while cozy, them. Oh, and not having fun. is also a mural. Once all white, Fun is important. the beams and frame are now Upon arriving home every mostly covered with colorful day for the first month of inscriptions – song lyrics, quotes sophomore year, I would put from movies, drawings, etc. my backpack down and dissolve – some my own, but others the on the floor, weeping. I cried work of friends. When one friend because I felt as if there was a printed the lyric about regret, hole inside of me. I felt empty from the musical Rent, I didn’t and alone; I hated myself. My think much of it. Now, on the classes were already difficult, verge of graduating, I have come and I felt like the only to realize that I’ve lived my life way I could be worthy in the exact opposite way. of having friends was Middle school was not the if I did well in school, best experience. My teachers which added more told me that high school pressure and made the would be great, and though I consequences of failure consider myself a pessimist, that much worse. Regret I actually allowed myself #2: basing my self worth to look forward to high on my grades, and not school. asking for help when I I set high standards needed it most. for myself freshman year. My junior year, I was When we wrote letters determined to get my to ourselves at the academic act together. I felt beginning of the moderately happy and year that we moderately confident would open that the year would at the end be good. Then, of the year, IonaPearl Reid-Eaton I started to mine said struggle. I was something along the lines failing a class – actually failing of, “If you’re reading this, – and when I told people, they congratulations! You must have didn’t believe me. Then I got gotten all A’s, because if you mad and decided that it was my didn’t, you should have killed job to prove that smart people yourself by now.” After a few could get bad grades, even when all-nighters, I had gotten all A’s. they tried. Regret #3: dedicating Sure, I’d had a few breakdowns myself to defying others’ positive about how I didn’t have any expectations of me, even if it friends and felt suffocated by meant sabotaging myself. loneliness, but I’d gotten good Now, with T-however many grades – and if you didn’t get days until graduation, I reflect good grades, you didn’t get on the past four years and feel in to college, right? Regret #1: insanely unfulfilled. I wasted pushing myself to the point my time trying to prove things

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Falcon’s Cry Jordan High School 6806 Garrett Road Durham, NC 27707 560-3912 x12632 Copy Editor Kevin Ostrowski Managing Editor Kareena Gardner News Editor Amy Grissom Features Editor Ellen Yuan Sports & Opinion Editor Healey Cox Staff Reporters Alima Morgan Cole Ronk Business Manager IonaPearl Reid-Eaton Adviser Starlyn Combs

Graphic by Mar LaCosse

instead of just doing the best that I could do. Sure, I managed to get my act together enough to apply to 20 colleges, but I was only accepted at five of them. Despite a trip north to visit the only two I was vaguely interested in attending, I never felt the spark that people say you’ll feel when you visit the school that you are destined for. Regret #4: applying to colleges that cater to the kind of person I wish I were instead of the person I am and always

will be. I tend to hold onto things, and in about three months, I will attend one of those northern schools, probably still mulling over things I missed out on in high school. There is a difference between my high school freshman self and college freshman self, however; I have genuine hope and optimism for the future and the determination to forget regret, lest life be missed.

Professional Organizations National Scholastic Press Association; Columbia Scholastic Press Association, North Carolina Scholastic Media Association, Journalism Education Association Contributors: Hira Ansari, Mar LaCosse, Deon Leach, Graff Richards, Amy Wolf Awards: N.C. Scholastic Media Association Tar Heel Award, 2010. National Scholastic Press Association AllAmerican rating, 1996-2001; NSPA First Class, 2010-2012, 2008. Columbia Scholastic Press Association Silver Medalist, 2008, Gold Medalist, 2010-2012. N.C. Press Club Clara Cartrette Award for General Excellence, 2010, 2009, 2006; runner-up 2008, 2005. Falcon’s Cry is a public forum that invites contributions from any member of the school community. It is published by students in Journalism 2-6 at Jordan High School. The signed opinions on the opinion pages and the advertisements do not necessarily reflect those of the Falcon’s Cry staff, nor the Jordan administration, faculty or student body. Unsigned editorials are the opinion of the Falcon’s Cry editorial board. Falcon’s Cry is printed by Triangle Web Printing.

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Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013



Hamid Ali will graduate from UNC and become the owner of Apple. He will become rich and famous and forget all of his friends from Jordan. Josh Aparacio will be a manager at McDonalds. Anne Asche will be a famous supermodel and live in a mansion. Linzie Atkins will live a happy life as a fourth grade substitute teacher, but he will still attempt to show everyone his “bounce” by constantly getting hung by the rim. Cathleen Atkinson will dance in a famous dance company in New York City and will sign with Young Money, who will feature her in every music video. Brenda Avalos will be a successful entrepreneur of a beauty line. Sam Bacon will become the president of Carleton College immediately after graduating, and soon become the world’s number one tennis player, both under suspicious circumstances. He will become the Pope of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, at which time he will play in the championship game

in Wimbledon, but he will lose because a random fan makes a weird noise and hand motion, distracting him. Sam will have won every argument known to man and will be crowned as King of All Knowledge. He will have found a wife that loves to argue just at much as he does, though, and they will host a food blog for those of disconcerting tastes. Eventually, Sam will join his native people, the koalas, in Australia. He will live a simple and happy life there until he finds out that his comrades are dying of diseases. He will patent a ground breaking koala vaccine and become wealthy and famous. He will die while hiking the John Muir trail after trying to argue about the existence of God with a grizzly bear. Rashod Ballentine will be living with his mom and working full time at the YMCA. Rachel Baran will be a successful nurse. She will be engaged to a kind-hearted man who doesn’t know about her strange collection of pigs, dogs and turtles that live in her basement. Rachel Barron will be a successful brain surgeon and millionaire, having married Wood Myers her senior year of college. They will have relocated to

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

John Brown and Rachel Baran Atlanta, where Wood will play for the Braves. Despite Rachel’s hectic job, she will be a fabulous mother to their eight kids named, Wood, Woodster, Woodley, Baseball, Iron, Aluminum, Tin and Plywood, PJ for short. Givani Barnes will be a rich physical therapist married to Cam Newton with two kids. Both kids will play sports and be as fly as their parents! After marrying a muscular foreign husband after college but immediately divorcing him

after learning of his deep hatred for cats, Emily Bass will be fragile and unable to join in with tha big dawgs on outdoor (or indoor) activities. Instead, she wears floral granny outfits and fills her time surrounded by the tranquil presence of the more than 100 animals that live in her home. Elliott Bentley will still be under the almighty reign of big Daniel. Adam Brown will still have people talk about him and will still have no emotion about it. John Brown will be in the NFL scoring touchdowns, getting girls, playing golf and living the life. He later marries Ercilla Glean and they will give life to a John Brown IV. Conner Bruce will be holding down the Jungle but have his soul mate, Ally Schumacher, by his side. He will become a billionaire entrepreneur and live in a mansion in California. Dusty Boynton will be attending her older daughter Avery’s fifth grade graduation. She will be married and living on the beach tanning. She will have two other kids, the American picture-perfect family.

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

April Dunston

Vanessa Canuto will still be hiding a secret crush for Darryl from Ben Van Wagner. After

running several miles in the morning, Vanessa continues her daily routine by walking to her law firm in the city. She passes the tall, glass skyscrapers, and she checks her reflection, satisfied. She will review countless cases before returning to her huge house and her loving husband and two kids. She will call Ellen Yuan every day with the latest gossip. Joey Carter will be happily married to Megan and have at least one child. The two will be living in Wilmington because they just couldn’t leave. Joey will be a successful dietitian, and no one in the city will be obese because of him. After winning the lottery at age 20, Nathan Cerpial will spend the rest of his life in luxury, playing video games and buying yachts. Jeff Cheng will be homeless, thinking he is the Batman and stripping for his own satisfaction. After graduating from MIT’s law school as the first person to do so, Ben Chestnut will become the first person to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Jazz. While working for a prestigious New York law firm, he will continue studying physics for fun. He will eventually mathematically prove that Hogwarts exists somewhere in the universe, but

tuesday, may 21, 2013 he will lose his proof soon after and the world will tragically never know. Bayley Coleman will go on to play basketball for college, join the WNBA, play basketball overseas, and then settle down to have athletic children. Nick Corvera will open and own a very successful bar called “Tropical Punch” and will give friends free Seagrams every Friday night. As the best cougar out there, Darby Conner will be a house mother of a sorority and continue to build up her collection of jocks. Melissa Coto will have five little kids and will make flan and cookies for them every day. Carling Counter will be married to Will Stewart and live in her native Canada for college, but leave for Florida after she decides her Canadian blood cannot handle the cold. Bonnie Creadick will live in a house on a hill with bathtubs on the lawn, toothbrushes on the walls and snakes and skunks in her house. She will live on coffee, pretzels and seaweed. From her huge mansion on the moon, Sarah Crump rules over the world she took over through her gift of persuasion with her husband Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Christian Cruz will own a hair salon for people with rough hair and also be the best businessman. Jewel Dadzie will be one of the richest guys in Durham and marry Megan Good.


Falcon’s Cry

Danya Devine will be a famous artist who inspires many around the world. She will work as the head scenic designer for Broadway productions while helping her friends make sets for their films. Carter Dillard will be the CEO of Ace Hardware and own the used lifted truck dealership, Red’s Automotive. He will be married to Kylie Williams and still answer to the name ‘Big Red.’ Jordan Dye will be a professional volleyball player married to a dark, handsome man. She will have a side job in the criminal justice field and will own her own candy store. Danielle Edson will go to the college of her dreams and marry Eric. Alli Tepperberg will be her maid of honor. Olivia Elkins will be a very successful mother of well-dressed, preppy children who wear Jack Rogers and seersucker. She will spend her days doing crafty things with her children and being a professional shopper. Ramsey Elliott will roam the Safari hunting wild unicorns with his harpoon. His faithful Sherpa Haramrit Singh will keep him well fed and play bongos. ­­­ Ricki Faust will live in Boston, having married Galen and become a soccer mom for her kids Keisha and Peanut. When Maggie Figueroa goes to see the Jonas Brothers in July, she will not only attract every old man on the streets on the way, but also her lover Nick Jonas. After graduating from college,

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

Bayley Coleman the engineer will have created a time travel machine, and she and Nick will travel to the year 3,000 where Maggie will celebrate her 105th birthday as she is serenaded with “Lovebug.” Kate Ford will finally settle down after years of traveling and begin her life as a goat and dog hoarder. She will own hundreds of dogs and forget about the outside world. She will not have friends, just many, many dogs and goats. Zada Zawadi Foy will become a famous makeup artist and meet lots of celebrities, staying true to her homies and bringing them to fame with her. Caroline Gabriel will be a sign

language interpreter for many years and she’ll enjoy it. She will become the greatest unicorn rider in the entire world, and she will marry the love of her life and quietly live out the rest of her days as a horse. Kareena Gardner will happily sleep in a creek bed every night with a comforting rock as a pillow. Conor Oberst proposes to her, but she’s not ready for that level of commitment so instead Conreena just drives around the world in a gypsy caravan going to music festivals and dancing around the fire in a drum circle. Ercilla Glean will be chief of surgery at John Hopkins, after completing medical school and marrying John Brown. She will have five cute little football babies. Kim Guthrie will open her own chain of boutiques with her husband running all of the business aspects. She’ll live in Malibu with her two beautiful kids. Daniel Hall will blow up the music industry with his revolutionary song. McKayla Hardy will be a wellknown fashionista of some sort. She will set trends and design new fashions for generations to come.

Maliyah Tan/Falcon’s Cry

Jordan Dye


page fifteen

Maggie Harris will run Friends marathons all the time. She will open her own cafe where only people who wear hipster glasses

are welcome, and she will perform stand-up comedy every Friday night. She will marry a Russian and live in Russia, where she teaches children the power of corny pick-up lines. Jared Hendryx will play basketball in college, join the NBA, make millions of dollars and marry a model. Shelby Hicks will be the bronzed, beautiful owner and trainer for several professional sports teams. She will vacation to a new tropical destination every month and continue to catch up with Kathryn Taylor at her annual Thanksgiving gettogether. Elizabeth Holland will have many husbands, including Tom Daley, Andrew VanWyngarden, and Andy Samburg, but will not show any signs of affection to any of them. Devin Holman will still be 4’11 but pretend to be 5’0. She will have at least four cats that she calls her kids. She’ll never leave her house because she’ll be guarding her stash of green Twizzlers from the aliens that she thinks will come and steal them. She’ll run her own website that will bash all the political figures and tell people why she should run the world. She will eventually creep her way through the government hierarchy and be the world’s first supreme benevolent dictator, in a similar fashion to Napoleon, but she will not be defeated at


page sixteen

Waterloo, and she will be fedorable. Jacob Jacobs will be a mainstream producer working with some of the greats including Chad Ali, Drake, Kanye and Chief Keef. He will find himself a nice foreign chick, but she will not have the ability to have babies. Derek Johnson will work successfully at his assistant manager position at Food Lion while dating his soon-to-be-wife, Rebecca. He will continue to live out his “hoop dreams” by playing competitive five-on-five basketball with his local community church. Tyrece Jones will become a physical therapist and work for the world’s best athletes.

Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013

Ayemen Khan will be at the top of the pyramid. He will be CEO of Haagen Dazs and will make a lot more money then he does now as an employee. Elize Kimple will be in New York, working as a successful actress in everything. She will have several dogs and will occasionally write cynical opinion pieces for The New York Times. Kiefer Knight will work his way through the Army ranks and become a four-star general. Dana Koutsky will be the coolest person alive. After inventing some awesome computer program that will benefit society, she will settle down back in California with her husband and three cows.

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

Mariel Gampe, Rashod Ballentine, Graff Richards, Alex DuBois, Connor Bruce, Hailey FitzGerald and Ayemen Khan

Michelle Leathers will become a professional dancer, working along side her bff Rihanna.

Caroline LeGrand will live in New York, starring on Broadway. She will marry none other than Justin Timberlake.

Allison Lee will work as a physical therapist, and her hobbies will be anything that gives her an adrenaline rush. She will teach her children the basics of skydiving before actual driving.

An exotic animal vet, Caitlin Liles will live in the country with her husband and four children. She will also have a craft store where she will sell gummy chicken feet.



After graduating from South Carolina with her MRS degree, Kat Kerns and her wealthy, handsome husband will live in a house with an endless supply of paninis and Simply Lemonade. They will own a guest house where her mother will live to take care of her every wish.


Hira Ansari At the end of her junior year, senior Hira Ansari received the news that her grandfather was in poor health. As his last wish, he asked for Ansari’s relatives from all over the world to attend her uncle’s wedding so he could see his family together one last time. In response, her family members immediately packed their bags and flew to Pakistan for the summer. Although visiting her grandfather was the main purpose of the trip, Ansari and her family helped construct a school for orphans while Hira Ansari they were there. She said that of everything she did on her trip, building a school affected her the most because of the relationships that she formed with Pakistani children. “I got to meet about 20 of [the students] because they were in the elementary school range,” Ansari said. “They are the sweetest kids in the world even with such a little amount of resources. Sometimes that makes me feel so spoiled, especially living the American lifestyle. We take so much for granted.” Although she had been to Pakistan before, Ansari volunteered there for the first time last

summer. Because of the influence the trip had on her, she decided to continue to give to the Durham community after she returned home, she said. In addition to giving to charity, Ansari is donating her hair to Locks of Love. “I’m very serious about helping and donating and stuff. That’s one of the biggest things,” Ansari said. “ … I need to set a good example … especially for my sisters.” Ansari said that although working with the Pakistani students proved stressful, it was a rewardPhoto courtesy of Hira Ansari ing experience that helped define her as a person because she had to face realities that most people try to ignore. “ … I had to get over [the poor living conditions of others] sooner or later,” Ansari said. “I prefer to use time helping others. That’s my best way of using my time there. It was fun, but it was stressing because there was wedding planning, we had to help these kids and build the school. Now my grandpa is back to perfect health though. ... My mom actually thinks it’s because he saw all of his kids together from all over the world at once. That’s like the best thing ever.” - Amy Grissom

Sam Lind will go to North Korea and worship the glorious leader, becoming a rock-n-roll legend through serenading him with Led Zeppelin classics. He will be happily married to the love of his life, Florence Welch, and will share great hair tips with her. When he’s not touring the country with his hair band he and Zach Wimberley will still play small shows in downtown Durham. Alex Madill will marry a bikini or car model and own so many expensive cars that the debt forces him to live in them. He still knows the most random facts that he chooses to share with everyone passing by. Ellis Mayton will be a one-man ensemble touring the world and collecting Grammys. Sawyer McBrayer will be a mechanic, making way more money than any of us. Aikera McLean will be a successful dermatologist at her own office in Charlotte. She will have three beautiful girls and be married to a successful surgeon. Joy Montemayor will become a famous traveling tattoo artist. She will go on adventures and commit crimes with her lover, and she will also have many cats. She will not forget to come visit her friend Danya Devine to have cat parties. Casey Moore will be an engineer at IBM and live in a nice twostory house with her husband and two beautiful children. Alima Morgan will live with Konrad VonZabern in a chocolate house with 50 children, each of which has hair in a different

shade of gray. Hannah Morse will be forced by her best friend Ali Lee to go on the show The Voice and become a famous singer. She will be a wife and a mother, having married Brooks Benton, and will visit Ruba Raza on occasion for manis and pedis. Ivy Muthoni will be the leading lady for the African Union Society and the richest woman you know. Lionel Nelson will write the greatest movie ever, the first 5D movie. He will become a millionaire for writing explicit short stories after inventing how to transport by teleportation. Mira Nicchitta will fall in love with a fellow neuroscience major at William and Mary after she wows him with her sexy cat socks. They will have three children named after Harry Potter characters. In between taking care of her countless cats and watching Tangled, she’ll drive her children and all their friends to soccer practice. Carrie Nowell will get her first graduate degree at age 19, become a millionaire by age 20, and marry the CEO of a Fortune 500 company by 21, all while continuing to garner the envy and adoration of gay men everywhere. Kimmie O’Brien will casually date a man she met at a coffee shop that no one else has heard about. After college, her indecisiveness will lead her to create a clothing line specifically for cats, which verges on the “punk rock” look. She will legally change her name to “Keem,” and along with managing her

clothing line, she will be a costar in the reality TV show Keem and Eem. A professional Jazz player, Michael Ode will travel the world to perform for audiences everywhere. Sophia Oliverio will graduate from UNC as a die-hard Carolina basketball fan, hating Duke with her whole heart. She will marry her high school sweetheart, Oliver Smith, and they will be welcoming their second awkward child into the world. They will raise their two kids in “Dirty” Durham and they will send them to Duke School for Children, where they will never have the chance to blossom socially. Sophia will spend her free time attending equality parades and calling her best friends from high school, who have all moved away, telling them about the hip new restaurants and art galleries in Downtown Durham. She will find great success in editing new albums for her favorite band, The Killers, creating the biggest music festival in the world and hosting it in Durham. Eventually she will play Rose in a remake of Titanic and continue to be the best friend anyone could ever ask for. Darien Ortiz will be moved back to his birthplace, New Jersey, and be engaged to his beautiful soon-to-be-wife. At UNC, Kevin Ostrowski will find his second calling on the dance floor every Friday night and acquire so much knowledge that he will correct his teachers on a daily basis. Later, he will create a new element at a supercollider, name it Ostowkonium and live forever as he travels


Falcon’s Cry

at the speed of light (since time will slow down). Ayana Parker will be a lawyer for the best law firm in America. She married Kevin Durant but leaves him for a doctor because he flexes too much. Jennifer Pidgeon will make many great new friends at UNCW and will continue being close friends with Bradley Reynolds. After she graduates, she will be a famous sports trainer and end up married to Bradley because of their bonding on the trips home from Wilmington, just like their parents predicted. Archie Prichard will be the next billionaire to move to Florida. Along the way he will adopt an alligator and find his love for exotic plants. He will be eating a sandwich. Teewon Reed will be backstage of a fashion show in France preparing the clothes she made for the models. Upon arriving at college, IonaPearl Reid-Eaton will decorate her dorm with art that Kareena Gardner drew for her in high school. She will live on peanutbutter-covered Oreos and Nutella. After college, she will win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism for a story about reusing bottle caps to make dresses. She continues to make awesomely-wrapped presents from tissue boxes and old copies of Falcon’s Cry. Hannah Rice will be a member of the Peace Corps, teaching English to Haitian children and patching roofs in nearby villages, which will be a part of her project to save the mundanes as the newly-appointed leader of

Deon Leach In the thirteen years of training in the Japanese martial art taekwondo, senior Deon Leach earned a black belt and the title sensei in a dojo. Leach’s responsibilities as sensei, or teacher, include cleaning the dojo and training students. He said that taekwondo has become a means for self-expression and both physical and spiritual growth. The teachings of taekwondo and aspects of other martial arts like tai chi – including the ideology of Yin and Yang – apply to how one approaches situations, especially in high school, Leach said. “We have to follow that balance between the good and the Deon Leach bad,” he said. “When there’s good there’s a little bit of bad. When there’s bad there’s always good. You have to follow that central line between the good and the bad. You have to keep your balance as a martial artist.” Leach teaches 50 middle and high schoolaged students kata, or forms, along with life morals that are essential to taekwondo. He said that he wants to encourage children and young teens, who might not have a positive role model in their lives, to learn life lessons. Those lessons are a main reason he started taekwondo in the first place, along with wanting the Haitian Institute. After ridding the world of all evil, she will adopt 27 children and teach them how to make crepes and be jew(ish). Christian Richardson will release a platinum album with his inspiration Lil’B and will own a giant house with a special garden in the back. He will own his own record company where

to defend himself and those who were being bullied. Taekwondo teachings have kept him focused on his schoolwork and out of trouble, he said. The most important lessons he has learned, he said, is how to say no and how to walk away from potentially dangerous situations. “Martial arts teaches the values of not using your martial arts,” Leach said. “If you have to use it, God forbid it, use it for self-defense, not just because you [want] to.” Leach said staying with taekwondo was hard at the beginPhoto courtesy of Deon Leach ning and that many upper-level martial artists quit before achieving black belts because of the increasing devotion and focus that is required. Getting his black belt is one of his best accomplishments, he said. After graduation, Leach plans to go to The Art Institutes culinary school, since cooking deals with health and the conditioning of the body. “If you read old stories about black belts and martial artists, they’ll tell you we love to cook,” Leach said. “We love to eat healthy. That’s a whole part of the martial arts: you have to be healthy.” - Cole Ronk

all of the biggest rappers will answer to him. Kris Rivera will release his onehit wonder “African Kids.” His record sales will soar so high the entire music industry will collapse, and he will swiftly move to the moon to become its new President. He will write several more songs, such as “Blueberry Dragons are Forever” and “I’m on The Moon!” Quaneisha Rochelle will deliver babies for famous people in Hollywood. She will marry an Asian engineer and live beside her best friend April Dunston.

Amy Grissom/Falcon’s Cry

Ellen Yuan

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tuesday, may 21, 2013

Tremayne Saliim will become a corporate manager at Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Company, having married Victoria Illan and movied to Argentina with their three kids who hate their lives. After tearing his ACL playing football somewhere, he will pursue a career in physical therapy where he will put in that work and lecture his clients about how teamwork makes the dream work. As a side activity, he will have his own rap career and be known as T-Nasty. Orthodontist Darian Salmon

will be an over-protective father of his one daughter with a pickup truck. Isabel Sandoval will be a school dance teacher and have a onebedroom apartment with 17 cats. De’Aja Saunders will be an amazing zoologist, taking care of animals all over the world. Daniela Schudel will ride horses all day, every day while Tyler Tate just builds barns all day, every day. She will be a famous horse trainer and will still drink Jarritos on a regular basis. Ally Schumacher will still be finding the motivation to go to class as a ninth-year senior. She hangs out with the crew regularly and has not found a committed relationship but has adopted several Asian babies and continues to babysit instead of finding a real job. Hannah Shoaf will finish med school, become an anesthesiologist working in a prestigious hospital in Boston and marry a man who is comfortable having a wife who makes twice as much money as he does. He will propose to her


page eighteen


at Fenway Park after consulting with her friend Erica Ghigliotty. She will own 10 houses and five Ferraris.

have two sons named Ricky and Cal who grow up to be anchormen. He will be IRAQ and rollin’ all the time.

After majoring in business at Wake Forest, Ben Simpson will start a sock store. Taking such care of his feet and body, Ben will attract all of the fine Victoria Secret models, but find none attractive enough to marry. His highly successful sock company will become the biggest clothing brand in the country. He will eventually raise the freshest and most talented basketball-playing kids around.

Credited with the theory that people are loose with their money and snacks when told they look like koala bears, Kathryn Taylor will become a highly successful extortionist.

Akarsh Singh will own a Menchies and will be a star on YouTube for his reviews on Apple equipment. Jasmine Smith will marry Jeremy Carmon and have three little dark-skinned babies. She is part owner and co-CEO of McDonalds, and Jeremy is a football coach. Oliver Smith will be the chief of a meerkat warrior clan and make a plethora of safety rules for all to abide by. Though he will be a safety man, he will

Madison Taylor will be a ukulele superstar and live in her house that she knitted on a mountain. Morgan Taylor will be hobbling through life, still singing songs that she hates. She will be knocked up, put down, and told she’s no good, but she will have a change in her life when the baby comes along. She will continue to sing with Madison Taylor and Megan Lott, even though she will take forever to learn the songs. She will also be a part of the political climate in America, which we will find to be quite warm with scattered clouds. Yosef Teffera will be on a 12,000 game losing streak in FIFA. Through the field of bio-processing, Alli Tepperberg will teach curly-haired girls all over the world how to take care of their hair. She will play minor roles on Broadway as a side job to fulfill her natural talent of singing and acting. She will live in Israel. The one and only Connor Thompson will have a boisterous family of approximately 25 and reside in one of the great states of the Dakotas. He will continue his dreams of becoming the next Michael Phelps, but since his work ethic is “slow and steady wins the race,” he will still be working on his goal at 27. God bless, and ginger on.

Maliyah Tan/Falcon’s Cry

Elizabeth Holland

Congratulations, IonaPearl! We’re so proud! Love, Mom and Dad

Morgan Trachtman will have earned her doctorate so she can be referred to as “Dr. Morgan” and will be living the good life

Falcon’s Cry

tuesday, may 21, 2013

with her gorgeous husband and pet cat. Matthew Turner will be a big, fancy meteorologist for the most important news crew wherever he’s going, but he’ll never go outside because he will burn in the sunlight. Meghan Vitas will have a solid degree in business administration and will open an animal hospital with De’Aja Sanders, with whom she is next-door neighbors after kidnapping and marrying Niall and living with lots of dogs. Konrad VonZabern will own an extensive estate, filled with hedgehogs, cats and various delicious foods and surrounded by seven pools and a motorcycle track, where he will live with his lovely teal-dreaded wife. Having married an NFL wide receiver, Jazlyn Warner will work at Magic City in Atlanta while she pursues her doctoral degree at Georgia Tech. Willie Weeks will be MVP of the NBA, having the most bounce in the league. He and Jacob Jacobs will have the biggest music label in the USA. Alandra Williams will be a successful veterinarian that is doing well and hopefully not hurting, breaking, fracturing, or spraining anything else. Zachrey Wimberley will be starting his vet career by day, but by night he will still be playing hard in his incredible band, The Blue Suits, and rocking the world. Cassidy Woodell will stay exactly the same. Phoebe Wooldridge will be an official hippie, having not worn shoes since high school, and will run a nursery in the back of her coffee shop to satisfy her obsession with babies. She will marry Jem Carstairs and have five

Starlyn Combs/Falcon’s Cry

Ellis Mayton children who sing Elliot Smith songs while dancing contra at LEAF. She will spend her free time with her bestest friend Hannah Rice watching Colbert and singing Michael Bublé on the kitchen table. Kara York will be a professional oboist, with a part-time job as an editor. She will also be married to an orthodontist and have two kids, a boy and a girl. After graduating from Duke University, Ellen Yuan will realize that she wants to move back to China to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a sumo wrestler. She will teach Girl Scouts how to belly dance. Listening to the Mulan soundtrack in her free time, her hobbies will include playing with her

graphing calculator and laughing at the cardioid graphs. After earning national fame for her statistical models predicting the existence of extraterrestrial life forms, which she affectionately referred to as “awesome possums,” Ellen will meet and play a game of basketball with Jeremy Lin. Upon discovering her talent in the sport (she will stun her audience with dunk after dunk, until even her longtime friend Vanessa Canuto will only be able to remark flatly, “YGG”), Ellen will join the NBA and revolutionize the game of basketball. Running through the legs of her astonished opponents, Ellen will doubtlessly dash her way into the record books and the television screens of families worldwide, even those without electricity.

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future plans

tuesday, may 21, 2013


Falcon’s Cry

page nineteen

The Road Ahead According to the 2013 senior survey, 66 percent of the seniors are staying in North Carolina after high school; 26 percent are not; and 8 percent are unsure of where they will be after graduating. Some of the graduates will attend institutions in the United States, while others will pursue a postsecondary education in Canada or train for the military. American University Maggie Harris Madison Taylor Morgan Taylor Appalachian State University Rachel Baran Danya Devine Danielle Edson Hailey FitzGerald Mariel Gampe Erica Ghigliotty Tyrece Jones Sam Lind Ruba Raza Ally Schumacher Averett University Jewel Dadzie Annalies Jobsis Barton College Matt Tilley Kerry Walker Bridgewater College Tremayne Saliim Cape Fear Community College Nicholas Richu

DePaul University School of Music Julia Larson Duke University Ben Chestnut Tanner Lockhead Kiera Olson Ellen Yuan Durham Technical Community College Rabia Abbasi Brenda Herrera Tristan Keith Erick Rivas Kristopher Rivera Jessica Schott Konrad VonZabern East Carolina University Justin Avila Carter Dillard Anna Keys Jonathon Morrison Teewon Reed Elizabeth City State University Sherol Jackson

Carleton College Sam Bacon Phoebe Wooldridge

Elon University Brittany Jeatter David Shumate Kimmie O’Brien Alex Zaterka

Chowon University Rashod Ballentine

Emory University Kathryn Taylor

Christopher Newport University Ciara Williams

Furman University Katie Hirsch Caroline LeGrand

Clark Atlanta University Briana Harris

George Washington University Charlie Brereton

Coastal Carolina University Ben Skeen

Georgia Institute of Technology Kevin Christopher Seyi Gbadegesin Dana Koutsky

Colby College Dakota Thompson College of Charleston Isabel Sandoval College of William and Mary Mira Nicchitta Cushing Academy Graff Richards Denison University Emma Brereton

Guilford College L.A. Davis Hampshire College IonaPearl Reid-Eaton Hampton University Bayley Coleman High Point University Ashlie Saunders Yosef Teffera

Howard University Ayana Parker Lehigh University Montana Weitzel Liberty University Dustin Garner The Los Angeles Recording School Arend Vecchione Marymount Manhattan College Josh Allen Meredith College Llewellyn Esteban Quaneisha Rochelle Cristy Villalobos Methodist University Patrick Connelly Charqualia Perry North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University Givani Barnes Zuriel Overby North Carolina State University Meg Bittle Melissa Coto Gabby Fudale Nathaniel Harviala Melissa Kennedy Caitlin Liles Alex Madill Allison McGinnis Isaac Musick Ransom Pate Betzabel Pereyra Meagan Raviele Sumer Samara De’Aja Sanders Daniela Schudel Allison Tepperberg Kylie Williams Ohio State University Ellis Mayton Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario) Carling Counter Queens University of Charlotte Jared Hendryx Hannah Morse Ivy Muthoni Randolph Macon Xavier Strothers

Nick Corvera and Lionel Nelson Roanoke College Kalyn Fowler Shaw University Deania Daniels United States Army Kiefer Knight United States Air Force Academy Anna Cherry Yasnina Quesada-Matite United States Naval Academy John Brown University of California at Berkeley Kate Ford University of California at Santa Barbara Mary Katherine Knox University of Florida Joey Shafer Alandra Williams University of Georgia Darby Conner University of Louisiana at Lafayette Haley Hobgood University of Maryland College Park Casey Moore Akiel Pyant University of Massachusetts Ricki Faust University of North Carolina at Asheville Kareena Gardner Matt Morgan Meghan Vitas University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Hamid Ali Alaina Bainbridge

Rachel Barron Emily Bass Gavin Bell Vanessa Canuto Sarah Crump Olivia Elkins Erin Harris Elizabeth Holland Devin Holman Megan Lott Ben Maxson Sophia Oliverio Kevin Ostrowski Alexandra Patmore Marquez Christian Prosperi Connor Shaw Hannah Shoaf Oliver Smith Morgan Trachtman Moneet Virk Weldon Walker University of North Carolina at Charlotte Mariah Alexander Nick Corvera Kimberly Guthrie Ayemen Khan Lauren Koontz Allison Lee Carrie Nowell Zack McGinnis Aikera Mclean Matthew Turner University of North Carolina at Greensboro Mikayla Brooks Kelly Childress April Dunston Nick Eze Kadey Fisher Wellman Michael Kaminski Elise Kimple Marielle LaCosse Haley Mangum Alima Morgan Jordan Rosser Robbie Tomasic Julia Waters Adam Wimberley Cassidy Woodell Kara York University of North

Ellen Yuan/Falcon’s Cry

Carolina at Pembroke Mary Ellen Jorgensen Nico Posada University of North Carolina at Wilmington Lionel Nelson Jennifer Pidgeon Maggie Redick Bradley Reynolds Spencer Service David Smith Maliyah Tan University of Pittsburgh Zada Foy University of South Carolina Adam Brown Ramsey Elliott Katherine Kerns Abbie Rickman University of Southern California Drew Lane Vance Granville Brittany Durham Vassar Nicole Evans Virginia Commonwealth University Cathleen Atkinson Wake Forest University Ben Simpson Wake Tech Elibeth Rivera Lauren Wiley Western Carolina Jordan Dye Wofford College Flynn Marron Xavier University of Louisiana Wynton Davis Ercilla Glean Darian Salmon

teachers Falcon’s Cry 20 Most inspirational teachers page twenty

The Class of 2013 voted English teacher Daniel Miller as its most inspirational teacher. Below are some comments that seniors made about why Miller and other teachers have inspired them.

Daniel Miller

“My most inspirational teacher has been [Daniel] Miller because he is so dedicated. He loves his job, and his students love him.” –Hannah Morse

“No matter what, [Kristi Wolff] is always someone you can talk to. She will tell you how it is, and she is a caring teacher who only wants the best for her students.” –Yanina Quesada “[Jeffrey] LaCosse is happy to help, and he helps you learn instead of giving you an answer. He is one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and he always challenges us. The best is how he helped us enter, compete and qualify in TARC.” –Kevin Christopher “[Jeffrey] LaCosse for actually focusing on teaching and not worrying about testing and grades.” –Jonathon Morrison “[Sam] Head, because no matter what, [he] stayed pushing me though high school, not losing faith in me.” –Lilly Laranjo “[Gail] McMurry was the one who really


10. “… you don’t care that you are wearing pajamas in public.” – Darian Salmon

“[Steven] Haine because he taught me how to run a mile.” –Matt Morgan

“[Crystal] Dixon is a tough teacher. She stays on me to make sure I get work done in my … classes.” –Jalen Nwachukwu


You know you’re a senior when...

“[Brian] McDonald, because he is so passionate every single day about what he teaches.” –Gavin Bell

“[Brent] Belvin has been my most inspirational teacher because he loves his job and always comes up with creative and interesting ways to teach.” –Erin Harris


tuesday, may 21, 2013

Photos by Starlyn Combs, Amy Grissom and IonaPearl Reid-Eaton/Falcon’s Cry

got me into sports medicine and to continue learning more about it.” –Ashlie Saunders “Kyle Goodson is my most inspirational teacher. He is always willing to give me advice on standardized tests, like the SAT and when I need a recommendation for colleges and scholarship applications.” –Nick Eze “[Andrew] Weiss, because I have seen him for four years and he has been the best teacher because he wants what is best for us.” –Robinah Dzikiti “[Danielle] Detmer because she saw potential in me, and when math got hard, she wouldn’t let me give up.” –Aikera McLean “[Sam] Head because he wears orange Crocs to school on Saturdays. Pink would still be a better color for him, though.” –Ellen Yuan “[Without Philip Davanzo], I wouldn’t be going to school for sports marketing.” –Courtney Fowler “All of my teachers are inspirational, but the one that inspired me the most is

my ESL teacher [Jennifer] Painter.” –Kam Siu “Christine Betts, because she taught me not to give up in math.” –Vanessa Canuto “[Stuart] Albright has made me look at writing in a new, better way.” –Cameron Bynum “Brent Belvin because he inspired me to pursue my career in psychology and to never give up.” –Brittany Jeatter “Out of all the teachers at JHS, [Christian Jones] saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.” –Akiel Pyant “[My] most inspirational teacher is [Andrew] Weiss because throughout four years he has believed I could do things when others didn’t.” –Bradley Reynolds “[Stuart] Albright, because his class was fun and everyone learned how to express themselves with words.” –K.J. Alston “Michelle White has always ignited my passion for dance and always believed in me at my worst.” –Cathleen Atkinson

9. “… you can’t remember the last time you weren’t tardy to school.” – IonaPearl Reid-Eaton

8. “… teachers tell you that you cannot finish an assignment in one night, and automatically you think ‘challenge accepted!’” – Morgan Taylor

7. “… you procrastinate even after the deadline.” – Joy Montemayor

6. “… you have perfected sleeping in class with your pencil up.” – Dana Koutsky 5. “… you ask yourself ‘Why am I here?’ at least four times a day.” – Sarah Crump 4. “… you bring coloring books to class to pass the time instead of doing the work.” – Rachel Baran 3. “… the future starts scaring you instead of exciting you.” – Maliyah Tan

2. “… your periods absent are triple digits.” – Arend Vecchione

Robert Clark

Jeffrey LaCosse

Brent Belvin

1. “… you do more math trying to figure out the lowest grade you can get on the final exam and pass than you do in your actual math class.” – Hamid Ali

May 21, 2013  

Falcon's Cry issue 7, 2012-2013 Charles E. Jordan High School

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