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If you are trying to decide whether or not to buy an LCD TV, there are a lot of factors that you should take into consideration before making your decision. Getting a new television nowadays is not something you jump right into; so, let's discuss some important facts about LCD TVs. Some of the many advantages with LCD televisions are that they consume less power, have a longer display life, have less screen glare, run cooler, will look better in rooms that are lit brightly, function better at high altitudes and have no susceptibility to burn-in. Great strides have been made with LCD TVs when it comes to pixel resolution. A continually rising number of these sets now offer a full 1080p display capability at prices that are affordable in 37inches and up screen size. One very important thing to know is that if you will be getting an HD-DVD, Upscaling DVD Player or Blu-ray disc, an LCD television might be the best option price-wise since you can get a 1080p LCD set for a lower price when compared to a plasma set with the same 1080p. Also, if you plan on installing an LCD TV on the wall, it will be easy due to the fact that these televisions are lighter than plasma TVs. Alternatively, some of the disadvantages with LCD televisions are that they are not very good with rendering deep blacks, have a lower contrast ratio and are not too good at tracking motion. And, the possibility is there for individual pixels on the TV to burn out, from which white or black dots will show on the screen. Because these pixels cannot be repaired, it would be necessary to get the whole screen replaced, should this burnout become bothersome to you. Lastly, LCD televisions that have large screens are usually going to cost more than a plasma large screen TV; but, the gap in the price between the two TVs is slowly closing. With all the above information in mind, buying an LCD television is a smart choice. Less power will be used, with respect to a plasma TV or conventional one, and the LCD panels do not take up much space because of how thin they are. The image is clear and bright and 60,000 or more hours is the long-life expectancy of them. You should go to several different dealers and, taking your time, carefully look at all the LCD TVs before deciding on which one you would like to get. Then, you can narrow it down to two or three choices and make your final decision based on which one has the best connection flexibility, the image that is most pleasing and, most importantly, the best fit in your budget. LCD TVs are becoming more and more popular all the time, and, if you get all the facts and

information about them, you will then be able to make the best choice for the best price. That's what it comes down to - having all the information needed in order to purchase the best LCD TV for you.

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==== ==== Here you find Complete LCD reviews ==== ====

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