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Diversity Day at Mountain Valley

by Brandon Roberts

Italian Immagrants photo by Rachel Averill

On November 22, 2010 Mountain Valley High School hosted a Diversity Day. During the day, a variety of speakers told the students at MVHS all about their lives and what their lives were like with the challenges and obstacles they had to go through. The first speaker’s

name was Mr. Coleman, who told about his life from when he was little to when he was nineteen and lost his eye sight. Coleman told the whole school that they should live their lives to the fullest, to enjoy what they’re doing and to never give up. Students from Dirigo High School spoke about their trip to the Dominican Republic when 28 students and trip leaders from DHS did community service and brought back packs full of school supplies for the kids who live there. When the 9th and 10th graders were done eating lunch, they did a group activity where a civil rights team member read a phrase and students had to cross the line if they or someone they knew had done or been hurt by the scenario described by the activity leader. One session students could chose was was “10 years in Haiti” where MVHS student

Jeremie DeTellis described his life growing up in that country. DeTellis volunteered to do his presentation because he wanted to tell people about the real side of Haiti and explain why Haiti has such a bad stereotype. DeTellis thought by doing the presentation he could tell people about the true Haiti so people wouldn’t think that Haiti is full of poor people and violence. DeTellis also gave a description about how Haiti is run today. DeTellis hoped that people walked away from his session knowing the good side about Haiti and not just the bad side. The over-all effect of Diversity Day helped students be more aware of different races and life style choices. A similar day is already being planned for next year.

info graphic on whether or not to have diversity day again next year. by Rachel Averill

info graphic on the guest speakers for diversity day by Rachel Averill

Day of Diversity at Mountain Valley  

Reporter Brandon Roberts covers Mountain Valley's first ever Diversity Day.

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