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CJA 314 Week 5 Team Assignment Future Crime Scenario Paper and Presentation Click Here to Buy the Tutorial

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Read the following: A doctor has applied for a patent on new technology, involving the use of advanced computers to create a new type of organism. One goal is to genetically alter these organisms for use in human organ growth and transplant. The doctor says that, if she is not granted a patent, she will continue her research. Write a 1,750- to 2,800-word paper, addressing the scenario. Address the following questions in your paper:      

Should the doctor’s activity be considered a violation of the law, a deviant act, or neither? If this activity is a violation of the law or should be, how may it be stopped, especially if the doctor goes overseas? Is the doctor’s research an abuse of technology? Does such research have any victims? Should those who develop new technology be required to have their innovations screened? What other strategies may be used to allow society time to evaluate new technology before it is implemented?

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to accompany the paper. Format your paper and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Cja 314 week 5 team assignment future crime scenario paper and presentation  
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