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FAITH NOTES Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, Ohio 44720 Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 E-mail: Website:


What is Worship Vitality and How does it Relate to Goldfish? The impetus for the Worship Arts Study is to increase worship vitality. The desire for greater worship vitality began in the 1990s. A Ministry Audit was conducted by Rev. Dr. Sally Dyck that encouraged the church to engage in a study of its worship program. One result was the creation of the contemporary worship service. In 2007, Faith participated in a “Natural Church Development” study that surveyed the congregation. A significant conclusion of the study was the need for greater worship vitality. The message was recorded again in 2010 through workshops with guest church leaders Rev. Don Lefelar and Rev. Doug Anderson. In December, 2011, Strategist Hugh Ballou led the congregation in a visioning workshop. Among several goals identified, greater worship vitality was underlined and highlighted. The Worship Arts Study Group was commissioned by the congregation in Worship on January 13, 2013 to study, pray, discern and recommend a vision for increased worship vitality at Faith UMC. Their vision was presented and approved by the church board on October 8, 2013. Steps are underway to realize this vision of increased worship vitality. But, what is “worship vitality?” Is it more upbeat music? More favorite hymns? More praise songs? More prayer? Chancel drama? Liturgical dance? More quiet? Visual arts? Preaching without notes, without a pulpit? Screens and videos? Communion around the rail? Powerpoint sermons? Hands raised? Clapping? Banners, processions and incense? Speaking in tongues? More people involved? Handel’s Messiah? Engaged participation? Call and response? Brass quartets or string ensembles? What makes worship vital? Since the beginning of creation, human beings have demonstrated a need for worship. Throughout scripture we find many references to worship. The book of Psalms in the Bible is a collection of prayers and songs used in worship by our ancestors the Israelites. From Biblical times to today, people profess that worship is a primary means of connecting with the living God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Many testify that worship is vital to their lives. The word vital is defined online as 1. Absolutely necessary or important; essential. Indispensible to the continuance of life. “The vital organs”. 2. Full of energy; lively. Based on the definition of vital, we might define Worship Vitality as 1. Worship that is absolutely necessary for life. Worship that consistently reveals and deepens a relationship with the God of abundant life and life eternal. 2. Worship that is full of energy; lively. In many ways, worship vitality already exists at Faith UMC. The goal of the Worship Arts Vision is to build on and expand our worship vitality by cultivating a collaborative, synergistic team approach to worship planning that passionately and systemically invites, welcomes, utilizes and develops the worship, music and artistic gifts of the laity. Yes, but what will worship vitality look like once this new approach is in place? How will the service I attend change? The “new approach” which will include the addition of a full-time Minister of Worship Coordination position, will begin with listening. The Worship Arts Study Group hosted an “Orientation to Theological Worlds” with Rev. Dr. Lisa Withrow last spring. We learned that FUMC is a theologically diverse congregation. Theological diversity is a strength, a blessing and a challenge. It means that different people at FUMC experience worship vitality differently. What may increase worship vitality for some may decrease worship vitality for others. CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE

CONTINUED FROM FRONT PAGE: I am reminded of my son Atticus’ goldfish. Have I told you about Goldie the goldfish Atty won at the fair last year? Since Goldie has been living and growing so well, for Christmas he was given a extreme home makeover. Instead of a two gallon fish bowl, Goldie now enjoys a 20 gallon aquarium complete with bubble blowing treasure chest, sunken pirate ship, assorted colorful plastic sea plants and a red, white and black companion goldfish named Pumpkin. We are learning as we go. For example, when picking out a companion fish for Goldie, we learned that fancy looking fish would not survive in a tank with Goldie. Goldie thrives and shows signs of greatest vitality in water at room temperature (60-70 degrees F). The fancy tropical fish require 70-80 degrees F for vitality. The saltwater varieties, I’m told, wouldn’t survive a day in the fresh water vital to Goldie. Paul Jones, the author of “Theological Worlds” claims that each of us is “hardwired” for how we see, understand and experience God in worship. In other words, what is vital in worship for some may be quite literally deadly for others! Once the Worship Arts Vision implementation begins in July, the re-envisioned worship team and staff will listen to find out what worship vitality means to you, the congregation from each service. The result will be greater worship vitality designed differently for different people in the three different services and perhaps other worship opportunities. At this point, no one knows exactly what that will look like. Yet, prayerfully, we anticipate that more and more people will experience and testify to a renewed sense of spiritual vitality in their lives and in the life of the congregation. We look forward to being on a journey together as a congregation to shape the particulars of worship vitality for each service. For more information about the Worship Arts Vision, please see the Worship Arts Kiosk in the Gathering Area. For information about UMC vitality, Google “UMC Vital Congregations”. Sincerely,

Pastor Steve

Congregational Conversation Continues

On Tuesday evening, January 14th, 54 persons came to hear more information about the Worship/Arts Vision for Faith Church and ask questions about it. With only 1 ½ hours to discuss this important initiative, we ended up with more questions than answers, but generally those who came felt the evening was beneficial to their understanding and support of the effort. The Vision Team will continue to seek ways to answer the many questions that have surfaced over the two congregation gatherings and will endeavor to communicate those answers in a variety of ways. Copies of much of the past information and attempts to answer questions can be found on the Worship/Arts kiosk table just outside the church office. A list of the members of the vision team can also be found there and each member is available to answer your questions via personal conversation, phone call, or e-mail.

Music Staff Search Process Begins The Worship/Arts Vision Team in collaboration with the Staff Parish Relations Committee will begin to post job notices for all the revised music staff positions at Faith Church by February 1, 2014. The expectation is that applications will be received through April 9 and then the process of sorting resumes, determining semi-finalists, and establishing personal interviews will begin. The goal is to be able to offer the positions to applicants between June 3-6 with a start date of July 1st. All the information is listed on the church website. Please be in prayer for this process and share with your friends and acquaintances the notice of these openings so that we may be open to all those whom God may be calling to these positions.

How Are You Labeled? When I think back to my adolescence years I recall always feeling like I was left out of the “cool crowd,” which I attributed to the clothing that I wore each day. You see our family wasn’t really blessed financially, although both of my parents worked hard, so we couldn’t afford the name brand clothes all the time. I remember longing to be able to wear brands like Abercrombie, Hollister, and Lucky just to name a few. (Don’t judge me as I was a teenager!) However, due to the large price tag of these items they always seemed out of reach for me. That was until I started working the summer before my junior year of high school. I vowed that I would work hard, save my money, and in turn be able to acquire the nice name brand clothes that would get me accepted by my peers. At the end of the summer I walked into the stores, spent a lot of my hard-earned money, and felt like this year would be different. I remember getting dressed for that first day of school that year, feeling like I could walk on water. As I walked into the school, I remember thinking this would be the year that everything changed. However, just as luck would have it, the brands had changed, the “cool crowd” looked at me with judgmental glances, and I realized that all the money I had just spent was a waste. Read the full story at Today, I would like to leave you with a question to discuss with your students. “What brands do you like or connect with?” As you wrestle with this question I challenge you to think about your identity as a Christian and as a person. Are the two intermingled or separate? Are you willing to work with others to remedy the “bad brands” that Christians have acquired? We are given that opportunity today as we remember “Together we can do more.”

Youth Mission Trip News: Our mission trip planning, events, and fundraising for our trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky next summer are in full swing. Here are some ways that you can help us raise the necessary funds to make this trip a possibility.  We are currently distributing M & M tubes filled with candy for you to take and enjoy at your convenience. All we ask in return is that you enjoy the candy and fill the tube back up with change, cash, or checks and return it to the church. We also have our donation boards available in both the gathering area and outside the youth room for your convenience. 

Our students are always looking for opportunities to serve others throughout the year. If you have any questions about our trip feel free to contact Susan Arnold ( or Donny Bell ( or Matt Hart ( Thank you for your partnering with this life-changing ministry!

FUMC Core Values Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors—The People of the United Methodist Church Worship: Faith UMC believes worshipping God is central to our being. Growth: Faith UMC believes inquiring minds and spirited dialogue foster our journey of faith. Lay Empowerment: Faith UMC believes the initiative of its members and friends is vital for the building up of the Kingdom. Authenticity: Faith UMC believes we are called to accept and genuinely care for one another. Welcome: Faith UMC believes there is a place here for everyone to safely share deepest hopes, hurts, insights, and dreams. Outreach: Faith UMC believes we are called to extend Christ’s love to the community and the world to meet physical and spiritual needs.

MEMBERSHIP CARE Dale Walters will turn 94 on February 5th Paul Miller will turn 90 on February 7th Doris Ashley will turn 98 on February 22nd We extend out deepest sympathy to: John and Susan Arnold and family on the death of John’s father, Max. Holly Moutes and Ashley, Nathan, Brandon Hinderer on the death of Holly’s father. Susan and Bob Workman on the death of Susan’s mother, Barbara on 1-10-14. Susan’s father, Norris Edders died 1-20-14. We received cards from: Bob Shuster , Audrey Morrison and Jean Pickett, Kathleen Koteff, Family of Delbert Larrick Thank You Notes are located on the bulletin board in Robinson Hallway On behalf of our FUMC Stephen Ministry team, I'd like to thank this congregation for the support we have received. Without it, this program would not exist. Please know that the Stephen Ministers are here to serve, and are beginning the new year with renewed dedication and devotion. I think many of us begin the new year making an 'attempt' to get more organized. As I debate as to whether I should keep something or simply toss it, I am reminded of the old saying "one man's junk is another man's treasure". Fortunately, as individuals, we often perceive things very differently. Our backgrounds and our experiences make us very unique beings. They also make us stronger in some situations and more vulnerable in others. What may be a little bump in the road for one of us, may be extremely difficult for another to navigate. As Stephen Ministers, we are here to help with any problem, big or small. We do not want anyone to feel weak or unworthy of seeking the assistance. Galatians 6:2 tells to "bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ".

February 2: Troop 12 will participate in the three Sunday services as we recognize Scout Sunday. Our scouts and adult leaders will serve as greeters, readers, musicians, and ushers on this day. This is a day that we look forward to each year as we share our faith with the congregation of Faith United Methodist Church. We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to participate in your worship services. February 9: After Sunday services, please join us for our Annual Pancake Breakfast in Robinson Hall from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. In addition to your choice of delicious pancakes, we will be serving sausage, juice, and coffee. We will be accepting donations for this breakfast to financially support our Spring Camping Trip to Niagara Falls. February 14-16: After our wet January campout which took place outside, our February campout will be another wet outing … but this will take place inside at Kalahari Resort in Sandusky. We will be camping two nights at Firelands Scout Reservation, but we will spend our days inside at the water park. Troop 12 is looking forward to this fun weekend to break up the winter doldrums.

It’s not goodbye…it’s see you Sunday!

(A Note from Carmie)

19 months and 21 days. That is exactly how many days I have had the incredible honor of being your first ever Coordinator of Communications. Each day brought new surprises, new hurdles, new experiences, new learning, and most importantly new friends. Kyle and I have been so blessed by the tremendous outpouring of this congregation from even before my very first day. When I took this job, I expected to get to know the people of the church, I did not necessarily expect to fall in love with the United Methodist Church and specifically the people of Faith UMC. You have taken us under your wing, walked with us as we moved into our new home, hugged me when I just seemed overwhelmed, cheered me on as new projects were presented and most recently, come alongside us and supported us in an incredible way as we journey into this new adventure of becoming foster-to-adopt parents. We feel so blessed to have become part of this church family. It is with great sadness and excitement that I moved out of my position as Coordinator of Communications and into a new direction for my life. We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us and though I am sad to no longer be part of the incredible staff here at Faith UMC, we are so excited to stay involved here at Faith. So it isn’t goodbye….it is see you on Sunday! If you would like to learn more about our decision to adopt and keep up on the new developments, please visit our blog at Please stay in touch! My personal email is Love,

Carmie Johnson

A Blessing for Carmie In The Story we are reminded that the prophets called the Israelites to return to a right relationship with God and to employ a resulting faithfulness in life. One of the prophets, Elijah, restores an altar to God in a long-held sacred high place called Mount Carmel. This place is a noted place of encounter with God. Its name reflects the bounty of such an encounter - “fruitful garden.” We at Faith UMC have had the privilege of encountering God in our own ‘fruitful garden.’ Carmie (Carmelle) Johnson, our Coordinator of Communications, has borne such abundant fruit in her time in ministry with us. She:  planted a new website and a weekly e-news called “The Buoy”  cultivated increasing understanding and clarity of mission and ministry through the bulletin, Faith Notes and “The Living Faith Catalogue”  nurtured integration of God’s vision for Faith as a vital member of the Staff  prepared the ground for a growing Communications Ministry Team Carmie, the faithful gardener, has done this and so much more with great skill, curiosity, humility, grace, passion and beauty. As she and Kyle tend the garden of their anticipated family may they both be blessed with the sweetness and abundance of God.

Filling the position of Coordinator of Communications The new Coordinator of Communications will begin at Faith UMC in mid-February. Please stop by and help him/her feel welcome as he/she joins the team! Watch the bulletin for details!

Canton Calvary Mission requests Toilet Paper for February The Mission feeds over 500 families monthly and appreciates all donations of non-perishable foods, personal hygiene and paper products. A marked box is located in the gallery for contributions to the Food Pantry. Thanks for your generous support!

Faith UMC Food Pantry Needs It has been a busy couple of months for the food pantry here at Faith UMC and we are in need of resupplying our shelves. We can especially use the following items: spaghetti sauce, peanut butter and jelly, canned fruit and vegetables, boxed potatoes, and cereal. Please put items in the bin marked Faith Food Pantry. Thanks for your support of this mission.

The Garden of Weedin’ The Garden of Weedin’ produced a bountiful harvest again in 2013 to help feed the hungry in our community. A total of $826 was raised through the sale of salsa, soup, and stuffed peppers. Four hundred dollars was sent to the Akron Canton Regional Food Bank, where that money can provide 1600 meals. The remainder was donated to our own Faith Kitchen, where it could meet the needs of a couple hundred more people. Watch for announcements this spring as we prepare to start gardening again! If you have enjoyed your salsa, please return your empty jars (or any clean pint jars) to the church. There is a collection box just outside the doors to the church office. Thank you for your support of this ministry to the hungry .

Our mission is to comfort those with the prayer shawls that we lovingly create and pray over. We always welcome new and interested members. We have new yarn and extra needles/ crochet hooks for anyone who would like to join us. Come and learn to knit or crochet from our talented and caring group. We meet the first Thursday of the month in the Parlor from 2-4pm.

This group meets on Tuesdays at the church in rooms 5 and 6. The hours are 9:00am to 11:30 am. We are currently working on crib quilts for the Aultman Hospital NICU. Anyone wishing to help make these quilts is welcome. Come join us!!!!! December was an historical month at the New Horizon School in Paraguay. They celebrated their first graduating class of 26 students. What a wonderful milestone! These young people will go on to universities or jobs, the first step in changing the culture of this country for the better. This month, school begins again in Paraguay after the summer break. It is a milestone year for Faith Church’s sponsorship of students, as we will be sponsoring nine young people this year – the highest number ever since we began in 2001. A check for $3780 is on its way to Samaritan Hands, the organization that handles the sponsorships. Thank you for your generous support of this ministry! We celebrate every gift, large or small. Once we have received the names of our students for 2014, we will share this information with you. Please continue your faithful donations!

Ever wondered about Faith Kitchen? Each month Faith United Methodist Church provides an opportunity for those in need to come and have a meal, some time of worship, and a chance to receive bags of groceries. Get involved in this ministry—a tangible way to share the love and grace of God. We are looking for volunteers to help on Fridays with set up and Food Pick Up and on Saturdays in several areas! To help on Friday, contact Bob Yoder (330.494.0332) and Saturdays, Cheryl Froelich (330.493.4097 / or Glenn Vanvoorhis (330.495.8323 or

Next Faith Kitchen Opportunity: February 22nd at Crystal Park UMC

Circle of Faith

Lydia Circle will meet on Wednesday, February 12th at 12:00 pm in Robinson Hall. Carol Shipman will be doing the Pledge Sevice for UMW. Please call Emmajo Shearer for information at 330-966-8730

Circle of Love

Circle News

Circle of Love will meet on Thursday, February 27th at 7:00pm. We will be making goodie bags for college students and gift bags for the Domestic Violence Shelter Project. All are welcome! Please contact Patti Deems with any questions. 330-494-7168

Circle of Faith will meet on Monday, February 10th at 9am at Beyesly’s for breakfast. Call Esther Brunt to make your reservation. 330-499-7293

From UMW Watch the Sunday bulletins for more Information about the circles. All are welcome to come to one of the meetings to see which circle best meets your needs. We would love to have you join us! Many service opportunities are available

Tuesday, February 4th, 11:45 am Mary Lou Jubin combines her talents as an amateur nature photographer with her musical abilities as a composer and performer (on the hammer dulcimer) for a beautiful program. Date: Tuesday, February 11th Time: 11:45 am to 2:00 pm Program: Mary Lou Jubin, Music from the Heart Cost of the meal: $4/person VERY IMPORTANT: Please call or email Betsy Douce with your reservation (330.494.3337 or no later than Thursday, February 6th. MARK YOUR CALENDAR: March 11th we'll be joined by Captain Gary Coen, North Canton Fire Department, for a program on fire safety.

First Tuesday

What is First Tuesday? It is a time of worship, prayer, and sharing for anyone interested. All are welcome! On Tuesday, February 4, 2014 John Buchanan will be our presenter in the Chapel at 8 a.m. Our upcoming presenters are: Teresa Purses on March 4th and Cheryl Froelich on April Fool’s Day (oh no!). We missed hearing Cheryl’s presentation on Road Rage in January due to the very cold weather, so she rescheduled for April 1 at 8:30 a.m. (time change!) Get up and get going on the First Tuesday of each month. Many of us go out for breakfast afterwards for great fellowship!

Over 50? Single? All singles over 50 are invited to join us in the church parlor on Sunday evening, February16th, at 6 PM. Bring a dish to share and a "white elephant" for the gift exchange. Here's your chance to re-gift that gift you don't know what to do with! Friends are always welcome. If you have questions, call Bev Temple 330-244-8518.

Men meet each Thursday at 7:15 AM at Susanna’s on Main St. in North Canton. All men are welcome. No reservations required. Social coordinator is Dale Walters.

Small Groups and Sunday School Classes for Winter and our Church-Wide Study, The Story Several small groups meet for Bible study, prayer, & discussion throughout the week. Check out our website for updated information and registration form. Check out our website for updated information and registration form. Look for the Christian Education & Spiritual Formation ministry display in the Gathering Area and outside the Family Life Center. If you are interested in getting involved in a small group or leading a new group contact Kathy Schmucker for more information.

Explore the Story, Experience the Bible The Story Small Group & Sunday School Classes Sunday at 9:45 am—Faith Meets Life, The Story, Kim Reynolds, Bobbi Vine, Steven Green, Facilitators, W.Parlor Sunday at 11:00 am—The Story in Room 16 Monday at 10:30 am—The Story—Sandy Vaughn, Facilitator, West Parlor Monday at 7:00 pm— The Story Digging Deeper—Bob Kuchner, James & Terry Morgan, Facilitators, W. Parlor Tuesday at 7:00 pm—Young Adults, The Story: How Does God’s Story Impact Our Story Today, Coordinator: Sarah Snyder, Room 5 Wednesday at 6:00 pm—Dinner & Worship, Robinson Hall Wednesday at 6:45 pm—The Story Continued—Pastors Steve & Cara, Facilitators, West Parlor

Additional Small Group & Sunday School Class Opportunities: Sunday at 9:45 am—Faith Bible Study, Genesis to Revelation, Bob Snyder, Facilitator, Conference Rm Monday at 7:00 pm— Covenant Bible Study, Contact: Rob & Tory Christian, Room 16 Monday at 7:00 pm—Investigating Meditation as a Way to Deepen Your Spiritual Journey (6 wk Introduction to Meditation) begins Feb. 3, John Buchanan & Sam Purses, Facilitator, Room 8 Tuesday at 6:00 am—Men’s Prayer Group, Contact Person: Ron Luikart, Balcony Tuesday at 8:30 am —First Tuesday Prayer Service, Contact Person: Jan Baker Chapel, the first Tuesday of each month Tuesday at 6:30 pm—Women’s: James: Mercy Triumphs, Laura Luikart & Sue Bell, Facilitators, West Parlor Wednesday at 9:00 am— Women’s: The Holy Spirit for an Inspired Life, Linda Reynolds Facilitator, West Parlor Wednesday at 6:00 pm—Dinner & Worship, Robinson Hall Friday at 6:00 pm—Friday Night Out, 2nd Friday of the month (Develop the Heart Date Night), Tallie Paz Coordinator Saturday at 7:00 am—Men’s Life Study, Not a Fan, alternating Saturdays February 8 & February 22, Variety’s Restaurant in North Canton, Kim Reynolds, Facilitator COMING SOON: Art & Spirituality & Lent Study Group—Check the bulletins and website for details!

Interested in forming a new group? See Kathy Schmucker for ideas and to get your group on our winter schedule! Want to learn more about nurturing your faith? For more information or questions about faith formation opportunities and resources or about starting or getting involved in a small group, prayer group, or Bible study experience at Faith UMC, visit our website or contact Kathy Schmucker, Faith’s Director of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation. 330-499-6040,

Sunday School at Faith UMC

“We will tell the next generation the praise worthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done.” Psalm 78:4

Join us as together we grow and learn to KNOW, LOVE & SERVE the Lord!

The Story for Kids: Faith Nursery, Room 18, 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Babies and Woddlers (birth through age 3) are cared for in a nurturing environment where little ones experience God’s love.

Children’s Sunday School at 9:45 & 11:00 am, Following Children’s Message Preschool Ages 3-5 – Room 20

Grades K-2 – Room 6

Grades 3-5 – Room 8

Out of the Box Youth Grades 6-12 at 9:45 & 11:00 am in the Youth Room Adults @ 9:45: The Story: Faith Meets Life in the West Parlor Faith Bible Study: Genesis to Revelation in the Conference Room 11:00: The Story in Room 16

Adults @ **Please stop by the Children’s Welcome Station near the Sanctuary and Family Life Center to sign in children, make their Sunday School name tags, and find information for families! Look for Family Devotions and Weekly Parent Pages on our Story website for suggestions and ideas to share The Story at home with your family!

Peaking Ahead to Summer Ministries Vacation Bible School ~ July 14-18 Have you ever felt weird, different, or even lost in a crowd? Does your heart ache when you see children who feel like they don’t fit in? Love changes everything, especially the way we see and treat others. Does the idea of helping kids and families experience the unconditional love of Christ touch your heart? Nothing compares to the extraordinary love of Jesus. Jesus’ love is one of a kind! Get involved in planning and preparing for this year’s VBS and experience the love of Jesus at Faith UMC! For more information contact Sandy Vaughn or Kathy Schmucker.

Camp Read-A-Lot ~ July 3, 10, 24, & 31 Plans and preparations are beginning to be made for this summer’s literacy program. Contact Paulette Baker, Laura Luikart, or Kathy Schmucker if you are interested in being part of this year’s planning team. Donations of new or gently used children’s books, especially beginning readers and beginning chapter books are much appreciated! We are also in need of donations of fleece for Camp Read -A-Lot’s blanket service project. Each blanket will need 1½ yards of 60 inch wide solid color fleece in any color.

Summer Camp Registration Now Open East Ohio Camps provides children and youth with a variety of opportunities to have fun, explore their faith and make new friends. Camp Aldersgate, Camp Asbury and Camp Wanake have camping programs that are distinctly unique to each camp site. Also offered are additional opportunities for youth: CYF held at Malone College and Reach Out and Institute held at Lakeside. We're excited to once again offer these great programs for 2014! The Summer Camps website provides everything you will need to know about the 2014 line-up. Check them out and register early! Scholarships available for financial assistance! Contact Kathy Myers or Kathy Schmucker for more information or stop by the Education/Spiritual Formation display table.

Lent Devotions This year’s Lent devotions will focus on Faith UMC’s 2014 focus, Seeing Christ Being Christ. We are looking for 6 ministry groups that would be willing to write a brief devotion sharing how you have experienced Seeing Christ Being Christ in your ministry, the ways this ministry helps others to walk with Jesus or serves to support our congregation and community as we journey through the season of Lent. Please see Pam Wig or Kathy Schmucker for more information and if your ministry group would be interested in writing one of these 6 devotions.

Weaving Faith Into Life Wednesday Night Faith Connections is a mid-week opportunity for fellowship, fun and study. The evening begins with a meal and worship experience at 6:00 pm followed by programs and studies for kids and adults. There are several opportunities to serve on Wednesday nights. For information on how you can volunteer, contact Kathy Schmucker, Sandy Vaughn or Mike Hubble. All are welcome! Invite your friends, come join the fun and get connected at Faith!

Wednesday Night Schedule 5:00/5:15—6:00 pm: Children’s Choirs 6:00 pm: Dinner/Worship for kids and adults! All are welcome! 6:30—7:30 pm: Faith Kids, Grades K-5 7:30—8:00 pm: Faith Kids Extended 6:30—8:00 Adult Groups (Please check the calendar as starting times for adults will vary.) Contributions to support Faith’s Wednesday Night Ministry are much appreciated to help stretch the generous contribution from Faith’s Endowment Ministry Team which is enabling us to provide this ministry without cost to families. Look for the donation tags at the display outside the church office and Family Life Center! -3 section plastic plates, paper dessert plates and bowls -paper cups, to go containers -plastic knives, forks, spoons

SPECIAL GUEST—WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5: Sue Givens, missionary from Paraguay, will be sharing about her ministry in Paraguay. All are welcome to come hear how God is at work through our Pennies for Paraguay mission!

Can an hour or two of your time matter in the life of a child and the future of our church? Jesus is Calling... 85% of first time faith commitments are made between the ages of 4 and 14. Our ministry to children and families is vital to our church and community. Sunday School and Wednesday Night Faith Connections are two of the ways in which we have a tremendous opportunity to touch the lives of our children and families with the love of Christ. We have children who are excited to experience God. Prayefully consider how God may be calling you to nurture their spiritual lives. Preschool: 4th Sunday of the month at 9:45 and 11:00. Grades K-2: 2nd Sunday of the month at 11:00. Grades 3-5: 1st Sunday of the month at 11:00 Grades 3-5: 4th Sunday of the month at 9:45 and 11:00. Nursery openings several Sundays during the month. Wednesday Nights Faith Connections Children’s Small Group Leaders & Helpers, Wednesdays from 6-8pm Date Night children and adult small group leaders, 2nd Friday of each month. For more information, see the sign-up sheets at the displays outside the church office and Family Life Center or contact Sandy Vaughn, Kristin Krach, Tallie Paz or Kathy Schmucker.

INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION Investigating Meditation as a way to deepen to Your Spiritual Journey Life is a journey which requires many skills. If we seek deep meaning and satisfactions we realize the need for expanding our spiritual skills. Meditation is a spiritual practice which has been a part of the Christian Church since its beginning. Sam Purses and John Buchanan will lead a 6 week introduction to Meditation Seminar, meeting weekly beginning Monday, Feb. 6, 7-8:30pm. Both of them have been using meditation as a part of their spiritual journey for many years. This class is designed for those who might be interested and want to know more about meditation as a spiritual practice. Meditation is about an inner spiritual journey to the deeper parts of our being, which we call our soul. In a real sense meditation is a unique prayer practice. Meditation builds upon your present spiritual practices and will enhance them.

Christian Education & Spiritual Formation, Ministry Team Chair As Chair of the Education and Spiritual Formation Team, I have been truly blessed to be able to work with Faith United Methodist staff and lay persons over the past several years. It has been exciting and fulfilling to be able to develop new programs that reach children and adults within Faith Church and from the community. This position has given me opportunities to connect with others in ways God has clearly directed as we plan activities, identify people to help us lead, and pray for guidance together. One of the areas of growth has lead me onto a another path for which I believe God is calling me. This year I will be assuming the Chair of Worship Ministry position. I wrestled with God over this decision for a while, because I am very happy and content to be the Chair of Education/ Spiritual Formation, but God has given me lots of good reasons why I need to expand to the area of Worship and I look forward to growing into that position and getting to know all the people who are part of that ministry. What about Chair of Education/Spiritual Formation? I know as certainly as I know my own name that God is right now touching someone’s heart to step forward and respond to that call. Someone may ask you if you are interested. You may feel a bit uncomfortable because it is something new, different, you aren’t prepared, you don’t have time, etc. Trust me when I tell you, it is a blessing! I will be praying for you and assisting in any needed training and support. Go ahead and say YES to the Call! In Christ, Sandy Vaughn

What is the Christian Education & Spiritual Formation Ministry Team? Vision: To promote spiritual growth through Christian education programs, experiences, and resources that are Christ-centered and faith based.

Mission: The Christian Education & Spiritual Formation Ministry Team works to provide people of all ages opportunities and resources that nurture faith, provide knowledge, and inspire and empower them to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. In an effort to be more effective in our ministry, Faith’s Christian Education & Spiritual Formation ministry team has adapted the structure of our team by creating ministry clusters. Recently approved by Faith’s Ministry Council and Church Board, we share these updated ministry clusters with you and ask your prayerful consideration of how you may want to be involved in furthering the mission of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation at Faith UMC. Ministry Team Leader: Associate Team Leader: Staff Liaison: Kathy Schmucker Adult Faith Formation & Discipleship: Prayer Partner: Jean Lewers-Brail Small Groups, Sunday School, Men’s/Women’s Spiritual Practices & Resources: Groups: Bob Kuchner, Bob Snyder, Jim Prayer Experiences & Spiritual Practice Resources (Seasonal, Skinner, Rob Christian, Tory Christian, Mike Bibles, Prayer Room, Labyrinth, etc): Hubble, Laura Luikart Library/Media Center: Nancy Share, Betsy Gorrell Emmaus: Pam & Tom Wig Advent/Lent Devotion Books: Pam Wig Retreats: Pam Wig Camp Ministry: Kathy Myers Young Adults & College Students: Sarah Supply Coordinator: Janet Stewart Snyder Equipping and Appreciating Members in Ministry: Historian: Paige Bullock Children & Families Faith Formation &

Children & Families Outreach Ministries: Vacation Bible School: Sandy Vaughn, Donna Benzing, Patti Deems Camp Read-A-Lot: Laura Luikart, Paulette Baker Family & Relationship Programs (Friday Night Out): Tallie Paz Seasonal Ministries (Advent, Lent, 3rd Grade Bibles, Back to School, Special Events, etc):

Discipleship: Nursery & Childcare: Kristin Krach Children’s Sunday School: Joni & Scott Hendricks Worship Experiences: Wednesday Night Faith Connections: Mike Hubble, Kristin Krach, Carolyn Krueger Special Needs Ministry:

Small Group & Sunday School Leader Gathering Among the goals of Faith’s Christian Education/Spiritual Formation ministry team is to provide support and encouragement for all of our adult leaders, improve communication and promotion of small group experiences, nurture new group experiences, and increase participation in our adult faith formation experiences. As a result, Faith’s Small Group Ministry Group is hosting a gathering for all Small Group & Sunday School, Men’s & Women’s group leaders and those who might be interested in facilitating future groups at Faith!

Thursday, February 20 at 6:00 pm Join us for a time of sharing, support, encouragement and visioning for our Adult Small Groups & Sunday School Classes! Refreshments will be provided. Childcare available on request. Please RSVP to Kathy at or call 330-499-6040, ext 17 We ask you to bring your questions as well as a resource or tip that has been helpful to you that you would be willing to share with other leaders!

Registration is now open for this Spring’s Emmaus Walk Weekends! Dates of Next Walks: Mens: March 13-16 Womens: March 20-23 Learn more about this experience of Christian spiritual renewal and leadership development by visiting the Emmaus page of our church website for more information! Pick up an Emmaus brochure in the church literature racks or contact Pam and Tom Wig for more information.

Mark Your Calendars

Faith UMC’s Women’s Retreat March 7 & 8 Look for more details and registration information on our website and in the bulletin!

Help Out Sue by Following this Weekly Attendance Reminder One of the responsibilities of our new church Administrative Assistant, Sue Capestrain, will be to look over the attendance pads from each Sunday and record the names in our Church Windows program. In order for Sue to become familiar with all of you, please print clearly your first and last name and the names of each family member in attendance. If you write “The Johnsons”, Sue may not know how many of the 12 Johnsons in our church were actually in attendance or even if they are from the same family. If you only write your first name, she won’t know which “Cher” you are! Thank you for helping Sue to get to know you better by taking the time to provide this info.

Desserts/Salads for Funerals With the beginning of the new year, we are updating our list of volunteers who are willing to provide either a dessert or a salad for funeral dinners. Sandy Snyder has agreed to take on the leadership of contacting members who would like to help provide food. If you have helped in the past or would like to help now, please contact Sandy at 330-499-3984 so she can compile an updated list. We are hoping to have enough people on our list so that she only has to call you once or twice a year. Thank you for considering this important service for our members.

Youth Concert Youth of Faith UM church will perform religious and classical music in concert Sunday, March 2, at 6:00 pm in the sanctuary. The church family is invited to attend. Refreshments will be served in the Gathering Area following the concert. The program will include voice and instrumental solos and ensembles including the Joy Unlimited Choir.

New Member Classes—Coming Soon! The next New Member Class will be Wednesday nights 6:458:00pm, March 12, 19 and 26. New Member Sunday will be March 30. If you are interested in learning more about the UMC and FUMC and/or exploring membership, please contact Administrative Assistant, Sue Capestrain in the church office or by email to be a part of this class. Participation does not require you to become a member.


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Canton, OH Permit No. 1809

Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, OH 44720 Worship with Us: Sunday Services: 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Sunday School: 9:45 & 11:00

Get to Know Us: Reverends Steve & Cara Stultz Costello, Co-Pastors Sharyl Syler—Dir. of Administration & Finance Carmie Johnson—Communications Coordinator Kathy Schumucker—Dir. of Christian Ed. & Spiritual Formation Matt Hart—Dir. of Youth Ministry Sue Capestrain—Administrative Assistant Jan Bilek—Treasurer Susan Arnold—Youth Anministrator Alina Dorto—Dir. of Faith Friends Preschool

Contact Us: Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 Email: Website:


Feb 23 Missy Jones, speaker 8:30 Women’s Chorus 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Women’s Chorus 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Feb 16 Pastor Cara preaching 8:30 Chancel Choir 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Joy Unlimited 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 Joy Unlimited 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Carol & Cherub Choirs 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School

Feb 9

COMMUNION Pastor Cara preaching 8:30 Celebration Bells 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School

Feb 2


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Sewing for Missions 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., RH The Barbara Whitacre Prayer Shawl Ministry 1st Thursday, 2-4p.m. in the Parlor Mike Fletchner, Contact Bixler Library Tuesdays, 9:00-11:00AM Nancy Share & Betsy Gorrell, Chairs Faith Stitchers: Bring handwork 2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursdays, 2-4 p.m. in the Parlor Quilters/Sewers Tuesdays, 9-11:30 a.m. Rooms 5 & 6 Nan Davis, Chair

Volunteer Opportunities

2014 Sun







Sat 1

EVERY SUNDAY 5:30 Joy Unlimited 6:30 REFUGE




8:00a Wellness Class


6:00a Men’s Prayer Group


8:00a Wellness Class


2:00p Prayer Shawl


Scout Sunday Pastor Cara preaching 8:30 Celebration Bells 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 10:00 Confirmation 6:00 Youth Super Bowl Party

10:30a “Story” Bible Study 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study

8:00a First Tuesday 9:00a Library Volunteers 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 1:30p UMW board meeting 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00 Young Adults 7:00p Boy Scouts 7:00p Ministry Council

9:00a Women’s Bible Study 5:00p Carol Choir 5:15p Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p Sue Given-speaker 6:30p Sewing for Missions 6:45p‘The Story” continued 7:30p Chancel Choir

6:30p Stephen Ministry

9 Pastor Steve preaching


11 6:00a Men’s Prayer Group

12 8:00a Wellness Class



8:30 Joy Unlimited 9:30 Worship Ministry Team 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Carol & Cherub Choirs Confirmation 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Scout Pancake Breakfast After all 3 services

9:00a Circle of Faith 10:30a “Story” Bible Study 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00p God & Me class

9:00a Library Volunteers 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p Young Adults 7:00p Boy Scouts

9:00a Women’s Bible Study 12:00p Lydia Circle 5:00p Carol Choir 5:15 Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p New Member Class 6:45p ‘The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

1:00p Alzheimer’s Support 2:00p Faith Stitchers 6:30p Stephen Ministry 7:00p Stewardship Ministry

Scout Camp Out Through Sunday



8:00a Wellness Class

17 8:00a Wellness Class

18 6:00a Men’s Prayer Group

198:00a Wellness Class


8:30 Chancel Choir 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Joy Unlimited 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 10:00 Confirmation 6:00 Fun Over 50 Singles 5:30 Joy Unlimited 6:30 Refuge

10:30a “Story” Bible Study 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study

9:00a Library Volunteers 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 6:30p Leadership Development 6:30 Finance Meeting 7:00p Young Adults 7:00p Boy Scouts

9:00a Women’s Bible Study 5:00p Carol Choir 5:15 Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p New Member Class 6:30p Sewing for Missions 6:45p ‘The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

6:00p Small Group Leaders 7:00p Trustees Meeting


248:00a Wellness Class

25 6:00a Men’s Prayer Group

26 8:00a Wellness Class

27 2:00p Faith Stitchers

10:30a “Story” Bible Study 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00p God & Me class

9:00a Library Volunteers 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p SPRC 7:00p Young Adults 7:00p Boy Scouts

9:00a Women’s Bible Study 5:00p Carol Choir 5:15 Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 6:45p ‘The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

6:30p Stephen Ministry 7:00p Circle of Love 7:00p Worship Arts

Pastor Cara preaching

UMW Sunday

Missy Jones, Speaker 8:30 Women’s Chorus 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Women’s chorus 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 10:00 Confirmation 2:00 Scout Blue/Gold Banquet

2:00p Faith Stitchers

8 7:00a Men’s Life Study



7:00a Men’s Life Study Faith Kitchen


February 2014 Faith Notes  

A monthly newsletter with all the happenings at Faith UMC in North Canton, OH.

February 2014 Faith Notes  

A monthly newsletter with all the happenings at Faith UMC in North Canton, OH.