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Whether you are picking up a shawarma wrap for lunch or snacking on humus, are these filling and tasty eats waistline busters? It is not a hard-and-fast rule that Middle-Eastern cuisine is healthier than traditional fast food so think twice before indulging without guilt. Humus Nutrient dense, fiber rich and protein packed, humus is a great low cal food. There are only 27 calories and 1.3 g of fat in 1 tablespoon of humus; however, watch out for your bread consumption because we don't always stop at one piece and skip the olive oil drizzle on top. To reduce calories, try eating humus with vegetables instead. 1 tablespoon of olive oil = 119 calories and 13.5 g fat (mainly monounsaturated) 1 medium pita bread (13 cm diameter) = 124 calories Lamb Shawarma Compared to a Big Mac (540 calories and 29 g of fat), you can't imagine a shawarma to be as unhealthy as a fast food hamburger, right? Well, it can be, because a single lamb shawarma sandwich contains a whopping 503 calories and 20 g of fat and who really stops at one? Go with the chicken (475 calories 13 g fat) as the healthier option. Falafel Sandwich These patties may seem diet friendly because they are made out of chick peas but once deepfried, all the nutritional value goes out the door and the fat content shoots up the roof. Each falafel sandwich smothered in tahini dressing mounts to 500 calories and 21 g of fat. Although a delight to eat, especially if you are a vegetarian, you are better off eating a sliced tomato, feta cheese with olive oil sandwich. Labneh Even though labneh tastes creamy and rich, you may think it is high in fat, but it is just strained yogurt making it a virtuous treat for dieters and cheese lovers. Serving size (100g) Fat (g) Calories Labneh 10.8154 Halloum 25 320 Kashkawan 31.7404 Akkawi 21.6 289 Manaeesh How many times did you choose, when standing at the bakery counter, za'atar manaeesh over sweets thinking that you did not want to ruin your diet? Amazingly, a 100 g serving size of thyme

manaeesh (277 calories 10.2 g fat) is just as calorie laden as one Danish pastry (220 calories 12 g fat). Add a couple of hundred calories more for the cheese version of manaeesh. Kebab A typical chicken kebab uses the breast portion of the chicken and the fat is usually completely trimmed off making it a wise choice for diet seekers (serving size 226 g = 270 calories 4.5 g fat). With the lamb kebab, the fat is not removed for added flavor so depending on how much fat is kept on, the same serving of a lamb kebab can reach 500 calories and 28 grams of fat. Also pass up the garlic-infused mayonnaise sauce served on the side because 1 tablespoon contains 207 calories and 22g of fat!

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==== ==== Here you find all about Falafel calories ==== ====

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