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A Familiar face She was switched from By John Freeman

Mrs Tanguay

Photo by John Freeman As many students may have noticed by this time in the school year, there is a face that may seem familiar. A teacher has moved up with the freshmen this year, Mrs. Tanguay. This switch from the middle school to the high school was not voluntary on the part of Mrs. Tanguay or any person involved with the switch.

Mountain Valley Middle School to the high school in the summer of 2010, when Mrs. Tanguay’s Family And Consumer Sciences course at the middle school was cut because of reductions in the budget. Mrs. Tanguay stated,“ I had mixed feelings about the switch. I was exited about the opportunity to come to the high school. I had worked for ten years to construct the curriculum at the middle school and I was also upset that the previous teacher would lose her position in teaching.” Mrs. Gross, the former teacher in Mrs. Tanguay’s room, was “bumped” because of a teacher union rule in the contract. Mrs. Tanguay had one more year of experience so she had the right to teach the course here at the high school. Mrs. Gross is now an Ed Tech. Mr. Gilbert commented

on having Mrs. Tanguay at the high school “It is great to have her she is doing great, it is nice that we did not have to worry about professionalism, as she is not new to the trade but is simply new to the school.” As far as Mr. Gilbert knows, freshmen are glad to have had her move up with them. “The teachers are great with the new staff member,” said Mr. Gilbert. Students who currently have Mrs. Tanguay were asked to take a quick survey of how they felt about having her as a teacher this year compared to last year. Of the forty-four students, forty-two were happy to have her as a teacher again. Although, more than half of her students stated that her class was harder this year than they remembered it being in the middle school. Of the forty-four surveyed, thirty one were happy

with her current teaching, where only six students stated that there was too much work involved in class this year. In her classroom, she currently teaches cooking, life planning, and quilting, but the current curriculum at the high school has changed drastically from the curriculum at the middle school. Overall Mrs. Tanguay’s year at the high school is off to a great start and she is excited for the rest of the year.

A quilting project being worked on by student

Photo John Freeman

The kitchen in Mrs. Tanguay’s room at the high school.

Photo by John Freeman

A Familiar Face  

John Freeman reports on Family Consumer Sciences Teacher Lorraine Tanguay's move from the Middle School to the High School.

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