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july 2019 | issue 01 an art zine with a twist


What Would You Sell For Thirty Bucks?

Cover image : Islam Allam

Issue 01, July 2019 www.fakeart.persona.co Instagram @fakeartmag fakeartmag@gmail.com Cover Image Artist : Islam Allam (pg 6)


Editor’s Note Why does a single ink mark from one artist cost more than a full-sized, post-modern sculpture from another? Why is a bean-shaped piece of stainless steel sculpture photographed more than a meticulously carved out piece of toe ring encrusted with diamonds?. How to decide what art and whose art is worth how much? An artist’s work carries the weight of their career, their skills, the dues they have paid over time, their medium and their lifestyle. FAKE Art is proud to present its inaugural issue, that focuses on pricing and what it means for emerging artists. Each and every piece showcased here is valued at a standard price of thirty US dollars, and without the frills of framing, taxes or shipping. Through a wide variety of media, artists from around the world, from a myriad of backgrounds and at different stages of their careers, have tried to show us what they would sell for thirty bucks. It was a pleasure to see artists from around the world respond to our first open call for art and an even bigger pleasure to see the calibre of work that was submitted. A big thanks to all the contributing artists! Happy arting! Amrita Chowdhury @amman.c


Contributing Artists Mao Shouwei Leonardo Blanc Sadie Hennessy Islam Allam Francisco Zarate Ritam Talukdar Devony Anastasia Charlie Visconage Victoria Elizabeth Adelina Gavrila Andre Ramos-Woodward Jagoda Witkowska Fiona Seow Will Picaro Grigoria Vryttia Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz Anindita Dasgupta Hollie DeFrancisco Chelsea Criger Arthi Aravind Suresh Babu Maddilety Sara Lynne Leo Juan Elani Tulas Joanna Rusinowska Camila Crivelenti Carey Estrada Lum Quinn Lefty Fitzroy Jean-Michel Rolland John DelďŹ no

China Spain UK Egypt Argentina India Canada USA USA Romania USA Poland Singapore USA Greece USA USA USA USA USA India USA Philippines Poland USA USA Singapore UK France Japan


Gaia 20” x 20” Silkscreen Print $30 usd Mao Shouwei


La Pasta 5.4” x 3” Paint on Pasta $30 usd Leonardo Blanc


Stupid Club (Ian Curtis) 12” x 12” Screenprint $30 usd Sadie Hennessy


Mao Shouwei Chengdu, Sichuan, China

Leonardo Blanc Rivas, Spain

Sadie Hennessy Whitstable, Kent, UK

I am working on exploring new possibilities for Chinese traditional ink painting. Influenced by Taoism,in my works, I always reveal a concept that man is an integral part of nature. Gaia was inspired by the experience that I lost in the mountain of Thailand last year.

I was born in Cordoba, Argentina, on June 20, 1980. After finishing high school at the aeronautical technical school of the Fuerza Aerea Argentina (1999), I began my studies at the Universidad Tecnologica Nacional. In 2009 I resided in the city of Madrid and achieved the degree Licenciado en ciencias de la actividad física y el deporte (“Licensed in the sciences of physical activity and sports”). In 2010 I began a master’s program in social anthropology at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba.

I am a multi-disciplinary artist who is currently Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy in London. This image is from a series called The Stupid Club based on rock stars who died at 27. I sell them for £27 . Some of them died a bit younger, such as this one: Ian Curtis. He died at 23, so I sell this one for £23, which is 30 dollars.


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COVER IMAGE Untit, SarRRraAa-eld 11.7” x 16.5” Digital Print $30 usd Islam Allam


Mi Ancestro 8.27” x 11.69” Digital Collage $30 usd Francisco Zarate


Addiction 3.7” x 5” Digital Collage $30 usd Ritam Talukdar


Islam Allam Cairo, Egypt

Francisco Zarate Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ritam Talukdar Kolkata, WB, India

I'm a Digital Artist & Graphic Designer from Cairo, Egypt. Most of my work is currently classiďŹ ed as portrait (Digital Portrait). My artwork is a product of work through improvisation with listening to a music track while working on each portrait.

I was born in Buenaventura a small island in the Colombian PaciďŹ c, I currently reside and perform my profession in the city of Buenos Aires. I am a designer in visual communication, graduated from the UNLP FINE ARTS. Currently studying the conceptual design postgraduate course at the Tres de Febrero University (UNTREF). I consider myself a creator of images, an ideation process that arise in the interaction between art and design, and an ancestral baggage. I am interested in the relationship between digital and manual techniques, the constant oscillation between these approaches characterizes my work.

This is Ritam Talukdar, who is a freelance photojournalist and a Digital Artist who likes to tell stories through the various visual narratives he uses while depicting the daily emotions of various people. I am also currently a member of Narrative Movements --- an unconventional group of International Artists.

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Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr


Jane 8” x 10” Acrylic on Paper $30 usd Devony Anastasia


ONE-EYED SAILOR 11” x 14” Ink and pastel on paper $30 usd Charlie Visconage


Timid 8.5” x 11” Print of Watercolour on Hot-Pressed Paper $30 usd Victoria Elizabeth


Devony Anastasia Queensville, Ontario, Canada Mixed media artist, and novelist and entrepreneur. Instagram


Charlie Visconage Washington, DC, USA

Victoria Elizabeth Chicago, IL, USA

My name is Charlie Visconage and I make goofy, funny, bright, dumb, and fun portraits of people and animals. I get up to paint at 5 am most days to paint the silly things I want to see become real. In my world, guns are golden, animals have attitude problems, and my subjects have probably had a few drug experiences they wouldn't tell Mom about. All of my titles are in all caps because I want it to seem like my work is screaming at you.

Victoria Elizabeth is a nationally exhibited watercolor ďŹ ne artist. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago with a BFA specializing in watercolor painting. Her body of work draws inspiration from roses and how time changes them. Website Instagram Facebook

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Poemting Days 12” x 12” Digital Painting $30 usd Adelina Gavrila


I Use Cantu Shampoo and Conditioner 5” x 5” Digital Inkjet Print $30 usd Andre Ramos-Woodward


Fallen Angels 7.5” x 7.5” Digital Collage $30 usd Jagoda Witkowska


Adelina Gavrila Bucharest, Romania

Andre Ramos-Woodward Albuquerque, NM, USA

Jagoda Witkowska Poznań, Poland

Adelina Gavrila is a forthcoming and edgy visual artist who constantly reflects on new ways of expressing contemporary urban and suburban themes. After completing her studies (High School, Bachelor’s and Master’s in Beautiful Arts) she spent two years travelling in Europe and Israel in search of new ways to expressing herself. Now, with her new found inspiration, she is looking for opportunities to transfer her recent experiences on canvas.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Andre Ramos-Woodard is a contemporary artist whose works evoke feelings of dreams and surrealistic narrative. Primarily working with drawing and digital manipulation, he conveys ideas of communal and personal identity through internal conflicts.

Student of Curating and Art Theories at the University of the Arts in Poznań. I create digital collages and photomontages. Instagram

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Some Stacked Objects 2.5” x 1” Paper $30 usd Fiona Seow


Danielle 1.5” x 1.5” Colour Pencil on Matchbook $30 usd Will Picaro


Eat Me 6.7” x 4.7” Markers on Found Postcard $30 usd Grigoria Vryttia


Fiona Seow Singapore

Will Picaro Westfield, NJ, USA

Grigoria Vryttia Athens, Greece

Fiona’s works are primarily driven by an obsession with perfection and order, coupled with a compulsion to repeat. Her geometric abstract drawings and installations are the by-products of various processes that she engages in to achieve a meditative state or a sense of pleasure.

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Grigoria Vryttia is an Athens-based art-practitioner. She was born in 1983 in Athens, Greece. She studied sculpture in the department of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, A.U.Th., Greece and got a Master’s degree from the Wimbledon College of Art, U.A.L.U.K. with a scholarship from the Michelis Foundation.

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940 8” x 13” Giclee of Acrylic Painting $30 usd Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz


Flora 8” x 8” Acrylic on Paper $30 usd Anindita Dasgupta


Playing Koi II 8” x 10” Mounted Art Print $30 usd Holli DeFrancisco


Sarah Stinson-Hurwitz Norwalk, CT, USA

Anindita Dasgupta Dallas, TX, USA

I am a maker of portraits of people, moments and affects. Emotion is my fundamental medium. Its capricious, eeting and arbitrary nature creates a wealth of intricacies in which to delve. The core of my practice is a search is empathy. Each portrait engenders new possibility to understand some piece of a life.

I am a Fine Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, with a Bachelor of Arts - BA focused in Liberal Arts. My long lost love and gratiďŹ cation - ART is my absolute full time engagement now. I also hope that my art will delight people and bring positive energy for all who see and own them!


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Hollie DeFrancisco Fargo, ND, USA In 2010 Hollie graduated from Jacksonville University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts where her professor honed her chaotic passion into polished craft. She has created many works, some the world will never see, armed with self doubt, persistence, and a desire to create. Website Instagram Facebook Twitter Tumblr


Drift 7” x 10” Acrylic Paint, Gouache & India Ink $30 usd Chelsea Criger


Enchanted Forest #2 14” x 11” Art Print of Mixed Media Original $30 usd Arthi Aravind


To Be Assembled 25” x 25” Acrylic $30 usd Suresh Babu Maddilety


Chelsea Criger Detroit, MI, USA

Arthi Aravind Philadelphia, PA, USA

Suresh Babu Maddilety Hyderabad, AP, India

Having begun my training in the theatre arts, I discovered a love of self-expression through abstract painting, installation art, and sculpture. With my art I explore my endless fascination of human emotions, connections, and experiences, especially my own. My process is often organic and free flowing because of this. While I may have a plan to how a certain project may turn out, by the project completion it will always be at least a tiny bit different due to what the project may need. It is important to my art practice that I explore a different emotion or experience with each piece, though often straying away from dark colors and rather focusing on the vibrancy of each experience, which is reflected in my color palette.

Arthi Aravind (b. 1990) specializes in mixed media depictions of flora and fauna, realistic and mythical, but always with a flair of bold, psychedelic color. Her diverse experiences, including selling vintage postage stamps, working with taxidermied animals, and traveling throughout Asia, inform her work.

I was born in 1971 in Medukurthy, Andhra Pradesh, India. But grown and studied basic education in Guntakal town, this is close to my birthplace. My father was a signboard artist, then I toyed with his artistic tools during my childhood. He charged less money for his clients. So, he intelligently manipulated with cheap materials. My father has inspired me a lot. He was something of a rationalist. He drew me towards science. One night, when I was young, he pointed at the stars in the sky and said, ‘each one of them is like our Sun.’ That set me thinking. I was trying to seek answers to a plethora of questions arising within me. After finishing my basic studies, I came to study, graduation, post-graduation in Hyderabad.

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Bubblegum #6 8� diameter Resin & Acrylic on Cork $30 usd Sara Lynn Leo


Acacia Chainsaw Massacre 10” x 36” Mixed Media $30 usd Juan Elani Tulas 31

Honeycomb Ring 1.5” x 1.9” x 1.1” Jewelry $30 usd Joanna Rusinowska


Sara Lynne Leo New York, NY, USA

Juan Elani Tulas Sinait, Philippines

Joanna Rusinowska Poznań, Poland

Sara Lynne Leo is a street artist that has been living and working out of New York City since 2012. Sara Lynne’s work can be found on the streets, hidden in the crevasses of urban architecture as an unexpected surprise for those who notice. Their work captures the underlying existential angst of life’s mundane grin in an illustrative pop-surrealist style.

Juan Elani Tulas is a self-taught artist from Sinait, Ilocos Sur, Philippines. With no art training, Juan Elani developed a medium using recycled Styrofoam. He collects discarded polystyrene, popularly known as Styrofoam, dilute and use it as his medium in his paintings.

I finished University of Art in Poznan, field: sculpture and space activities. I work mainly in metal. I create my own business about jewelry which is inspired by insects and bees. My family is the beekeepers from my great grandfather. My work u can see on behance profile, instagram.

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Vó Cambinda (Grandma Cambinda) 9” diameter Acrylic on Coffee Filter $30 usd Camila Crivelenti


Seahorse 16” x 20” Photo print on fine art paper $30 usd Carey Estrada


No Real Roots 8.27” x 11.69” Inkjet Print on Epson Archival Matte Paper $30 usd Lum Quinn


Camila Crivelenti Kearny, NJ, USA

Carey Estrada Dallas, TX, USA

Lum Quinn Singapore

Camila is a Brazilian artist based in New Jersey. She uses a variety of techniques, such as print, painting, photography and sound effects as a mean to manifest what she understands as the most profound human quests. Through the use of symbols and contrast, she confronts the sense of limits and polarities and the different paths of life in order to dive deeply into the collective and individual consciousness and reveal the hidden sentiments she finds there.

As a lifelong equestrian I decided to use my photography profession to pursue my passion…horses! I believe every horse has a story to be told, each one is on a journey, and my desire is to portray the personality, heart, and legacy of each horse I meet.

Quinn Lum Fu Loong (b.1993, Singapore) graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media in 2018 with a BFA (Hons) in Photography and Digital imaging. His works explore his personal identity and social environment by the use of auto ethnography. From which, he investigates the control and expectations imposed upon him by society and questions their relevance in today’s context. Raised in a result-oriented and abusive family, his works express his desire for freedom and to be one with himself. He has recently exhibited in various shows which include, Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 & Undescribed 2019. Quinn’s works have been awarded the Dominie Book Prize for SIPF Photobook Open Call 2018, Student Single - Second Prize in the NTU International Photography Awards 2017, the Gold with Honours in the Singapore Youth Festival, Arts and Crafts Exhibition 2012 and the Most Promising Young Artist Award in the UOB Painting of the Year 2010.

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SAMOde to Basquiat #3 4.1” x 5.8” Mixed Media on Postcard $30 usd Lefty Fitzroy


Convergence #8 (Spin Off) 5” x 5” Digital Print $30 usd Jean-Michel Rolland


Mono 8.27” x 11.69 Ink on Paper $30 usd John Delfino


Lefty Fitzroy London, UK

Jean-Michel Rolland Marseille, France

John Delfino Okazaki, Japan

Artist and writer, Lefty Fitzroy, who lives and works in South East London. Fitzroys practice emerges through various outlets. His multiple working methodologies parallel and mirror his conflicted and hard to categorise practice. His works, both elegant, angry and humorous, explore what it is to be a man trapped in modern conventions; laying out his hypocrisies as ready fodder for his deeply personal works.

Jean-Michel Rolland is a French artist born in 1972. A long time a musician and a painter, he brings together his two passions - the sound and the image - in digital arts since 2010. He questions the temporality as well as the duality between the sound and the visual.

John is a British artist who loves painting using oil, acrylic and watercolours. He plays around with colours and abstract forms. All of his ideas start with sketches like this piece. “mono” is a linear study of the earth as an element of life and energy.


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SUBMIT TO FAKE ART ISSUE 02 Issue 02 will focus on the snapshot of an artist’s journey by comparing their ďŹ rst piece of professional artwork against their latest piece of professional work. For more info, rules to submit, and submit link, check out fakeart.persona.co.




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FAKE Art Issue 01 July 2019  

FAKE Art Issue 01 July 2019  

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