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is a 24 year old native of Grand Bahama. Since accepting the Lord as personal savior in 2009 Jillian has been

living on fire for God with an undying passion to show the world the goodness of Jesus by any means necessary. Her pure love for God and His presence coupled with her gift of writing has her currently working on her first book “My First Love” which is geared towards encouraging God’s people to move away from ritualistic Christianity to relationship with God. God’s plan for her life, even from a young age, was revealed to her mother and ignited a flame in her mother to constantly cover and train Jillian for the work she was called to. Though she lost her way throughout her teen years the prayers of her mother and the purposes of God lead her back to her first love in 2009. After recommitting her life to God Jillian submitted her gift of dance back to the Lord and joined Hinds Feet Dance Ministry where she is now currently the leader. She is employed at Life Changers Ministries International as an Office Administrator and is also the anchor for their television program, Walking In Dominion. Jillian is the wife of Decorey Gray and like everything in her life this union was strategically orchestrated by God. This fire filled couple is focused on activating the gifts in others as well as themselves for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. Jillian lives her life with a passion for pleasing God only

and focuses on making Him smile daily.

Introduction Hi, thanks for taking the time to click this publication. “Faith Over Fear” is one of my newest projects where I will publish short articles in a magazine format. The topics will range from faith, family, trials and triumphs all backed by Godly wisdom and revelation. The phrase “Faith Over Fear” is what I declare when I’m about to do something new. I declare this because, for some strange reason, when I am about to produce something new an irrational feeling of fear overwhelms me and seeks to paralyze me. I pray that through me overcoming my fears and producing these articles that you too will step out with faith knowing God is with you every step of the way. The first piece in this series is called “Purpose Products”. This piece was birthed as a result of my burning desire to seek God on what my purpose is. As I began to pray and ask Him to reveal to me what I was suppose to be doing He told me that purpose isn’t just doing something it’s being something. Meaning you are your purpose and what you produce or what you do is simply the product of your purpose. I pray that this short piece encourages you to uncover who you are and discover what your purpose is designed to produce.

Purpose Products In the book of Jeremiah God says "For I know the plans I have for you..." Which means He has your blueprint and any question you need answered He can answer it. God has instinctively fashioned you with a goal in mind. Which means you are intentionally created to answer a question, to solve a problem, to invent the next big thing and to lead a generation out of captivity. You are fashioned for something! That something is called purpose. Now your purpose will always cause you to produce something. This is Similarly you have a purpose and what I call a purpose product. It's how a purpose product. Usually your you carry out your purpose or what you purpose product is tied to your gift produce as a result of your purpose. or passion. For example your purpose may be to shift and A practical example is David. David was change the lives of young women or men. Your purpose proda man of war, his purpose was to be a conqueror. His purpose product was pro- uct could be seminars or conferences, motivational speaking, duced when he defeated the lion and bear and when he brought down Goliath. books or podcasts and any other creative idea that God releases to Those things he did as a lone soldier you. with his hands and some stones.

Here is where the problem comes in. Not all purpose products will last until you die! Having conferences, writing books or producing music may be the way you carry out your purpose now, but ten, five or even two years from now God may shift you. It’s not that your purpose has shifted it's just he wants you to carry it out in a different way. When David first began his purpose he was a lone soldier carrying three stones and a sling. As he shifted to leader of Saul's army his purpose remained but the method and platform shifted. He didn't use a sling to bring Saul the foreskins of the Philistines. He didn't use a sling to carry out God's will in defeating all the enemies of Israel and bringing peace to all of the lands. His purpose remained but method and products were different.

We often get caught up on the product or activity that we miss the purpose. When the purpose is no longer being carried out then the presence and power of God will not be there. What was once easy will become very difficult. What was once a very enjoyable and fulfilling task will become a monotonous and strenuous task.

Take a moment to look at the products and activities that used to fulfil your purpose. Has it become a routine or is it still EFFECTIVELY getting the job done?

Don't be afraid to shift the product to bring the purpose to pass.

Next, think of what you love to do and what you're naturally gifted at. This often is what your initial purpose product should be. Maybe a book, motivational video or a conference.

Now for those who don't know their purpose you need to ask the Creator what it is. In the time of asking don't have an answer in your head. Many times we as Christians pray expecting a specific answer and thus get that answer because anything other than that is dismissed or not even heard.

And please , please SEEK GOD. I submit to you that Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours purpose product. J ust because someone else is doing it does not mean you should. David wanted to build a temple unto God but God said no that's not your purpose product, its your son's. It's like proverbs says, The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. Let God reveal to you what your purpose is and let Him tell you how to fulfil it. -Be Blessed

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Mini Mag- Purpose Products  

“Faith Over Fear” is one of my newest projects where I will publish short articles in a magazine format. The first piece in this series is c...

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