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What were Jefferson's domestic affairs?

his Ming he wanted to start an establishment which was "wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another.” Jefferson wanted a Difference between Federalists and democratic

Jefferson's new policies

Jefferson's wanted to start new domestic affairs in

government that would respect the other individual states deserve. Jefferson also wanted to eliminate Hamilton’s standing army and by depending on a disciplined militia for a national defense against invasion. Most importantly he cared that a good government would promote “the encouragement of agriculture.” In Jefferson’s mind he should have been the “handmaiden” of agriculture rather than its driving force. The Army was cut to regiments, one infantry and one artillery (3,500 total), with the same reductions in the Navy. Jefferson pressured Congress to abolish the direct tax of 1798 and or repeal the Allen and Sedition Acts, which were still in operation. He also emphasize his opposition to the acts, he personally pardons the ten victims of those laws who were still in prison. After he paid $15 million in cash for the Louisa's Purchase (see Foreign Affairs section), the national debt went down from $80 million to $57 million during the two years of his service. On March 4, 1809

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