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Top 10 Blog of the week – Fake IITian


Can Quora Survive Its Growing Popularity?

If you’re a web service, especially a young startup, you want to get as many users as possible, right? But there are worse things than having a small number of users — particularly when the service you are offering …..more 2.

Mobile Shoppers Putting More Pressure on Retailer Pricing

Smartphone shopping apps are helping consumers buy more online, and they’re getting people better deals on the street. Two new data points from online auctioneer eBay and price comparison app Scanbuy …more 3.

Word Lens Creator Profited on 2.5 Years of Work in Days

When Word Lens — a futuristic, augmented reality, translation app — launched for the iPhone just before Christmas, there was plenty at stake: co-founder Otavio Good had spent plenty of money and time on development…more 4.

Skype is Killing it On Long Distance

Skype voice traffic is expected to grow by 45 billion minutes in 2010 to more than twice the volume added by all of the world’s phone companies combined, according to research out today from consulting firm Telegeography …more 5.

Consumers Not Quite Clear On What 4G Means

With 4G now a battle cry taken up by all the major US wireless carriers, it’s not surprising that consumers are generally aware of the term. But understanding what it means is another thing altogether, ….more 6.

Qualcomm’s Atheros Buy and the Importance of Wi-Fi

Qualcomm has agreed to buy chipmaker Atheros in a deal valued at $ 3.1 billion, which will create a networking powerhouse that spans the cellular, home, smart grid and sensor networks. As I wrote yesterday, …more 7.

What Would the Police Find if They Searched Your Phone?

Mobile phones — and particularly smartphones, with their web browsers and GPS, photo-sharing apps and so on — have become such a crucial part of many of our lives that they are difficult to live without. The fear …more 8.

Honeycomb For Tablets Spied, Brings Google Talk Video Chat

Google may have cut the leash on Honeycomb a bit early as a promotional video showing the features of Android 3.0 briefly appeared on the Android Developer YouTube channel before being pulled. Engadget was ….more 9.

AT&T Works To Catch Up on LTE and Abuses the Term 4G

AT&T laid out plans today for an accelerated march to its Long Term Evolution network while bulking up its existing network to handle 4G speeds. The No. 2 wireless carrier said at a presentation at the ….more 10.

Garmin Looks To Location Tracker To Stay Relevant

With Garmin’s automotive navigation device sales declining and its Garminfones and Nuvifones a disappointment, the company is looking to a GPS locator service for people and property as a new business that ….more

Top 10 Blog of the week – Fake IITian  

If you’re a web service, especially a young startup, you want to get as many users as possible, right? But there are worse things than havin...

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