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There are lots of auto responders online so it is important to choose your Auto Responder carefully. Don't go on price alone. We will focus on three (3) main options. The subscriber option, the stand alone option and the locally hosted option. 1. Subscriber option - I prefer this. I simply get on with promoting my business. I'll save you some research and tell you now that the two main paid ones are: and Aweber are good at getting your email where it needs to go - in your subscriber's inbox. They have one of the highest if not the highest delivery rates in the industry. Your email is no good sitting in your subscribers spam box! I would say put your hands in your pocket and pay for a good auto responder. You'll save yourself a lot of worry. You will also find that most of the auto responder services want your custom so they are willing to give you a free trial some for 30 days. It is worth trying them out to see if they meet your needs. I have heard good things about and also. 2. The Stand Alone Option - These are programs that run on your computer or work station. You just pay a one time fee and it may work out cheaper in the long run. That said, be prepared to do a bit more work to maintain your database of subscribers. To get the best out of this option you need to have an around the clock access to the internet via a high speed broadband connection. Dial up will simply not do the job. This type of auto responder is not recommended for internet marketers with large lists. It makes sense to let your auto responder service deal with your list management while you spend your time marketing your products. 3. Locally Hosted Option - This is usually a script that installs on your own web server. You can buy it and own it for life and simply customize it to suit your needs. It may be a better option for the Internet Marketer with a large list and needs multiple auto responders. The Guru's favourite seems to be Autoresponder plus. Though not a different type of auto responder, this article would in my opinion be incomplete without mentioning the free option. The Free Option - Do a search on Google and it will come up with a good number of these. Just know that you may get advertisements with your messages or you may have to upgrade for your messages to be free of adverts. I would rather use a paid one where I can control the content. I

recommend a paid one however the choice is yours. See what works best for you. Just ensure you are not carrying sales messages for your auto responder host. Your mission is not to make sales for others except of course you are promoting affiliate products that will earn you commissions. Words of Advice - Don't spend too much time trying to know everything about auto responders. Your business is to build your business not specialize in auto responders so make a choice and move on. Whatever you do, please get an Autoresponder. Better have one than none at all. Once you have had a good look around online and signed up to an auto responder of your choice, follow the instructions for set up (usually straight forward) send a few messages to yourself on a daily basis. See how they look to you. Have fun.

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==== ==== The Ultimate 'DONE FOR YOU' $3,328.84 Per Day Software? Yes, Thats right, you can make commission like this without website, your own product or even auto responder. Check it out ==== ====

The Great Options of Auto Responder!  

The Ultimate 'DONE FOR YOU' $3,328.84 Per Day Software System? Yes, Thats right, you can make commission like this without your own product,...