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CUNY School of Law (at Queens College) ​good morning everyone introducing myself I'm RJ star bra and assistant of cs6 60% I'm here today to present a brief research presentation on mobiles or computing an explosion before moving into the mobile cloud computing I would like to have a brief walk through cloud computing what is thought computing and why the term the cloud computing as shown in the figure as the computing happened in any cloud yes the term cloudier really means internet the company which happens based on internet is known as the cloud computing it's the virtual computing which happens over the over the cloud networks I don't need a hard disk in my computer if I can if I can get to the server faster carrying around these non-kinetic computers is by sometime by comparison this has been quoted by Steve Jobs the late chairman and CEO of Apple he means to say that he doesn't need a hard disk when he can get to the storage location very faster and carrying a caning over the set of non kinetic computers to the storage network will be will be a real difficult task and in reality so the cloud computing can be simply defined as internet-based of your time what does it really offer to the users what is its advantages organizations organizations in today's world are using the high are using a real real expensive infrastructure for the further storage purposes so what what does the cloud provide as a replacement alert cloud provides the virtual data storage for the organization's for the organization's which can which cannot really invest in the in a high level infrastructure cloud will be the solution and in what what is it what is it offering to the users it enables the users to utilize the high computing high computing processing capacities of the network's it increases the access ability to the shade shade resources of the network's these are all some of the advantages that are being offered by garnet cloud computing to the users or the end clients it's proven to be the recent emerging technology in the in the IT domain it has been generating already about 131 billion dollars in the IT industry in the current in the current generation but the mobile cloud computing has got two components one is completing a mobile technology I would like to have a brief walk through the mobile technology the advancements in mobile technology the typical smartphone of current generation has got more computing power than the Apollo 11 mission which has landed in man on the moon this single line is enough to explain the advancements that has happened over the recent years in the mobile generation setting mobile technologies never midi remember an era which which which given us which gives an opportunity to make a simple phone call using a piece of hardware and what's the while what's possible by technology right now this is the mobile technology the thin devices the smart phones the bigger screens they're offering the mind-blowing performances with the latest processors which are known as that the computing devices which are the journal of the graphics it has got the full HD and ultra HD resolution screen resolutions being offered of the current current mobile devices the high quality multimedia high quality multimedia with an ability to take the photos which are which are no less than the photos taken by the DSLR cameras and the ability to play the videos and record the videos HD videos reliable connectivity the connectivity has improved to a greater extent which are building through the next in the next light the broadband speeds the hybrid mind speaks with the Aegean 40 and the long battery life the current generation mobile phones are often divided alike report one day in two days that that's that's a lot with the company that is being offered by the current mobiles and let's see the advancement in mobile generations it is started with the one gene which offered a simple phone call but with not a great deal of network coverage it has transformed into 2g started with the data services with the 2g d 2g networks offer two types of connections the gsm and cdma transform to 3g expanding its bandwidth offering higher high get us a high-speed data services about 65 B peers the transformation into the current generation 4G and LTE generation thus that's what we are using right now a broadband speeds of about 300 Mbps which are really faster than a broadband networks at home and here comes the mobile cloud computing what is really deep ditch our mobile cloud computing means as a figure explains integrating the cloud services into the Mobile's can be simply defined as you go by flood computing integrating the cloud services different cloud services different technologies different advantages that are being offered by cloud computing aren't being provided are being offered on the mobile mobile platforms so what really happens on the mobile you are computing what is the most computing power being a big big consumed by the Mobile's where is it being consumed and what is it further the data processing in data storage the robots use different applications and they required it they require the data to be processed the mobile stores different kind of multi million different kinds of data they require high storage as a result what happens when the data processing and data storage really of being happening over outside the device so where can it happen the simple solution is cloud cloud is providing the platform for the data processing in a data storage when you get up crossing in

data storage records outside the mobile device the process in the processing computing of the the process computing capacity of the Mobile's are being useful simply nothing is just used for accessing your mobile networks it's just used for accent in cloud computing Edwards hence when and hence when the data processing the data storage is happening on the cloud services the Mobile's can provide various advantages and the Moabites access applications on the cloud built on the cloud services using the thin thin native clime deliver browsers and in recent survey have stated that about 240 million businesses in the in the current in the current Aikido wayne will be using the mobile cloud services by 2015 and you come into the mobile cloud computing architecture and wife interracial explaining mobile computing architecture Thank You Alton hello guys each person today I would like to walk you through the architecture of mobile computing and here we have components in architecture the mobile users the mobile network and the prom clown temple initially the mobile users will establish a connection between business immediate connection with with a base station service or the mobile network and which acts as an interface between the mobile devices and the mobile network and the mobile network has brought December processors and the servers and the responsibility of Center process is that it will be save the requests from the users from the base station networks and it will convert the request to process the request and up with past community service and the service will take care of the fetching the vehicle from the mobile network by connecting with a backbone network here and the cloud network has bought the cloud current process and the implication servers and the code controllers will receive the request from the mobile networks the wireless internet connection and the controllers will internet the process the request that has received from the mobile network and it will process through the request to the application servers which will take care of the request internally and process the application or the request and if you fetch the data from the data centers which are located remotely on the power network and again the process will reverse on like it will possibly data from the cloud network again could be over a network from a when I put the mobile devices over users so everything is based on the thin new client which means that the mobile users requires a minimal hardware or software partners and this is the best part of the mobile computing so if X is a layer which is already the same destiny Brown efforts and service providers which provides the cloud computing is that the very sort of own knowledge and also the Apple research provides eyebrow computing to the Puma Apple users which means that Apple users can easily upload the data like images or any mobile applications into the cloud servers and the obligations we continue by here property hello everyone myself dr. D here to explain some mobile computing applications and the first application I'm going to explain is mobile computing in e-commerce like it's nothing but mobile cloud computing uses in e-commerce click it replaces the web servers with the clouds it allows businesses to turn up models for commerce in crops for example if you use make financial apps advertising apps and shopping apps if you use a cloud it makes the users you click very easy and very fast this all comes a low bandwidth security when compared with the web servers and the next application is in healthcare like mobile cloud computing offers hospitals and healthcare organizations a variety of services and routes and also it provides mobile users with the convenient access to the resources like patient information emergency care attempts pharmacy and billing details and the next application is eLearning right it is a combination of e-learning purse mobility when it comes to the traditional learnings which we are using currently has limitations on cost transmission rate which can be overcome by this mobile learning using the mobile cloud computing like it enhances the quality of communication between students and teachers and the next application is in Cayman mobile computing and email like it is a very high profitable sector in the current generation because way you can play a HD game in the mobile instead of laptop or any tablets it completely offers the game as most of the graphic rendering occurs in a cloud server it says energy in turn increases game time you can play for a day or so a mobile computing in photo sharing like as now let's explain that there is a kicker for the iPhone we can save photos email and videos and more of even more context also so that you can directly login to the iCloud instead of connecting to the computer and sync the context and the mobile computing in security systems is nothing but just a monitoring an app application on mobile which through which you can watch or monitor your home any place so nothing happens nothing it alums and there is a system also like it extend it extends the battery lifetime because most of the data storage and data processes occurs outside the device so that you can then this the utilization is very less which in turn sales battery or energy so that it agrees the pattern actor and the next advantage is improving data storage capacity and processing power as I explained in the first advantages which most of the data storage and the processing occurs out sweaty boyes so there is no limitations in the data storage like the phones and tablets have some systems will be 32 128 like it's a limited data storage so by using the club like this is known as constraints on the data storage and this is no limit on that and also processing power gets increased as they do data storage and application installation occurs in the cloud instead of the mobile devices or any tablets and next advantage is improving reliability and availability using cloud storage there is no chance to lose theta so winter is a very reliable source like when it compared to the mobile

livers mobile can be mask and the data can be cost this reliability occurs like for example if you take an iCloud iPhone when an iPhone is lost simply you can buy a new phone and you can see and you can login to the iCloud and you can download the apps and all of the contacts images everything and when it comes to the availability there is no need of any external hard drives like data is always available whenever there is access to the Internet and the next advantage is scalability like scalability select range infinite number of applications can be stored and accessed through the cloud ease of integration like integration is like what's the service including integrating with the problem it's very easy to integrate like multiple services are providers well if you take an example of where as don't AT&T if they want to provide the services to the users to the cloud the integration between us in the so-so so we have seen the advantages that are being offered by cloud cover by flood computing and we have seen the various challenges that are being faced by the mobile computing when you compare the two ends the advantages as far as challenges if you see the challenges enabling the security predicting the privacy of the users though it's a challenging task it's something which is possible and can be made and if you see the plethora of applications that are business opportunities that are being offered by mobile operating to the network service providers and lots of these service providers it's definitely a it's definitely a technology which has to be implemented in most of the businesses so the if you observe the ultimate aim of mobile computing it is to provide the plethora of applications the mobile applications in various domains such as banking healthcare he covers eLearning on the mobile platform they are being built on the cloud services the cloud network they are being access to the cloud network rather than the mobile network according to the International Data data corporations market predictions it has been predicted that about 70% of the cia's of the of the big businesses will consider an embrace and cloud first strategy in 2016 that is implementing the cloud computing as a first priority as part of their businesses so this is all about a cloud computing and this is just a brief brief talk about the mobile cloud computing and its various advantages and the challenges that are being faced by t-mobile you are competing so here and now we would like to end our presentation and we would like to thank you for giving this opportunity to present which is presentation of the provide flood computing thank you thank you Evangelical Christian.