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==== ==== Here you find Complete Paleo Recipe Guide To Healty Eating ==== ====

If you already heard about the Paleo diet, perhaps you're also aware of the foods included to create a healthy Paleo meal plan. If not, then might as well start putting it in plain words, speculations and all the trappings it entails. Paleo Diet, also known as Paleolithic Diet, Caveman Diet and Hunter-Gatherer Diet, is a type of diet based on the foods the ancient people eat during the Stone Age Era. Since they used hunting to source their food, their diet mainly included wild animal meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables. In statistics, it was approximately 99% of what they ate all the time. The 1% is for stuff that they might have consumed occasionally or during the latter period of the era, when they learned how to settle in one area and is actually out of our scope of knowledge. Considering the list of foods that one can eat in generous amounts, some that are in moderation and several that needs to be eliminated, it is natural to be confused and skeptical at first. However, since there is a wide selection of food guides, recipes and cookbooks, considering the Paleo diet might not be as hard as you thought it would be. And to give you a rough idea of the foods that you should and shouldn't eat. The list below might be helpful and somehow able to satisfy your curiosity. First are the highly-encouraged foods. Any lean meat that is trimmed with visible fat will do-from pork and beef to goat and rabbit meat. Breasts of chicken, turkey and game hen are also good choices when it comes to poultry. Chicken, duck and goose eggs are also protein-enriched food so including them won't hurt. You can also try organ meats as alternatives if you need to meet a budget because they are cheaper. Fish and shellfish are included as well so you won't have to worry about eating meat in all of your meals per day. As for fruit, you can go from apple, berries and cantaloupes to pomegranate, tangerine and watermelon. That's how wide your selection is. Same goes for vegetables, though greens are the best, you can mix them with red and orange ones to make a nice blend of your nutrient intake. As for the foods you should avoid, all dairy products, legumes, grains, starchy foods like cassava and potatoes, soft drinks and other drinks high in glycemic index and of course, sweets. Cavemen certainly were not fond of ice creams and candies in their time!

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==== ==== Here you find Complete Paleo Recipe Guide To Healty Eating ==== ====

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Here you find Complete Paleo Recipe Guide To Healty Eating:

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