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MS Ramaiah Medical College– The Most Sought After College in Bangalore MS Ramaiah Medical College aspires to give students quality medical education of global standards and grow individuals with ethical values and social responsibility. Education goes in vain if man does not have the ability to understand fellow citizens and serve them with care. The founder of this institution had great dreams of making individuals who will care for the sick and the needy and utilizes the education for the betterment of the society. The college came into being in 1979 and had been included in the top medical colleges of the nation. It has a huge 65 acre campus and the college building stands high with pride and dignity. MS Ramaiah Medical College is situated about 7 kilometers away from the main city and the college strives to make the campus feel comfortable coming from several social strata of the society. The college guarantees no activities like ragging and misbehavior in the campus as such happenings are never encouraged. The students are given the strength of independent thinking ability and learn things on own with problems to do. The college encourages the students to adapt to new teaching and learning methods to keep pace with the changing world outside. One can expect a great study environment in the campus with great facilities on offer. MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore can give place to about 1200 hostel students. The rooms are good in condition and have the basic furniture. One can ask for deluxe or NRI standard rooms when getting the admission done. Relationships between students grow well in the long years of study as there are many fun filled activities designed for the students. No one will feel bored and left out while studying here. The wholesome learning atmosphere gives students great enthusiasm for learning new things in the world. The canteen serves nutritious and wholesome meals to the students at all times. You can get meals, snacks and drinks from the canteen at cheap rates. MS Ramaiah Medical College Bangalore ensures that the library is always stocked with good books and facilities to provide complete support to the teaching staff, research scholars and students coming here to study. Good maintenance is done in the library and recent tools are incorporated to make the place fully equipped for learning possibilities. The students can use the documents, books, question papers, reference books, journals, CDs and other facilities for their constant work in the project field and assessment oriented learning. Reading halls give the students’ time to sit and study for long hours in an undisturbed environment. No illegal activities like drug intake, political tension or ragging is encouraged in the campus of the college. One can have healthy medical learning days in this reputable region of study and have a great career in future.

MS Ramaiah Medical College– The Most Sought After College in Bangalore