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Republican Victory Federalist vs. Democratic go wild! The federalist wanted the strong central government and to promote commerce and manufacturing, which other who the democratic waned states’ rights. The federalist supported England in its war, and the Democratic supported France. The federalists support came from urban areas, as in business and upper class. The Democratic support came from farmers! Just because the democratic was strongest in South and West the arguing never stopped. The democratic believed that Americas future was with small farmers and opposed “ monied interests." Organized around Andrew Jackson in the 1820s. During Jackson’s Presidency, supported a strong Presidents. The first party system began with divisions in Washington’s cabinet between Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton and Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton supporters, who had strongly favored adopting the Federal Constitution, continued to call themselves Federalists.

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Differnces Between Federalist & DemocraticRepublicans  .

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