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FAITH NOTES Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, Ohio 44720 Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 E-mail: Website:

October 2013 Ministry is A Dynamic, Creative and Rejuvenating Way of Life Old men and old women shall dream dreams, and young men and young women shall see visions. – Joel 2:28b What do Benjamin Franklin, Frank Lloyd Wright, George Burns, Igor Stravinsky and Grandma Moses have in common? They all lived past 80 and all did some of their most creative and world-changing work in their last decade of life! The recent September 23 issue of Time Magazine tells about numerous people experiencing heights of joy and creativity in their 80s, 90s and some past 100. Research is showing how the brain expands in its creative capabilities. Stories abound of people taking up art, music and other creative activities for the first time in their “second half of life” (a phrase borrowed from Falling Upward written by the Franciscan Frier Richard Rohr now in his 70s). All of them report signs of new life as a result of engaging their creativity. When I read the Time article, I thought of Joel 2:28 quoted above. I also thought of Jesus. Baptized and beginning his ministry at age 30, he was already in his second half of life for that period of time. His ministry was amazingly creative: engaging people with a story or a parable that packed enough wisdom to keep our minds going for millennia; responding to questions meant to trap him with questions that invited deeper thought and relationship; welcoming children happily in the middle of an adult meeting; reimagining hope and life in the face of death. I also thought about Faith Church. I thought about you: the way you care for others with your time and compassion; the way you reach out and serve often behind the scenes; the way you give financially so that through many different ministries Christ’s love is shared; the way you work together creatively coming up with new ideas for proclaiming the Gospel; the way you teach, cook, make music, sing, sew, worship, pray, laugh, love, smile… be. You are the church, the body of Christ. As Jesus’ disciples young and old; as outgoing, ongoing and incoming leaders; as members curious and interested (and anyone else!); we will gather on Saturday, October 19 to dream dreams and see visions. How will we see and be Jesus in 2014? Let the dreams begin! In Ministry Together,

Pastor Steve

Circle of Faith

Lydia Circle will meet on Wednesday, October 9th at 12:00PM in Robinson Hall. Ginny Bilkert will be presenting the program. Please call Emmajo Shearer for information at 330-966-8730

Circle of Love

will meet on Monday, October 14th at 9:00AM at Beyesly’s. Call Esther Brunt 330-499-7293 if you are going to attend so reservations can be made.

Circle News

will meet on Thursday, October 24th at 7:00PM in the Parlor. Sue Bell will be sharing her trip to Liberia Please call Patti Deems for information 330-494-7168

Get Involved! All are welcome to come for an evening or join a circle that best meets your needs. We would love to have you join us! Many service opportunities are available.

First Tuesday

Please join us for First Tuesday on October 1, 2013 at 8 a.m. in the Chapel for worship, prayer, and sharing. Our presenter will be Greg Brokaw. On Tuesday, November 5 th we can sleep in since we’ll begin at 8:30 a.m. (back to Eastern Standard Time). Cheryl Froelich will be our presenter, possibly talking about road rage. Every First Tuesday we enjoy meaningful presentations and wonderful fellowship. Many of us go out for breakfast afterwards to chuckle at Dale Walters’ jokes! Get up and get going on the First Tuesday of each month.

Men meet each Thursday at 7:15 AM at Susanna’s on Main St. in North Canton. All men are welcome. No reservations required. Social coordinator is Dale Walters.

Over 50? Single? Looking for social interaction with other singles your age? Our group may be just what you're looking for! We are beginning our fourth year together enjoying a wide variety of adventures. On Sunday evening, November 17th at 6:00pm, we will meet in the Parlor at the church. Bring a dish to share, and help us plan our next few month's get togethers. Friends are always welcome. If you have questions, call Bev Temple 330-244-8518. See you then!

What better way to end the summer than to have a shindig? Gather round a fire, break out the musical instruments, tell a ghost story or two, sing a camp song, have a s'more--all set against a backdrop of pictures from this beautiful country of ours. Don't miss it! Date: Tuesday, October 8th Time:11:45 am to 2:00 pm Cost of the meal: $4/person Program: This land is Your Land Dot Fisher, Sue Wheeler, Dale Walters, Pam Wig Please call or email Betsy Douce with your reservation (330.494.3337 or no later than Thursday, October 3th. Mark your calendar: November 12th we will be joined by the Stan Hywet Players who will recreate Life at Stan Hywet in 1920

Canton Calvary Mission requests for October Peanut Butter The Mission feeds over 500 families monthly and appreciates all donations of non-perishable foods, personal hygiene and paper products. A marked box is located in the gallery for contributions to the Food Pantry. Thanks for your generous support!

Sewing for Missions will host a sewing clinic on Saturday November 16th from 9:00am to 2:00 pm in Robinson Hall. We will make hats and scarves for Faith Kitchen and "dignity gowns" for breast cancer patients. Sewing experience is not required. We will gladly accept donations of fleece or cotton fabric, sew-on Velcro and ribbon. Please contact Sue Bell at or 330806-2797 to sign up

Don’t forget that coffee and tea make great gifts. Thanks for supporting farmers in their efforts to make a fair wage. Once the cooler weather arrives, look for Chocolate!

We are just $250 short of the amount needed to sponsor our eight students plus a NINTH child in the 2014 school year. Their school year starts in January, so please continue your faithful giving. On World Communion Sunday, October 6, we share our financial gifts so students from the United States and other countries can pursue their educational dreams. Please give generously to help the church reach out to all people and model diversity among God’s children. The offering benefits World Communion Scholarships, the Ethnic Scholarship Program and the Ethnic In-Service Training Program. Do you know the origin of the UMC’s use of grape juice during communion? In 1869, some members of a Methodist church in Vineland, VA., were alcoholics and could not come to the Communion table because they could not drink the wine. Thomas Welch, a dentist who served as a Communion steward, created an unfermented grape juice so all church members could participate in the sacrament. By 1890, Dr. Welch‘s Grape Juice had become a staple on Communion tables across the United States. On World Communion Sunday, our congregation will use Dr. Welch‘s Grape Juice. Other Christian communions may offer wine, but all worshippers will be invited to Christ‘s table. We celebrate God‘s gift to us and the faith we share with Christians around the world.

Our mission is to comfort those with the prayer shawls that we lovingly create and pray over. We always welcome new and interested members. We have new yarn and extra needles/crochet hooks for anyone who would like to join us. Come and learn to knit or crochet from our talented and caring group. Meet the first Thursday of the month in the Parlor from 2-4pm. This group meets on Tuesdays at the church in rooms 5 and 6. The hours are 9:00am to11:30 am. We are currently working on crib quilts for the Aultman Hospital NICU. Anyone wishing to help make these quilts is welcome. Come join us!!!!! Ever wondered about Faith Kitchen? Each month Faith United Methodist Church provides an opportunity for those in need to come and have a meal, some time of worship, and a chance to receive bags of groceries. Get involved in this ministry—a tangible way to share the love and grace of God. We are looking for volunteers to help in the grocery distribution area of Faith Kitchen along with other areas! Contact Cheryl Froelich at 330.493.4097 or / Glenn Vanvoorhis at 330.495.8323 or Next Faith Kitchen Opportunity: October 26th at Crystal Park UMC

Finding a Pearl in the Mess of Failure “There once was a leader who was young and full of ideas. His mind blossomed with thoughts about what could be in the lives of the students that he ministered to. He desired to build a ministry that others would envy which would undoubtedly fulfill his calling from God. This young man devoted his mind and heart to create the best possible events, lessons, and activities for students, which he was sure, would alter their lives forever. On the night of the first event he prepared the room for several hundred people, only to have a handful show up. Shortly after the event his phone began to ring from frustrated volunteers, confused parents, and an upset boss. This young leader couldn’t understand where his plan or desire to impact the world for Christ had gone so wrong. However, several years later it all became extremely clear through a conversation with a beloved mentor. Read the full story at Collaboration is a wonderful thing when used wisely and effectively. The sharing of ideas, feedback, and even criticism can be one of the most beneficial things that you do as a team. Just remember the words of this anonymous author when seeking to develop a culture of collaboration, “You don’t have to blow out someone else’s candle to make yours shine brighter.”

Youth Mission Trip News:

We have once again starting our planning, events, and fundraising for another great mission trip in the summer of 2014. Next summer we will be traveling to Frakes, Kentucky to partner with Henderson Settlement. We look forward to another wonderful year of ministry with this trip and check back monthly to see some of the ways that our students are serving our church and the community! Our students are always looking for opportunities to serve others throughout the year. If you have any questions about our trip feel free to contact Susan Arnold ( or Donny Bell ( or Matt Hart ( Thank you for your partnering with this lifechanging ministry!

Faith UMC Presents a Stewardship Focus in conjunction with The Story chapters 3 through 6:


Your Gifts, Your Time, Your Prayers, Your Witness God’s Increase October 6th through 27th Consecration Sunday—October 27th God is at work in amazing and abundant ways in and through Faith UMC. Come, celebrate and join in God’s transforming work!

TROOP 12 UPDATE September – October 29 It’s Popcorn Time again! Troop 12 will be involved in our annual BSA fundraiser. The proceeds from this sale directly affect our troop and allow us to fund campouts, ceremonies, activities, supplies, and much that is needed to run our troop. If you are interested in purchasing any of the delicious assortments of popcorn – Classic Caramel Corn, Jalapeno Cheese, Chocolate Lovers, to name a few – please contact the church office, and a member of Troop 12 will be happy to assist you.

The Worship Arts Study Group continues its study of worship. This study group was commissioned to “define options for FUMCs worship opportunities for the future” as a part of the consultation led by Strategist Hugh Ballou. This consultation led to successful realigning of staff positions and the hiring of three new employees. During the initial congregation meeting on December 10, 2011, which was attended by over 100 people, members of the church stated their worship goals for our church. The Worship Arts Study Group met most recently on September 17 to review the diligent work accomplished by subgroups over the summer. The group is getting close to completing is recommendations which they hope to begin sharing with the congregation in the near future. Their recommendations are the result of over a year of hard work, study and prayer; reflect the core values for worship at FUMC; draw from some of the best resources on worship; integrate the wisdom of consultants, strategists and experienced colleagues and stem from a vision for worship at its very best. Please visit the church website regularly ( to read more about the work of the Worship Arts Study group including its identified core values for worship, its vision statement, up to date progress and important communications. By staying informed and keeping this group and its work in your prayers, you will contribute to the health of this process. Members of the study group are Jim Skinner - Convener, John Buchanan, Bob Snyder, Candy Zeigler, JoEllen Klco, Brian Stehura, Tom Strauch, Bob Kuchner, Judy McLaughlin, Dorothy Leeson, Kathy Schmucker, Cara Stultz Costello, and Steve Stultz Costello.

We plan to make our tasty salsa on Saturday, October 12, from 8:00 a.m. until noon in the large kitchen at church. Anyone interested is welcome to come help us. If you have a canning pot we can use that day, it can be put in the big kitchen, on the counter nearest the parking lot, a day or two before the 12th. The salsa will be for sale starting Sunday, October 13th for $5.00 a pint. All proceeds are divided between the Akron Canton Regional Foodbank and Faith Kitchen. Help us feed the hungry! Direct your questions to Trudy Jones at 330.494.4723.

Thanks to all who contributed to the Medical Equipment Lending Cupboard. It's been gratifying to observe the borrowing. We have plenty of equipment at this point in time and limited space for storage. Please remember to sign out the equipment. The list can be found in the closet at the back of Robinson Hall. And please call the office several days in advance if your need is for larger items that are stored in the basement. Dick Seeton has graciously offered to bring those items upstairs. Thanks, Carol Shipman Juliette Erina was born August 4, 2013 to Susie (Barr) and Chris Theobold in Reston, VA Grayson Jay was born August 27, 2013 to Allyson Stiffler. Proud grandparents are Steve and Lauralee Stiffler Daniel Ault was born September 5, 2013 to Kate and John Smith in Newark, OH. Proud grandparents are Bernie and Sally Miner. Marguerite Schwab will be 91 on October 20th We extend out deepest sympathy to: The family of Elizabeth Brinkley who died on August 14th, 2013 The family of James Kardos who died on August 17th, 2013 The family of Ida Killian who died September 19, 2013 We received cards from:Mary Ellen Miller Special thanks to “Aunt” Mary Wilkin who so often spends time making molded jello salad for the shut-ins of Faith Church.

Weaving Faith Into Life Wednesday Night Faith Connections is a mid-week opportunity for fellowship, fun and study. The evening begins with a meal and worship experience at 6:00 pm followed by programs and studies for kids and adults. During the children’s program kids experience God’s love and his word through activities, art, missions, and games. A variety of adult experiences are offered throughout the year. Faith’s Christian Education & Spiritual Formation Team would like to express our appreciation and thanks to the Endowment Ministry Team for their contribution to support Faith’s Wednesday Night meal & program ministry. Thanks to their generosity we will be able to practice radical hospitality and a welcoming spirit to all who want to be involved on Wednesday nights. If you would like to contribute to this fund to support Faith’s Wednesday Night Faith Connections ministry we would welcome your partnership in ministry! This fall the activities planned for kids include baking bread and learning about World Communion Sunday and meeting a missionary from Camphor. Our fall mission project will be Operation Christmas Child. We also have some intergenerational experiences throughout the season! In an effort to accommodate busy family schedules, we will offer a staggered pick up time. Early pick-up will be at 7:30, and we will extend activities for kids until 8:00 for families participating in adult programs. There are several opportunities to serve on Wednesday nights. For information on how you can volunteer, contact Kathy Schmucker, Sandy Vaughn or Mike Hubble. All are welcome! Invite your friends, come join the fun and get connected at Faith!

Wednesday Night Schedule 5:00/5:15—6:00 pm: Children’s Choir 6:00 pm: Dinner/Worship for kids and adults! All are welcome! 6:30—7:30 pm: Faith Kids, Grades K-5 7:30—8:00 pm: Faith Kids Extended 6:30—8:00 Adult Groups (Please check the calendar as starting times for adults will vary.)

Wednesday Night Faith Connections Kids will be packing shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. A donation box will be available in the church office in early October for anyone who would like to contribute to our children’s mission project! Special thanks to Faith’s Service in Mission Ministry Team for their support of this children’s mission project! TOYS: small cars, balls, dolls, stuffed animals, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, small Etch-ASketch®, toys that light up or make noise (with extra batteries), Slinky®, etc. SCHOOL SUPPLIES: pens, pencils and sharpener, crayons or markers, stamps and ink pad sets, writing pads or paper, solar calculators, coloring and picture books, etc. HYGIENE ITEMS: toothbrush, toothpaste, mild bar soap (in a plastic bag), comb, washcloth, etc. OTHER: Plastic Shoebox containers, Monetary donations, Hard candy and lollipops (please double bag all candy), mints, gum, T-shirts, socks, ball caps; sunglasses, hair clips, toy jewelry, watches, flashlights (with extra batteries)

Small Groups and Sunday School Classes for Fall and our Church-Wide Study, The Story Several small groups meet for Bible study, prayer, & discussion throughout the week. Check out our website for updated information and registration form. Look for the Christian Education & Spiritual Formation ministry display in the Gathering Area and outside the Family Life Center. If you are interested in getting involved in a small group or leading a new group contact Kathy Schmucker for more information.

The Story Small Group & Sunday School Classes Sunday at 9:45am—Faith Meets Life, The Story, Kim Reynolds & Steve Golden, Facilitators, West Parlor Sunday at 11:00am—The Story in Room 16 Monday at 10;30 am—The Story—Sandy Vaughn, Facilitator, West Parlor Monday at 6:30pm—Young Adults, The story: How Does God’s Story Impact Our Story Today, Coordinator: Sarah Snyder, Rm 5 Monday at 7:00 pm—The Story Digging Deeper, Bob Kuchner, James & Terry Morgan, Facilitators, West Parlor Monday at 7:00pm—The Story, Dick & Judy McLaughlin, Facilitators, Conference Room Wednesday at 6:00pm—Dinner & Worship, Robinson Hall Wednesday at 6:45pm—The Story Continued—Pastors Steve & Cara, Facilitators, West Parlor

Additional Small Group & Sunday School Class Opportunities: Sunday at 9:45am—Faith Bible Study, Genesis to Revelation, Bob Snyder, Facilitator, Conference Room Monday at 7:00pm—Covenant Bible Study, Contact: Rob & Tory Christian, Rm 16 Monday at 7:00pm—Meditation Class, John Buchanan, Facilitators, Rm 8 Tuesday at 6:00am—Men’s Prayer Group, Contact Person: Ron Luikart, Balcony Tuesday at 8:00am—October 1st, 8:30am beginning in November—First Tuesday Prayer Service, Contact Person: Jan Baker, Chapel the first Tuesday of each month Tuesday at 6:30pm—Women’s Daniel: Lives of Integrity, Laura Luikart & Sue Bell, Facilitators, West Parlor Wednesday at 9:00am—Women’s Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring Fruits of the Spirit, Linda Reynolds Facilitator, West Parlor Wednesday at 6:00pm—Dinner & Worship, Robinson Hall Wednesday at 6:30pm—New Member Class Wednesday at 7:00pm—Art & Spirituality, Pastor Steve, Facilitator, beginning October 16 Friday at 6:00pm—Friday Night Out, 2nd Friday of the month (Develop the Heart Date Night), Tallie Paz Coordinator Saturday at 7:00 am—Men’s Life Study, alternating Saturdays October 12 & 26, Variety’s Restaurant in North Canton, Kim Reynolds, Facilitator

Interested in forming a new group? See Kathy Schmucker for ideas and to get your group on our fall schedule! Want to learn more about nurturing your faith? For more information or questions about faith formation opportunities and resources or about starting or getting involved in a small group, prayer group, or Bible study experience at Faith UMC, visit our website or contact Kathy Schmucker, Faith’s Director of Christian Education & Spiritual Formation. 330-499-6040,

Sunday School at Faith UMC “Be confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus” Philippians 1:6 Join us as together we grow and learn to KNOW, LOVE & SERVE the Lord!

The Story for Children: Faith Nursery, Room 18, 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Babies and Woddlers (birth through age 2) are cared for in a nurturing environment where little ones experience God’s love.

Children’s Sunday School at 9:45 & 11:00am, Following Children’s Message: Preschool Ages 3-5—Room 20 Elementary Grades K-2—Room 6 Grades 3-5—Room 8

Out of the Box Youth Grades 6-12 at 9:45 & 11am in the Youth Room Adults @ 9:45: The Story: Faith Meets Life in the West Parlor Faith Bible Study: Genesis to Revelation in the Conference Room

Adults @ 11:00: The Story in Room 16

Look for Family Devotions and Weekly Parent Pages on our Story website for suggestions and ideas to share The Story at home with your family!

Fall Sunday School Opportunities to Serve Get involved in the lives of our children and families by serving in our Sunday School and Nursery ministry! Join us as we share God’s love and word with our children and youth and walk with them as they discover their story in God’s story! For more information, contact Sandy Vaughn, Heather Andrews, Kathy Schmucker, or Kristin Krach.

Special Needs Ministry:

Do you have a heart for sharing God’s love in special ways? We have an opportunity available for someone to assist a child with special needs during the 9:45 service on the first Sunday of each month. Please contact Kathy Schmucker or Monica Haney for more information.

New Children’s Welcome/Sign In Procedures

Faith UMC has a special heart for children and families! Because the safety of all our children is important to us, we will have a new sign in and nametag procedure for children in nursery – 5th grade.

As our church digs into the chronological exploration of the Bible through The Story this fall, you might be inspired to pick up your Bible and explore God’s word in new ways.

Look for the Children’s Welcome table near the Sanctuary and Family Life Center. We will use this same check-in procedure for all of our children’s ministry programs including Wednesday Night Faith Connections, Children’s Choir and Date Night!

Look for Bible study and spiritual practice resources and resources to complement The Story in the literature racks in the hallways, on our website and in our church library!

If you haven’t yet done so, please complete a registration form with emergency contact and allergy information for each child! Registration forms are available in the church office or online on the resource page of our website! See Kathy Schmucker, Kristin Krach or Sandy Vaughn if you have any questions!

Learn more about Bible Study Apps, various Bible translations and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral. YouVersion and GloBible are apps that enable you to download the Bible for use even when you don’t have internet access. Be sure to also check out the Faith Formation blog for weekly devotions based on The Story!

Have you visited Faith’s library lately? We invite you to come and explore all the resources available for children, youth, and adults. Want to dig deeper into Sunday’s sermon message? Look for the red cart for resources connected to The Story sermon series. Looking for Bible study resources? Check out the Reference shelf and look for books in the 220 & 248 sections. In our library you will find periodicals, magazines, videos, audio books, computer games, fiction and non-fiction books.

Interested in being part of a Christian accountability group? Contact Pam or Tom Wig, Laura Luikart, or Kathy Schmucker for more information! Learn more about this experience of Christian spiritual renewal and leadership development by visiting the Emmaus page of our church website for more information: Pick up an Emmaus brochure in the church literature racks! Dates of Next Walk: Men’s: October 17-20, Women’s October 24-27

Faith’s library ministry group is in the process of trying to inventory our collection. While there is not a time limit for borrowing books, please remember to return resources when you are finished so they are available for others.

Advent Devotional Book Faith is a journey. Faith United Methodist Church is a congregation on a journey seeking to be a dynamic, growing community that gathers around Christ in Word and Worship to pray, learn, care, share, and serve together. Sharing our stories as we journey into faith is one of the characteristics that makes for a vibrant faith community. This Advent, as you reflect on the significance of Christ’s birth, we invite you to share your faith story. Contact Pam Wig or Kathy Schmucker if you are interested in writing a devotion for this year’s Advent book.

Friday, October 11 Faith UMC has a strong desire to focus on nurturing family relationships through faith. This fall, we invite any adult couples (engaged, newly married or seasoned marriages) and single parents to come join us for a short program focusing on nurturing family relationships, followed by an evening of childcare (ages birth-6th grade) while you enjoy some time to yourselves to focus on the relationships in your life. For more information contact Tallie Paz at or Kathy Schmucker at with questions or if you'd like to be involved in any way with this ministry!

Virtual Bookstore Faith’s Education & Spiritual Formation Ministry Team is excited to invite you to check out our Virtual Bookstore! Visit our website and click on the special links to Cokesbury & Amazon! All purchases made through these online links will help support our ministries! Check out our recommendations lists for resources to enhance your study of the Bible and aid in your personal spiritual journey!

"Catch the Spirit" Canton Calvary Mission; Annual Benefit Dinner and Auction; Friday, November 8th; First Christian Church, Market Ave. N.; Tickets $30 ($15 goes to Mission); Casual dress with a favorite "team theme". Silent Auction begins 5:30pm, Dinner served 7:00; For tickets contact Sharon Jacot (330-494-5067) or the Mission (330-454-8610).

Flat Rock Quilt Auction - We need your help! Faith Church has been asked to host a Quilt Auction to Benefit Flat Rock Children’s Home on Sunday October 13th. This is a major fundraiser for Flat Rock and we are honored to have been asked to host this event. There are two ways in which you can participate: We are looking for several helpers during the day from noon to 5:30. We will assist volunteers from Flat Rock Home display the quilts in the sanctuary, then carefully transport the quilts to the Family Life Center where the auction will take place at 3:00 pm. In addition there will be a silent auction in Wesley Hall. There are 6 areas where we need volunteers. We have a few people already lined up to help that day but need about 20-25 more. If you can help us out please contact the church office at 330.499.6040 or We can use men, women and youth. Plan to attend and support this ministry of East Ohio Conference. The beautiful handmade quilts and wall hangings have been made by women all throughout East Ohio. The silent auction items and gift basket proceeds will also benefit Flat Rock Home. The event begins at 1:30 viewing the quilts. The auction begins at 3:00. For more information go to our website ( and click on Flat Rock Quilt Auction.

Please join UMW for a Fall Brunch Oct 27 following each worship service. Adults are $7.00, Children ages 6-12 are $3.00 and children 5 and under are free. On Oct. 27 we will also start taking orders for Pumpkin Pie($8.00) and Rice Pudding (Lg. $8.00, Sm $4.00). Hope to see you there! The Health & Wellness Team is sponsoring an exercise opportunity to all members at no cost to you! Look for posted details in October for time and dates. The Walk/Live Program suits all levels of ability so you will find your place there. The certified instructor says that the focus is on all areas of health—mental, physical and spiritual. The benefits are increased strength, balance and stress relief. Please join us for Fall Fitness! Our team has all First Aid Kits place in: the office, Robinson Hall, main kitchen, parlor kitchen and the north hall near the West Entrance. Look for the red cross in the doorways and on the cupboard/drawer to locate the supplies

Our congregation's Stephen Ministers are available to help those who are going through difficult times. They are there to listen, care, encourage, and provide spiritual support to those in need. This support can be long -term, or simply temporary to get you over a 'bump in the road'. Stephen Ministry is your ministry. You play an important role in our Stephen Ministry. Here is what you can do: *Pray for God to bring hope and healing to hurting people through our Stephen Ministry. *Accept care from a Stephen Minister during your time of need. God doesn't expect you to bear your burdens alone.. *Tell a friend, neighbor, coworker, or relative who is hurting about our Stephen Ministry. "Bear one another's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

Oct 6

WORSHIP IN SEPTEMBER WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School

Oct 13 “DELIVERANCE” Pastor Cara and Nancy Hull preaching 8:30 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Oct 20 “NEW COMMANDMENTS” Laity Sunday, Matt Hart preaching 8:30 Chancel Choir 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Joy Unlimited 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School Oct 27 “THE WONDERING” Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 Joy Unlimited 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45& 11:00 Sunday School

Volunteer Opportunities Quilters/Sewers Tuesdays, 9-11:30 a.m. Rooms 5 & 6 Nan Davis, Chair Faith Stitchers: Bring handwork 2nd, 3rd & 4th Thursdays, 2-4 p.m. in the Parlor Bixler Library Thursdays, noon to 2 p.m. Candy Ziegler, Chair The Barbara Whitacre Prayer Shawl Ministry 1st Thursday, 2-4p.m. in the Parlor Sue Kelley, Contact Sewing for Missions 1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., RH

Mailed September 27, 2013 Phone: 330.499.6040 Fax: 330.305.1600 Email: Website:

Contact Us: Reverends Steve & Cara Stultz Costello, Co-Pastors Sharyl Syler—Dir. of Administration & Finance Carmie Johnson—Communications Coordinator Kathy Schumucker—Dir. of Christian Ed. & Spiritual Formation Matt Hart—Dir. of Youth Ministry Lauralee Stiffler—Coordinator,Congregational Development Jan Bilek—Treasurer Susan Arnold—Youth Anministrator Alina Dorto—Dir. of Faith Friends Preschool

Get to Know Us: Sunday Services: 8:30, 9:45, & 11:00 Sunday School: 9:45 & 11:00

Worship with Us: Faith United Methodist Church 300 Ninth Street NW North Canton, OH 44720


Non-Profit Org. U.S. Postage Paid Canton, OH Permit No. 1809


FAITH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH LEADERSHIP TRAINING There will be 2 training events this fall for ALL current church leaders as well as new leaders for 2014. Anyone in the congregation is welcome to attend! Please mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Saturday, October 19, 2013 from 9:00am-12pm: Visioning & Goal Setting Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 from 7-9pm: Nuts & Bolts Information Please arrive 15 minutes early for each event as we will be starting promptly. **Childcare is available upon request. Please contact Lauralee Stiffler @ 330.499.6040 or

Help us focus on our 2014 vision!

2013 Sun

2013 Mon



16:00a Men’s Prayer Group 2 9:00a Women’s Study EVERY SUNDAY

8:00a First Tuesday Service 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 9:30a Library Read to FFPS 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p Boy Scouts

5:30p Joy Unlimited 6:30p REFUGE

5:00p Carol Choir 5:15p Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p New Member Class 6:30p Sewing for Missions 7:00p “The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

Thu 3 12:00p Library Volunteers 2:00p Prayer Shawl Ministry 6:30 Stephen Ministry

Fri 4

Women of Faith

Sat 5


Women of Faith Conference-Pittsburg

6 World Communion

7 9:30a “Story” Bible Study

86:00a Men’s Prayer Group 9 9:00a Women’s Study

1012:00p Library Volunteers 11


6:30p Young Adults 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00 “The Story” Sml Group

9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 9:30a Library Read to FFPS 11:45 Second Wind 1:30p UMW Board Meeting 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p Church Board 7:00p Boy Scouts

12:00p Lydia Circle 5:00p Carol Choir 5:15p Cherub Choirs 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p New Member Class 7:00p “The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

2:00p Faith Stitchers 6:30 Stephen Ministry 7:00p Stewardship Team

8:00a Salsa Making 7:00a Men’s Life Study

13 “Deliverance”



16 9:00a Women’s Study

1712:00p Library Volunteers 18

Pastor Cara/Nancy Hull 8:30 Celebration Bells 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Carol & Cherub Choirs 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 1:30 Flat Rock Quilt Auction

9:30a “Story” Bible Study 6:30p Young Adults 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00 “The Story” Sml Group

6:00a Men’s Prayer Group 9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 9:30a Library Read to FFPS 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 6:30p Finance Meeting 7:00p Boy Scouts

12:00p Lydia Circle 5:00p Carol & Cherub Choirs 6:00p Faith Connections 6:30p New Member Class 6:30p Sewing for Missions 7:00p “The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir 7:00p Art & Spirit Class

1:00p Alzheimer’s Support 2:00p Faith Stitchers 6:30 Stephen Ministry 7:00p Trustees

19 8:30a Ministry Teams Goal Setting/Visioning

20 “New Commandments”

219:30a “Story” Bible

22 6:00a Men’s Prayer Group


2412:00p Library Volunteers 25

Matt Hart—Laity Sunday 8:30 Chancel Choir 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Joy Unlimited New Members join 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School

Study 6:30p Young Adults 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00 “The Story” Sml Group

9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 9:30a Library Read to FFPS 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p SPRC 7:00p Boy Scouts

5:00p Carol Choir 5:15 Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 7:00p “The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir 7:00p Art & Spirit Class

2:00p Faith Stitchers 7:00p Circle of Love

27 “The Wondering”

289:30a “Story” Bible

29 6:00a Men’s Prayer Group



Pastor Steve preaching 8:30 Joy Unlimited 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School UMW Brunch after each service

Study 6:30p Young Adults 7:00p Covenant Bible Study 7:00p Meditation Class 7:00p Men’s Basketball 7:00p Evening Bible Study 7:00 “The Story” Sml Group

9:00a Quilts to Share 9:30a Celebration Bells 9:30a Library Read to FFPS 6:30p Women’s Bible Study 7:00p Boy Scouts

5:00p Carol Choir 5:15p Cherub Choir 6:00p Faith Connections 7:00p “The Story” cont. 7:30p Chancel Choir

Pastor Steve preaching 9:45 Praise Team 11:00 Chancel Choir 9:45 & 11:00 Sunday School 11:00 Youth Ministry Planning/ Strategy Meeting

9:00a Circle of Faith

9:00a Women’s Study

9:00a Women’s Study

12:00p Library Volunteers 6:30 Stephen Ministry

6:30p Date Night


26 Faith Kitchen 7:00a Men’s Life Study

Faith notes October 2013  

Our monthly Faith Notes publication

Faith notes October 2013  

Our monthly Faith Notes publication