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ISSUE 4 2011, District 79, Division P area 75

Bat Newsletter

Heroes of BAT We Meet every last Friday of every month, 9.00 am

Advancement in Excellence Kamal Mohiyuddin, President It was a wonderful year for me as a toastmaster and as the president of this prestigious club. A year full of experiments and incredible experiences - a terrific year of great events! Our focus was to justify the theme of the year (Advancement in Excellence) a vision based on the principle of doing; defining actions that would lead us to reach our destination. I would like to highlight and bring to mind that our executive committee first of all took very important decisions to frame our journey forward. Let me share some of the most important of it: Sub committees to be formed. A dedicated website and newsletter. Identify and award „Best Toastmaster‟ for every quarter. An interesting 3 minute session with a difference will be introduced in all meetings Speech craft program with the coordination of education committee members. A YLP program to be conducted in Al Noor International School. Every BAT member can be given a photo stand with the words “ Advanced Toastmaster”. Mentors pool for all advanced manuals speeches. An advanced manual Expo. I am sure you will agree that a few of these are very innovative and we could achieve many of those. Now I realize that a year is not sufficient for us to convert these plans into actions and get them to materialize. But I am proud that we were able to put in our maximum efforts to reach this destination, agreeing that we have yet to reach many. I am sure this year will be marked and remembered by the Toastmasters fraternity for these different activities Mentors Pool for Advanced manual speakers. In this revolutionary concept we have volunteers to serve the toastmasters community to help them whenever they have doubt about preparing and delivering a project. We have prepared the list and will be publishing the list of mentors.

Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters Exhibition (BATEX) first of its kind in Bahrain. We introduced speech craft to Deloitte & Touché across the entire District 79 through our senior member and past Division Governor TM Jose Thomas. A session as a perfect example was conducted by TM Dr. Usha Devarajan "Speakeasy ” a Toastmaster speech craft program in association with ILA brought in by TM Dr. Usha Devarajan and conducted by TM Jothi Ruben Sponsored Speakeasy Toastmasters Club.

As a priority on quality we took necessary steps to improve the quality of meetings as well as the PR of the club: 1) Guaranteed all the advanced project speakers getting the kind of facility that required completing their related projects- both technical and physical. 2) Encouraged interpersonal communication among the club members, consequently the union of skills and expertise gave birth to brilliant plans and projects. 3) Had many deliberations with criss-cross scrutiny, on how to do things better. 4) Initiated new ideas and tried to convert those themes into action. 5) Initiated website, group emails, quarterly newsletter. 6) Utilized the media to spread the activities of our club among the public. I have to confess that there are few items missing. When we did two speech craft with the support of Dr. Usha, we couldn‟t do the YLP, though Dr. Claire had agreed to volunteer and the management of Al Noor International School was keen to conduct it. One of the reasons being the unforeseen and unfortunate challenges due to the period of unrest in the Kingdom. Now at the end of the term, I would like to place on record as your President, my admiration for your creative contribution, your unconditional support that inspired and motivated me to achieve such heights.


The Term 2010 - 2011 Premlatha,VP E It has been a pleasure and challenging opportunity to serve as VPE during this term in BAT among team of advanced toastmasters. So far we conducted10 regular meetings and two contest meetings where actively almost all the members have taken active role. There were different themes like “Pinkish memories”, “Greenish everywhere”, “Joyful new year”, “Cartoons”, “save environment”, etc. Opportunities given mainly for Advanced Projects and the crisis management presentation by Dr.Gul & Television Show by TM Jothi were remarkable & enjoyable And many more to quote. This time, we are achieving all 6 educational points in spite of the prevailing situations, ( 4 CCs from DTM Rizvi, TM Ashok Kumar, TM Usha Devarajan & TM Kamal , then 2 ACs from TM Kamal and TM Jamshaid Gul and 2 CL/AL points from TM Fakhira Syed and DTM Clement ). Also our hard working BATs have conducted two speech craft programs , one for Deloitee (by Dr. Usha) and the other for Speak easy group of ILA (by TM Jothi Ruben); Also new toastmaster clubs were formed and mentored and sponsored by our BATs viz Speakeasy Toastmasters where Dr. Usha, TM.Jyothy, Dr. Jamshiad Gul and TM Balraj stand as pillars and Young Adult toastmasters club where DTM Ahmed Rizvi, TM Ashok Kumar and TM Farkhanda are rocking in framing the young minds of different nationalities. With great vision of our president TM Kamal ,We formed Mentors pool for all the advanced manual topics and our mentors with their extensive knowledge and experience are ready to guide for preparing the advanced speeches not only inside the club , but to the toastmasters community of Bahrain.

Also there was an exhibition of advanced presentations from different manuals held in BSE in an impeccable manner named as “BATEX” where 6 advanced presenters have delivered their speeches from 6 different advanced manuals in front of a huge audience of competent communicators. There was 100% cooperation & support from all BATS for the success of the program. It has also provided a chance for TM Clement to take up the HPL project as The lead coordinator of BATEX and TM Premlatha, Educational Committee chair, TM Jose Thomas ,Finance committee chair, TM Ashok kumar , Logistics Committee chair, TM Rafiq, Registration Committee chair & TM Arasan aided in sponsorships and the great leaders DTM Alex Ginete and DTM Ahmed Rizvi guiding and organizing the whole event along with President and BATEx Chairman TM Kamal & his Excomm. team. TM Jahangir making a mark with his MC role with cartoons all around and stunned with his General Evaluation. TM Kahlid Mahmood always volunteering ,TM Elpidio spreading his wings as chief judge representing BAT everywhere and Dr. Claire with her intellectual but humble character always ready to serve whether its general evaluator or Ah counter; along with them were TM Haseeb, TM Rajan, TM Zubair, TM Zahran who have extended their support too. The recently joined members TM Selvakumar, TM Prabahar and TM Aklaq Abbasi also started their assignments in the very first meeting & merged in the great team! Wow it‟s a great pleasure and again a challenging opportunity to serve as VPE in advanced club! Though there are healthy difference of opinions, we always proved we are striving for the excellence of our members and we have done it , we will continue to do it. Bravo!

As The VP PR VP.PR Fakhira Syed

Being the VPPR of our club was the best and entertaining Job for me. Publishing newsletters, updating sites, social networking .. Etc. has enabled me to communicated and reach out our messages, updates and announcements to everyone. One year’s experience working with professionals of Bahrain’s toastmasters, has taught me many things, that I wasn’t aware of at Gavels club back then. Though Public Relations isn’t new for me, but yet the best mentoring, the best learning was in BAT.

All these sites were made to enable guests, members to communicate with each other. Joining toastmasters was the best choice, it not just helped me to improve myself but dig out many abilities many talents. Toastmasters is just a platform where you start from, it provides you with the tools and you Carve yourself to be in desired shape. I wish all the best to the upcoming VPPR. It was a pleasure to serve the club as VPPR of the term 2010-2011. You can reach us at:

Every person is a student/learner and he or she should be positive towards anything they have desired to learn, to go further and achieve more. - Through out the year I have published 4 newsletters including the one you are reading now. -Was Successful to create a website that anyone can join and check the updates : m/ -Has formed a group on facebook: 8452016184172 -Has Created a page at facebook:


Let us keep up the good work VP. Membership Ashok Kumar

The VP Membership is in a way the marketing executive of a club. As BAT‟s VP Membership, I have tried my best all your cooperation to propagate the prestige of BAT‟s Membership to a wide circle of Toastmasters. The fine camaraderie of member from a wide section of the expat and local community that BAT enjoys in its own proof. Most recently, BATEX was aimed at attracting members, but the circumstances that followed appeared to erode all our efforts. As things bounce back to normal, I am positive that much can be achieved in the next 30days period; we will all make a marathon of what is left and make things happen. As my term is nearing completion, I thank all the members who

cooperated and invited guests to make our meetings meaningful and worthwhile. I will continue to lend my support in every respect to BAT family. As VP Membership, I am happy to note that BAT‟s attendance at DTAC Jordan was quite good. Starting from DTM Alex, DTM Ahmed Rizvi, DTM Mohammed Issa, TM Jothi Ruben, TM Usha Devarajan, TM Kamal Mohiyuddin, TM Ashok Kumar, TM Meenakshi Sundaram, TM Farkhanda participated at the Jordan Annual Conference. Let us keep up the good work.

Training - AGAIN!! By ACG /CL Dr. Gul

If you are a club officer for a newly chartered club or elected as a new executive committee member. Are you planning to attend the up-coming Training session for the next term? This might strike you Oh…Training …Again! You might have an answer to your question ………I have been a Toastmaster for so many years and had served at various positions at club. What in it for me now? No, dear Toastmasters and club officers think again……… again and see what a Training Program can offer unexpectedly even for a Veteran Toastmasters.

Group Dynamics A very important aspect of training is to share challenges and success, for example a club has faced a venue problem (BAT). How they solved it? A club faced a challenge of Vice President Education who left at the middle of term. So discussing problems- solution brings new dimension in the performance of a club officer. Meeting other officer is one of the best parts of the Training Program as I believe. Socialization

Learn Something New

For a new club officer every aspect of training is to learn something new. For experienced Toastmasters and club officer who had changed position where he/she did not serve before. It has been proved through years that every Training Program provides “Clarity” on each officer roles especially for new club officer. And for experienced members it provide “Reminder” with “Clarity”. Experienced officer might need to learn new procedure, functions, or processes. May be basic idea of Training is not new but hearing inventive ideas from others can kick-start your own creative thinking. Remember and Reflect Sometimes we club officer are not confident in the first half of the term but later after mid-year training we become more confident and our approach become more professional.

Training program gives you the best opportunity to meet, greet, and socialize. Make new contacts and you can build a new social network. Help others As a veteran Toastmaster and Trained Toastmaster your experience is valuableso you can share your knowledge with others. Get DCP Credit The beauty of Officer Training has an added value to give credit to DCP points. It might make your time more interesting, enjoyable, and productive. A lot of Time resources and energies are put into organizing the Officer Training. The coordinators want to make it the best possible experience for all the officers serving the club.

Flip-Floppers and Wanderers of DTAC Jordan 2011 By DTM Alex G.

A county rooted with renowned history and classic antiquity, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan boasts its great attention to education. The literacy rate in Jordan is 93% ( Without blinking an eye, the toastmasters of Jordan took the enticement seriously two years ago to host the District Toastmasters Annual Conference of 2011. As early as during the previous conference in Kuwait, the DTAC 2011 Jordan committee started to unravel its minute-detailed strategies and plans slowly and surely. Before long, we witnessed the surge of communications to and from, in the form of registration proceedings, educational involvements, invitations to judges and chief judges and many more. The data amount of traffic between Jordan to the various district divisions tripled, if not quadrupled. The hosting of the Lady Toastmasters of Jordan was the sweetest welcome a DTAC delegate could ever experience. I don‟t think that can ever be matched in all the past DTAC‟s I have attended. It‟s magical. It‟s tremendously fantastic. And if I may reiterate, what I said in my congratulatory note to our beloved Jordanian Toastmasters, “their beauty is skin-deep!”

I saw two categories of delegates, those I call flip-floppers who wander the conference venue between educational sessions, and those I brand as meanders who drifted through the expanse and beauty of Jordan, taking the conference as an added value. I bet the latter took very seriously, Jordan as a place for great reminiscence. I chose to be a flip-flopper as I have tasks and mission to do. Perhaps, over a few more years, when the cycle turns and it‟s another DTAC Jordan, I will choose to be a meander.

DARE TO DREAM,WORK TO ACHIEVE By TM Dr. Usha Devarajan Have you ever felt helpless, trying to figure out how to break out of the self imposed limitations that hold you imprisoned? Do you believe you are a victim of hopeless circumstances, with no glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel called destiny? Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved. William Jennings Bryan This was abundantly made clear by a handful of young men who made a choice to break the shackles of limiting believes, tear off the label that said, “no options” and step out of the box to explore possibilities that would create opportunities for them to grow as a person, as a professional, and allow their potential to be realized. Thus was born the idea of SPEAKEASY TOASTMASTERS CLUB. It took nearly a year, for the dream to realize. SPEAKEASY TOASTMASTERS CLUB was registered under Area 75 with the blessings of AREA 75 GOVERNOR TM TD BALRAJ A long journey in quest of opportunities, looking at options, making choices and finally being able to reap the fruits of dedicated and committed leaders who from the word go were motivated enough to inspire a whole lot of others to contribute, collaborate and commit to the birth of this club. Toastmasters clubs are being registered and chartered every week or month here in Bahrain so what is so special about this one? Well this is the first of its kind, a Toastmasters Club exclusively formed to accommodate the aspirations of the Expat „Blue Collar Workers‟ of Bahrain. “The deepest joy of belonging comes as one learns to cooperate contribute and help….” And “Ours is the only organization I know dedicated to the individual‟ the words of Dr. Ralph C Smedly inspired me. The result the ultimate achievement of surmounting all doubts, obstacles and challenges and being able to charter the SPEAKEASY TOASTMASTERS CLUB for them. The occasion was made even more memorable because as I understand, this is the first time, the Ambassador of India to Bahrain inaugurated a chartering ceremony and came together with our Toastmasters District Governor to

light the lamp of knowledge and wisdom dispelling the darkness of ignorance, showering their blessings on a journey of success for us. Our BAT members were actively involved on this journey and I would like to place on record my deepest gratitude for their sincere and positive contribution to the development of the charter members. Charter strength 25, New Members 19, Dual Members 6 Sponsor Clubs : - BAHRAIN ADVANCED TOASTMASTERS - ICAB TOASTMASTERS CLUB Club Sponsors - TM DR. USHA DEVARAJAN (BAT) - TM DR. JAMSHAID GUL (BAT) Club Mentors - TM JOTHI RUBEN (BAT) - TM SANJIB MOHAPATRA (ICAB) Charter Club Officers - President :TM Dr. Usha Devarajan (BAT) - VP Education: TM Dr. Jamshaid Gul (BAT) - VP Membership: TM T D Balraj (BAT Member & Area 75 Governor) - VP Public Relations: TM Jothi Ruben (BAT) - Secretary: TM Sanjib Mohapatra (ICAB TMC) - Treasurer: TM Ajay Rao (KANOO TMC) -Sergeant @ Arms: TM Prashant Shetty (SPEAKEASY TMC) We the charter officers of the club have handed over charge to a new executive committee for the term 20112012, made up of all new members, giving them an opportunity to learn hands on, the valuable lessons of Toastmasters leadership opportunities. All this was possible because of the collaborative leadership endeavors of our dynamic President TM KAMAL MOHIYUDDIN and ever willing members of our club, who was every ready with their support in multiple ways, in myriad roles throughout this journey of discovery and realization of “DARE TO DREAM: WORK TO ACHIEVE” THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Your Personality & Toastmasters By Tm. Jose Thomas Life is a short day but it is a working day. I read this on a table calendar. How true. Successful leaders use communication to create success. They engage constituents in visions, missions, strategies, values, and goals. They inspire employees to do their best. They persuade customers to purchase products and services. They motivate business partners to help achieve corporate objectives. When a real leader talks, people listen. The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision. Helen Keller said. Throughout your life you have undoubtedly come across all sorts of leaders, in your profession, in church, in politics, in community group and even in toastmasters. I am sure that you remember those leaders who were good and bad and some were excellent. The question is what made those excellent leaders excellent, what did they know and do that the others didn‟t do? And how can we toastmasters benefit from their success. We probably remember these leaders for different reasons. While they all had different talents, they had two character traits in common - vision and integrity. Because of their personal values and work ethic we respected them, trusted them and many follow them. Their charisma attracted many from different walks of life. People respect you for what you are. They trust you for what you do. Well done is better than well said, Ben Franklin said. Whatever you believe will happen, you will make it happen. Faith is the foundation of ethical leadership. Without it everything else crumbles under slightest pressure.

Do you have the vision and integrity? We draw inspiration from great leaders. We frequently quote these leaders like Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. You and I can‟t become like them. Those leaders lived in different era and environment. But let me ask you one question. How many of you have inspired and implemented their teaching or doctrine in

your life? Please raise your hand. Now let me ask you another question. How many you inspired by your father, mother, grand parents, friends and teachers and adopted in your life style? Please raise your hand. You should know one thing... So you know where you get your inspiration. I am inspired by the many speeches of our toastmasters. Some are for its speech value some are for its delivery, presentation and humor. So we have people around us who inspire and motivate us. Unfortunately we don‟t quote those names.

How many general evaluation we heard in our clubs. Meeting after meeting. But did you see any real change in your club meeting? So what is wrong with us toastmasters? We lack dedication and commitment. We will have many excuses. Procrastination is another hindrance. The frequent and common excuse is - I don‟t have time. I met one my friends recently. He looks very week, pail and freak. I was so sad to see him in that state. He has all the problems like diabetic, BP, cholesterol etc. What are you taking for these? I asked him. I am taking all medications but not reducing or controlled. Are you doing any exercise for that, I enquired. Jose, where is time for me? I have no time. I have lot of problems with my business. He said. Well, God forbid, tomorrow if you are bed ridden then what will you do? So you have to find out the time for yourself. If any thing goes wrong, it will affect you first then your wife, children, other family members and friends. So you have to find out time for yourself, I said. God has given 24 hours to every one equally, rich or poor, busy or lazy alike. When I was in college I really wanted to have 28 hours in day. I was working in the night and studying in the day. So I could sleep for another two hours and two hours for study. Fix your priorities and work towards your goal. You will be a successful person. “ Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall ” Ralph Waldo Emerson said.

Philosophy of Life By Tm. Arasan NT

It can be readily accepted by one and all that the life of man is full of problems. What cannot be so readily accepted is that there are solutions to all the problems. Proper solutions are easily and quickly available for deep-thinking and clear headed individuals. For others, pain and misery flow from every problem. Unlike other living beings, man is a peculiar phenomenon conflicting with nature. There is an order of function for everything. The universe works in accordance with the law of nature. But, man tries to win everything and overcome the nature. This results in constant conflict. Though the purpose of life is to enjoy happiness, success, peace and harmony, one undergoes pain and misery because of

incorrect approach. The span of man‟s life is limited. If he spends most of his life undergoing problems, then he will not fulfill the purpose of his birth. After all, the purpose of man‟s birth on earth is to develop knowledge to its fullest in order to experience joy, satisfaction and peace. In order to make life purposeful, one should simultaneously maintain harmony in thought and deed. Cause and effect system prevails in every act one does. So, one has to always take a right path to enjoy the purpose of life, otherwise, a constant disturbance will become part of one‟s life. In this scientific–computer age, all adults should know the philosophy of life so that they may lead an enlightened, happy and harmonious life.

Contestants Of Area 75 -TM Jothi Ruben (International and Evaluation) -TM Rafiq (Table Topics) Division P -TM Jothi Ruben she represented in DTAC in Jordan

Members Time This is a special page for all the Members of Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters to speak out in few words, the VPPR has asked some questions to the members and they have expressed their answers and views in two to three sentences.

What are the goals to achieve in BAT? BAT is a 'fast track' solution! If any member who has completed the first 10 projects from the basic Communication and Leadership Manual, if they really want to achieve the advanced Titles, Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters club is the answer. Also, the best platform to obtain the constructive evaluation from veteran Toastmasters. The main goal - learning leadership! By DTM Ahmed Rizvi

1. What are your goals to achieve in BAT for term 2011-2012? As a member of BAT, I had a goal, to in-put all my experience to bring EXCELLENCE of Educational activities from the BAT plate form. The Ultimate target is to Show case BAT as a ROLE MODEL for other TOASTMASTERS and CLUBS.


What have you learned / experienced / or achieved in term 2010-2011?

I learned better organizational skills, quality speeches, and cooperation in BAT. My personal experience is that we BATS are more tolerant.... By ACG/CL Dr. Jamshaid Gul

What are your goals to achieve in BAT for term 2011-2012? My goal for this year is to start completing my advance manuals under the guidance and support of talented fellow member's and to help my club in the best way I can! This term I Learned many things. Each and Every Meeting was a Beneficial one! The Best part was when the Contest Level started! The Club Level Contest's were The Best, Learning One! Quality Speeches which our Club Members presented! The Support we gave to each and every one who were Representing us in The Area Level! That Proved Why BAT is The Best! By CC/CL Jahangir Khan

What have you learned / experienced / or achieved in term 2010-2011? I have learned many things from BAT members, had a great experience as being one of the officers of the term 2010-2011 , an no doubt I will learn more in the coming terms. At BAT I have learned how to work professionally, learned a new phase of better communication between the members. Indeed it is advanced and professional club. By CC/CL Fakhira Syed

BAT’s Mentors Pool BAHRAIN ADVANCED TOASTMASTERS MENTORS POOL "All Toastmasters in Bahrain can benefit from the voluntary support of senior toastmasters in the island for mentoring their advanced manual projects. Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters (BAT) Club; the first advanced toastmasters club in Bahrain has initiated a Mentors pool, the first of its kind in the region for the Toastmasters who have completed basic Communication and Leadership manual. BAT provides advanced speakers the opportunity to present their 16 advanced manuals consisting of 80 project speeches and special programs like High Performance Leadership (HPL) of Toastmasters International Leadership Development Program. Seniors and experienced toastmasters of BAT will be available for mentoring the toastmasters from other clubs These selected members of BAT will provide advanced speakers with valuable, detailed and comprehensive evaluations in a safe, supportive environment. It will be an educational resource for other Toastmasters and clubs. "Many toastmasters are unable to do their advanced projects due to lack of proper mentoring on how to do the projects. Since ours is an advanced club that has produced the district, division leaders, the current executive committee decided to form a team of volunteers as "MENTORS POOL" for the benefit of other toastmasters. We have been getting overwhelming response from the public" said Kamal Mohiyuddin, president of BAT. Below is the names of the advanced projects and mentors with their contact details: Interpretative reading- Dr. Usha Devrajan - 39166401 ( Storey telling- Jothi Ruben - 39856824 ( Public Relations- Alex Ginette - 33080255 ( Speeches by Management- Ashok Kumar - 39601257 ( Technical Presentations- Clement Vinayak - 39669890 ( tel: 39669890) Speaking on TV- Dr. Jamshaid Gul - 39264737 ( Humorously Speaking -TN Arasan - 36414293 ( Speaking to Inform- Ahmed Rizvi - 39441989 ( Speciality Speeches- Jose Thomas - 39010521 ( Persuasively Speaking- Premlatha - 39098817 ( Special Occasion Speeches- Tm. Elpidio Quitevis - 39448460 ( Professional Speaker- Alex Ginete - 33080255 Entertaining Speaker- Arasan - TN Arasan - 36414293 Interpersonal communication- Kamal Mohiyuddin - 39805127 ("

Achievers Corner In a club of the stature and richness of Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters, where the proverbial nine Ratnas or nine precious jewels glitter among us, how do we find the best to choose and award. A challenging task at best but with the many accomplishments and achievements that our members have showcased, it was an impossible task for the committee, but we persevered and finally we found One person we felt was eligible to be given the title of TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR, was none other than TM Dr. Usha Devarajan, Of course that was not the end. Bahrain Advanced Toastmaster members are each, one better than the other and to find the best to award, was a marathon that the excom worked upon and found.

-Introduced new members -Newsletter contributions -Contributed a CC education point for DCP -Various assignments in and around club -HPL Guidance Committee Chair for BAT members -TM Dr. Usha Devarajan and TM Dr. Jamshaid Gul

The ones who truly deserved to be appreciated and acknowledged as Outstanding Toastmasters of BAT TOASTMASTER OF THE YEAR

-Lead coordinator Batex -ACG and ALS education points -Introduced new members -Contribution to Newsletter -Club meeting roles -Member Mentors pool

•TM Dr. Usha Devarajan -Sponsor of Speakeasy TMC under BAT -Conducted Speech Craft for Deloitte & Touche -Coordinated Speech Craft for ILA Speak Easy participants -Presented BAT as the club sponsor of SPEAKEASY TMC -Articles to the Newsletter -Introduced a new member -Educational Point by completing and giving CC for BAT -Various assignments during meetings and Contests -Mentors Pool contribution -Gave a lot of publicity for the activities of BAT through Media DTM Ahmed Rizvi

TM Dr. Jamshaid Gul -Sponsor Speakeasy Toastmasters Club -Contributed ACG education point for DCP -Various roles in the meetings -Contribution towards Mentors pool -Editorial Team Member BAT Newsletter TM Clement Vinayak

TM Jothi Ruben

-Mentor Speakeasy Toastmasters Club -Speechcraft coordinator for ILA Speak Easy program -Newsletter contribution -Winner @ Area Level contest in International Speech -Contribution towards mentors pool TM Fakhira Syed Qamar -CL education contribution -Website design and maintenance -Newsletter editor -Facebook networking -Roles in the meetings

2010—2011’s Out-Going Committee Vice President Education Premlatha Nagappa

Secretary Clement Vinayak

Vice President Membership Ashok Kumar

Treasurer NT Arasan


Sub Comm.

Vice President Public Relations Fakhira Syed

President Kamal Mohiyuddin

Sergeant at Arms Rafiq Ahmed

1-VPEducation: -Tm Premlatha -Tm Ahmed Rizvi -Tm Dr Usha Deverajan

3-VP Public Relations -Tm FakhiraSyed -Tm Dr JamshaidGul -Tm Alex Ginete

5-Treasurer -Tm Arasan -Tm Zaharan Haleed -Tm Elpidio Quitevis

2-VPMembership -Tm Ashok Kumar -Tm Jose Thomas -Tm Jahanghir Khan

4-Secretary -Tm Clement Vinayak -Tm Jothi Ruben -Tm Farkhanda Syed

6-Sgt At Arms -Tm Rafiq Ahmed Saleem -Tm Khalid Mahmood Ansari -Tm Ahmed Rizvi

2011—2012’s In-Coming Committee Vice President Education Dr. Jamshaid Gul

Secretary Fakhira Syed

Vice President Membership Alex G.

Treasurer Jothi Rubans

Vice President Public Relations Jahangir Khan

President Elpidio Quitevis

Sergeant at Arms Ahmed Rizvi

Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters 4th newsletter of the term 2010-2011  

this is the last newsletter issue of the term 2010-2011, edited by Tm Fakhira Syed along with her editorial Team (Tm Kamal Mohiuddin, Tm. Ja...