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Snack Healthy People often dive into dieting avoiding food and snack. This does two things. It slows metabolism and encourages you to binge when you finally do eat. Although their intentions are good, they often go overboard especially in the beginning. For the first few days when they eat, they eat little to nothing and avoid snacks in between meals. This only creates extreme hunger and when they finally do go to eat, they tend to over eat, consuming more calories then they normally would. Instead, in your weight loss pursuit, try to eat healthy well-balanced meals, meals that are high in fiber and protein, but low in fat and calories. In between meals, snack away, just keep it healthy and low calorie too! This will fend off hunger maintain your blood sugar level. Go back to the basics of when you were a kid. Our parents always told us to eat fruit, no candy, no soda, and no sugar! Ok, no sugar is rough, but limit it. Try low fat yogurt, a small salad, fresh veggies and a low fat dip. Portion Control Portion control is perhaps one of the weight loss tips you have heard before. It really can't be stressed enough! Have you ever sat down with a bag of chips or cookies and said to yourself you'll only have a few and end up having half the bag? Perhaps you have rationalized it by saying their low fat or reduced calorie. The thing is, having half the bag is no longer low fat or reduced calorie. Try to practice portion control. Often even if the item you are eating is not low calorie, but limiting your portion size, you will in fact reduce your calorie intake. A great weight loss tip is buying the pre-packaged single serving foods. Nowadays, with all the weight loss diets, you can find anything from salads, falafel and sandwiches to 100-calorie chips and desserts. If you are not a fan of prepackaged foods, buy normal size foods, but portion them out in plastic baggies. Take important note of the nutrition chart and find how much of your favorite snack per serving. Measure out single servings and place in individual plastic baggies for consumption later. That way, you know exactly how much you are consuming, limiting your calories and your portions. Kids Menu Restaurants often serve portion sizes that are loaded with enough calories to feed a small family with one single entrĂƒÂŠe. The next time you are out, try ordering from the kids' menu. It may sound embarrassing or you may feel that won't be allowed, but often servers won't mind. Simply explain to them you are on a strict diet. This way, you can get a well-balanced meal that is lower in calories and proportionately balanced. It's one of the simple tips for losing weight that will do

wonder's for any weight loss diet. Drink More Water One of the most beneficial of all weight loss tips, is drinking more water. On average, people who drink soda, consume an extra 250 calories a day from soft drinks. Over a year's time, that's almost 90,000 calories, which is equal to 25 pounds. So, another healthy weight loss tip, put down the soda and reach for water instead. It may be difficult at first, but over time, you will develop a more satisfying taste for it. Try also adding a lemon or lime wedge every now and then to change it up. Drinking 8 or more glasses of water a day is not only recommended, but has a tendency to help people lose weight by creating a sense of fullness, so you're less likely to reach for snacks.

From exercise to healthy eating, there are some great tips to help people lose weight. Your Weight Loss Tips Today [] offers more helpful tips to help people in their quest to lose the weight [].

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==== ==== Here you find all about Falafel calories ==== ====

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