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FAITH NOTES Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, Ohio 44720 Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 E-mail: Website:

August 2013 Are You Playing For Keeps? A little over six years ago I came to a realization with my time. My wife and I were pregnant with our first child who we would only have a few minutes with. When we were thirty-three weeks pregnant we discovered that Callie Grace would be stillborn because her heart had stopped beating. After a couple of long days my wife delivered our little girl and we had a few minutes with her. I remember holding her in my arms, walking to the window and showing her the sunshine. With tears in my eyes I remember trying to tell her everything that I wanted to teach her, knowing that these few moments were all I would have. After her funeral a few days later I realized the brevity of time that parents have with their children. This thought was reinforced during a conference that I attended at the end of April. It was at that time that the leaders of the conference stressed that from the time a child is born until they graduate high school parents have 936 weeks of influence. As parents, we have the opportunity to utilize this time however we see fit. Through my years in ministry I have seen several parents utilize their time extremely well by spending time with their children, along with supporting, loving, and encouraging them. The reality is that we may not see the results of this devotion for several years (if ever) but the effort still remains. If you are curious about how to make your investment in the lives of your children more meaningful there are six things that I would encourage you to devote your time to during the next twelve months. These items include time, love, words, stories, tribes, and fun. Time is important because when you invest time into the lives of your children you are writing history along with leaving your own legacy. The second of these items is love because giving love over time creates a self-worth that even the strongest forces cannot penetrate, giving your child the ability to be unstoppable in changing the world. Third, are the words that we speak to our children which over time will provide direction to their lives. Fourth, is the concept of stories that appeal to our hearts and move our children to imagine a world beyond themselves. Next is the area of tribes (or groups) that create a sense of belonging. Take special note of the groups that your children are a part of because these groups impact their lives far more than we often think. Finally, there is the area of fun which forms a connection and makes friendships go deeper. As a parent I have found nothing more enjoyable than having fun with my children through simple activities. Over the next few months we will be exploring these topics more in depth. If you are curious about learning more about each of these areas feel free to visit my blog at or contact me directly through the information listed below.

In His Name, Matt Hart (330) 499-6040

Lydia Circle Lydia Circle will not meet in August. Please call Emmajo Shearer for more information at 330-966-8730

Circle of Faith

Circle News

Circle of Love Circle of Love will not meet in August. Please call Patti Deems for information 330-494-7168 Anyone interested in joining this circle is welcome!

The Circle of Faith

will not meet in August For more information call Esther Brunt 330-499-7293

Get Involved! Everyone is welcomed to check out the circles and see which place best fits. Stay tuned in to the weekly bulletins for more information on summer events! We would love to have you be a Sister in Service!


Happy summer! Please join us to worship God on Tuesday, August 6th at 8 a.m. in the Chapel when Jan Baker will be the presenter. On Tuesday, September 3rd Kathy Schmucker, Director of Christian Education and Spiritual Formation, will share, “God Sightings”. Please join us every First Tuesday of the month for worship, prayer, and sharing. Many of us go out for breakfast afterwards. Get up and get going on the First Tuesday of each month. All are welcome!

Men meet each Thursday at 7:15 AM at Susanna’s on Main St. in North Canton. All men welcome. No reservations required. Social coordinator is Dale Walters.

FOR YOUR CALENDAR: As usual, we will not meet in August. Our next meeting will be September 10th when we'll be joined by Aaron & Meghan McMichael for a program on creating a healthy lifestyle, demonstrating simple things you can do that have a big effect on your sense of well-being.

This group is open to all single men and women age 50+. We go to movies, plays and concerts. We eat out, have pot luck dinners at the church and picnics in good weather. We just have FUN!! For information call Bev Temple 330-244-8518

Don’t forget that coffee and tea Canton Calvary Mission requests for August Macaroni & Cheese

make great gifts. Thanks for sup-

The Mission feeds over 500 families monthly and appreciates all donations of non-perishable foods, personal hygiene and paper products. A marked box is located in the gallery for contributions to the Food Pantry. Thanks for your generous support!

make a fair wage. The chocolate on

porting farmers in their efforts to display is available in limited quantities until the fall. Enjoy.

Jacqueline Monserrat Noblia Ozuna is 15 years old, in the 10 th grade, and has the nickname “Mons.” She is one of the students at the New Horizon School whom we have supported for many years. Recently, she went on a holiday with her youth ministry. She practiced playing the tambourine and dancing while getting to know the other teens. Mons reports that she has learned that if she asks God for help and studies hard, she can get good grades. As a result, she feels closer to God. She is continuing to work hard this school year. Jacqueline closes by saying, “Thank you for always helping me in my studies. I love you!” Thanks to the VBS offering of $2,067, the total collected so far this year is $2985. If you would like to make a donation by check, just put Pennies for Paraguay on the memo line.

The next meeting will be Thursday, August 1st at 11:30 am at Mike Fletchner’s place at Atwood Lake. Please call Mike to RSVP 330-418-8783. She will give directions and information. The Quilt to Share group continues to meet throughout the summer on Tuesdays at the church in rooms 5 and 6. The hours are 9:00am to11:30 am. We are currently working on crib quilts for the Aultman Hospital NICU. Anyone wishing to help make these quilts is welcome. Come join us !!!!! Ever wondered about Faith Kitchen? Each month Faith United Methodist Church provides an opportunity for those in need to come and have a meal, some time of worship, and a chance to receive bags of groceries. Get involved in this ministry—a tangible way to share the love and grace of God. We are looking for volunteers to help in the grocery distribution area of Faith Kitchen along with other areas! Contact Cheryl Froelich at 330.493.4097 or / Glenn Vanvoorhis at 330.495.8323 or

Next Faith Kitchen Opportunity: August 31st at Crystal Park UMC

Donations needed! Faith UMC is looking for donations of non-perishable food items for our food pantry to help those in need in our community. Questions? Contact the church office!

Reflections From Rockford A couple of weeks ago I was able to travel with a group of our students to share God’s love with the people of Rockford, Illinois through our annual summer mission trip. During my high school years I was never able to take a mission trip. However, my freshman year of college that changed as I traveled with a team of my friends to the island of Jamaica. After spending two weeks there my heart was forever changed. Since that initial experience I cannot count the number of hours that I have loved spending serving others through mission work. This experience was a continuation of being able to serve others in my life, as our high school mission team traveled to Rockford, Illinois to help people in need there. It needs to be noted that this year’s trip had a different feel to it because the individual who had coordinated and led these trips for the past 25 years stepped down. Butch Ransom’ shoes were filled by a team of people who desired to see this amazing ministry continue but the trip felt a little different without the “man in the orange shirt.” Read the full story at An example of God working during this mission week was through the relationships that were built between the students, adults, and me. After having to leave last year’s trip due to my father being in the hospital I was anxious to see how some of the students would interact with me this year. After hours of laughter, sharing stories, and having deep meaningful conversations I am so thankful for these students and the impact that they have had in my life. Needless to say, God was at work and we were blessed to be a part of it throughout our serving in Rockford. We look forward to partnering with the families of our community as we seek to impact the next generation with the combined influence of parents and the church!

Christ Caring for People through People! Would you like to be a better friend to someone who is sick or suffering and would like to know the best way to relate to that person? Or perhaps you would like to become a more assertive Christian, or are in need of inspiration for your own faith journey. If so, please visit the Stephen Ministry section in our library. There you will find a wonderful selection of books that address these situations and more. Titles include the following: Don't Sing Songs to a Heavy Heart, Light for My Path, Stages of Senior Care - Step by Step Guide, Signs of Life - Back to the Basics of Christianity, How to be a Friend to a Friend Who's Sick, Speaking the Truth in Love, Psalms for Healing, and more. Please take advantage of these resources. They are available to everyone, thanks to a generous contribution and have been dedicated to our library in memory of Barbara Whitacre. We are very grateful to our leaders for their foresight and to our congregation for their support!

New books in all areas and lots of activity! See if you can find our new purchases. You may have noticed all the activity in the library - preschool visitors for reading time with our talented guest readers, browsing the shelves during the week and on Sunday mornings. Thanks for your continuing support of our library. Suggestions and volunteers are always welcome.

Guide Book & Directory – We are in the process of updating our annual Guide Book and Directory for Faith Church. The book contains the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of our church. The book is provided at NO COST to our church including the mailing to each family and again is subsidized by local businesses who advertise in it. If you own or manage your own business and would like to find out how to advertise in our book, please call the church at 330.499.6040. Recent survey results by Guide Book Publishing show 92% of families would rather patronize our Guide Book advertisers over non- advertisers. It “does pay” to advertise in our Guide Book & Directory! Does the church office have YOUR family membership records correct? Here is your chance to update YOUR record for an annual Guide Book & Directory. It is time for us to update our database with any changes, additions or deletions that may have occurred in YOUR family over the past year.  Have you changed your phone number?  Did you get rid of your landline and only use a cell phone?  Have you moved or are preparing to move soon?  Are any of your adult children still living at home and do you want them included in your membership record?  Do you want your record published? If you have not already informed the church office about changes to your record, please let us know now so that the information in the Guide Book & Directory is correct. Contact the church office at 330.499.6040 before August 25, 2013.

Health & Wellness Team News Medical Supply Closet - wheel chairs, crutches, walkers, etc. are available to borrow. Check with Carol Shipman for more information. First Aid Kits - look for first aid supplies in the office, the 3 kitchens (Robinson, Cookery, Parlor) and in the north end of the Sunday School area. The storage cabinet is clearly marked with the first aid symbol as well as doorways near the supplies. Handicapped accessible area in the sanctuary on the east side - have you noticed? Gluten-free communion wafers - did you know that they are available during communion? Look for clearly marked serving plates. Reminders for this will be in the bulletin on Communion Sundays. Our new bike rack is in place near the entrance to the church and has been in regular use since it was installed. Thanks to the Memorial Committee for this wonderful addition. Bike & Hike to church, Sunday, August 11, 2013 - All services. All members who are able are encouraged to bike or hike to Faith that day. Don't forget your water bottles, helmets, bike locks & sunscreen. We hope to have special bike parking areas that day in addition to our new bike rack. Keep track of the distance that you have come to enter on a poster in the Gathering Area. We'll give the total miles the next week and in the September Faith Notes. Any guesses as to the total?

All Callers Program - Thanks to the 25 callers who are contacting all our members and visitors to


thanks for participating in our ministry. We are in the process of collecting prayer needs and any concerns for review and follow up.

Garden of Weedin’ - Thanks to the rain and heat, the garden seems to be growing well. The weekly gardeners keep a watchful eye on the peppers and tomatoes. Once most of the vegetables have been harvested, we will be making our delicious salsa. We will need pint jars. If you have jars to return, there is a basket near the doors into the church office where you can place them. If you are willing to buy new pint jars, those would really be appreciated. Questions may be directed to Trudy Jones.

July 19 – 21: Was our monthly campout. We went to Rice’s Farm to enjoy a weekend of swimming, fishing and scout skill advancement. While we were there, we also worked on our Cub Scout Expo plans. If anyone knows of an area cub scout that would like to join us in a fun weekend of scouting activities at the farm call: (330) 498 – 0517; leave your name and number and Mr. Hess will return the call as soon as possible.

August 11 – 18: We will be in the Florida Keys on our Sea Base High Adventure. Pray for us as we experience all the wonders of God’s beautiful ocean, that we have safe travels and that all of us remain healthy during this new adventure and exciting voyage. We will see you when we return.

Member Care Gwyneth Bettie Patton was born to Christian and Jessica Patton on June 23, 2013 in Alexandria, Virginia. Proud grandparents are Terry and Alice Patton.

We extend our deepest sympathy to: Friends and family of Nancy Snyder who died on June 23rd. Paul Blohm on the death of his wife, Kay, on June 24th. Charlotte and Greg Heller on the death of Charlotte’s mother, Olive Simmerman on June 26th. Joanne and Tom Hancock on the death of Joanne’s mother, Ann Everetts, on July 1st. William Ward on the death of his wife, Dorothy (Dottie). Cards may be sent to: Shepherd of the Valley, 155 Valley Circle NE, Warren OH 44484. Friends and family of Fran Mosier who died on July 13th. Sue Kelley on the death of her sister, JoAnn, who died on July 13th. Glen and Cheryl Froelich on the death of Glens’s Aunt Ruth, on July 15th.

We received cards from: Jamie Schirra, Dewey & Mary Lou Slaughter, Paul Blohm, Sharon VanVoorhis and Phyl Psolla Thank You Notes are located on the bulletin board in Robinson Hallway.

Praise God for an amazing week at Kingdom Rock VBS! We thank God for sending us an awesome group of 224 kids to experience Jesus’ love at Faith UMC! Special thanks to the many wonderful volunteers (88) who served in many ways throughout the week, both behind the scenes and directly with the children! What a blessing for kids, youth, and adults to come together and explore how God’s love, friends and family, prayer, trusting God, and the Bible help us to stand strong for God! We praise God for the parents, grandparents, friends, and neighbors who brought their children to us! We thank God for everyone who donated items from the Christmas in July giving tag tree in support of our summer ministries, and all the monetary donations that made this year’s VBS possible! Praise God for the donations of over 200 cereal boxes for Faith Kitchen, $2,017 collected for Pennies for Paraguay, and the 200 ‘God’s Love for You’ Bible booklets we will be sending to at-risk children in India. Our 5th & 6th Grade Survivor Adventure VBS released praying mantis in Faith’s Garden of Weedin as they learned about this ministry. They also traveled to Camp Wanake to paint chairs and help clean up debris from summer storm damage and visited Crystal Park UMC to learn about the ministry of Faith Kitchen and helped wrap silverware for the next meal. Faith’s Christian Education & Spiritual Formation ministry team will be meeting in early August to evaluate this year’s VBS and to schedule the date for VBS 2014. Anyone who has feedback you would like to share, please contact Kathy Schmucker or Sandy Vaughn. We value your input as we seek to plan and prepare for next year’s VBS! We praise God for all the God Sightings shared during VBS. And most of all, we thank God for providing all that was needed to make this year’s VBS an amazing experience for everyone involved! Our prayer is that His Word will continue to take root in the hearts and lives of those who participated in Faith’s Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School this week as we continue the journey of learning to stand strong for God! Be sure to check out photos from this year’s Vacation Bible School at:

This summer Faith’s Christian Education & Spiritual Formation Ministry team launched a new ministry. Over 130 children from our community came to Faith UMC for 4 weeks during the month of July to read and play games to help them practice literacy skills! Praise God! Over 50 members in ministry from Faith UMC shared their love for reading by serving as a volunteer during Faith's summer literacy program. Each week children experienced a different theme and Bible story. One of the learning stations each week was a mission project in which children practiced literacy skills while learning and serving others! Over 100 health kits were packed for UMCOR, dog bones were made for a local animal shelter, placemats were made for Kairos Prison Ministry and a local nursing home, and cards were made for children at Faith Kitchen’s Backpack Ministry. Parents received resources with suggestions to help them practice literacy at home and each child received a book to take home and keep each week as well as a Bible. Every family who participated in Camp Read-A-Lot was touched by the radical hospitality practiced here at Faith UMC! Praise God! Thank you to everyone who supported this ministry through your donations of children’s books, monetary donations, and by purchasing items from our Christmas in July giving tree. Everyone’s support of this ministry is much appreciated! Thank you for making a difference for Jesus in the life of a child. Laura Luikart, Paulette Baker, and Kathy Schmucker

Small Groups at Faith UMC! SOAK UP THE SON THIS SUMMER AT FAITH UMC! First Tuesday Prayer Service: Tuesday, August 6th at 8:00 am in the chapel. Men’s Life Study Group: Saturday August 10th & 24th at 7:00 am at Variety’s Restaurant The Cure: What If God Isn't Who You Think He Is and Neither Are You? Facilitator: Kim Reynolds

The Young Adult Ministry is a new group designed specifically for individuals who are of college age or young twenty-something professionals. The group is currently discussing “Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life”. Questions? Contact Sarah Snyder, Young Adult Coordinator, at 330806-1518 or

Small Groups and Sunday School Classes for Fall and our Church-Wide Study, The Story Fall Small groups and Sunday School Classes will be forming this summer. To learn more and to get your group on the fall schedule, please contact Kathy Schmucker. Orientation for fall small groups will be held in August!

Want to learn more about nurturing your faith? For more information or questions about faith formation opportunities and resources or about starting or getting involved in a small group, prayer group, or Bible study experience at Faith UMC, visit our website or contact Kathy Schmucker, Faith’s Director of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation. 330-499-6040,

Sharing Your Story This fall we will be exploring a church-wide sermon and study series called The Story. We’ll be getting to the heart of God’s story as we experience the Bible as one continuing story of God and His people. We are looking for people willing to share their story through a weekly devotion based on each week’s scripture. If you have a passion for writing and are willing to share how you experience God’s story, please contact Kathy Schmucker for more information.

Explore the Story, Experience the Bible Coming this Fall to Faith UMC Find out how you can get involved in a Small Group or Sunday School Class during our church-wide sermon and study series this fall! Contact Kathy Schmucker or Sandy Vaughn for more information!


Copies of our 2013/2014 church-wide sermon and study series, The Story, are now available for preorder for all ages. Look for displays, sample copies, and sign-up sheet outside the Family Life Center and in the Gathering Area. PRESCHOOL - $11.00 EARLY ELEMENTARY - $11.00 OLDER ELEMENTARY $7.00 YOUTH - $7.50 ADULT - $5.00

Creating Art An invitation is extended to anyone interested in creating “Art” as part of the church-wide study of “The Story”. Two interest meetings will be held in August. Any creative expression is welcome. Some ideas include: painting, drama, sewing, dance, photography, sculpting., etc. Mark these dates on your calendar and plan to attend one of them: Wed. August 21 @ 7pm OR Sun. Aug. 25 following the 3rd service. Pastor Cara will be facilitating these brainstorming sessions.

Sunday School at Faith UMC “May you be filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so that you may lead lives worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, as you bear fruit in every good work and as you grow in the knowledge of God.” Colossians 1: 9-10 Join us as together we grow and learn to KNOW, LOVE & SERVE the Lord!


Faith Nursery, Room 18, 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Babies and Woddlers (birth through age 2) are cared for in a nurturing environment where little ones experience God’s love. Preschool Ages 3-5 & Elementary Grades K-2 & Grades 3-6, Following Children’s Message Grow your faith by leaps and bounds! August’s Theme: Friends love and care for one another. August’s Scripture: “Friends love all the time.” – Proverbs 17:17 We will be combining our preschool and elementary classes for the summer months!

Adults & Youth: Check Sunday’s bulletin throughout the summer for opportunities for discussion & reflection! Look for another opportunity to learn more about Theological Worlds with Pastors Steve & Cara on Sunday September 1st & 15th during the Sunday School hour!

Fall Sunday School Get involved in the lives of our children and families by serving in our Sunday School and Nursery ministry! Join us as we share God’s love and word with our children and youth and walk with them as they discover their story in God’s story! For more information, contact Sandy Vaughn, Heather Andrews, Kathy Schmucker, or Kristin Krach.

Women’s Retreat Opportunities Women of Faith Conference – Fall 2013 Plans are now being made to participate in the October Women of Faith conference in Pittsburgh. If you’d like to be part of the planning team, contact Kathy Schmucker or Sandy Vaughn!

Wednesday Night Faith Connections Planning Team Faith UMC has a vital Wednesday Night Ministry for children and adults available each year from September – May. Plans are now beginning to shape for this fall. If you would like to be involved in planning or serving during this fall’s Wednesday Night ministry or have suggestions to share to help enhance our meal ministry and faith experience for children and adults, as well as ideas to help extend our outreach to the families of our community please contact Kathy Schmucker in the church office or email!

Virtual Bookstore Faith’s Education & Spiritual Formation Ministry Team is excited to invite you to check out our Virtual Bookstore! Visit our website and click on the special links to Cokesbury & Amazon! All purchases made through these online links will help support our ministries! Check out our recommendations lists for resources to enhance your study of the Bible and aid in your personal spiritual journey!

Faith Date Night – Develop the Heart Coming the second Friday of the month starting in September!

Interested in being part of a Christian accountability group? Contact Pam or Tom Wig, Laura Luikart, or Kathy Schmucker for more information! Learn more about this experience of Christian spiritual renewal and leadership development by visiting the Emmaus page of our church website for more information: Pick up an Emmaus brochure in the church literature racks! Dates of Next Walk: Men’s: October 17-20, Women’s October 24-27

Faith UMC has a strong desire to focus on nurturing family relationships through faith. This fall, we invite any adult couples (engaged, newly married or seasoned marriages) and single parents to come join us for a short program focusing on nurturing family relationships, followed by an evening of childcare (ages birth-6th grade) while you enjoy some time to yourselves to focus on the relationships in your life. For more information contact Tallie Paz at or Kathy Schmucker at with questions or if you'd like to be involved in any way with this ministry!

3rd Grade Bible Presentations Sunday, September 8

August 17 – September 3: Join us in praying as kids go back to school.

Back to School Blessing – Sunday, August 25

Anyone interested in helping to create and/or set up this experience please contact Kathy Schmucker at

Bibles will be presented to children entering 3rd grade during our special worship service on Sunday, September 8. If you have a student entering 3rd grade, please let us know by contacting the church office or email Kathy Schmucker at

Prayer stations will be set up at Faith UMC to guide us all in praying for our students, families, and our community as we go ‘Back to School’ this fall! All are welcome to come and pray at your convenience during church hours!

Back to School is a season of new beginnings. Faith UMC wants to support children and their families during these important milestones. Please join us for a special time of prayer during all 3 worship services for all students, teachers, and administrators beginning the new school year.

We will offer a special blessing for Kindergarten students as they prepare for their 1st day of school! Please contact the church office if you have a child who will be attending kindergarten this fall and would like to participate in this special moment!

All Veterans save the date to attend an Honor Service on November 10th at our 11:00 AM church service to Honor your time in the US Armed Forces. A luncheon will follow for our Veterans and spouse or a guest. Watch for more details later.

Opportunities for Ministry beginning January 2014 Please prayerfully consider answering the call to be a member in ministry in one of the following ways, January 2014:

beginning in

Membership Care Ministry Team Leader(s) – The Membership Care Ministry Team is composed of many Ministry Groups that function extremely well and autonomously. The Ministry Team Leader(s)/Chair(s) would be responsible for having team meetings on a quarterly basis for check-in, idea sharing and support. Ministry Team Leaders also attend Ministry Council and Church Board meetings as well as Leadership Training events.

New Member Class Ministry Group - This Ministry Group, comprising of 6 people, would support the church staff by helping to contact people to be Faith Friends, take photographs of new members, order carnation boutonnieres for the Sunday they are received, provide refreshments during the classes, etc.

Nominations and Leadership Development Team – Inviting people to serve; visiting people who are regular visitors to Faith UMC; supporting ministry teams through prayer.

One month commitment to coordinating communion for traditional services One month commitment to coordinating ushers for traditional services Greeter Coordinator 11:00 service-Invite people to serve as greeters 20 minutes before the 11:00 o’clock service each Sunday.

Liturgy Coordinator(s) for 8:30 and 11:00-Invite people to serve as lay readers for the traditional sevices. Read scripture, pray over the offering.

Worship Design for traditional services- Enhance the altar area in the sanctuary for special occasions with banners, decorations and props that go along with the current theme or liturgical season, as requested by the Worship Ministry Team and the pastors.

Cabinet Display co-coordinator-To co-coordinate monthly displays for the cabinet in the Gathering Area. Worship Ministry Team Leader(s) – To work with the pastors, staff and the Worship Ministry Team to plan meaningful worship services. The Ministry Team Leader(s)/Chair(s) would be responsible for having team meetings on a quarterly basis for check-in, idea sharing and support. Ministry Team Leaders also attend Ministry Council and Church Board meetings as well as Leadership Training events.

Funeral Dinner Dining Room Co-Coordinator –To help set tables, serve and clean-up for church funerals. This does not involve preparing the meal. Faith normally has 10-12 funeral dinners a year. This position begins September 2013.

Landscape Ministry Group –To help maintain the church gardens by planting geraniums, weeding and trimming. For more information/conversation about these important ministries, please contact Lauralee Stiffler, Coordinator of Congregational Development at 330.499.6040 x13;

There are two options for new member classes this fall. Both classes will be received into membership Sunday, October 20 th during the 11:00 a.m. service. Wednesday Nights 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. September 25, October 2, 9 and 16 Saturday Mornings 9:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m. September 28 and October 12th

WORSHIP IN AUGUST Aug. 4 COMMUNION Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 Sue Hirschman, Kathy Schirra, Cindy Wilcox 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Sue Hirschman, Kathy Schirra, Cindy Wilcox 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Aug. 11 Rev. Kathy Dickriede preaching 8:30 Joanne Fox, hammered dulcimer, Natalie Klco, percussion 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Joanne Fox, hammered dulcimer, Natalie Klco, percussion 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Aug. 18 Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 Sue Wheeler,Celtic harp, Charlene Dombrowski, flute 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Sue Wheeler,Celtic harp, Charlene Dombrowski, flute 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Aug. 25 Pastor Cara preaching 8:30 Russell Aldridge, soloist 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Russell Aldridge, soloist 9:45& 11:00 Sunday School

Volunteer Opportunities Quilters/Sewers Tuesdays, 9-11:30 a.m. Rooms 5 & 6 Betsy Oby, Chair Faith Stitchers: Bring handwork 2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursdays, 2-4 p.m. in the Parlor Bixler Library Thursdays, noon to 2 p.m. Candy Ziegler, Chair The Barbara Whitaker Prayer Shawl Ministry 1st Thursday, 2-4p.m. in the Parlor Sue Kelley, Contact Sewing for Missions 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., RH

Mailed August 1, 2013 Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 Email: Website:

Contact Us: Reverends Steve & Cara Stultz Costello, Co-Pastors Sharyl Syler—Dir. of Administration & Finance Carmie Johnson—Communications Coordinator Kathy Schumucker—Dir. of Christian Ed. & Spiritual Formation Matt Hart—Dir. of Youth Ministry Lauralee Stiffler—Coordinator,Congregational Development Jan Bilek—Treasurer Susan Arnold—Youth Anministrator Alina Dorto—Dir. of Faith Friends Preschool

Get to Know Us: Sunday Services: 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Sunday School: 9:45 & 11:00

Worship with Us: Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, OH 44720


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Canton, OH Permit No. 1809

2013 Sun

2013 Mon



Thu 1







12:00p Library Volunteers 2:00p Prayer Shawl




COMMUNION & Camp ReadA-Lot Celebration Pastor Steve Preaching 8:30 & 11:00 Sue Hirschman, Kathy Schirra, Cindy Wilcox 9:45 Praise Team 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 5:00 Youth - Laser Quest

5:15p Golf League 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Worship Arts

6:00a Men’s Prayer Group 8:00a First Tuesday 9:00a Quilts to Share 6:00a Boy Scouts



11Rev. Kathy Dickriede





Guest Speaker 8:30 & 11:00 Joanne Fox, Hammered Dulcimer & Natalie Klco, Percussion 9:45 Praise Team 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 6:00 Youth-Sluggers& Putters

5:15 p Golf League 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Worship Arts

6:00a Men’s Prayer Group 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:15a Library Readers 7:00p Boy Scouts

12:15p Staff Meeting

12:00p Library Volunteers 1:00p Alzheimer’s Group 2:00p Faith Stitchers 7:00p Trustees


12:00p Library Volunteers 2:00p Faith Stitchers 6:30p Stephen Ministry 7:00p Stewardship Ministry





8:30 & 11:00 Sue Wheeler, Celtic Harp & Charlene Dombrowski, Flute 9:45 Praise Team 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 12:00 Upcoming 6th Graders Reception

7:00p Faith Friends PreSchool open house

12:15p Staff Meeting 7:00p Creative Arts Meeting

12:00p Library Volunteers 2:00p Faith Stitchers 6:30p Stephen Ministry

7:00p Worship Arts

6:00aMen’s Prayer Group 9:00a Quilts to Share 6:30p Finance Meeting 7:00p Boy Scouts






9:00 First Day for Faith Friends Pre-school 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Worship Arts

6:00a Men’s Prayer Group 9:00a Quilts to Share 6:30p Nomination/ Leadership development 7:00p Boy Scouts 7:00p SPRC

12:15p Staff Meeting

12:00p Library Volunteers

Pastor Steve preaching

Pastor Cara preaching

8:30 & 11:00 Kindergarden & Back Pack Blessings 8:30 & 11:00 Russell Aldridge Soloist 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 12:30 Confirmation mentor Meeting 12:30 Creative Arts Meeting

7:00a Men’s Life Study




24 7:00a Men’s Life Study


31 Faith Kitchen

August Faith Notes 2013  

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