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We offer a variety of fake dummy security cameras and security camera systems for use at the home and office. Also available in a fake camera wireless version .Serving the Washington, D.C. Maryland, Virginia, PenNsylvania and West Virginia area since 1991.


Security Camera Housing and mounting bracket is aluminum No Assembly required Measures 8.7" x 3.35" x 3.35" May be used indoor or outdoor - Blinking light , power, video cables in bracket to provide realistic effect Warning decals included $24.95 Volume Discounts available: SC 1000 QTY 3 $72.00 ( $24 EACH) + FREE SIGN SC 1000 QTY 5 $110.00 ( $22.00 EACH) + FREE SIGN SC 1000 QTY 10 $210.00 ( $21.00 EACH) + 2 FREE SIGNS


Model SC 103 MEASURES 13" HIGH X 8 " DIAMETER If you are looking for a subtle, discrete dummy camera this model is definitely not for you! The black, dome underside of this "camera" is about the same size as a basketball making it stand out like a sore thumb. We have even added a red flashing light to make it virtually impossible to overlook. Unlike many other dummy cameras on the market today this camera looks real because it is a real camera housing that has been modified into a dummy camera. Criminals will be convinced that the area is being electronically monitored and will go in search of an easier target. Another advantage of the dome camera is that the criminal does not know which direction the camera is pointing. Rather than having four or five regular cameras to secure an area, one dome camera can be placed in the middle to give the illusion that the entire area is under surveillance. This camera is ideal for perceived surveillance inside a retail store, factory, business, school, hotel or warehouse. The weatherproof outdoor housing also allows the camera to be used in parking lots, car dealerships, parks, and college campuses. Even when a real surveillance system is in use, this camera will give the impression that a larger area is being monitored. The LED light requires 2 AA batteries WITH TWO YEAR EXPECTED BATTERY LIFE A deluxe version of this may be ordered with the antennae pictured on the SC 109 DELUXE for $15.00 additional. Warning decals included $48.50 Now available in SOLAR! Volume Discounts available: SC 103 QTY 4 $ $55.50 each SC 103 QTY 8 $54.00 EACH SC 103 QTY 12 $53.00 EACH


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Fake security cameras Fake security cameras are often as effective as real equipment. Browse our selection of simulated cameras today!Q...